Challenges of the New Human

The shift in your own openness to your soul connection and to trusting in your own divinity has changed many aspects of your experience, and it is profoundly, lately, affected your mood and your experience of conflict-you find yourself increasingly triggered by others around you and many of you are awakening with just an incredible sense of sadness or depression that seems unexplainable.

Simultaneously, the energies of this month are presenting an enormous invitation to release and let go of what no longer fits-and you, many of you, are going out to meet this invitation with a willingness that is astonishing! So strong and courageous you are! And yet these difficult feelings are persisting and as such your experience has been, increasingly a challenge.

Today I wish to talk a bit about how Unity Consciousness is working in your experience to create these feelings and what perspective will be liberating and put you not back-but forward-into a more sustained state of joy, love and exhilaration!

First let's celebrate!! {Smile!}

The inner workings of your connection to All-That-Is are increasingly unbridled and you are able to notice the incoming sense of alignment impulses from the Omniverse, with which you are one, and increasingly with which you are harmonizing and blending! This is an enormous shift in your experience of wholeness! And much freedom comes from this as you are able to further align with your own inner sense of things; continually extracting your focus from the completed hologram (which you are creating continually) to instead be in the NOW, the point of power and creativity and orient to your emerging inner vision:  what feels good next. You are increasingly facile in realizing that the current experience is only the manifestation-as you know-of a previous, freely created and released creation-idea--point of view. The freedom with which you released and trusted in this new, DELIGHTFUL idea, is what of course creates the experience without a hitch! What a shift in experience to learn more directly and more rapidly from your own experience how what you feel becomes form and then to receive! Experience the form you create and then choose more! Decide, from this new vista: what feels good next?

Whew! What a blissed out experience that is! {And some say that "Bliss" should not be the agenda!! How amazing is THAT!!!}

As I was saying, my beloved ones, you amazing beings of love and light-is it more difficult of late to be alone. More difficult to be in the orbit of your own energy as energies from beyond your experience are flowing into your experience. Seemingly with no explanation there is heaviness, or an unexplainable moodiness in your day. Why is this?

If you create your own reality then why are you experiencing these things which you feel are not in alignment with your vibration?

The answer is two-fold:

  • One, is that you are increasingly sensitive to the energetic dynamics in your experience, and as such you now know more clearly what the energy is of your own particular unique earth-focused perspective is generally like, and
  • Two, you are no longer connected only to your own vibration.  You have allowed yourself increasingly to merge with all-that-is and the reality is that the vibration from your own particular unique earth-focused perspective is not the only vibration you are experiencing.

You are the creator of your own experience. Still and always. Semantically and ironically, however, the "YOU" in question is changing. The "YOU" that creates your life is, as you increasingly ascend energetically and more consciously includes a collective "YOU" in the "blend" or the "mix", of your experience. You are more and more a being that functions not only from your own informed point of focus as a human being living on the planet Earth. You also experience direct (meaning you are aware of it) input from the soul group energies which you are re-acquainting yourself with-both at sleep and while awake, and you are also CONSCIOUSLY connected, increasingly, to the planetary unified field-which includes the whole of the Earth energies. And until the Earth complete shifts into its intended new space, this includes energies that are still largely informed by Duality and have not yet transcended this by amalgamating polarity and embracing contrast in a Unity Consciousness.

Let me explain more simply.

There are many platforms, many "vistas" of consciousness. I use the word VISTA because from each point of vibration, there is a perspective-a way that things are "seen" and from there choices made about what within the view or beyond the view, is where you choose to focus your "sight" and move toward. Naturally, it has typically in your experience on Earth been very challenging to focus your sight beyond that which you can currently "see". Believing you can get there becomes a matter of focus and alignment. It has typically been far easier to choose a destination which is in view! Take many smaller steps-choose more, as I have said before.

Now you have moved through much iteration in your evolving consciousness and are experiencing and orienting more and more around a blissful space where you allow love to flow through you. You allow love to radiate from you. You simply are love. You recognize that all is ONE, and that the separation of each is indeed an aspect of the whole, but you see and know at the same time that this unique aspect which exists is simply a point within the entire whole and all is one, all is connected, all is moving as an entire energy field, despite all appearances.

You are moving past the illusions of the third dimension in which many of you experienced everything as separate and outside of you, for a lot of your experience. You have expanded the blissful feeling of ONE that you knew in some areas, some moments of experience, into a more comprehensive way of knowing. 

Let us pause for one beautiful and profound moment in acknowledgment of this amazing aspect of your ascension which is for many of you now your reality! {Smile!!}

We applaud you for making this shift! It is such a challenge from physical form in your planetary experience to shift to this felt sense of the ONE in a more sustained way! You have allowed yourselves to open to the available energies and thus the corresponding perspectives that are entering and now well anchored in your planet... {Please now imagine an incredible soaring melody along with fireworks and the like!!! Something thunderous and explosive! For THAT is the perspective we have on all this and I wish you to FEEL it! Smile!}

We support you in amplifying this experience anytime you ask us and delight in being called upon, as another aspect of you-of all that is-to participate in your endeavors! Thank you for including us.

All-that-is is enriched and enjoys your journey! 
{Yes! It's true-we are awed and inspired by YOU!}

As you continue to evolve your understanding of experience. As you move toward a more whole and connected "mode" of being, as THIS becomes more frequently your way of orienting and perceiving experience, there is then, openness to all-that-is! 

There is still, however, a blending of energies and you move up and down between dimensions as you continue to integrate the higher vibrating energies and expand your awareness.   As such, you exist in the third, the fourth and the fifth dimensional energies or a mix thereof depending on your focus and allowing. In the fourth dimension things can be pulled apart and examined, but also blended. In it lies the awareness of Unity Consciousness. Still it is a choice, if you wish to blend your energies or not-the choice is yours. Blending is a powerful experience as blending creates love. You learn to appreciate the "other" and there is a sense of both love and compassion as a result.

All of this is to clarify that even though you have begun to expand your experience of Unity Consciousness, your shift between these dimensions and point of view and at this time most of you are not largely entirely in any one dimension.
This knowledge of the different dimensions, along with the experimentation of blending-knowing of the unified whole and feeling it with others as a way of experiencing and being love-this has yielded more conscious awareness of the energies within the whole than there was when you thought all was separate. 

When you were primarily oriented in a duality perspective, even in those times, you still were aware of these energies, but you thought they were about you when you felt them. You looked for problems and things to explain them. You amplified them by digging up in your own experience something which you felt wasn't right and "assigned" these feelings to that experience in a way which is often called "blame" and then you had understanding and there was a sense and a knowing that your experience which arose from these "icky" feelings was indeed of your own making.

Now, this is not typically how it goes for you. 

As I mentioned in the beginning, lately there have been many challenges in this emerging experience of the new human.

At some moments you have had a feeling of an unexplainable sense of unhappiness, moodiness, heaviness, irritation. In these moments you find yourself taking things personally which you would not have typically. You find yourselves noticing or at least being aware of more conflict then you typically have been experiencing.

The reason is this: you are feeling the mix, the blend of the separate and the unified consciousness. And until the earth completes her own ascension, there are many in the mix who still embody the duality perspective and some even who live in vibrations which are very distant from the finer energies of grace and love in which many of you Lightworkers are exploring and integrating. 

You are feeling and attuning to these energies within the whole. Remember, that until one recognizes the love within themselves, they will have difficulty recognizing this in others. The more you embody love, the more there will be a difference in frequency between you and some other members of the collective energy field. 

This will be felt as heaviness, a pull as there is a significant gap between you and this other aspect of the unified field-and bridging this is and will be difficult for both of you. If you recognize this you can simply know this and orient elsewhere; not being troubled by this energetic "disturbance" within the field.

The challenge is intensified when this approach is not understood or taken. Your guard is down and you are increasingly open as you trust and live in these finer energies. Then the encounters-particularly if they are direct-are quite intense when there is a significant gap between your frequency and that of another.

There is a tendency then to defend your frequency. To try to stay in your frequency and to bring the other to your frequency. This may be happening directly-as in a conversation-or indirectly-as in felt-energies.
What can you do about this?  You may wonder...

First is to simply understand that this is part of the mixed and blended energetic spaces in which you are currently playing and experiencing. 

Secondly, to release all attachment to altering this energy. Allow it. Blend with it and use it as an opportunity to grow compassion and your own understanding of being love within the whole if you like.

Or simply choose what may be the easiest way to feel relief by follow the wise message which is such a theme song within the Abraham-Hicks messages: PIVOT. Simply turn your focus to something that makes you feel good and don't think too much about the unpleasant feelings you were noticing. 

Realize that feelings can in some ways become habits-this is a common experience in the third have a habitual feeling response to life and experiences rather than choosing and freely responding to what occurs. Now you have moved into a different scenario: your connection to all that is lies within a Unified Consciousness now more and more and as such you will encounter these challenges, these variances in frequency as the sorting out process of ascension continues. There will be re-groupings, separations, reunions and much shuffling as each being chooses their place in the plan and the corresponding relationships re-align, sometimes repeatedly to correspond.

I trust that all of this has given you a sense of relief. A feeling of peace. And most of all, the recognition of much amazing choices being made in such challenging times!

I AM the Archangel Michael and I remain, forever available and at your side. Know that you are, profoundly loved and your continual efforts to awaken, are met with great joy by those non-physical beings who through you, are having the experience of a lifetime. {Smile!} 

Great love exists in all here.


goldenprincessca 20th April 2010 10:19 am

Dear Meredith,
You...........are a wonderful human! Thank you ever so much and thank you Arch Angel Michael. My gratitude is as deep as the ocean for your messages. Love and light and thanks.
The challanges I feel in my 9-5 workplace are reflected in what you are writing about and this guidance is extremely helpful to me in how to navigate my way thru the energies.
I will print this out and re read as often as I need to in order to fully intigrate into my cells.
Blessing to you on this day and always.
Much love and light
...the awakening one. xxxoooo

mifasolasi 20th April 2010 4:43 pm

Wow !! thank You Arch Michael ,, :angel: a very resonating message with my life experience of this time ... It is so helpful
Thank you Meredith .. :)
Love :smitten:

Anne333 23rd April 2010 11:54 am

Wow! That explains a lot! I really needed to hear that message! I can't thank you or the AA Michael enough!


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