The Black Holes of 2009: Eclipse in Form and Energy

Black holes can be thought of as very deep pools of consciousness, places where you can enter if you dare, and return forever changed. Black Holes have an all or nothing nature to them and offer no in-between. To enter a black hole in consciousness requires relinquishment of lesser modes of being and  attachments to your existing lives. This asks you to go deep within your consciousness and to allow a disintegration of the self you think you are. Emerging with a far deeper sense of your original states of being.

As a people you now ride the Event Horizon of your lives, an all or nothing experience that only has one outcome. You walk forward in yourselves and your day knowing this to the full extent of your being. As you stand at the edge of who you once knew yourselves to be and the Event Horizon of what the universe is asking you to do and become you can freeze and become jumbled in thoughts and deeds as  new encodings are fired off in the brain.

The ultimate choice is to give without thought of loss. To jump without fear into the abyss with the knowing that in all darkness light is held captive. To come to the ledge and fly without fear or remorse VENTURING  WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD and showing the universe what mankind is made of. There is no growth in a safe space and 2009 holds that teaching. Embrace the energy and light that you house and reach for the Event Horizon.

Seek what inspires you as you idle on neutral in the middle of the energetic storm.  This storm seems a travesty in the making as so many are deterred from a future that is predicted by so many failure profits.

As the eclipses of 2009 begin their slow sinewy dance humanity is asked to enter places that they have endured thru time. The energies meet themselves in a photo finish as perfect timing shows the true will of the people. Everything is veiled as the planets shift and move in opposite direction.  The eclipses unfold the curtains to show the backdrop of a passion play in session.  You may feel as if your choices are narrow and barely seen on a dimly lit street at a dead end alley. Unfolding your fans to cover your faces is coy and dated. Batting your eyes to influence the outcome of anything will only strike out your own team. 

All emotional flailing about weakens the immune system in a world that is already on the critical edge.  The planets will align in an energetic form that creates a sacred geometry of trust. If one does not trust the leaders of the world then one must at least trust the Creator of said world. Division of thought will be seen for many months to come.  Third world countries could be bought and sold with the throw away consciousness of those that seek the seat of power.  

Bantering with the future of the world does not place one in the cockpit of destiny. What is yet 'to' be is still unformed and in embryo state. Riding the emotions of a world that is still at a point of choice will only serve to lower the immune system of many. Adrenaline spikes off the charts as the pulse of the world watches and worries. True faith needs to plant itself in the soil and soul of humanity. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated by the masses into giving up hope on a bright future.

Following is a list of black holes just for a small period in Jnauray., the period of the black hole and the date they are transited by Jupiter  taken from Philip Sedgwick 'GALACTIC TIMES,

NGC 7022 - 4 Aquarius 17 - Jupiter transit: Jan 23
V*QZ Vul - 10 Aquarius 27 - period = 0.344 day or 8 h 16 m - Jupiter transit: Feb 18
4U 1954+31 - 11 Aquarius 16 - period = 5.09 hrs - Jupiter transit: Feb 22
3U 0115-73 -12 Aquarius 28 (SMC X-1) - periods = 3.89 d, 16.66 d - Jupiter transit: Feb 29
3U 1956+35 -13 Aquarius 45 (Cygnus X-1) p = 5.6 d- Jupiter transit:13 Mar
3C 405.0 - 17 Aquarius 35 (Cygnus A) - Jupiter transits: Mar 24 / Sep 26 Rx / Oct 28
GS 2023+338 - 20 Aquarius 49 (V404 Cyg) - p = 6.47 d - Jupiter transits: Apr 10 / Aug 24 Rx / Nov 30
3U 2030+40 - 28 Aquarius 42 (Cygnus X-3) - p = 4.8 hours - Jupiter transit: Jan 12, 2010