You Are a Spiritual Healer

Your dream of developing a spiritually based career is much more than a mere dream or idle wishing. It’s a clear sign of your destiny and your soul’s leanings.

Everyone is a healer in truth, because we’re made in the image and likeness of God, who is THE healer. And yet those who are called to do healing work full-time are those who are healers as a Divine life purpose.

Take a moment to recall your healing experiences. In what ways have you healed yourself and others (including pets)? As you remember these experiences, give yourself credit for stepping up and being the conduit of divine healing energy. This isn’t ego-accolades, it’s accepting positive responsibility for taking divinely guided actions. This is healthy!

If everyone would follow their truth path, we’d see such a happy planet. So much needless anxiety comes from working at a meaningless job just for a paycheck. When you develop a meaningful career, in contrast, your whole life takes shape.

You’ve been a spiritual teacher and healer for many lifetimes. You’ve certainly been one throughout this lifetime, including as a child (just think back and you’ll recall instances which revealed your talents and interests).

Hold that clear identity for yourself, and your actions will naturally follow. Daily investments of five minutes or more of action dedicated to your dream will open the doorways to your new life and future. It’s here waiting for you now!

What’s the first step to take? You’ve already done that by dreaming about your ideal career. Now, let’s turn that into reality by listening — really listening – to the answer your Higher Self gives you when you ask the question, “What changes would you like to see me make in my life right now?”

Trust and follow the answer that you get, one step at a time, upon the path of your life purpose.

Many people call my radio show on to ask how to transition from dreaming about being a healer, to actually making a living as a healer.

The answer upon your temperament with respect to self-employment. You’ve got to be self-directed to be your own boss. If this isn’t your strong point, then consider starting off part-time in the healing field. You definitely don’t want to begin a healing practice with a need for money, because any desperation will scare off potential clients.

Another option is to work for a healing center, so that you have a guaranteed income or at least have a steady influx of client referrals from the center.

If you want to be a healer, the best guidance is to: do healing work. Do healings every day. You can start off performing healings for yourself, friends, family, and pets to help you gain experience and confidence. Ask the people whom you work on to give you testimonials, if possible.

The divination between practicing your healing art and making the leap to professionalism begins with you. You must make the clear decision – completely – that you will now be paid for your healing work. Sure, you’ll give occasionally freebies as you’re guided. But you now expect and so you manifest payment for your healing work. And so it is!

Spend time journaling and meditating upon this intention. You’ll need to reframe any guilt (probably from former lifetimes) about charging money for spiritual work. Otherwise, you’ll push business away or engage in unconscious self-sabotage.

Remember: as you allow yourself to be paid for your work, you’re able to spend more time conducting that work. Your payments allow you to leave a meaningless job so that you can create a meaningful career bringing healing blessings to others. Think of it this way: when you allow yourself to receive, you have more available to give to others.

To find an outlet for healing, pray daily for opportunities to help and heal others. I love the Prayer of Saint Francis: “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.” Then notice people who enter your life . . . they may have been heaven-sent to help you with your healing practice. Notice also divine guidance to take action.

Your dream of having a full-time career as a spiritual teacher or healer is much more than a dream. It’s a sign. If you continuously imagine yourself having a meaningful career that supports you and your family financially, emotionally, and spiritually, then this is a sign that your life purpose involves spiritually based work.

And yet it’s not enough to dream. Action is required. However it isn’t that simple, is it? Otherwise, you’d already be on your way.

Lightworkers are, by definition and their very nature, sensitive. They’re sensitive to the energies in any room they walk into. They’re sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings. They’re sensitive to environmental factors such as chemicals, pollution, or noise. They’re sensitive to the presence of angels.

This sensitivity is both a gift and a life-saving instinct. You see, your overall personality remains fairly constant throughout lifetimes. Once a lightworker, always a lightworker. You’ve been a spiritual teacher or healer many, many times before in other lives. You’ve been a priestess, temple-keeper, monk, nun, alchemist, sorceress, seer, scribe, astronomer, or another form of esoteric healer and teacher (or maybe all of the above!).

So it’s your soul’s natural desire and destiny to express your healing qualities again in this present lifetime. With each situation that arises in your spiritual healing practice, you’ll be guided and supported. Stay in the present moment, do your best to listen to and follow your intuition, and give any worries about tomorrow to God.

If you dream of working full-time as a spiritual healer, teacher, or speaker, this essential guide will walk you through the steps to gaining confidence and the knowledge necessary to support yourself in your chosen field. Doreen will help you overcome fears and insecurities, and take specific steps that will help you to start and grow your meaningful profession. You'll learn how to decide what type of healing or teaching work to focus on, how to overcome nervousness, giving speeches, making your private practice known to others, and how to open the divine flow of abundance.

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ken 27th January 2010 5:26 am

Dear Doreen
what a loving,beautiful Being you are...thank you so much for this timely message,I have been struggling with even considering the possibility of accepting any form of payment for healing work,I will now seek guidance on what my life purpose is,for the highest good of all.

Love and Light to All

Urmi 27th January 2010 5:38 am

Dear Doreen,

I feel very much in need to help others by healing.However,i feel deeply afraid of rejection in general. It seems this is a childhood issue that is very hard to overcome.
I would very much appreciate your thoughts about this..

Love and Gratitude,


johneblums 27th January 2010 9:40 am

Unfortunately, I did not see or hear whether any spiritual healers offered their services when the sunami hit Indonesia, when Florda and other regions of America were devestated by cyclones and floods or even when Haiti was ripped apart by earthquakes. It was not wishful prayers that saved lives, but the deeds and actions of doctors,volunteers and national/international agencies that did the work of God. These are the places where the true spiritual healers were and the frontline comforting the grief stricken,the injured or giving food, shelter, solice and sharing their loving hearts with them. How many spiritual healers have walked the slums of Harlem or Cleveland or other decimated regions of America since the global financial collapse or joined charities to help the homeless? God's work does not stop after a church meeting or a channeling by someone. God' work is interacting with all social levels of society regardless of their status, religion or colour. The doers are the true warriors of the spiritual light not the talkers or those who just pontificate in media.

riversoul 27th January 2010 12:36 pm

In reply to johneblums:
As you doubtless already know, prayer spans distance more quickly than any mode of transportation. You can be assured that the lightworker community of planet earth has been present for the people of Haiti with prayers and non-stop intentions and requests for assistance from the heavenly realms since the disaster took place and that we will continue to provide loving support and prayers for our brothers and sisters that are on the scene in physical form.
You won't see us in the media, our work is behind the scenes. We are an army- a silent army. But our work is potent and it is real. Blessings~

missvindigo 27th January 2010 2:31 pm

so wonderful and amazing!! I always look forward to reading your posts and your work!! It is always uplifting, full of hope and love. :)

When I was reading this post, I felt like a great shift in energy, it was awesome! :)

Thank you again and again,
Luiza :smitten:

Guzar 29th January 2010 1:12 am

Maybe a point was missed that not everyone wants or needs healing. We seem to jump to the conclusion that in disasters we NEED to heal. Remember that each soul chooses their path, it is not our "right" in healing to force anythng upon these souls. You cannot change anyone but yourself. When you change yourself the situations around you on your path take on a different perspective.

We are in a time where there is going to be mass exits from this dimension. Honor those who have chosen this method of exit and those or are injured for they are teaching us.

Unless you have experienced these types of mass disasters personally, you cannot understand what transpires, you can show empathy but not truly understand the loss the ego is experiencing, the soul is very aware of the entire experience. The physical body is only temporary and used only in this dimension.

So it is!

flowers on my table 17th August 2010 8:20 am

love that i signed into this right as there were 7999 views. :)


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