You Were Made for This: An Ode to YOU!

There is so much to appreciate in yourself.  Today is a beautiful time to take it all in and smile. ?  After all, YOU were made for this. 

You realize in hindsight the immensity of it all, in the beginning you just knew something BIG was happening...remember? 

Your sense of who you are becomes increasingly undefined, initially you feel scared and concerned about all the changes in your life.  But somehow you have a weird, unexplainable sense that everything is actually okay.  You cannot explain this in ways that make sense to others and yet this feeling persists. 

You follow your hunches, and allow synchronicity to lead you.  You tune into your intution and pay attention to what you sense and what feels right to you, what speaks to you, what resonates.

 You find books, people, communities who are actually having similar experiences and your understanding begins to coalesce.  Your body initially is having the most noticeable experiences.  You get hot.  You get cold.  You wake up repeatedly in the middle of the night.  You begin to feel very sensitive to the vibration of the people around you.  You withdraw.  You start noticing numbers.  You wonder what they mean.  You may feel tired or intense energy and then discover there was a big earthquake.  Your frequency is rising.  Love becomes a pervasive idea--you begin to think and contemplate about love, exploring it as identity and experience.  This seems very important and in ways that are different and new.  You start to realize this is about something spiritual, not in a religious way, or like in the past, but somehow it's about physics and the divine in every person and stuff like that. 

You go through cycles of feeling great joy, then feeling exhausted.  You find yourself experiencing old memories out of the blue and then when they're gone, you feel lighter, clearer, and yet you're in a void kind of energy where nothing happens.  You wonder if you'll ever be the same.  You are very happy when sharing with others who understand all this.  Nature gives you great peace.  Your heart opens more and more.  You start forgiving others and you're easier on yourself  You begin to have moments of total awe as you realize how amazing this all is.  Then you wonder if it's even real.  You want everyone you love to be part of this.  You try to tell them, get them involved.  They don't have that much interest and think it's kinda weird.  You push more because you do not want to leave them behind.  You want to give all the love you feel to them and to the Earth and to make everything whole and right again.  You're passionate about this.  But you also feel so tired.  You feel sad that you cannot share this with people you have known and cared for a long time.  You look inside and realize perhaps you're not as trusting as you thought.  You begin to explore very subtle things within.  Noticing when you get angry, what scares you, the moments of frustration and pain become little signs of places to heal and love more.  You start there and you stop worrying about everyone else.  You realize it's your role to bring yourself into a whole, balanced state of being and everyone else is to do the same when and if they choose to.  You start to let go in big ways and this makes things a lot easier.  You begin to love yourself more and and more and you start being very gentle and kind to you. 

Eventually, your self-esteem grows.  You feel deep and amazing love for yourself.  This liberates you. You move beyond dimensional boundaries.  You're happy for no reason.  You don't feel compelled to do anything in particular.  You live in the flow.  You let the day unfold and realize whatever happens you are perfect and beautiful.  You take care of your earthly life--you do your taxes, care for your body with exercise and beautiful organic foods.  You simplify.  You have no interest in many things that you used to be interested in, but lots of interest in living, in being, in creating and in learning and growing and sharing joy and fun with other people.  You wonder where this is all going.  You get impatient sometimes to know more.  You realize it's the ego wanting to control things by always wanting to know how things are going to be or see into the future.  Your return to the present and relax. 

You breathe deeply and often with awareness and appreciation.  You are amazed and appreciative to discover you always have enough money, enough clients, enough time, enough freedom to live more and more how you like.  Things happen fast.  You move through emotions quickly.  Difficult feelings arise and then before you know it are gone.  Afterward, other amazing things open up.  You see the connection between these experiences and are deeply touched. 

In the flow, you create things in an hour, or an afternoon which you used to take weeks of planning and organizing then doing.  You have more time to just be.  You find immense, moving joy in all kinds of simple moments.  Beauty is everywhere.  You're touched and moved emotionally often.  When you're tired you take a nap.  You're well beyond lists and pushing yourself.  You've let go.  You create with intention and then allow inspiration and intuition to lead you. 

Life is harmonious, peaceful, easy, joyful, expansive and there are timeless moments of just being in bliss.  Your whole way of being has lightened up.  You are not concerned about the dissolving aspects of the old paradigm--the things in your world or the world which are still sorting themselves you.  You do your work inside--continually cultivating your peace and harmony, knowing the world is just a reflection of what's within. 

You let everyone do their own thing, and it actually doesn't even bother you anymore.  Amazing.  You know everything is beneficial.  It makes you laugh out loud to realize how much easier this is.  You believe in freedom.  You trust in the divine nature of every being and in yourself.  You resist nothing.  Everything is welcome.  You set standards and intentions and create your experience by attunement and listen to your own innate wisdom.  You are inspired by friends and others, but you are the authority in your own life.  No one's opinion or knowledge is more valid or important than you own.  You feel strong, clear, energized and excited about life.  You cherish and celebrate the community you have, honoring the diversity and feeling deep peace upon your own path.

You are on a path of full embodiment of your expansive, non-incarnate self, your I AM presence.  You are part of a wave, a momentum, an ascending energy arc that includes the whole planet...

You are awakening...! 

And YOU were made for this.

Life begins to reveal expanded possibilities and potential.

Eventually you realize this life is simply a beautiful, love-filled emanation of your expanded self.  Your heart opens wide.  You emanate the light you are.  Feet on the ground, you soar.


cj 1st November 2011 8:13 am

all i can say is WOW!
this is SO RIGHT ON!
hit the nail on the head. amazing!
thank you ,thank you, thank

Peaceful Path 1st November 2011 9:23 am

this is just lovely and so perfectly describes our lives at this moment. I'm copying the first 4 sentences and putting them right in front of me as a reminder of all this insight. A big thank you and huge hugs. :)

Debra A 1st November 2011 9:53 am

An amazingly beautiful summation of my experiences. If I can make it through the tough stuff, which is happening to me, with all of this intact, then I know I've got it!

Traveler 1st November 2011 10:57 am


I found myself laughing in agreement with everything you said! It was like my own experiences and thoughts were poured into a mirror and reflected back at me.Perfectly stated and wonderfully shared.Thank you so much for validating all of us who may have needed it at the moment!
Peace and love to you my friend!

blj 1st November 2011 11:27 am

:D WOW! Exactly! :thumbs:

amberhill 1st November 2011 2:32 pm

Big thank you! We do magic, and that takes a lot of energy, hence the occasional tired feel.
A lovely writing, thank you a 1000 times!

Starfast 1st November 2011 9:56 pm

Truly beautiful, thank you.

pollymcleod 2nd November 2011 12:22 pm

Yesterday afternoon my friend and I were excitedly discussing all the stages and sensations you've summed up.
I said how grateful I was to the writers on SpiritLibrary for being able to put in concise words these amazing experiences. I get tongue-tied trying to verbalize it. But we've read the same material since 1994 so few words are necessary.

We wonder how many people are at the same stage?

Every single word you wrote is where we're at.

Thank you, Scribe.

pollymcleod 2nd November 2011 12:44 pm

AND in the past few days I've begun ruthlessly getting rid of stuff. I began with the knick-knacks of MOST sentimental value, so it got easier from there. I'm even getting rid of "the Christmas decorations," and will be progressing to the sacred cow of old photographs. I wanna be stripped down and ready to go - anywhere!?

angelika 3rd November 2011 8:53 am

Hi Meridith,
I felt so much excitement and love when I read this article and even though I'm not always in this lovely place you describe but more and more often. Quite often now I can't bear to be indoors and need to 'escape' and go for long walks outside, where I feel more 'like myself'.

And Polly - I know what you mean, I understand what is happening but don't find it easy to express it myself and it comes out ~ not as I intendet. Yet when I read wonderful article like this I know exactly what they mean.

Love & Blessings,

springoss 3rd November 2011 6:19 pm

I believe nothing is coincidence. I've come accross this post just after I've gone through many changes in my life and found myself inside and while reading every sentence, I couldn't say anything just felt like the post had been written as a message to my life, to me and to explain what is going around me. So amazing. Thank you very much for such an amazing message which has come with a perfect timing.