Summer 2022

As of this 2022 Solstice, the solar light will be integrated into the fractal soul patterns of earth in all of her forms. Every individual upon Earth has an opportunity to ask for Divine Directory Assistance, for Divine acknowledgment, for Divine intervention. Someone will finally answer the phones. Many have allowed themselves to be washed about in a Maytag tidal pool, as the waves crest over their choices, removing their sand castles in the sky. With each thought, wisdom either increases or decreases exponentially. Every interaction with every person gives you food for thought. Nothing is by chance.

Those that wear the higher patterns of light and time without the constraints of Earth will be asked to go beyond what they deem suitable for commitment to the cosmic cause.  What this means is that you will be given deep soul insights that will ask you to fly higher, move more mountains and dance through space and time.  You will be given directives from the Universe thru your heart that asks you to surpass any and all expectations and limitation.

As the sands of time slide through the ingresses of all that is sacred, seen and unseen, humanity’s future is unveiled and seen in the ‘full spectrum’ of possibility. Time asks you not to give up on what lives in your heart and hopes.  The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot die, that cannot be sown over.  The Universe has placed a time watermark within your heart that asks to be seen in its invisible form. Earth herself paddles through a deep level of fear, as she processes we process. Earth herself and all her inhabitants are at a turning point that asks everyone to be clear in the expression of every passing thought.  No more excuses for the mistakes and choices of the past, ownership is issued to all.

Many have given up on being rescued, most have given up on the angels, and many have given up on God.  As a planet you are asked to believe in what is invisible, what cannot be seen, what cannot be felt or touched or smelled or even tasted.  You are asked to believe in a mystical Being that has placed you here for your highest good and then walked away to another universal project.  You have been asked to believe that every loss, every death, every dark day, has a divine opportunity wrapped in it – like a chewy tootsie roll center.  We come to tell you that the matter of the miracle that you seek walks in your midst.  It listens when you speak, it dances in your dreams, it sees the patterns of your heart.  The miracles that humanity so needs is guaranteed by the universe if one will only believe without proof!

As the planets line up and the eclipses of the heart stake themselves out, a deep deluge of emotions come to the surface – angers and hates, loves and tears are birthed under a full red moon.  We must continue to swim to shore praying with every stroke.  It is time to become a living breathing prayer.   try hard to stay afloat during this inner tidal wave.  Choices cannot be seen in the clear light of day.  Many will truly panic and the monetary system of Earth will show that.  It is up to each and every one to hold your contract of light high above the watermarks of life.  People will make choices that do not make sense to anyone around them. Oft time’s cellular genetic upheavals are necessary to expose and anchor another shaft of light.