Where is Our Redundancy Package?

I was talking to my friend Diana about the energies of this past year and saying how it feels like so many of us have been retrenched from what we used to do, whether we're experiencing that literally, emotionally or energetically. She replied with her fabulous laugh: "Yes it feels like that, but where's the redundancy package!!?" 

Even if we're still in 'old' roles, our old version of why we're doing it has changed and so it feels like we're no longer driving with the same purpose, direction, focus, motivation or map. We have a new role now, even if we think we're in an old role, which can be simultaneously confusing and exciting. 

Some are feeling full of new energy, while many others are feeling empty and lost, like we're bobbing around in a vast ocean with no anchor or sense of purpose or direction other than whatever it is we are doing right NOW. Amidst this foggy haze, sharp bolts and windows of clarity arrive and wooshes of 'kick up the pants' energy surge through us. We see and feel glimpses of our future self beckoning to us saying this way, this way! 

Today I got a strong message that I'll be writing a long Report 'Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014' explaining in further depth all of the above and more. I look forward to sharing it with you I'm guessing at some point in the New Year, and to be honest am looking forward to seeing what it says!


keryndawer 10th December 2013 11:40 am

Thank you Dana for this as I feel this same way. My lfe is full of struggles now that in many ways are a cumulation of life long "issues" but I feel I am handling it all with a new purpose, love and hope for the future which makes all the difference. :)

Looking forward to reading more from you in the future :)


Sandra Smyre 10th December 2013 4:05 pm

Thank you Dana and Keryn! I feel so much the same way--old stuff happening, but I'm handling it in an entirely different way. Doesn't mean I'm skipping along merrily, cause I'm not--this year has been one of ups and downs for sure. I can't wait to read your forecast for 2014 Dana. Love to you and all :angel:

Emma852013 11th December 2013 6:06 am

Thank you Dana for your amazing messages!

I can fully agree with Keryn and Sandra too, So many old thing coming up : feels like it's a test on how much we've actually dealt with releasing them and if we are willing to release them once and for all.

Ive been having colds throughout this autumn and delays but I know that they have arisen out of my own fears, that I have been unwilling to fully look at. And I can no longer be angry with myself instead I am blessed with more tolerance and compassion toward myself. You were so fully right Dana when you wrote that we should look back at how far we have come. And a year back I never thought that Id muster the courage to release the past. we can't stop now, we're only growing wiser and more loving.
Sending much love to all <3

Don11 12th December 2013 7:42 am

Thank you all for your comments! Yes Emma - we can't stop now!!

Lots of love,

Dana xo


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