Create from a Place of Knowing or Don't Create at all

You are in a place and time when you are just now remembering that you have the ability to expand and create your world however you chose.  The chaos the destruction, the disease, the disasters on earth can be changed in a blink, if enough believe this to be a truth.  Perform from a place of knowing.   As one that walks the tight wire Do you want to get up on that tight wire with a knowing, or with a maybe?  These are your everyday life choices.  The  wire is your next thought, your next word, your next decree.  Create purposefully with a knowing not just a thinking of maybe! 

Know without a shadow of a doubt, that your consciousness is birthed from the cosmic crock-pot, and what has been ladled to vast civilizations is also divinely ladled to you.  True knowledge is inherent within all.  Light masters and Ascended masters are a part of your divine blueprint.  With this understanding and knowing, draw your life, become all possibilities. 

Delete the impossibilities that you have received while growing up.   Earth is full of limits—speed limits, time limits, credit card limits, parking limits, everything has a limit.  In your true being there are no limits.

All that you can imagine as truth is but a single grain of God consciousness. The beaches reflect what is the true possibility for life.  Every granule of sand is a world, a universe, and a galaxy.  Imagine all the sand on all the beaches and oceans of earth.  Each one of those granules of sand represents your untouched abilities, and your untouched knowledge.

Do not be afraid of the next step of your journey.  It is as if a cell within your body is afraid to connect with another cell within the same body.  You created connectivity but you chose separation.  Open the doorway that you have kept nailed shut for so long.  You are the projector of your limitations. Open yourself to receive the river of all possibility.

The vibration of money was given to you as a speed bump.  Something to slow you down. Let go of the concept of money as being your rescuer!  You are provided for equal to the amount of love you give to yourself.  You create and manifest the exact amount you can receive, nothing more, nothing less. 

Take a good look at the word “pro-vision.”   You are creating and providing for, through ‘vision’. Stop thinking and living on emergency provisions, sea rations.  Proceed forward past what you have provided for your self up until now.


maniktwin 23rd March 2011 8:26 am

You are so helpful. Thank you!

zorro 23rd March 2011 7:35 pm

I love this message, Gillian.

You have stepped beyond parrotting back to us the obvious, and challenged us with tapping into our innate abilities to be creators and "visioners". Philosophy in looking back through the rear-view mirror has its place, but I really appreciate the reminder to tap into the the ability to be right here right now in our vision and action.

"Do not be afraid of the next step of your journey...You are the projector of your limitations. Open yourself to receive the river of all possibility...Take a good look at the word “pro-vision.” You are creating and providing for, through ‘vision’".

This is just great insight, and the vibration of courage is sounding very large now in my creation field. Thank YOU very much for hearing and having courage in setting this tone right now!

Steve and Patrica Amarant 23rd March 2011 8:30 pm

Oh Dear Star Sister Gillian..what a jewel of an offering to Us All. Resonating nicely with the message. Let's All Carry On As One. Ever expanding blessings,

Steve and Patrica Amarant 23rd March 2011 8:32 pm

Ditto< Dear Zorro! Sublimely put!

johneblums 24th March 2011 12:13 am


My walk in the fields of Utopia among the landscaped sculptured trees and bushes.
• The land of BRID-GET : the BRIDE in GENET (= UTOPIA).
• Meaning and reference to TOPIA-RY and the 'PLACE' called U-TOP-IA

Topiary is the horticultural practice of training live perennial plants, by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and subshrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes,[1] perhaps geometric or fanciful; and plants which have been shaped in this way. It can be an art and is a form of living sculpture. The word derives from the Latin word for an ornamental landscape gardener, topiarius, creator of topia or "places", a Greek word that Romans applied also to fictive indoor landscapes executed in fresco. No doubt the use of a Greek word betokens the art's origins in the Hellenistic world that was influenced by Persia, for neither Classical Greece nor Republican Rome developed any sophisticated tradition of artful pleasure grounds.
PARADISE has many names, including Genet(Genesis), Utopia, Petra Vesta, Eden,Sheran, Dalamatia, Avelon


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