Energy Update: Meredith's Mashup

Do you watch GLEE?  I do and I love it.  One of my favorite things they do on GLEE is a mashup.  It's taking two songs and mashing them together into one overlapping, connected arrangement.  It honors and celebrates the individual elements of each song, while also creating a new experience of the songs intermingled. 

I was so inspired by some brilliant writers this month, whose work resonated so abundantly with me that I connected the dots in my own life in a new way.  To describe how I experience the energy this month I must do a "cover" of a couple other articles, some great insights from kindred souls and in effect, creating my own here it is. 

The Backdrop

I've felt for a while now that a huge arc with my experience was moving into completion, and the wholeness of it emerging.  I have felt and experienced large cycles come to a close that seemed to be part of an even larger whole. 

This began to feel clear in many different moments--there was the past life journey I did which liberated a new present.  I wrote about this in a blog post titled, "Oh, wow.  That's the way things used to be."  This experience created a big shift for me and the very next day I had a conversation with my brother and the quality and dynamic of it was entirely different from the way we usually speak.  There was a sense of returning in this conversation, to an energetic tone of our early connections when as kids less than 2 year apart, we shared the same friends and activities.  It was subtle, but definitely present.  It also felt like a powerful surfacing of my own identity into greater wholeness.  Consider this exhibit A.

Within the last month a very significant and important person, whom I love deeply, just vibrated right out of my life.  They're still here--didn't leave the planet physically.  But seemingly out of nowhere, and not incidentally following my past life restructuring (exhibit A), we had an interaction, which prompted conversation which led to clearly and directly stating what we both wanted at this point which resulted in recognizing the ending of our friendship.  Entirely bizarre.  Oddly un-intense.  No drama, instead it felt amazingly complete--a clean, no trigger energy feeling when I turn my attention to it.  Just kind of amazing how sudden it was and this made me realize the truly transformative possibilities of bringing wholeness into our past and therefore reconfiguring our present: stuff just disappears.  Quantum leap.  Consider this exhibit B.

I also felt that we entirely shifted to the New Earth Timeline this past fall.  The fundamental shift that needed to happen for the Earth to move to the New Timeline IS complete.  I didn't see much fanfare about this. I wrote and channeled about it.  Celia Fenn wrote about it and spoke very clearly.  As did Judith Moore.  But I didn't really notice that much else being said.  I talked about it in events and channeled message from both Archangel Michael and Naeshira about this, but it seemed to kind of fall off the radar, considering how major it is.  This was a surprise, and I became curious what the reason for that was and how in hindsight it would be understood.  To me, I experienced the emergence of the New Earth clearly on the December Solstice/Eclipse and felt it anchor and our energy systems begin to integrate the fundamental aspects of this during the window between the Solstice and the bookend eclipse on January 4th.  This would be, exhibit C.

Lastly, I've been, in typical Meredith mode--enjoying what is/sensing what's next on the horizon.  It feels like I'm going to move to a new location.  Then it feels like I'm already home.  It feels like I'm going to move to a new location.  Then it feels like I'm already home.  Is this just the natural flux from wave to particle, from wave to particle?  Not sure.  So at the suggestion of a friend, I decided to buy an astro-cartography report, to see how my birth chart influences various places I might live.  Guess what? I live where in general it's "not recommended" people live: I live in VERY close proximitey to where Uranus was when I was born and so will have that influence big-time in my life.  Exhibit D.

So that's the backdrop, or perhaps more accurately the overture.  Let the show begin.

The Mashup

Shala Mata's most recent article, Being & Doing, so brilliantly shares with us what she discovered about the completion of Uranus's cycle of 84 years occurring on January 4, 2011.  And how that this cycle ushered in Quantum Consciousness. 

Shala also speaks to the astrological shift coming up this week as Uranus moves from Pisces where it's been since March 2003, into Aries.  This takes place on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 7:49 pm Eastern Standard Time.

I love the synchronicity in this.  Do you see how amazing we all are at creating our galaxy, our universe and our own ascension process?  How we are HERE and we are THERE...meaning As Above So Below?  And we're active in forms non-physically and collaborating with ourselves here, to create the perfect alignments, energies and experiences to support our intention in coming here: to transform the Earth.  To metamorphosize human potential.  To SHIFT, fundamentally, everything.

Consider this.  Uranus, like all energy systems, has a energetic signature--a unique song, tonal quality which it is.  When it comes into contact with other energies--there's a mashup: a combined co-creative effect which is felt.  Uranus, takes a long time to make one complete cycle around the sun, and when it moves through astrological signs in the heavens, it stays for a long visit in each one.  So after years in Pisces it's moving into Aries.

The song of Uranus is: BE YOU.  It's all about Individualization.  The song of Pisces stimulates in us an urge to transcend ourselves.  So imagine the amazing mashup of Uranus + Pisces for the last eight years:  BE YOU + Transcend YOU.  Doesn't this just perfectly pave the way for the emergence this week of the Mayan 9th Wave: the shift into timeless Cosmic Consciousness?


This long dance with Uranus in Pisces began in March of 2003.  Do you remember where you were then?  I was astonished to read Shala's article and realize it may very well have been that day when I declined an offer to move to Atlanta with EarthLink, and as a result ended up taking a severance package.  Following this I entered into a profound spiritual retreat, which lasted over 6 years, and during the first three I saw about 3 people only--my hairdresser, a close friend and former assistant from EarthLink who helped me re-organize my house and discover my multidimensional selves (a whole other story) and my colleague who also left when I did--the close friend mentioned in Exhibit B.  Our relationship shifted into something entirely new in 2003--and we began to talk daily for several hours, after our own time in solitude each day, and together explore our understanding of the Universe as it came forth.  And an enormous part of what we read and shared and discussed and applied just happened to be: QUANTUM PHYSICS.   Oh yes, and that would be again, with the dear friend in Exhibit B, with whom I just completed a very meaningful, beautiful, amazing dance: the application of these very quantum principles in our lives to become myself by transcending myself.  Dance over.

Super wow.

So what other energy is in play now?  Wednesday, March 9th is the day, that Carl Calleman believes we enter the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar.  He says, "We're shifting out of the eighth level -- which may be referred to as the galactic frame of consciousness as it will step by step lead humanity to identify primarily with the galaxy."  We shift on Wednesday March 9th into the 9th Underworld, which Calleman describes as "the highest level of consciousness, the Universal, will be attained and will result in a timeless cosmic consciousness, and a citizenship in the universe, on the part of humanity."

Following this, on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 7:49 pm Eastern Standard Time, Uranus--singing the song of "BE YOU!" Moves into a new mashup with Aries.  And Aries adds to the mix a draw toward adventures which call upon our courage--and thereby give us the chance to discover our amazing strength and most importantly, to reach the full flower of our potential.

Doesn't that, in our leading edge perspective, mean shifting into timeless cosmic consciousness?  Becoming ONE with All-That-IS while in human form.  

The other day during a conversation with members of the Legion of Michael through Expect Wonderful one of our Legion Members shared that lately, when she goes into stores or is out in public, she find people averting their eyes and looking downward when she moves toward them.  She felt like her vibration, her energy was scary to them in a way, and that it was like having a bright headlight shone right into your eyes--you cover your eyes and look down.

This directness of BEING + the POWER of expanded self, is what will be lured forth over the next cycle of living our lives to the amazing soundtrack of Uranus + Aries, or shall we call it, "Be YOU + Blossom into Your FULLEST I AM Potential."  And symbolically, doesn't that equation look a bit like a combination of individualized oneness?  

Do you see the themes here?

In life, as in all great symphonies, the themes are sounded over and over. 

Played by different instruments, with variations and building beautifully upon one another, in one giant whopping crescendo that creates a profoundly felt longing for resolution--which allows us to profoundly enjoy the emergence of all those harmonic elements coming into wholeness, and the piece finishing.  Then we sit in reverberant silence, feeling the fullness of what has just played out.  In our lives, the themes, repeat--the Universe speaks to us in an astonishing variety of ways, repeating messages until we are perfectly ready to join in: to resonate with the leading edge energy of NOW and orient from that landscape.

Have you ever been in a lively, packed restaurant, where the floor is concrete and the walls are glass?  It's very loud.  And it's very hard sometime to hear the music playing in the background, the shared song we're all being affected by energetically, but we don't notice unless we turn our attention and tune in.  It's a bit like the current "noise" of the world, don't you think?  It helps when one of our friends says, "Oh--I love that song."  and we say, "What song?  I can't hear anything."  And because they're so lovely, our friend says, "You know--that songs, One Love--the Bob Marley song."  For example--and then they start to sing the song, singing along with the music playing in the restaurant, and SUDDENLY the music pops forth from the background and we hear it loud and clear and we sync up!

We get it.  We hear it.  And there is a delightful surge of elation when this happens. Especially when it's a song we like, a song that feels right to us, a song that we're ready for and can receive fully.  Dance with even while still in our seat eating a sandwich.  And that is what it feels like to be on the ascending energy arc--there's always a little JOLT somehow, and we sense how we might expand, or be happier.  Insight and knowing comes forth energetically and we feel it and are uplifted; it's joyous!

The Emergence of New Music

In the same way that the Beatles and Stravinsky, for example, were initially not embraced fully, new music, or new energetic patterns don't always sit well with us.  Sometimes they feel just too discordant with where we're at, and although that friction does work on us--creating contrast and clarifying our desires--sometimes we're just not ready to embrace the new thing.  Now or ever.

So like the kids in GLEE, sometimes when we sing this new song, someone throws a slushie in our face.  (And like the kids in GLEE we're inclined to think, "asshole.")  Yes it happens.  Let's be honest.  Now that we're done being direct and honest and we've got that off our chest, let's move on.  Consider that the shadow side of Pisces is confusion, so if a person hasn't been waking up during this, the confusion has probably gotten amplified and intensified.   Instead of learning from confusion, by trusting it and therefore discovering the gift--that if you walk like you're in the fog--just one step at a time, you're fine--those whose codes are not yet aligned, because they are meant to wake up at a different point, may be suffering.  Big time.  It's important to remember this and go back to pillow-fluffing.  (See the January Energy Update to understand pillow-fluffing).   Then join the kindred souls also awake and continue trusting the vision of seeing only a few feet in front of you and just relax and go with it.

As we experience the new theme song playing in the background--or shall we call it the SIREN SONG?  It sure feels like that to some, I know.  The  Uranus + Aries song:  BE YOU + I AM DETERMINED TO BE ME IN MY FULLNESS, is kind of like a really amped up meeting of the minds.  The directness of life is going to power up big-time.  And now if you're still not waking up, and don't feel ready to at all, running into this amped up powerhouse is going to potentially both contribute to you awakening (unconsciously, probably) and also be (let's no longer pull our punches here--it's now entirely out of sync with things) INTENSE.  And this may fuel the shadow side of Aries which is RAGE.  So as you rise in frequency, be aware that your directness and brightness might flow into energy systems where there are lots of blocks and it bounce right out again in misdirected petty arguments, blow-ups and even unexplainable rage.  So don't be surprised.  Don't take it personally, and if at all possible, smile and be gentle as can be.


Being part of the avant garde movement in any domain of experience is just both thrilling and challenging.  A lot of people don't get what you're doing at first.  Relax.  If they did you couldn't even be on the leading edge.  The leading edge, the new wave means just a few of you are there.  And the leading edge, or the Ideafrontier--is a continually moving location.  If you're someone who invents it, or is a fast discoverer of new territory, enjoy the thrill of discovery, the joy of relaying your adventures to the interested listeners and leave those who want to just stay where they are alone: shine your light and let those who welcome it come to you.

"Avant-garde means "advance guard" or "vanguard".  In the English language, it is used to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.  Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

Hello Light Bearers!

So like those artists who move into the up and coming neighborhood, create an amazingly cool culture and then everyone wants to live there, reflect on this as a potential way of seeing yourself and consider the implications.

This month is all about the galaxy moving into a powerful alignment that liberates an expansion into timeless, cosmic consciousness.  Like a combination lock that opens up in stages, that creates a perfectly aligned SPACE for something new to drop in and this dropping in of the new, opens us to what was previously inaccessible.  For a fun visual metaphor on how this works, click here.  You're expanding beyond what has been into what can be.  What you create is entirely up to YOU and the vibration you allow to come forth from this mashup, creates the new song of you.  And when you then are, or move into the world, relationships or just by shining your light standing still, you invite others to co-create with yoru song.  Creating a momentary, or longer mashup of energies.  All of which expand YOU and All-That-Is.  Which, wonderfully, are the same thing.

New Sounds

New harmonic systems broadcast new frequencies.  As we resonate with them, new perspectives are revealed.  The other day one of the Legion Members shared a brilliant insight into the spacey-ness many of us feel all the time.  Relating this to the emerging energy of the timeless, cosmic consciousness, Kris shared with us

The "timeless cosmic consciousness" mentioned will feel strange to our Earthbound heads until we get accustomed to it. We're so conditioned to operating within the structure of time that when we begin to step outside of it we can feel unfocused and drifty (i.e. "spacey") as if our ship has lost its anchor. If you're someone who needs to be in control all the time, that won't feel so great, but if you can go with it and just let the current take you where it will, which can cause temporary giddiness and some "Oooh. Far out!" moments, you'll eventually learn to operate in this much freer state of mind. So how it affects us depends primarily on recognizing the cause (or Source) and our level of resistance vs allowing. At least, that's my take on it.

Doesn't expanding into our Oneness, mean moving beyond a local definition of self?  Doesn't feeling spacey, feel like not being anywhere in particular?  Isn't this a bit like being One with life; non-local, and flowing like a wave, rather then those moments when we observe ourselves and collapse into a particle and become "local" and "specific?"  As we increasingly, as Archangel Michael told us last summer, "become one with the road" of life, we move and experience ourselves as waves and cycles of energy. 

Faith re-defined

I realized that once again, this is all about FAITH.  But then I realized: what do I think Faith is?  There are ideas about faith which don’t make sense anymore and were perhaps based on misconceptions and old energies.

I realized that faith, from a New Earth perspective might be understood as a WILLINGNESS to experience a new belief.  A willingness to cultivate a new belief.  And expand your options in ways that bring you more joy and into more harmony with your true identity. 

Faith is based on beliefs. And what are beliefs?  Ideas that we’ve practiced over and over again until they feel TRUE.  Ideas which are practiced by our culture as a whole in ways that over time they become “solid” and it’s hard to change them—there is a stubbornness to changing them.  Even if they’re discovered to be no longer true.

I want you to ask yourself, DO I REALLY LET MYSELF KEEP UP WITH LIFE?  Life is evolving.  It’s in movement.  And if a belief is an idea we’ve practiced and finally it becomes something we can live from, lean on, view as solid.  Then in the New Earth FAITH might be understood as a WILLINGNESS to experience a new belief and a willingness even to be continually new! :) 

It might also be a willingness to cultivate a new belief--more in sync with knowing your true identity.  One that expands your options in ways that bring you more joy and into more harmony. 

There is a new song coming forth into your experience and within you.  Do you hear it?  Listen for a moment and see if you can catch the rhthm the flow of it and get in sync enough to sing along, or better yet--dance.

Look for much to come into closure in the near future as the completion of this Uranus + Pisces cycle permeates things.  Even the space shuttle Discovery, is landing on Wednesday the 9th of March and going into retirement.

I don't know the full meaning yet of Exhibits C & D.  I do know that living near Uranus, has certainly helped me to understand the collective experience in my own version of life and come fully into my center, dropping excess and becoming clarified in focus.  Like many moments in life, I can sense what are the signficiant dynamics--these definitely are--and yet not see the full menaing or implications, yet.  As we have increasingly available to us a timeless, cosmic consciousness, I look forward to tapping into perspectives of increasing wholeness which I suspect will bring more clarity forth about things like this.  Or not--perhaps in Divine Timing, things are just lining up and keys are being turned in their perfect order to unfold life as the intelligent Universe we are sees fit.  For now.

So, in eternal newness, I close by sharing my experience of awe and joy at connecting all these dots in my new experience.  I thank all of you for co-creating such a dynamic, exciting experience!  In particular a shout out Carl and Shala, the Members of the Legion of Michael and Kris in particular, Jamie and Hil for the amazing journeys of friendship and all the other brilliant specific, inspired perspectives who share and inspire my own experience, which by the way, lately is slushie-free, and filled with glee.


kiminspired 10th March 2011 7:18 am

Excellent article Meridith! Thank you so much!

kay 10th March 2011 10:51 am

Wonderful, Meredith. Reading your presentation of Self and experiencing your energy, I was totally focused, which caused my own vibrational level to rise considerably. This is how we grow the new world, whether we're actively sharing or quietly being. Can't thank you enough for this lovely mashup.

SpiritHeart 10th March 2011 5:00 pm

Thank you for this wonderful glee-filled blog post. It was absolutely lovely and inspiring to read and learn of the upcoming cosmic changes through Your experiences past and current. I too felt a strong lift in spirit or a paradigm shift within. Thanking You in abundance. Love & Light

innerlifecoach 10th March 2011 5:47 pm

Thanks Meredith!! That was awesome. I am still awestruck how the lightworkers can be anywhere in the world and not have met each other (human form) and still have such similar if not the same experience. WOW!!

I had a vision of my path one time. I am in a boat floating down a little river through red rocks towering above me. I can look up and see the blue blue sky with a few puffy clouds. I have no oars. The river is very winding. I KNOW this is my path and I cannot go back, I cannot go any faster and I cannot see around the bend. I trust that I am on my path.

This vision has been a huge source of comfort for me.

love and light to you sister goddess!!
Elizabeth in Oregon

It is funny but as I was reading your update, I could hear you saying it. :)

Steve and Patrica Amarant 10th March 2011 6:14 pm

Nicely done, once again, Meredith. I am enjoying such a beautiful re-cognition with all of you. A little jingle circles around in me. I call it the " I Am Anthem"

I Am All That Is, All That Is I Am I Am I Am I Am
I Am God
I Am Soveriegn
I Am Free
I Am That
I Am
Blessed Be All That I Am.
Let Us All Be As Little Children
And Play This One Out Together
As One

zorro 10th March 2011 11:43 pm

Mashup, huh? God love you Meredith. You brought a smile to me face on that one... And God love ya...I love your posts. Get that cartography chart done, but just remember, it is only going to tell you what planets are angular in a region if you were hypothetically born there. Don't hang yer hat on it dear. Your natal chart will shine through after all, no matter where you move...and if you want to get really grounded come to New England and put some quartz crystal granite under yer feet, unless you have a negative Pluto or Saturn line or something angular there, or can't take the cold. That will give you a good solid balance after feeling the shifting tectonic fault lines and energies of Andreas, bless ya. You'd be a blessing to any region you ended up in! That's what I think! Keep amazing...don't stop! You are unique.

bettina 13th March 2011 8:20 am

WOW--'more of this Mashup, please'. I am so gleefully appreciative of self to have waited to read this on Sunday--a day many use as worship/contemplation/rest in our busy earth-time life yet--no time. Savor the flavor, this reading had me 'wow'ing right along with you, Meredith. Your points/mashes have given me much reflection of where I was back in 2003 to just this past 2010(not a fun or happy time, but I was able to glean a few moments of stability to propel my growth of 'self' forward. Uranus leaving Pisces has truly been a breath of fresh air and energy. Eagerly, I approach each day with gratitude to set my sails on the High vibrational seas of life with spirit and who I am becoming. 'This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...'

Many blessings to your genius, Meredith.