Finding Alignment within Yourself

We greet you with our customary flips and leaps of joy!  When you connect with the dolphin energy, you are connecting with the collective energy of all the dolphins the matter what part of the ocean we may be within and the matter what part of the world you yourself may be in. Whether you are directly receiving this information through your mind source or whether or not you are reading this, it does not matter. However you encounter this energy, you are able to connect at a very deep level and receive the information and receive the balancing that comes from connecting with this energy.

We are always joyful and excited when you come to spend time with us! You have been spending a great deal of time with us recently, much more so than is being spoken at this time. All of the people on earth at this time are moving through an immense transformation. There have been such changes going on for the last 10 to 15 to 20 years but more so within the last two to three years, is it being felt more acutely. Those of you, who are at the forefront of this transition which is taking place upon the earth, are the ones who are so sensitive to feeling this shift in energies. Many of you have felt through the shifts in your body; for instance feeling the increased weariness, feeling the imbalance within yourself, you might feel dizzy at times, you might feel a disorientation, <there may even be times in which> you feel as if you have already completed a project when you find yourself in the middle of the project. Many of you have had shifts and changes in your body weight, many of you have had shifts and changes in your digestive system, your respiratory system, and in every aspect of your physical body. It is because of this that we wish to speak with you today.

Your body has a way of filtering out and incorporating the energies that your soul is working with and transitioning through at the higher levels. Your physical body is the immense perfection of reflecting who you are on the human plane. Many of you take this for granted. Many of you do not have good thoughts or feelings about it and wish for it to change. Many of you do not recognize the physical body and no matter how it is, it is what you need to have for you to be physical at this time. There are many different dolphins as you know throughout the world. There some that are different hues, some that have large fins, a small fins, some of us are spotted, and some of us are solid. There are those that have had encounters with other fish, animals, mammals of the sea and that we have what you might consider damaged fins or chunks taken out of us. The humans that come to fish for us, there are many different things that come into our day that affect each and every one of us as we are moving through the water and living in our existence. As you were listening to this and tapping into this emotion, you realize that we support one another through this, we do not judge one another for the way they look. I can encounter a dolphin from the South Seas and we will be able to communicate and swim beside one another and leap through the air in joy and excitement of being together with each other.

What we would love to see for the humans to do is to move into this energy themselves. Release what you see with your physical eyes when you look at another human being. Release what you see with the physical eyes when you look at yourself in the mirror or if you look down at yourself. The human has put many different judgments, many different, oh how to say, barriers upon themselves. They have guidelines of what they think is the perfect body. They have guidelines of what they think might be sexy or intriguing to another person. But in reality what is coming through more so than just that physical body is the energy that is behind it. This is true about everyone no matter how enlightened you are or not enlightened. You are seeing, sensing, connecting with people at a much deeper level whether it is something you are conscious of or not. So for those of you who are so conscious of this, we ask you to begin to release the guidelines, release the restrictions, release the programming that you have had. Indeed, the vast majority of you who have come along this path have already begun to do so. But you tend as a people, to be very harsh with yourself and hard upon yourself.

So we ask you at this time to feel the loving embrace that we feel as we encounter one another. As you move through your days, connect with that loving embrace that you feel for the other humans. As you look at an individual, see not their height, their weight, their skin, or their other physical attributes; see only the energy that is emanating from within them. There may be those you come into contact with and when you connect with this energy, you choose not to remain around them. But there will be others that when you come into their energy and feel the loving radiance that comes from them and then as you open up your physical eyes and look at the individual there may be things about this individual that normally might have put you on guard are given you a different opinion of that person. This is another one of the means in which you are able to move beyond what has been accepted within society.

As you do this to those who are around you, so too you are doing it to yourself. By this I mean that you are accepting yourself as you are. You are accepting yourself as the radiant being that you are. It is always important for you to be in tune with your physical body, do what you can to maintain your physical body in its optimum form. In this way it makes you also have a greater vitality upon the physical earth. For indeed the key word here is physical. There are many, many things that come into play when one talks about the physical body. The magnetics of the earth will affect the physical body. The energy of the moon and sun the energy, the energy of other individuals are all interrelated to one another and all of these effect an individual’s physical body.

Many of you as you have moved along this path have gone into higher spaces and done work upon yourself in which you see yourself physically whole, sound, and vital. You see yourself as having released diseases and yet your physical body continues to have the aches and pains. You see yourself as having had perhaps weight issues, yet you see yourself as fit and full of vitality, and then find your physical body is still not the size that you envision. All of these things are ways in which your soul aspect and your physical body, or your personality that goes along with your physical body, are not in complete accord with one another.

What we wish for you to do today is begin to realize that when a person goes through a healing process, it is multifaceted. There are different phases to the healing. Some of this can be healed very easily and quickly as you connect on an energetic level and do a release of energy that has held a person back. But if someone has something that has been going on for a long period of time; if the individual is bringing through old ancestral baggage so to speak; if they are bringing on karmic illnesses; they are living the experience of having cancer; if they are living the experience of having diseases in which they feel as if they have done everything possible to resolve it yet they have not resolved it. Indeed, it is time for them to go into a place of deeper acceptance within themselves. You may ask how to do that because that, because feel as if you already have. What we suggest to you, is to be open to understand and receive the energy of all the animals that are around you. You are communicating with and speaking with the dolphin energies, and we are about oneness, healing, living in joy, living in peace, living in the excitement of your everyday living! There are other animals around you that move through their experience in the same way. There's always that instinct for survival that is intrinsic within the animal, but so too is the instinct to be in a place of joy and playful harmony.

When you have an individual who is very caught up within themselves and within a disease process, within the experiences of their life, when you have an individual who is caught up in the trauma and the drama so to speak of their life, this is an individual that is on the brink of moving into transformation. You may have found within your own life that it is at that worst place that you move into when you finally get into that space of release and opening up to a higher evolution. So too it is for any individual moving through their life experience. <You have the greatest potential for change>.

Therefore when you have an individual who is moving through an experience of a dire illness or what you would consider to be a dire illness, allow yourself to be in the space of oneness with this illness. What we mean by this is we ask you to move quietly into a space of expanding your awareness; you do this through your breath work. The breathing is a large part of what makes you human rather shall we say keeps you human. Without your breath work, your physical body does not survive. Breathing in the oxygen, breathing in the molecules of light, are the ways in which you can bring your physical body into alignment within itself. Then as you expand out from this physical body, breathe in an alignment with your soul aspect, your emotional aspect, and your mental aspect. What you begin to find, is that within the essence of these four energy fields is that there is an alignment and the vibration in which one vibration works off the other. As you get quiet within yourself, you will find that there are parts of these aspects that are not in alignment with one another, this is why you are in this space of disease. Indeed, when you are in a space in which you feel a lack within yourself or around yourself, it is often times leading to a lack of emotional connection within yourself. When you find yourself in a space of having a great deal of emotional unrest, for indeed at this time upon the earth plane there are many, many people who are taking medications because of emotional upset, depression, and the feeling of separation within themselves. We criticize not those who find themselves in the space of needing to do this, but we ask you to look deeper and ask why are you in this space of depression, this lack of connection to the other humans who are around you. This is a means of looking beneath the surface.

When you are an individual who is moving through this life expression and you have a terminal illness or a long-term illness that affects your physical body every day and in every way, be aware that there are many reasons why this is occurring. Your soul comes to the earth plane and incarnates in the human body so that it can be the expression of that soul in this lifetime. Through the expression of that soul, you may take on an illness, a chronic situation that causes you to have a great deal of suffering. It may cause you to be seen as different from other individuals who are around you. In may also be a means of creating within you a space in which to develop an inner strength and that you did not know you had. All of these are means of growth for the soul.

As we move into the next 20 to 30 to 50 years and beyond that, the soul will begin to let go of these very challenging and difficult means of soul evolution. There will still be those residual memories in some of you. There will still be those who are not open to this form of transformation. But if you are reading this channel and if you are connecting into the energy of this, you realize that you are one of the ones who are open to realizing that there are alternative ways of doing things. You are one of the people who are open to realize that there is a reason for everything that has happened to you and you wish to look beyond to connect with that reason, so that you may let it go and move forward into a space of greater connection within yourself; greater expansion out as you move through your days upon the earth.

We take this moment to ask you to consider the ways in which you move through your days in which you are expanding your awareness so that you are conscious as you live your life. What does it mean to be conscious? What does it mean to be enlightened? There are many different definitions to these words, there are many different perceptions of what they are, there is no right or wrong. When we talk of expanded consciousness, what we're talking about is a means of moving through your day in which you open up all your senses so that you are aware of all the non physical that is around you. So that you may pick up on the non physical vibrational energy that people are radiating out towards you. Now, you may immediately move into a mode of saying “but I will be attacked, I will put feel things too strongly”, and this Beloved is not what we are hoping for, for you. What we wish for you to do is to move into the space in which you can have your open senses, you can take your information from people, but it need not affect you. It will flow right past you. The ways in which this will happen, is that as you raise your vibration and as you move along this evolutionary path, there will be those who are not in the space where you are. Quite often those are the ones who are radiating out anger or fear, those emotions that might come across to you as an attacking. As you realize that they are simply responding from where they are in their space in life, you can let it go. This may not happen the first time you experience it or even the second time; it may take some practice for you to do this. The more that you stand in your space, as you open up your heart to radiate out love and joy no matter what the individuals around you are saying, acting, feeling, or doing;  you will begin to realize that it does not affect you.

This is one form of using your expanded consciousness. Another way in which you can do this is if you are moving through your day and you are having physical symptoms within yourself; be it sleepiness, be it an imbalance in your respiratory system or your digestive system which is so common.  If it is that you are feeling aches and pains in a certain part of your body, again through your breath work we ask you to take in that breath and expand out your senses this time expanding Your senses in a more physical way that you may look at your physical body and ask the question; why am I having the symptoms? What is the reason behind my nauseous that I'm feeling at this time? What is the reason that I'm having so much tiredness that I cannot seem to move through my day without taking a nap or some form of rest? Be aware that there are many different answers. It may simply be that your body has taken in a toxic substance through be it alcohol, smoking, drugs, be it the type of food that you are eating that is not in alignment with your physical body. These things may cause you to have the physical symptoms as your body is releasing it <the toxins> so that your body will be in a state of better physical balance. Again, we make no judgment about anyone who takes in any of these substances, simply be aware of the way in which they are for affecting your body.

So too, in terms of the person who feels the great drowsiness, sometimes as your body is filtering it requires more of the physical consciousness and therefore it is necessary for you to take a nap or sleep. So too, as you are moving into a higher vibrational level and bringing in more of the crystalline energy it takes time for your physical body to incorporate them and you may find that you need to have more naps upon the earth as your body is incorporating higher energies. Simply accept this and move into the space of trusting that your body knows what is in its best interest.

Let us now speak of the crystalline energy. The crystalline energy is something that is being talked about by a great many people on the earth. As you move and evolve into a higher state of being, what you realize and what you hear people speaking of is that the crystal children are coming to the earth. What is a crystal child? A crystal child is simply someone who comes to the earth with out the barriers in place. They come to the earth plane without allowing the veil to conceal them from what is known around them. The crystal is a way that the body incorporates energy. It is a way of filtering the energies that is at a much higher vibration or more finely tuned then is the denser energies that you came to this earth plane as. So as you are tuning into this crystalline energy, what you are doing is turning into this finer, higher energy. So while we speak of the crystalline children as being the ones who are coming in as the fresh start, so too there are the adults who are moving into the crystalline energy. It simply is that individual who has brought into themselves higher and higher amounts of vibration.  So, you radiate and sparkle as the crystals do. The crystals of the crystalline grid are the crystals that help you to maintain a balance around the earth. As you tune into these crystals, as you tune in on the physical level to the vibration, no matter how you may perceive it, what you are doing is turning into a space in which you are able to receive impulses that are of a much finer vibration than what you could <sense or tune into> before. What does this mean to you? It means that you will be able to move through your life with greater ease.  It means that you will move to your life with a greater vitality.  It means that you will no longer get caught up in much of the trauma and drama that is around you. It allows you to be the one to release this within yourself, as you do so you create the space around you that you may move into and transform these energies within yourself. This in turn will be reflected to all of those who are around you. You will find that the people around you are also transitioning and moving into a new space as a result of simply being in your energy.

 Many of you realize that you are the teachers.  Many of you realize that you are the ones who are in the forefront of all that is occurring here.  You wonder, how do I go about teaching? How do I go about setting up schools or writing books or doing all of this? When you are in that mode, you're in a space of old energy thinking.  What we wish for you to know and understand is that when you are in the space of being in the new energy, living all these moments, being in connection, it is something that is done without words. So the fewer words and the fewer mental analysis that is placed with this, the more you are in this space of the new energy vibration.

 Much of the old energy vibration has been about the effort it took. Much of the old energy vibration believed that you grew and evolved through pain and struggle. New energy vibration, crystalline energy vibration is about moving through the earth in a space of joy and excitement. It's about moving through the earth, feeling your connection to other human beings, it's about moving to the earth accepting who you are knowing that no matter what it is you are here in the perfection of who you are. It's about releasing judgment of others as you release judgment of yourself. This in turn is what radiates out to all of humanity. It may seem as if this is but a drop in the bucket at this time and indeed in some respects it is. But what many of you do not realize is that there has been so much more work done in the setting of these energies then you could ever know. As it is moving into the collective consciousness of humanity, it will be as if millions transform in an instant. It will be as if suddenly people will become much more aware of the subtle shifts and changes. Now you, those of you who are at the forefront of this are well aware of every single step along the way. It is because you have chosen to be the ones at the forefront of this and we thank you for it! We support your part in this! But be aware that things will continue to evolve and grow and move in such a manner that indeed, the effort is past you. The more the let go struggle, the more that you let go efforting and creating difficulties for yourself the more you will realize that indeed, there is a place on earth that is your perfection. Because this perfection is what is within you. This perfection is what is being shown to all who are around you. This perfection is WHO YOU ARE! We see this perfection; can you now open up to see it also?

 As we swim and move through our times within the ocean, be aware that we of the dolphin energy continue to hold the vibration. Be aware that we continue to evolve to a higher level, just as you continue to move and evolve to a higher level. Are we moving and evolving because you are? Are you moving and evolving because we are? It is indeed a group effort. It is indeed a matter of all these energies moving into one another, blending with one another, supporting one another.  For indeed, you are God just as we are God!

 Feel the energy surges that move through you as you connect with these words. As you are reading our listening to these words, you know and understand that there is much more that is being downloaded into your system. You know and understand that this is what has been happening throughout all of your experiences of the last days, the weeks, the months. Know and understand that all of this is in support of each other and we love you so very dearly! Just as we know and understand your love for us. Know that we will continue to contact you and work with you. Know that we're here as always in support of you and to be with you. Please call on us at any time!


 Shelly Dressel channeling the Dolphin energy.



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