Believing in the Magic of it all

So many are still hanging on for dear life to what was and what should have been what could have been. Lets face it dear ones the tide lines have shifted and you can no longer sunbath upon the shores of the past.  You are the wizards and handmaidens of the light.  You alone hold the magic of ever changing possibility. The outcome of all action is innumerable and cannot be counted upon.  In these times of change many have lost sight of the shore and thrash about drowning in a tidal pool. When the winds of change blow you can ride them soaring to new heights in delight or allow them to keep your tired and exhausted always fighting the force. You now come to a place of struggle or release. The struggle tightens the grip, the release relaxes what binds us, and we are freed from the snare that entraps us  We have been flying against strong winds for far to long we have forgotten that we can change direction in flight, and let the aft winds support us. That which has been against us now supports us.

Don’t subscribe to that which does not know itself. Subscribe to that which houses all knowledge without the limits of time.  The presence of magic is alive and lives in the light. It is seeing God with a child like wonder in all things and all outcomes. It is believing in that which is not seen but can be felt in the heart. Recapture what was once a given.  The universe leaves secret instructs at every turn of your day. Become investigative in nature; seek to see what lies in plain sight. Communicate with a deeper face of nature. She calls to you blindly to share her experience, as she changes costumes and acts.

A natural rhythm needs to be established as you walk the sacred path of life not as a stranger but a partner. See the magical qualities of life and step back from that which overwhelms you. Nature is a great healer, look at life from a different angle, and make your choices accordingly. When you see beneath the surface you see with the eyes of God. See with a great hope and a deep knowing. Become a seer of what is invisible to the human eye but not the human heart.  A State of Grace is your natural state of being.  It is what you naturally are without all the instrumentals and the dialogues of being too human.  The State of Grace is what you were before you came to Earth.  It is the point of reference in-between each incarnation.  It is a place of relaxing into your light.  It is a natural rhythm for you.   It is the rhythm of the Creator that beats within you with no resistance, but a surrendering and a flowing as a waterfall.

A state of grace says 'We Surrender', we do not try to fight our karma, our past, our family, or life.  But we allow our natural God essence to take us beyond human understanding into a point of reverence, into a point of sacredness, and into a point of humanness that is sanctified and holy.  A state of grace says 'we the people of the Earth now allow the divinity in us to take us above the darkness – not through the darkness'.  It is allowing the light within you the freedom to be in its natural state of being, releasing it from the pressures and decisions of being human.  It is going back to your natural roots. A place of trusting the universe and accepting that whatever is issuing itself as an emotional decree, a financial decree, an energetic decree, or a personal decree -- is issued by the divinity within you.  In this state of grace, you will supersede the negativity and you will relax into your light. when you each let go of what burdens you, what saddens you, and allow the cracks within you to be healed, you can then focus on the return trip into love. 

When you are feeling pressured by your world, immediately focus on what you love.  Take that vibration of what you love (whether it is a flower, a song, a child, a puppy, a giggle, a laugh, a memory) and place it into what brings you sadness what hurts.  love will change the molecular content of the experience that you are embedded in.  Shift the molecules.  What you see as a roadblock and negativity is but a molecular essence that has not shifted into a state of grace, by  love. 

You are the director and the conductor of the concert of your life.  Understand that the molecules of love can dissolve obstacles and move mountains. Nothing is impossible when you saturate it with the living energy of love. Immediately call in the energy of grace to something that saddens you, and hurts you. Hand it over to the divinity within yourself and within the situation.  Grace is a lighter energy and immediately you will feel a lifting.  You are not getting out of doing your homework in that learning situation.  But you are invoking a molecular change through the essence of love into it. 

Shift everything that seems to be an obstacle.  When something angers you, immediately train yourself to think of something that brings you joy, something that you love and then re-focus that energy into that situation and you will change it.  You will break down the Walls of Jericho with the soundings of your heart and the soundings of love.  it is your duty, it is your mission to keep a love list.  Everything that brings a smile to your face, everything that brings a laugh and a giggle to your heart and everything that softens you.  Keep a list of love.  Refer to it when you are angry, when you are sad, when you are in distress.  Change your life.  Invoke the state of grace in everything that you walk through on a daily basis.  “I now invoke a state of grace in this situation and I now ask for the molecules of love to saturate it”.  You will feel yourself lifted, no longer sinking in despair. 

Everything in your life is designed of divinity and by divinity.  It is a divine expression of a divine aspect of your self that is asking to be healed, that is asking to be embraced, that is asking for love.  Otherwise it would not be blocking your way. When you are watching the sadness on your earth and feel helpless to change it, think of something that you love.  You need a reference point. You need to be reminded what brought you love the last time you thought of it, the last time you experienced it. 

When you shift yourself, you shift the outcome of what stands in front of you.  Your day should be a 24-hour state of grace.  A state of grace says, “I trust what I have in front of me.  I trust my choices.  I trust God, I trust the world, I trust Mother Nature.” What do you fear the most?  You fear people.  What lives within people, but the essence of God.  You do not trust the divinity within them, which is just a hair away from the divinity within you.

I am he who is known as Metatron.  I watch the words of your world.  I watch your thoughts.  I am underwriter for all expressions verbally.  My presence will be seen and felt more often in the up coming times.  As you invoke the states of grace, also realize that within that molecular content of Grace sits every molecule of Light.  Just by using the word grace, saying grace, speaking grace, knowing someone named Grace – you invoke the presence of the Light.

Each time a heart opens, it is as a million rainbows and a million roses opening simultaneously.  In your imagination you can not fathom how much love you can hold, how much love you are capable of feeling. you are still very afraid of the feeling of love. Believe it or not you are just entering into a countable and measurable essence of love.   I, as all light and all beings of light, are with you continually.  We are one.  Your hearts are small and tender.  Some of them are shriveled.  But we hold them as a small bird that has fallen from the nest of life.  We will nurse you back into the fullness of love.  I go. 


k 29th November 2011 1:07 pm

Not all human forms have souls. We are not all the same...."she looks like a soul, but she does not deserve the name". Discerning illusion from reality....helps us understand that what is evil or brings us pain is not real. I have encountered some very evil entities that present in human form, I am not expected to love of have compassion for something that is not real or that is from the darkness. When I reach the 8th sphere, darkness will flee before me, but at this level I have to face the darkness, not love it.

spring 29th November 2011 5:50 pm

Beyond beautiful!! And encapsulates my own current thinking/experiencing....simply WOW and WONDERFUL and all good things at once!! Yippetydoodaday!! :)

spring 29th November 2011 6:04 pm

oops should have said...Gillian Thank you so very very much! Always such a huge source of inspiration and a guiding light that I am so happen to follow in. Bless you for your generousity in sharing your time and inspiration.With love, frances x

zorro 29th November 2011 7:18 pm

“The State of Grace is what you were before you came to Earth. It is the point of reference in-between each incarnation. It is a place of relaxing into your light.”

And right now we are in the process of accelerated transmutation, relaxing into the flow of grace.
We are switching to an operating platform capable of divine, real-time, experiential flow.
This is represented symbolically by 11:11:11, which is Divine Triad Stability.
Picture 11:11:11 laid out in a triangle, 3 double pillars, with you at the center. Stable.
Feel into the sweet essences of grace, and feel them amplify from this chamber. The pineal comes into full activation.

Compassion, love, and grace flow out from this pyramid and join our collective unified field of Triad Stability. Together we form the Tree of Life. Experiencing this powerful field with open ears, open eyes, and open hearts, we reveal ourselves for who we really are... whole beauteous, and divine.

Our needs are met easily, as there is no resistance; flow is amplified and chaos is transmuted.

Gillian, thank you for bringing this to focus.


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