The Calling of the Quarks

Just recently I did a two-part portals-vortices and dimensional doorways ZOOM Workshop. Little did I know how powerful and button-pushing it was going to be, escorting me past any limited thinking perimeters I might have had. The thoughts, the energies, the possibilities just continue to wrap themselves around and around  like a Fibonacci spiral on a windy day. Just like Alice I went down one of those portals into places and Energies that I had not previously even thought about. One of these places was aligned with the understanding of what is exotic of matter.

Hypothetical hadron particles have exotic physical properties and violate the known laws of physics on the planet Earth. These exotic particles are created in colliders like the Hadron Collider that takes particular atomic elements of earth and smashes them together headlong close to the speed of light creating mini black holes some of which stay active for days, some dissolve instantaneously, either way there are rips, tears, and dimensional doorways birthed allowing new undiscovered or named particles to come to life in our dimension. These mini black holes created by these powerful frequencies produce temporal displacement creating time-space tears, and dimensional doorways that open and close at will.  

On the Earth in almost all known countries are 100’s of  colliders each one opening black holes dimensional doorways allowing entrance and exit to many a person place or thing that exists on other planes. Exotic matter which bends the rules of space and time and physics has mostly been made up of four and five quarks, tetraquarks and pentaquarks. Recently the exotic elements produced in the hadron colliders formed what is called a strange quark, a charm quark and an anti-charm quark they have been added to the inter-dimensional dancing partners. Just the knowledge of these exotic hadron particles opens up possibilities within our Earth knowledge and very human mind.

Being the goddess and Channel that I am I decided to push these exotic quarks in all their regalia into new places of seeing and understanding. As I went into the presence of these new quark physically and spiritually during meditation I saw them as living light geometries pulsing with sound within dancing color. Like a pulsar peacock they strutted as good as Elvin bishop showing their stuff in brilliant cosmic technicolor.  I went deep into the energy of these living quarks and asked them to show their truths that I may share these truths. Little did I know it would be a “careful what you pray for moment ‘as  I tried to ride the quantum Bull into submission.

All particle hadron Colliders create cosmic rays, vacuum bubbles and tiny black holes and tears in space and time creating a particle Zoo Where Anything Goes. Exotic particles and their exotic members are in an exclusive Club that circumnavigates our previous understanding of elements outside of our Earthly context. As an explorer of new truths I tend to walk Where Angels Fear To Tread trying on new thoughts and understandings like a spring wardrobe. I always subscribe to the most high truth and the most high aspect of Living Light and Christed Consciousness. As I proceeded to energetically experiment and play with the Exotic matter in all of its forms it was like wrestling with a baby tiger that didn’t remember it was a baby. Those quarks chomped down on me like a great white shark with no mercy showing their true underbellies and Kodachrome nature. In this quark initiation I received spiritual insight that I did not have to be a Hadron Collider to create quarks and their exotic nature and abilities.

So I proceeded to whip me up some quark soufflé, at that point both Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines, and the chicken salad chics left the building. Letting me know I was on my own for this cosmic cooking class. Being the Lady of Light that I am and the goddess I hope to be in totality one day the first quark that I invited into my consciousness I called the Goddess Quark. She came easily like a wisp of wing and wind that sought to be loved. Graceful in her countenance this particular exotic matter particle held her head high, like royalty, her light bright with obvious intention.

This exotic particle asked me to step fully into all that was my goddess light at this moment in time and space. It asked me to fully embrace all the light and energy that was available to me wearing it like veil. It was only then that this goddess quark escorted me into a doorway that it was keyed too. It ushered me into a living Library of mystical magical surreal truth and possibility. Everything I wanted to believe in lived in this goddess quark created world. The beauty, the magic, the healing and the Beautiful Sound of Music that played through the ethers. I felt like a kid for the first time in Disneyland just standing in awe looking at all of the magic. Everything within this place had a consciousness from teapot to tree

There was no hiding there was no secrets. Every encounter with unicorn fairy or guardian served a higher purpose, all was used as a teaching tool. It was truly inspiring and beautiful. I saw a reflection of myself in a magical sort of mirror and I did not recognize who I was, for the very Beauty and Love within my soul I wore in every cell of my countenance. I bathed I floated I drank from this energy trying to fill every cell of my being with the memory of this vibration of light. I left the living presents of my gratefulness and thankfulness for the experience and took with me a living breathing possibility that will dance forever within my cell structure.

As I served up my Portals part 2 zoom class the southern home-fried  quark theory they all looked at me like deer in a headlight knowing that if they stepped over this line in the quantum physics sand Bar they were never coming back to normal thinking. Alas they were right. Being the enlightened woman that I am I jumped straight in to a multitude of quark utilizations. Like a baby Neanderthal that didn’t have any learning I played with that cosmic fire. In the workshop we went through a multitude of quark experiences, downloads and visualizations until our eyes crossed and we all screamed uncle.

At that time I had no idea that the quarks I called forth we’re running around like drunken sailor emojis on spring break. The next day venturing out into the real world was like I stepped in to another universe or place in time. it was upside-down world and Inside-Out World simultaneously. Nothing made sense everything was off and I felt like I was on the old show ‘sliders’. By the time I got home I could not even think straight. I received several texts, emails and phone calls from people that had not even attended the Zoom Workshop asking me what the heck was going on why was everything upside down and did I have a crystal to remedy that?

The calling of the quarks was similar to the Scottish ‘Calling of the Clans’ naming something empowers it and it then responds to your call. Each one of the quarks  that we worked with in the workshop was named accordingly. Little did we know that the Mr. Monk quark spent as much time investigating as he did folding and organizing. Or the Peter Parker quark [Spidey senses of course) would escort the 6th sense to other universes. All in a days work!

I realized I had unlocked a gateway to a Corral-full of exotic matter in a particle Zoo form, quarks  that were like first graders on too much kool-aid, I sat down and took a real good look at what was happening. First off the lessons were electronically and Appliance wise very expensive. None of our credit or debit cards worked anywhere we went. All systems electronically showed we did not exist nor did we have a Lowe’s credit card nor did we pay or make a deposit, everything sloshed over the edge of reality into another octave of time. Being a quick study me and my family of quarks sat down and had a pow wow. Breaking bread and arrows, burying the hadron axe etc, trying to understand and find a little quantum peace. Basically they told me ‘one step at a time sweet Jesus’, not to rush the process and to allow the full integration of the quark truth to simmer until it was fully cooked.

This is a list of some of the quark energy that was given free rein. (fly like an eagle quark, you will obey (Borg quark), observation quark, voice over quark, Noah (talk to the animals) quark, Holy-Moly-tunnel quark, warrior(seal team) quark. As big as your imagination is, which is connected to Gods imagination the more you will seek a quark that fits your life and needs. All of this is food for thought!


Peter Fox 18th April 2023 1:19 pm

Food for thought or Food for no thought? Wonderful- Thank you!