Tips for Riding the Full Moon - Full Lunar Eclipse Energy

There is a lot taking place right now. I wanted to share a few things with you as we amp up toward tomorrow's Full Moon ~ Full Lunar Eclipse.

Allow This To Happen Your Way

The energy affects all us in an quantum fashion; informed by the energetic system we are, the template we are embodying, and focused by the current state of our energy system as well as our function. Some experience energy before it happens more widely, some with everyone else, some not too much at all yet. Some feel it more intensely, for some it's more joyous than it seems for others. Each of us have our own energy, our own lineage and our own landscape in which we experience this dramatic unfolding. We each begin our clearing and expansion in Divine Time, in orchestration with the Divine Plan. Trust your own experience and allow it to be. Engage with your I AM Presence and ask for what you need; co-create your unfolding. Realize that you are so beautiful and perfect right now; and getting better and better all the time! Love yourself with gentleness, kindness and trust.

Walk in Faith and Trust

I wrote a short post about this today, which you can find HERE.  As an excerpt I share this:

If you feel the impulse to be somewhere or go somewhere; trust it. There is a lot of sequencing and infusing taking place right now...things be wrapped up, before the Full Moon tomorrow, energy and infusions to create the foundation for receiving the Solstice Energy, which in and of itself is an activating energy--a transmission of the Infinite Energy of the Cosmic Christ.

Allow yourself to be guided / impulsed from within and follow the path the Light of Light unfolds for you. Don't be concerned if you can only see the next step--just take it and allow things to develop. ?

And most importantly: 

Keep Yourself Oriented From Within

Things are changing moment to moment.  Take time to ask and listen to your inner guidance when you're not sure what to do, how to handle something...if you're feeling too much physical or emotional discomfort to hear clearly, trust anything which gives you more peace and ease.

Matter is being infused with Spirit in unprecedented ways collectively! 

Pat yourself on the back whenever you remember, and In-Joy, this great cosmic awakening. 

Blessings and light,



grammanet 15th June 2011 7:44 am

OH MY DEAR MEREDITH! Thank you so much for this tips. It's been a wonderful and daunting journey. Receiving your tips this morning is like the cherry on top! LOVE & LIGHT :)

kay 15th June 2011 8:32 am

Thank you, Meredith for these beautiful words of encouragement and advice and for the loving guidance you always offer.

COBALT 15th June 2011 9:40 am

:smitten: Yum.

travel1212 15th June 2011 11:55 pm

Meredith,it is always said that the Lunar eclipse or any Solar Eclipse has a negative effect on some zodiac signs.So is it true.?Also in India,during the hours of lunar eclipse it is considered an ill omen to consume food..
Lunar Eclipse of the Moon

Nikola 16th June 2011 4:05 am

~thanks for these tips-