December 2012 Monthly Visions: Our Turning Point

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Many things have been said about December 21, 2012. For many of us, it has offered a ray of hope, a point of focus, a tangible date whose message aligned with the inner message I have felt and followed for most of my life: We are here for a purpose. We are here to awaken. We are here to remember who we really are. We are here to co-create a new world, one based on higher states of consciousness, awareness, truth, love and unity.

For those who have also felt a message like this beaming at them from within, we didn’t need a date to tell us that we are here to participate in a great shift for humanity. Nor is this great shift going to happen as one singular event on one singular day. Yet this date is important nevertheless, aside from holding the sacred energy of the ending of a huge cycle and heralding the beginning of our new cycle. While this date has set up a lot of expectations, it has done so not to trigger widespread disappointment when we wake up on December 22, 23, 24 and so on and seemingly nothing happened. Nor was it ever meant to invoke unnecessary fear. This date has served as a reminder of why we are here, in case we forgot. It has served as a wake up call and alarm bell, in case we think we have all the time in the world to do what we came here to do. It has served as a confirmation letting us know: You are not alone with the things you know and feel deep inside. There were others long before you who knew these times would come, and there are others right beside you and on the opposite side of the world from you and in other dimensions in spirit form and star family form, who know we are in these times now, just as you know.

For many of us, the world that has existed around us does not match the world we envision in our hearts. It has not matched the world that we know with every cell of our being we are here to create together. 2012 has loomed in the future as a crossroads, a turning point opportunity for our human family. It seemed as if this turning point represented a choice and a deadline by which time we had to choose: Would we continue the way we had been with our unsustainable ways and hit a brickwall, freefalling into self-destruction, or would we use this opportunity to make a quantum leap into new ways of living and being, not only awakening but collectively embodying our awakening, ushering transformation into every aspect of society?

For the Earth, there was never any question as to which direction she was choosing. She has long held a certain date with a certain place in space, indicating her shift upward into a higher frequency energy. During this shift she is flooded with wave after wave of this new energy, affecting all on her. The main question was: how many people by the turning point are rolling with these waves, awake, aware, open, receptive and active to the best of their abilities, and how many are resisting these waves, holding on to the old shore for dear life?

You see, the Earth Ship is turning a corner, that’s no question. If you are on her right now you are on board, whether you’re rolling with it, resistant or somewhere in between. How easy it is for her to turn the corner, and how gentle the ride is for the bulk of us, depends on how many people are turning with her, rather than against her for lack of a better word. It’s like being on a huge gigantic motorcycle, with the rider yelling out “When I lean, lean with me or we’ll topple over!!” That said, the resistance of one is often the trigger for the awakening of many, so all have their purpose on this ride. Watch the things that are playing out right now in your daily news and current affairs. For every ‘wrong’ action there is now a wave of people waking up, stepping up and shouting out hey, hang on, what’s going on here? We are all playing out our piece of the jigsaw perfectly.

Now, let’s be honest. Perhaps we (definitely me!) had some huge idealistic expectations of how many people would be ‘leaning’ by this point and how much society might have already changed by now. BUT the good news is, as we look around, millions more are leaning than even a year ago and a LOT is changing super fast. Enough are leaning for me to say, we are not going to topple over. We are going to make this bend!

The evidence of this has been present yet scarce, in the same way that you can’t really be sure of what lies beyond the bend in the road while you’re still turning the wheel. However because we are so close now, the evidence is starting to appear all around us. When driving, you always smell and hear what is up ahead before you can see it. So too, we can all sense the change that is coming, we can hear the sounds, and we are already seeing pockets of it. The old ways are falling thick and fast, and the new is rushing in like an unstoppable wave, reaching into every crevice of our body, mind, heart and soul, every crevice of our home, family, community, country and world. This doesn’t mean that we get to wake up one day and hey presto, we’re in a new world that’s totally perfect!

Reaching December 21, 2012, and moving beyond it, is like breaking out into a fresh highway emerging from a long series of turns, bends and anxious drives through dark forests. It is the closest thing we have to a graduation ceremony letting us know: you made it, you did it, now get to work and build a world that is a true reflection of the strong and sturdy foundation of love and unity that you are all a part of.

Okay so, many of us have wanted to do this, or have been doing this, for a long time. What’s going to be so different now? In the old cycle, those who have been conscious and awake have always felt like they are swimming against the tide, going against what is considered ‘normal’, often feeling invisible and isolated, feeling like strangers in a strange land. Your thoughts, beliefs and ideas may have been regularly ignored, discouraged or ridiculed. In the new cycle, the tide has turned. The current will be moving us forward, more and more rapidly every moment. Living life consciously with respect for the lives and Earth around us will be the expected norm rather than the elusive dream. Your ideas will increasingly be supported, celebrated and encouraged, as opposed to being shut down and criticised. Those who choose to continue in the old ways will very, very quickly be asked to step down from their posts, as the old will no longer be accepted, or needed, by the growing masses that now choose a different experience.

As you see all the resistance going on, remember that light intensifies everything. Huge transformations require huge revelations and huge clearings which often result in challenging, shocking and difficult passages as part of the journey toward greater truth, harmony and balance. These passages while intense will get shorter and easier, and their purpose will be made clear faster with outcomes that are in alignment with the new energies.

Now, we have to remember that we are talking about a cycle that is 26, 000 years long, and so this isn’t an abrupt stop one way, start the new way click of a switch. The scenery won’t immediately change on every single set of every single stage of our great human play – but it will be increasingly obvious in direct ways that the old scenery is being moved out and the new scenery is being moved in. We have seen this already this year, but the changes are still too subtle for many wanting more direct, more obvious signs of change. Every day the more direct and more obvious signs will be there for all those who open their eyes to see them. Eventually of course the changes will be so tangible that they will be visible to all, eyes open or not, but by then ‘eyes open’ will be a much more common experience than it is now.

Even though this is all a process, it is important to have an official transition date, a sort of B.G and A.G (Before the Great Awakening and After the Great Awakening) marker. On a physical, tangible, collective level this marker is being created by an unprecedented number of people gathering over the days of December 20-23 to pray, to celebrate, to sing, to chant, to party, to create intentions for the future, to make commitments toward conscious action, to open up to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Even if this date had no special energy about it with no special potential, it certainly does now with millions united in a new vision for our world. We know enough now about how our thoughts and energy create our reality, and so the wave that will be sent forward into our future by so many members of humanity will have an immediate effect on the timeline that is creating that future.

So this brings us to the question, aside from our collective efforts, will we feel or see something ‘once in a lifetime’ on either December 21 or the days following it? The Mayan elders and priests that we have had the opportunity to meet during our travels over the years have all shared a similar message about these times. So as not to misquote them I’ll keep the main points of what they shared with us brief (originally spoken in Spanish, translated into English): ‘It’s not the end of the world, it’s the end of a cycle.’ ‘We don’t know what will happen on that day.’ ‘This time will bring positive changes for humanity, more balance and more consciousness to the world.’ ‘If we have 3 days of darkness don’t be scared, the sun will return.’

The Mayan calendar cycle doesn’t start and end with dates plucked out of the air. It corresponds with the precession of the equinoxes which takes 26,000 years, and the specific alignment this particular Solstice Sun will have in relation to the Galactic Centre and Galactic Equator. The visual I get is of the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot Deck, with the Earth going round in a circle that takes 26,000 years, with her having slowly been coming up from bottom centre, now crossing over the equatorial threshold to move upward toward the peak. As we move through this alignment period (and we have already of course been feeling the energetic affects in the years and months leading up to it) my suggestion would be to allow time during those days to receive the incoming energy consciously so that any insights and ideas that want to awaken in you can awaken. Have your journal or a notepad handy, so that you can jot things down because just like a dream once the moment has passed it can be hard to get the memory back in the same way.

This will also help to ground, anchor and embody the energy. Swaying around in a blissful state is all good, but when we wake up after the holidays and are facing 2013 we will have work to do. In last month’s Monthly Visions we talked a lot about the process of ‘descension’ – of embodying the higher frequency energy that is flooding onto us. We want to find a way to anchor and embody the energy that is coming, not only on those dates mentioned, but in all the days to come, so that we can do something with it, and use it in a practical way to facilitate change and pioneer new initiatives.

This time ‘our work’ won’t so much be about inner work for those who have been heavily focused on that. It will be on embodying, living, being and creating in physical form what we know to be true on a higher level. We will also be there to support those who will be newly awakening, and requesting support for their inner work. The energies over Dec 20-23 will likely be loaded with messages – more easily heard and felt by you now and especially during those days – so show up, be open, pay attention, receive all the good there is to receive, and take notes!

Finally we are free of the prophecies. We’re leaving behind our karmic cycle and entering our conscious co-creator cycle and that is so liberating and empowering. It also requires a greater level of responsibility, authenticity and integrity. It is like graduating from our teenage years into adulthood.

Energy on its own is divine potential, what we choose to do with it is up to us. This is why so many seers have seen 2013 and beyond as a blank chapter. You hold the pen for your page in our new chapter. What are you going to write?

Most of us have read all the books, done all the seminars, healed, released, cleansed and cleared. We have done what we needed to do to reach higher states of consciousness, thinking this would give us the fulfillment we were looking for. Instead we find ourselves more conscious yet still feeling that something is missing. It is now time to descend back into our bodies, taking our hard-gained wisdom with us and using it to give it meaning, power, and purpose to every aspect of our daily life. We are being called to a new kind of enlightenment, one that takes all that we have discovered on our inner journeys into the outer world. It’s time to get out of our caves and take whatever enlightenment we have into the real world, into corporations, governments, politics, schools, media, health and social systems. We have been waiting for the world to change, meanwhile the world is waiting for us to act.” – Dana ‘A New Chapter

See you on the other side!

Dana xox


Toni 12th December 2012 2:18 am

Ha, wonderful Dana, you would've done the work already to get these words and fingers crossed we get through the window clean with no ripples or ramifications.... it’s what I’ve worked for too, yet like that 7 minutes of terror with the landing of Curiosity on Mars it’s in trust land that I got everything perfect and according to my heart...

I’m trusting the 3 days of darkness got micro waved to the electricity level of blackouts and surges and that it's already been accounted for...

We see....

Always loved your work by the way... You are an Aussie like me I believe... There’s something about Aussie girls I’m noticing... Hmm...


Anyway, wishing everyone an Awesome Christmas and New Year of Love that matches the heart, mind and physical... Cheers :smitten:


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