I Trust - A Message for all Lightworkers

I Trust

A Message for All Lightworkers by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D
(excerpted from the book, Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue) .

I have a lot of psychic friends, some famous and some obscure. These friendships have allowed me to investigate the common traits among highly-psychic people. Above everything else, those who are highly-psychic trust in their inner guidance and wisdom. They don't defer to external opinions, but instead listen to their own sense of truth.

I believe that we're all sensitive to the energies around us, and lightworkers (including the new Indigo and Crystal Children) are especially sensitive. Our bodies are exquisite divination tools which sense subtle energies and vibrational changes well before we're conscious of them. Our bodies are like tuning forks that vibrate according to the energies around us.

Yet, so much of my time as a psychic development teacher is spent helping my students to trust their inner messages. They balk, worried whether they're just imagining the message. They're concerned about making a wrong move based upon a faulty hunch.

I counsel my students to affirm repeatedly, "I trust, I trust, I trust" as a way of building faith in their inner guidance.

It doesn't matter whether your guidance comes in the form of feelings, signs, ideas, visions, dreams, or an inner dialogue. What matters is honoring what feels true to you.

Does the idea of making a life change feel exciting to you? Then that's your truth! Does the thought of taking up a new hobby invigorate your soul? Then that's your truth! Does thinking about your dreams manifesting into reality make your heart sing with joy? Then that's your truth!

How many times have we distrusted our gut feelings, only to regret it later? For instance, have you ever met someone and denied your inner warning signals that told you to stay away from the person? And then later thought to yourself, "I knew that this wasn't a good relationship for me!" Or have you ever received a wonderful idea for a new business, product, or book, then talked yourself out of the idea? And then a couple of years later, you find that someone else has successfully taken that idea to fruition?

We've all done this process which I call, "logical override," where we talk ourselves out of following our inner guidance. These are opportunities to learn and grow. Promise yourself that you'll listen to and follow your guidance from now on.

How do you know if it's true or false guidance? True guidance always asks you improve something like your outlook or fitness level. True guidance often asks you to use your natural talents and interests in a way that will help others or the world. True guidance is repetitive, positive, and motivational. It pushes you past your comfort zone, but always in a loving and motivational way.

Your inner guidance is answered prayer. It's your mentor, business partner, and life coach. If you distrust or ignore your inner wisdom, you're delaying the manifestation of answered prayer. Sure, you'll need to take a few risks while you follow this guidance. But rest assured that your angels are with you every step of the way. And they're happy to help you if you'll ask (and then be willing to receive the help as they bring it to you).

The new Indigo children provide wonderful examples of self-trust. Indigos honor their inner feelings in relationships and situations. They respect people who deserve their respect. They're fascinated by fascinating topics. In other words, Indigos don't feign respect or interest. They're genuine and natural. (Of course, that's why they're often mislabeled ADHD).

You'll make a huge contribution toward world peace by learning to trust your inner truth-detector. The sooner that all of us honor our inner truth, the sooner that lies and deception will be a thing of the past. We're all involved in ushering in the new energy, which is based on integrity, compassion, and manifestation. Trusting your gut is a way to bring your personal energy into integrity.

Now, a new study finds that trust can also affect your health. Researchers from Harvard studied over 12,000 people and found that those who agreed with the statement, "People are generally dishonest and selfish and they want to take advantage of others" was a better predictor of early death for men than smoking!

Learning to trust our angels and the Divine light that's within every human helps us all to live happier and healthier lives.


A Message for All Lightworkers
(excerpted from the book, Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue)

When I was at Stonehenge, I was given this message for all lightworkers:

Reclaim your manifestation and healing powers immediately! Religious practices have discouraged individuals from seeking power by inflicting labels of heresy and treason upon them. The guilt and fear still permeates deep in the subconscious mind. This includes the fear of standing out, of being unique and distinctive. You've associated this attention with being vulnerable, so you sabotage yourselves again and again by not publicly addressing the truths and problems that you see. You rein yourselves in, and only allow so much attention to be cast in your direction before you hide in your protective cloaks.

Pass along this information: Healing energy is freely available to everyone. No one is specially gifted. There are only those who are free to choose to capitalize upon their inner strengths or to shrink from them.

The world is colder and darker each time an individual shudders from the thought of speaking up. Even if your message isn't well received, the properties involved with the message are spread energetically throughout the land for time eternal.

To each and every one of you: Your words, your thoughts, and your feelings are pure poetry. Do not rush to hide or discount them, but instead capitalize on them to make each other stronger. You will energetically evolve at much faster rates through this sharing and swapping of thoughts and ideas, so speak of them openly and comfortably. Do not shy away from public appearances where you tell your stories and give teachings.


Janet 25th April 2008 5:46 pm

Thank You Doreen,

My new affirmation.........I Trust......I Trust.....I trust......

All to often I fear speaking my truth,and what happens,it ends up If I had,I would have been right!!

Hugs (( janet ))


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