My 3 Favorite Ways to Clear Away Negativity

Dear Friend,

Are you like me: super-sensitive to the energy of the people you meet? Do you find that your energy levels and moods are affected by your interactions with others? Does it seem like you're more sensitive today than you were in the past?

When your energy and heart are wide-open to experiencing all the joys of life, and to giving and receiving healing love, you may also inadvertently absorb unwanted energies. For example, you can compassionately listen to someone who is struggling, and end up taking on their burden yourself. This is especially true if you veer towards codependent rescuing.

So how do you keep your heart open (which is essential to spiritual growth), while still taking care of yourself? Here are my three favorite ways to clear energy quickly, and to restore your awareness of your true spiritual identity of health, happiness, and balance, which God created you as:

  1. Shield yourself. Like taking an umbrella into a rainstorm, shielding yourself doesn’t mean that you’re afraid of the energy. It means that you have practical common sense to take care of yourself. Even when you find yourself in the midst of a harsh energy situation, it’s never too late to shield yourself. Ask God to put a protective bubble of light around you; or envision Archangel Michael handing you his shield; or imagine that there is a filter around you that only allows loving energy to go to you and from you. There are countless ways to shield yourself, and it’s the intention that counts.
  2. Praying to clear your energy. When you wake up, and before falling asleep, spend a few minutes praying for God and Holy Spirit to clear any negativity from your body and mind. This is a super-powerful way to start and end your day with a clean slate, and you can feel the debris of unwanted energy leaving you.
  3. Fill yourself up with the awareness of divine light. The irony is that when you least feel like taking good care of yourself, is when you most need to. Fortunately, there are measures you can take without having to expend a lot of energy: for example, listening to a positive meditation can help to lift you up; stepping outside if the weather permits; praying for help or reading a positive book; or calling a good friend or a counselor for support.

Your true spiritual identity is completely positive and you are one with God’s love and light. It’s only in the experience of duality that we seem to be filled with negativity. Shifting to positivity is a choice and a decision to not put up with negativity, just like you wouldn't put up with an infestation in your home. Here's a prayer that can help:

“Dear God, Please fill me with your positive and uplifting energy. I need your help, healing, and guidance. Please clearly show me any changes I need to make in my life, and what I need to release energetically or physically. Thank you for showing me the way to divine health and happiness, and for giving me the strength and the courage to make positive changes in my life. Thank you for protecting me from the ego, from evil, and from negativity.”

And here’s a relevant scripture to help you: For once you were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So live as people of light! Ephesians 5:8 NLT




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