Your Life Purpose and Path for 2010

If 2009 felt like a long and arduous journey, you’re not alone! It was a year of learning life lessons, sometimes painfully. Many of these were lessons from past lifetimes, and they usually involved themes of taking responsibility for your actions and choices, practicing compassion and forgiveness toward yourself and others, speaking your truth with love, and learning how to balance your life.
2010 promises to bring in welcome changes, provided that you’ve released old toxic energies. The blue moon of New Year’s Eve is a powerful time to declare your intentions aloud or in writing of: “This is what I intend to release, and this is what I intend to welcome into my life.” Ideally, list your intentions outdoors or next to an open window with the moonlight bathing you. 
I’ve had miraculous manifestations occur when I hand-write (as opposed to type or just think about) my New Year’s intentions. Several times, I’ve found my lists and everything that I’d written came true . . .even though I had doubts when I wrote them initially. There’s great power in writing your intentions, especially hand-writing which involves your whole body and personal energy much more than typing.
If you feel like you’re starting a new chapter of your life, congratulations, as this is a perfect and pivotal time for new ventures. Although these changes may feel intimidating or even frightening, please know that you’re fully supported as you focus upon one step at a time on your journey.
I remember feeling intimidated when I began my journey toward a career as a spiritual writer and teacher. I was a young mother of two sons, working full-time as a secretary, and I attended college part-time during my lunch hour and evenings. A part of me thought that earning college degrees part-time would take too long to complete, but my inner guidance was to continue. Besides, I realized, I was going to be alive all that time anyway, so why not invest it in learning?
It took a lot of hard work and perseverance, but it was worth it when Chapman University awarded me a Bachelors in Psychology degree. I then continued with the same university where I earned my Masters in Counseling Psychology. The Masters was even more work than the Bachelors because after taking all those classes, everyone in the course had to pass psychological tests such as the MMPI. We also all had to take a comprehensive exam covering all of our graduate classes in order to receive our diploma. So after taking all those classes, if I hadn’t passed the comprehensive exam, I wouldn’t have received my Master’s Degree! That was a frightening thought, especially since it took weeks to receive our final report. And did I celebrate when I got the news that I’d passed and earned my Masters!
While earning my degrees, I’d begun volunteering at a local addictions facility at Palmdale Hospital called “The Care Unit.” This was while I was working full-time as a secretary, raising my sons, and attending college. Fortunately, The Care Unit hired me full-time as a counselor and I was able to quit my secretarial job. Ironically, I discovered that my grandfather had been a patient in this very hospital for recovery from alcoholism! I was definitely there to balance some family karma.
A local psychiatrist named John Beck, M.D. hired me full-time to work as an eating disorder therapist, which was my clinical topic of interest. I worked there for quite some time, and wrote my second and third book based upon the case studies of my clients there. My sons and I then moved to the San Francisco bay area, where I worked at an all-women’s psychiatric hospital called Woodside Womans Hospital, and then I was hired by a Nashville hospital called Cumberland Hall to replicate the woman’s unit there and run it as a Program Director. I called that unit “Woman Kind.”
By this time, I was writing and publishing books and magazine articles and making regular appearances on television and radio talk shows. I remember it all being intimidating, yet since it happened gradually, I was able to get accustomed to the otherwise stressful situations. I decided to continue my education and enrolled in California Coast University near my home to get my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, since several of my friends were also attending this school.
After my coursework was done, the university required a doctoral dissertation with precise guidelines that were rigorous and tough. I decided to write about the abused women I’d met and treated at the Nashville hospital unit, as I’d noticed that many of them developed addictions. I wondered if there was a link, and my dissertation gave me the opportunity to read reams of scientific journal articles which DID show a link between child abuse and neglect and the later development of addictions including eating disorders. (I later turned this dissertation into my first Hay House book called “Losing Your Pounds of Pain.”)
Well, although I enjoyed the process of writing my dissertation, the Ph.D. committee rejected it TWICE because my statistical analysis wasn’t properly performed. I nearly gave up on the whole idea, because the rejection was disheartening. Then two things happened: I heard a Tony Robbins quote that jarred me into action. He said, “Would it be more painful to take the action steps, or more painful not to take them?” Ouch! And wow! Of course, I realized it would be more painful not to take them. I’d worked so hard and my dissertation was nearly 150 pages of scientific research and analysis of these studies.
Still, I procrastinated making a third attempt at reworking my dissertation because of fear of additional rejection. I kept making excuses that I didn’t have enough time to work on my dissertation. So the universe intervened!
I was called into jury duty, and I decided to take my dissertation paperwork with me (this was in the days before laptop computers) just in case I had some extra time to read and work on them. Well, it turned out that I sat in a jury room for eight hours while everyone else was called to jury interviews. I was left alone in a room all day with nothing to do but work on my dissertation. So I did, and hooray, the committee accepted my dissertation on the third submission!!
The university was fully accredited for licensure as a psychologist in California when I attended in the early 1990's, which was my goal. I’m sad that California Coast’s reputation has diminished since my graduation, (which is why I stopped putting Ph.D. on my books and stopped calling myself “doctor”). But I’m very happy that I learned a great deal while attending that school. I’m also happy that my dissertation led to my association with Hay House, which is such a wonderful company and publishing house!
EVERY part of our lives – every experience, every relationship, every drama yields valuable life lessons. Throughout all of my experiences in 2009, I learned the value of taking actions steps and investing time in my goals and priorities.
My prayer is that you’ll turn any nervousness or anxiety about your goals into excitement! Then I pray that you’ll channel this excitement into taking daily action related to your dream. Even five minutes a day will give you a boost of self-esteem and energy. Your dreams are achievable (often in ways which exceed our expectations) one step at a time.
The new energy of the planet is cooperation, which thankfully replaces the old energy of competition. Competitiveness is based upon “lack mentality,” and thinking that one person wins and one loses. In the new energy, everybody wins and we support one another.
My prayers and full support are with you, every step of the way. Happy New Year!!
Love, Doreen

Doreen Virtue

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angelk 4th January 2010 5:29 pm

Thank you, Doreen.

I love your books and angelic guidance cards and now your messages here as well. Thank you for sharing here your comforting words from the angels for us all!

May 2010 be a happy one for all of us. We deserve it! So be it!

missvindigo 5th January 2010 7:31 pm

HI Doreen!

On New Year's eve, I wrote all the things that I wanted to happen in a circle and then all the things that I wanted to release outside the circle. Then I burned that piece of paper. And I think it helped a lot to do this ritual especially on a full moon. I feel like I really released things.

Thank you for the lovely message and for the hope that you give...

Love and hugs,

Beautiful Lotus 8th January 2010 7:16 pm

Hello Doreen,

I realize that it MUST take some time getting to you but I have been Told to Come to You!

I've been told to contact you and to share something with you

If you have noticed ("IF") that I have been posting to over and over again it's not that I'm impatient it's just that I am eager

I feel much light from you

I hope that we will be able to speak and I look forward to that moment.

May Peace Shine through you and May the Light come from Within,
Beautiful Lotus

missvindigo 8th January 2010 8:25 pm

I would love to talk to Doreen too, Beautiful Lotus, and meet her someday.

KarenCC 5th April 2010 12:00 am

Dear Doreen,
Right now I'm struggling over my newly started PhD thesis and I'm so comforted to know that you've been where I am heading forward to, and that you're so steadfast and determined and I am so encouraged by your example!! Thank you!! Your words give me all the support I need, and it feels warm that I'm not alone...
Many blessings!!


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