Our Earth Walk Is Like a Child’s Coloring Book

Our Earth walk is like a child’s coloring book, the divine outline is already etched in time; it is we who fill in the colors of the pictures of our life. Collectively we come to a point of inner release like one who walks into a hidden cave and returns years later, we are changed forever. Walking through our own memories and internal Darkness is shamanic of nature and demands that our earthiness, our memories, and our life patterns be acknowledged healed and cleared collectively. In This time of summer initiation, in this time of empowerment we walk simultaneously upon the white and black tiles of dimensional shift and Karma.

What are we made of, what do we really believe and how do we stand tall in that belief? We have civilized ourselves to a point of lifelessness forgetting those times that we vowed, crusaded and stood for what was right good and godly, always pointing our swords of light upward using them  as a staff of power, a conduit of Heaven on Earth. We have given our power away to so many people, to so many things, to so much heartache. We have given our power away to dreams that have not come true and truths that were always a lie.

We have continually loved those that did not return our love in the fullness of time, giving continually of our body mind and soul to make the life of others softer and gentler. So many tears have fallen so many fears have gotten bigger, darker and bolder. Like Little Red Riding Hood we’re lost in the woods of our thoughts, as so many invisible fears and tears still chase us going bump in the night. If you are alive on Earth at this time then you are part of the cosmic solution and within that lives a great alchemical moment of divine healing.