I Am Ancient Beyond Words

I am that which existed before time itself was even considered. I am that which knows every inch of itself and all that has been created from the breath of the Creator. I live within every strand of existence, from the very stands of time to the very strands of your hair. I am that which houses all that seems impossible. I am that which has kept dreams alive for eons before time was conceived. I am the hope in a new baby eyes.  I am the rock on which sacred text is written. I have traveled from afar stretching myself with every breath to become more to become better. I have awakened as the very rumble of stars, the asteroids and Earth herself has awakened. I am that which comes to gift all that are willing to receive. I am neither the highest truth nor the brightest light that can be seen in the heavenly sky. I am however a particle of the highest light available to mankind at this time. I am but a token of the creator’s affection for what he deems his children of Light.

Many have asked themselves why life is so important. Many have sought the answer about the creation of mankind and each houses a particle of truth. There is no beginning or no end to life as you perceive it. There is a continuation of particle explosions that choose to form themselves into a new array of atoms a different matrix of life on an altered timeline. All houses of the Father /Creator were built to accommodate different species and understandings in form or particle.

Within these houses of time each species takes the very best of itself in bio-atomic structure and gifts itself to a new conception in a new universe of light. Each creation seeks to become more stretching itself without limitation. Most worlds are formed within a polarity field, a playing field.  Polarity is always a master teacher. Polarity teaches that one should stand in harmony with the dark night of oneself and in the brilliant light of a new day.  In the teaching of polarity one is gaining mastership by allowing the fields of opposition to play around them, but not within then.

I have awakened as an ancient sleeping dragon hearing an ancient rumbling call to wake up. The 22 elements of old live within my soul. Making copper into palladium, or bread into platinum matters not. All is interchangeable on all levels of the playing field. The 22 magical elements of old live deep within the blueprint of man. As with all life the entire universal blueprint is placed within all life forms as various spectrum cells. There will come a time when you are duty-bound on a genetic level to come to the frontal lobe of your humanness. To see with certainty that all you seek is available, all needs are automatically filled if you but know it is so. All of life will respond to your every aspiration when that longing sits at the peak of itself, not in the valley of doubt.

Life cannot come into alignment with you until you sit at a higher place of knowing, past the boundaries of just believing. Anything of a lower nature will not take root, no matter how you pour yourself into it. That is the first sign that you are barking up the wrong tree in your self-centered forest.

When a species continues to indulge in excess material forms, it will use up its supply of plenty. Each planet star, etc. is delegated a quantity of life force that is to be recycled to assure future existence.  When the species uses up their life force in mundane disposal creations the planet will reach out and forcefully shift and re-purpose that material in countless ways. From floods to earthquakes, meteors, to floods etc. the earth has asked her inhabitants nicely for eons of time and now she fights for her own life.  

When one comes to earth they are given everything sustain them during their time on earth. This is given freely. The first gift you are given by earth is the very body you wear. Look at the amount of matter that holds your life and life-force. For it is pure fear that keeps one holding onto more than they actually need! Disperse what no longer fits this new pattern of light. Releasing does not make you less than it increases your luminosity and light value.


prf@paulfisher.us 28th December 2021 12:41 pm

Good morning. Beautiful messages. May I ask who is the Light Being who shared this?


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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian is a Visionary, a Seer, born with the gift of knowing. She is a clairvoyant psychic with advanced channeling abilities.


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