Equinox + Eclipse Cycle

Do You Believe in Magic?

First Eclipse Cycle, 2015

Theme: Set a New Direction in Motion

Friday, March 20 - Equinox, Super New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse

Saturday, April 4 - Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

Are you looking for more meaning, purpose, clarity and inner peace?

Why not use this Eclipse Cycle to set an intention and shape your experience with events, ideas and alignment to get you where you want to go?

Eclipses come in pairs and we're approaching the first Eclipse Cycle of 2015, which has immense energetic potential.

The Eclipse Cycle begins on the same day as the Equinox. Friday, March 20 is the Equinox, and it's a powerful New Moon -- a SUPER Moon, meaning as close to Earth as it gets + a total Solar Eclipse. 

The Energies of this Eclipse will unfold for quite a while -- some say 6 months to a year --and they will be furthered approximately two weeks later, but the close of this cycle, on April 4th -- a day in which we'll experience both a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse.

Remember that alignments like this are being created gradually, so the momentum of this series of events, is already in play and building. Energetically this can feel like nervous energy or tension. Based on the qualities (meaning the configuration) of this Eclipse Cycle many will also feel this as an increased pressure to get your life to fit you, better.

The energy of this Eclipse Opening is also being toned by the Pluto-Uranus square -- the final of these squares which have occurred 6 times, over the past 3 years, takes place on Monday, March 16. As astrologer Kari Samuels shares in a recent article, "Pluto will activate deep transformation, unearthing energies that have been buried for too long. Uranus is a freedom-loving revolutionary planet." 

This perfectly aligns with the orientation we've received from Archangel Michael in 2015. In addition to characterizing this whole year as an opportunity to embrace and expand the potential of our freedom, the recent Soar Fests have focused on becoming more free through giving ourselves permission to live with authenticity and sovereignty.

If you're not there yet, let's just say, this Eclipse Cycle can help. If you're already focused on these ways of relating to your life you can use this time to refine further.

If you are ready to go from where you are, to somewhere entirely new, this powerful two week window can support you. Why not set a new direction in motion and spring yourself into more joy?


Deeni 17th March 2015 3:09 pm

Thank You, Meredith.

So wonderful to hear from you again.

There are days that I am so charged with Energy, that sometimes all I end up doing is pondering the list of all the things I want to create, while processing the flow.

What a MAGNIFICENT time to be Divine . . . Alive!

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )