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Blessings beautiful friend,

It's such an honor to reconnect with you once again. As the seasons begin to change and a gentle feeling of anticipation slowly fills the air once again. Up until the end of August, the energies had been relatively quiet. This brief pause allotted us some time to integrate with the intense energies that entered the collective consciousness back in July and first few days of August. Now, a general sense of anticipation is slowly building back up as we enter the final quarter to what has already been a paradigm shifting year.

The Wise Oak Tree

Recently, as I was going on one of my usual relaxing nature walks, I felt guided to take a different path than I normally do. While walking down the remote and off the map trail, I felt a sense of peace wash over me even though I had no idea where I was actually going. After walking for about 30 minutes or so, I noticed off in the distance a majestic looking oak tree that had to be quite a few centuries old. As I got closer to the tree, I noticed that the peaceful feeling I had earlier grew even more present within me. After a few moments of admiring and connecting with the wise oak tree, it hit me that I was sitting in the presence of Divinity itself. Everything from the grass under the tree to the singing birds and other wildlife playing off in the distance began to look and feel completely different. It felt as if I was observing everything through the eyes of the Universe itself.

Prior to this experience, I had always received glimpses of similar moments, however this time the shift felt more palpable and lasting. After soaking in the wisdom of the tree for about an hour, I thanked the I AM presence within the oak tree and began to head back to the trail. While walking back, I had a sort of epiphany: I realized that the oak tree was so present in its own Divinity, that it was able to awaken others who were ready and available to the Divinity within themselves. Wow, how awe-inspiring that such wisdom can come from an oak tree that has been standing strong for hundreds of years holding this sacred space for so many to potentially step into.

The experience with the oak tree reminded me that we are always supported no matter what form that support comes in. I realized that it's just about allowing ourselves to be open enough to saying 'yes' to being supported whether it comes from a close friend, a family member, a pet, community, inner feeling, spirit guide, or in this case from a wise oak tree.

Many of us know that the conscious journey we've chosen for ourselves sometimes feels a bit isolating. Of course choosing this path allows us to be self-sufficient and empowered, however, it's okay to ask for and receive support. The Universe is creating new ways to support us daily. We are never alone nor will we ever be. So if we are finding ourselves a bit overwhelmed or burdened, let's be willing to allow the Universe to support us in every area of our lives.

Beacons of Love

By now, it's no longer a secret that great personal and global changes are taking place. Some of these changes can feel blissful while others may feel the complete opposite. The key to moving through it all is to remain grounded in love.

We have the opportunity right this minute to hold a sacred space of love and compassion for the world as a whole to step into, even if many are still caught up in the seeming upheaval and fear mindset. Each one of us is powerful and fully capable of being able to hold this sacred space of love and compassion for the world. I've always felt that even if there was only one person on the planet holding a consistent space of love and compassion for the masses, eventually that one person will create a domino effect allowing the whole world to match the same vibration of love and compassion that the person was able to tap into. However, thank goodness we have an abundance of radiant beings around the world committed to holding a continuous space of love, which is allowing the collective transition to move more quickly.

The thing is, love is here now. It is not missing nor has it ever been. Love has the ability to remain neutral in all circumstances because it knows no judgment. We have that same ability because we are beings of love in physical form and with every beat of our heart. Peace, joy, and compassion are also here and available to us now. We don't have to wait to anchor them into our lives, because we have actually been these energies all along. No matter what is going on in the outside world, we can choose to free ourselves by connecting with these energies at any given moment. They are unconditionally available to us and are a part of our Divine inheritance.

Thanking it All

In order to move forward with more ease, we are currently being guided to get into a place within ourselves where we can fully be grateful from all our experiences past, present, and future no matter how 'good' or 'bad' they seemed. Every experience that we have ever had in our lives has brought us to the awareness that we have today. The experiences may have been extremely challenging to overcome or they may have been easy breezy, but they all brought us to this point in time of Divine remembrance. The experiences have brought us in alignment with choosing to be our most authentic self which has far outweighed being anything less. This awareness in itself is worth all that we went through to get here. With this understanding, it becomes easier to be grateful for all our experiences, because we recognize that everything we went through was a blessing. Even the most difficult situations become gifts that we would have never received if we had not experienced them.

When we are able to thank all our experiences, no matter how easy or challenging they may seem, we are able to release all attachments that may have prevented us from moving past the energies that no longer serve our greatest good, and into new adventures that feel more in alignment with the greatest vision for our lives.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



zorro 4th September 2012 7:02 am

“The Universe is creating new ways to support us daily. We are never alone nor will we ever be. So if we are finding ourselves a bit overwhelmed or burdened, let's be willing to allow the Universe to support us in every area of our lives.” - Emmanuel Dagher.

This is true.

Yes, we might even call it a Multi-verse. The quantum particles of energy and matter allow us to paint creation from multiple possibilities.

This is joyful, if recognized that it too is impermanent and, alas, will change. Then we choose from new possibilities emerging out of the spiral.

COBALT 4th September 2012 11:31 am

Wink! :smitten:

elmana 5th September 2012 3:20 am

Namaste Emmanuel,

Thankyou for the love you share and your wonderful insight.
Its so beautiful how the Universe supports you, just now it shines its light and fills me with love, saying see I told you so :angel: . I just happened upon your website through an email and here you are confirming to me what I already know. I love how it all comes back to the One, we are all helping each other in oneness & love supporting each other as the universe supports us every step of the way, we are never alone although it is a personal journey and can be lonely, we are constantly reminded that there is support there and not to be afraid to ask for it or receive it. I love how unique we are as individuals sharing our own perspectives as a greater whole, thank you Emmanuel for this blessing today and the universe guiding me to you. :thumbs:

Pure Heart Love

cyndy 9th September 2012 12:42 pm

I too in the last month had quite an experience with a Weeping Willow Tree. I became aware of her because of a syncronicity. Her energy seems feminine and I now call her Willa. Really the experience beyond my words. Tremendous(trees mend us).


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