Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - October 2021

As we move thru these very immense invisible energies we stand at the bend in the tunnel of love, not seeing a way out and not seeing a way in. we have so drained our body mind and spirit looking for a cure to what ails us all. Like a driven chemist we look for the invisible living between the unseen; searching the cosmos for the exact equation that will construct a Panacea for all to sip from. Many years ago in my early training as a channel I learned that true darkness cannot be destroyed it can only be contained. Like a frozen disease found in a mammoth bone, the earth is able to hide what was once exposed and dangerous of nature. I was shown by the universe in many a real situation not to send anger or hate or try to destroy what was essentially a black hole of darkness. In my early days I did a lot of ghost busting and entity releasement. I, as many others, were on the front lines releasing darkness in all forms, filling it with Light. This was literally like filling a bucket with many holds; it was one fruitless tree trying to get rid of the darkness. ( we were young and stupid) Those lessons still speak in this day and time.

Every day I pray for a cure, a living panacea for all the dis-ease that haunts earth. I ask for insight and truth to be displayed in my mind and day. I google the Cosmos and ask, “how do we stop what still plagues us?” As of Late I have been gifted the word ‘Neutralize’. This word means to stop something from having effect, to render something ineffective or harmless by applying an opposite effect. To make something chemically neutral, nullify, invalidate, cancel out. I found a lot of power within this word as it seems to fit like a stretchy Band-Aid over that which needed healed within via thought and energy.

Neutralize is the vibration of the number 5 in energy. It is all about the 5 points of man, the gift of being human. Reaching out reaching within and seeing what we are really made of. The gift of adding humanity to the celestial equation as an ally in the fight for universal rights. We are exhausted body mind spirit from all the external and internal fighting. The universe is asking us to use a new thought, a new tool a new empowerment. Use the powerful vibration of Neutralize in your vocabulary of magical words and prayers. Instead of batting with everything used the healing balm of neutralization as the solvent you need. Render that which steals your peace and life as in-effective, render it something harmless, To in-validate that which wishes you harm.


VAARRR 20th October 2021 12:04 pm

Replace to neutralize to change of consciousness, abstract- (hands do- I contemplate - I- the soul 5d ....

next I to cleaned the earth.... (Gathered all the bad, and gave hem to angels, vegetable and animal kingdom, Somewhere in the universe ... ,