Energy Forecast - The BIG change continues!

Wow, what a ride we have been on these past few weeks! In the last Energy Forecast titled "It's Go Time" spoke all about big forward movement and things 'clicking into place' for those who have set the intention to do the inner work it takes to align with their most authentic selves. Also, in the previous forecast I mentioned that anyone or anything that was operating covertly without integrity will have a very difficult time keeping things hidden for much longer, especially with the current influx of energies entering our consciousness.

So let's take a quick glance back at what happened globally in these past few weeks. A very bold initiative was taken by the U.S. government in passing health care, a sector of the Catholic Church has been 'guided' to finally be open and honest with the world, a big global campaign focused on feeding our children healthy and nutritious foods has jump started into full gear bringing awareness to even the most remote and unexpected areas, a major global summit was held with the top 49 countries officially agreeing to begin the process of dismantling all nuclear arms, and three more earth movements occurred in Mexico, Indonesia, and just recently China. What a few weeks it has been, and there's much more transformation ahead. Although some of this might seem overwhelming and maybe even a little scary at times, there is no need to worry as it's all part of a Divine process anchoring the new heart-centered way of living as a whole and united planet.

With change and uncertainty comes an increased feeling of vulnerability. Giving ourselves full permission to be vulnerable at times allows us to experience growth and expansion farther than we could have ever imagined. Although being vulnerable is not something most people want to experience, it's at our most vulnerable where some of the deepest and most lasting positive transformation manifests. It's important to be extra gentle and easy on ourselves at this time.

So where are we now? We will continue moving forward as great change continues to be the current theme. Last week, Pluto (a planet all about profound transformation and change) went in to retrograde, which gives us a great opportunity to anchor deep lasting transformations into our physical experience. For those who have a hard time embracing change and transformation, I invite you to let go of the resistance you might have around it, and the need to always be in control. This will provide you with a much more pleasant experience when it comes to moving through the current changes.

If you're having a really difficult time right now, you can also ask yourself what is it that I'm resisting or not able to let go of? You will receive your answer whether it be in the moment you ask or in the following few hours, days, etc... so it's important to pay attention to how the messages show up for you. Mercury (a planet all about communication and logic) also goes in retrograde from April 17th until May 11th giving us a great opportunity to look at how we are showing up and being in the world. This time is also a great opportunity for healing and releasing the blocks we might still be carrying around being our most authentic selves and our ability to communicate with others in a positive way.

As the solar flares continue to pour into our atmosphere, we will receive waves of energy that open up our energetic heart center. As our hearts expand, we will begin to release old memories, wounds, grief, sadness, pain, imprints, heaviness, and traumas that we've carried in our hearts for so long. If you have sudden bursts of laughter, moodiness, and/or crying just know that it's all part of the current process, and the energies are doing what they need to. Also, you might find yourself restless and wanting to transition into a new job or geographical location. I would say, before making any quick decisions, allow yourself to marinate on what feels the most joyous to you, and then take action. As we continue to expand our energetic hearts in these coming weeks and months ahead, it will become much easier for us to operate with compassion for everything and everyone around us. We will also begin to feel lighter and more free physically, mentally, and emotionally, while our capacity to share and experience unconditional love will greatly magnify.

The change we have been waiting for is now in full force, so I invite you to turn on your favorite party music and celebrate!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,

Emmanuel Dagher



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