11:11 - The Gift of Light

In 1992 the first 1111 was birthed all over the world, from Alaska to Africa we all waited for the 11:11 Gate of Light to be opened. We were not very computer savvy, there was no facebook or Twitter and only the rich could afford cell phones, emails were just being birthed. During that time, we as a people, we as a planet, we as a spiritual light connected heart to heart light to light without any of the modern virtual luxuries or social media.

We held our light high waiting for the sign in the sky that said the Dove Star 1111 had received enough light and Love from the people of earth and the hearts of humanity to move past the prophesied destruction and annihilation of earth. We believed with all of our hearts and souls.

This November 11:11 let us as a Planet and a People, Harness the power of our love and hope and light on Earth and direct it as a single point of collective Power outward and upward to the Universe, as a message of Love and thankfulness. let’s give the Universe a big human human hug of 11:11 love and Light. We the children of light reach out our hands and hearts in true giving. Lets stop being a whiny planet and become the beautiful star we were born to be spreading our planetary light outward.


ShelleyT 2nd October 2019 12:26 pm

Right on!✌????????????✨