Here’s Your Christmas Angel Card

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas time, where we celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus and the symbolism of new light and new beginnings. I am holding you in my prayers as it’s also a time of raw emotions and self-reflection. The holiday season can put a spotlight upon unhealed situations and bring up feelings of grief, loneliness, fears of lack, and fears about the future. Especially this year with the full moon on Christmas, since full moons can lead to heightened sensitivity and insomnia. We’re also in the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde, which means life can seem a little more challenging.

All of these feelings and difficulties can bring blessings though, when we see them through the eyes of our guardian angels. If you realize that something in your life is amiss, this realization is the first step toward healing the situation. Even if it seems beyond repair, those underlying feelings of fear, sadness, anger, etc. are valuable energies! You definitely don’t want to push the feelings away, or try to numb them.

Instead, you can use the energy of your raw emotions for your healing work. For example, you can:

  • write a heartfelt honest blog or song about your feelings to help others to know they’re not alone;
  • hold a prayer vigil for anyone who’s feeling lonely on Christmas, and invite your friends to join in;
  • put your foot down to the universe and commit to making positive changes;
  • process and understand your feelings through therapy, a support group, a 12 Step meeting, or journaling;
  • volunteer to help people or animals who are less fortunate than yourself;
  • create a memorial to those who’ve passed on to heaven;
  • go to to find new local friends who share your interests;
  • and my favorite of all: pray.

Prayer is one of the best therapeutic ways to release heavy energy and welcome in the light. I am praying for you, Dear One. Keep Going and Keep the Faith! We need you!!

And here is the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Card that I pulled for you today:

Deserving. You, like all of God’s children, deserve happiness, health, and love.


This card is so perfect for you today, because you DO deserve these gifts… we all do. It’s not a sense of entitlement or selfishness in any way. It’s more about having gratitude and grace in accepting all of the gifts that God is trying to give to you right now.

Your free will choice is either to accept support and help from heaven, or push it away. Either way will be honored, because it’s your decision. But I can tell you that your guardian angels are praying that today’s the day that you will let them help you. The angels will help you by giving you ideas to take positive action steps to help and heal yourself and others. When we follow this path, our whole life takes on meaning and fulfillment.

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AskAngels 26th December 2015 2:35 pm

This is perfect! The angel card I drew for Christmas was very compatible...

The message is Self Love!!! Self-love offers you a stable foundation in the new energy you're stepping into.

Recognize that your perceived challenges, obstacles, and areas of discomfort serve a purpose and offer contrast, so you can witness the full beauty of the higher vibrational frequencies you are moving into.

Open your heart and increase your frequency through self-love. This is your foundation allowing you to begin to experience love for all. This is love in its highest vibrational form. ~From the Ascension Angel Cards App


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