Wondering Who You Really are? You Are Becoming Your Own Guide Home

Sometimes you are so long alone. 

After an emotional disturbance, such as the surfacing of energies which are no longer aligned with your perspective or with your ascending energy, it is good for you to find your own way back to connection.  Of course, All-That-Is anticipates and awaits your return; eager to support your spiraling upward, and the easy release of anything which no longer serves and fits you.  In this situation is a wonderful opportunity for you to re-member, to re-assemble your own divinity consciousness.  We are always available to inspire your return, still we do not intervene more directly as it is important in your ascending energy experience to practice and learn to focus your own energies in this way and also to understand the cycle of a continually expanding focus (your true nature!).

It is important for you to become secure and confident in letting your energies FLOW.  As you encounter things which challenge you in your experience, you experience chemical changes in your body, emotions surface which change your very body chemistry!  You react to all of these changes.  Your heart, your mind, your physical body—all are affected by this, and if you become engaged in this, enmeshed, rather than staying somewhat distant, then your focus too will sync up with these reactionary energies and you will find yourself lost: disoriented from your inner senses, extended and out of your core, disconnected from the love and sense of unity which you find so fulfilling and expansive.  It is very uncomfortable, and often there is a momentum in the direction of MORE discomfort as this series of quickly happening connections is made.

I invite you to become more and more aware of your abilities to choose your experience and to re-orient yourselves in these moments.  To look within.  To cultivate and become increasingly skillful in shifting to a larger perspective.  In the more local experience this will become something a bit like detachment.  It is an important skill to develop, as it is very challenging to participate in the troubling emotions of your own life and the lives of others and not temporarily lose your way.

As you ascend and embody more and more of the Christ consciousness of the fifth dimension you will find you have more ability to move through the world open, vulnerable and available, and also to be kind and compassionate toward others as they suffer, yet not take their suffering on as something you need to handle or solve.

I say, though, you will become MORE able; and yet this will still be very challenging.  It is natural that you would seek to give one another all the support and encouragement you can for who is the other, but you?  As your unity consciousness emerges more and more your compassion will grow accordingly and you will find yourself not only tuning into the essence of love in all that you encounter, but you will be inclined to remind others of their innate capability to soar, their innate divinity which you know so well, more and more, from your own direct experience.  You have learned the lessons of an ascending planet and an ascending being: transformation is MUCH easier and much more available now than ever before.

No more need for years of therapy, for the energies of light and love are HERE; present and available in an increasing number of Masters who are emerging and stepping out.  How many beings proclaim their religion to be LOVE?  How many individuals see that all is one?  How many beautiful radiant beings fearlessly and with enthusiasm discuss the kinds of experiences in consciousness and awareness which in the past would have been treated with suspicion and judgment, or worse. 

You have changed the world, my dear ones!  My beloved beings know with innate certainty and a radiant strength that YOU HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD.   You have changed your own experience, and you have and continue to make possible a new experience for others..  Encountering your generous hearts, your positive perspectives, your endless courage, your open spirits—inspiration is abundant within your radius; for you are radiant, and now it is time to tune into your own light to guide yourself home.

Beam on AND radiate out!  What a perfect expression!  Thank you to your friend for sharing this phrase which so perfectly calls forth the highest and best aspects emerging in your plane. 

Limiting one another’s light is a thing of the past.  Increasingly there is a sense of celebration and generosity as you cheer each other on as you each reach for ways to express yourself with play, with love, with positive energy, with celebration, with recognition, with amplification, with awareness and with a view toward the emerging and most elevated characteristics coming into vibration and action in your experience!  Oh how you egg one another on and hop over one another in playful delight as the acceleration and the flow of energy is given more freedom!  {BIG laugh here!}.  We are delighted!  You are learning how to soar, and soon you will be doing so without your bodies and consciously for periods of time!  What I mean by this is this in part, is that you can send your energies anywhere that you can focus upon.  You can heal remotely.  You can visit and influence from afar.  You can understand without talking or seeing one another.  You attune yourself to other beings, physical or non-physical, to the earth, the sky, a rock, a plant, a room, a building, a painting, a poem—you can focus, attune and understand the energy of anything you are able to focus on with grace and love.  You can sense what’s out of alignment and intuitively know what is needed to balance this.  You are powerful creators, creating in multiple spheres simultaneously and it is time to awaken to this reality and begin to egg yourself on by creating beautiful thoughts about YOU.  Which will be felt and enjoyed by all expressions of you, and which will come back to you like an echo as all aspects of your entity are healed and made more aware and more whole by this love cycling through your multiple expressions and being amplified! 

Do you not realize what you are is multi-dimensional?  So beyond anything which you can fully understand, yet something which you can innately sense and know to be true!  YOU are guiding you home, for what you are is soul!

Release all attachments to that which does not thrill your soul and let yourself rise to a dimension where the duality and the limits of the third dimensional world cannot touch you, for they no longer exist in your experience.  Explore the reaches of your focus and experiment with your ability to expand your consciousness.  You experience was meant to amaze you; and it will unfold as brilliantly as you allow.

The invitation awaits you. 

Gather your sense of self into a clear, love-filled spotlight: that is how you are known by all-that-is.  Thank you for this whimsical reverie, inspired by your ascending energy, your generous hearts and your emerging brilliance.

I am the Archangel Michael, forever in your service my dear ones.


kay 16th February 2010 10:39 am

Beautiful. Thank you.

spring 16th February 2010 10:57 pm

I love that - 'gather your sense of self into a clear, love filled spotlight'! I shall be using that image - thank you !! What a joyous post!! :smitten:

missvindigo 17th February 2010 2:09 am

wow, what an amazing message! Took my breath away...literally!! <3

new_birth77 17th February 2010 3:10 pm

This is just so amazing and beautiful and DIRECT! Thank you Meredith! Totally in love with this phrase:
'Inspiration is abundant within your radius; for you are radiant, and now it is time to tune into your own light to guide yourself home. Beam on AND radiate out!'

Thank you!!

Light Seeker 19th February 2010 2:29 am

What a wonderfull and appropriate message for me. Lately I have been trying to project love, compassion and energy to people with problems and had one positive feedback. This confirmation gave me such a wonderfull feeling.
Thank you