Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - March 2023

As we move out of the emotional tidal wave of the vibration of Pisces we come face to face with the fiery energies of Aries the Ram. To put this in a goddess perspective think of all the males of the world that drive that Ram energy in the form of a truck. All of that powerful ram energy behind the wheel of a very big engine, That dear ones is a lot of testosterone in all of its ram forms just ready to rut in the spring sunshine.  Like a biological rodeo, spring awakens from a long dormant healing sleep. Ancient angry energy floats to the surface like volcanic ash. The vibration of angry energy demolecularizes all that is good and cancels any desired outcomes. Angry energy dissolves the very fabric of goodness.

The energies come like an unexpected tidal surge on the lower coastline of self. A great agitation stirs the soul of planet earth as the windmills of old begins to turn in the opposite direction, whipping up what has been prophesied. Hidden feelings come to the surface as the body responds to unseen stimulus creating their own emotional weather pattern. 

Angers ride the surf like foamy white horses heading straight for an unknown shore. What is the body telling us that we cannot see with the mind?  What lurks right outside our peripheral vision in the darkened edges of the future? Changes occur lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery, where will the chain reaction begin, where will it end?  Time unrolls so that we can see deep into our soft cellular memory. The blueprints of what will be are hidden in camouflaged shades of gray.  The killing fields are flattened in an attempt to halt injustices. Trust in God, in heaven, in right, and what is good about having a soul is questioned to the full degree, platitudes surpass beatitudes.

All of our dream-fields merge and mesh becoming like messed fine silk. We are collectively whipped up like a frozen drink without an umbrella. Our sleep time is like a nightly three ring circus, challenging our perceptions changing the circumference and diameter of what is deemed normal.  We enter places in our collective consciousness and memory so deep we are afraid of losing ourselves forever. Like a dream that is alive and vivid we observe the nuances and the secrets of what our inner being is trying to tell us, Warning us of impending shift in the shape of progress.

During this time of cleaning and purification when all are stripped down to their core it is important to remember that there is a lifeboat that seeks you in the densest of fog. The feeling of no control and drowning is real as you learn to swim in deeper dimensional waters.  The dross is consumed by the fires of the phoenix as it flies thru time. Hold tight to whatever is your blessing, as it will keep you a float until the tides of change settle. Disruption and commotions of energy and pending earth disaster keeps you busy seemingly abandoning your commitment to Source.  Running about and amuck like the mad hatter we enter the many rabbit holes of self.  Meeting your mark is not necessarily a date with destiny.  

Reflections as Master Teachers

As we all look in the mirror we see an echo of time past, of time to come, a reflective sadness and a slight disappointment is mirrored back. A sadness that proclaims, somehow you have failed the universe, somehow you have failed the Creator and somehow you have failed your soul.  That unsettling thought has not nor could not, ever be possible.  You shall never be judged in the shortness of your aim as you see it from a very human perspective.  When you find your heart’s desire instead of just the need to survive you will never miss your mark.  For just by your genuine intent- you have succeeded.  It is only the little self that keeps you doubting and fretting and looking at all of the mountains that you have not climbed, instead applauding all of your efforts in this incarnation up to this moment of time.

The first mountain that we all climb is being brave enough to incarnate on earth. Do not allow the energies of Earth to belittle you and beat you down into a pulp fiction. For within the eyes of the Creator you are grand and you have already succeeded.  It is the self that proposes things are different.  Do not be seduced by the energies of the ego. The human element tends to scream louder than any Divinity within.  The Divinity within you is a quiet voice subdued and reflective.

If you find that the blueprints within soul no longer serve you – then re-write the script of your creation. Let go of all that you have held unto in the past. Explore a new adventure, a new entrance, a new thought, a new avenue to drive down.  If you find that what you have been nesting on is not manifesting, then change the outcome, and see the outcome new shiny, possible and probable.  Do not get stuck in a perpetual nesting mode. To create as a divine instrument you must always love what you create before it is fully created like a babe in the womb of time, surpass time and see the future. Your intentions always walk before your manifestations.