Quan Yin Heart Light Healing Spheres

Quan Yin, is a beautiful expression of the Divine Mother.  She is great goddess and Mother of Compassion and Mercy. She is loved and revered throughout the world. Mercy means there is more assistance given through love than through merit earned. Kwan Yin is associated with the earth, fertility, birth, and healing. She issues the energies of Magnified Healing.  Quan Yin the Goddess of Compassion is the eastern counterpart of Mother Mary, and works to balance the feminine energies. She is one of the Lords of Karma representing the sixth ray.

Quan Yin means ‘One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World’, "She who always observes or pays attention to sounds of the heart”. This goddess comforts the troubled, the sick, the lost, and the unfortunate. Quan Yin is depicted as a barefoot, gracious woman dressed in beautiful, white flowing robes, with a white hood gracefully draped over the top of the head, carrying a small upturned vase of holy dew. She stands tall and slender, a figure of infinite grace, her gently composed features conveying selflessness and compassion that have made her the favorite of all deities.

Message from Quan Yin

I am the light of Quan Yin. I come on this day to escort you into mercy and blessings, for you are truly a blessing to me. You stretch and dedicate yourself to walk upon the path of enlightenment, which is so often strewn with earthly hazards and physical pains. You are such blessings to me because you try so hard to fly above the earthly pain and suffering into a place you can see with the eyes of your soul. You are blessings to me because you continue to pray against all odds.  You are my blessings and I come to help you remember the sacred contract that you have made with your body, with your mind, and with your spirit.

For the trinity of you is so very Holy. You house the very universe in your physical body.  Look at your body as a 'great universe'. You can look into that universe and  see what miracles it houses or you can focus  your view outwards into the heavenly realms, It is up to you. These 'god-lenses of the soul' will give to you perceptions, abilities, and clarity of seeing. You have asked to see truth, to see true love, to see your past so that you can heal it, to see into your body, to see what is coming in your future.

 You are becoming the fluidness of your future as you allow yourself to be poured into new light structures stretching yourself beyond any previous limitations. Dispense with what keeps you less than. Dispense with what keeps you from loving one another. Dispense with what keeps another from loving you. Stop using the excuses of your past to keep yourself immobilized in the present. I am Quan Yin and you are my blessings.


Alli 31st March 2012 4:13 am

Thanks Gillian ~ perfect ~ love my body = love my universe. :thumbs:

Loki 31st March 2012 8:14 pm

Quan Yin speaks volumes to my heart. I feel the Divine Mother coming through. Very reassuring to feel her compassion, and know she is watching, and is there to help us.