Healing with Energies, Blending our Various Bodies

Shelly Dressel’s Channel with the Dolphins

When you are working with these energies of transformation, they may not necessarily be used by all.  This is a very personalize expression of energy and only those who are drawn to seek it out will resonate with it completely.  While you are always welcome to share these energies of healing with those in your healing circle or those who come to you, it may not be appropriate for everyone.  You will discover through discernment those who resonate with this and those who do not.  Release any judgment on who does or doesn’t, but it’s not a mater of better or worse, it only is!

We have been working with you a great deal in your sleep state.  We are also becoming more widely known to you during your waking state.  What this means to you is that as you acclimate to the energies of the dolphins, we will be with you at all times.  We will be available to you at any time that you so desire. 

The last time we spoke, we talked of frequency, tones, and pitch as means of attuning the body to a state of health.  This may be accomplished in many different ways.  So many of the people are working with the new energies coming through at this time.  Yes indeed these energies are very useful to you and you will find that you will be/ are able to move through your day and activities with a greater amount of ease due to this vibration.  At the same token, a part of this is teaching you and allowing you to connect and perform extremely high energy work seemingly at ease and w/o a great deal of fan fare.  What this leads to in some respects is isolation and a release of the physi9cal touch. 

To be more specific, as you work in the high planes and as you are connecting, communicating, healing, you have less and less of a need for the physical.  There are some people who enjoy their space of aloneness and like their isolation from others.  This works very well for them.  There are others though who need the human contact.  There are those who when receiving healing energy will need the actual physical touch that goes along with that.  In this manner, we wish to remind you of the importance of being open to both ideals and any combination there of. 



There are those who are very sensitive to the energies around and within them.  When you go into the space of the soul plane or some such area of high vibration you are able to connect with these individuals and do a great deal of healing.  This is done on the spiritual plane, infuses the emotional body, then moves into either the physical body first or the mental body first.  There are many at this time who are opening up and therefore may have an idea of what’s occurring, but no specifics.  There are a greater amount of people who can connect up with this and will then be able to bring the spiritual down within the consciousness.  What this means is that they are able to have cognizant thought about what the spiritual experience is. 

So many of the crystal children and many of the indigo children are already open to this;  these are the first order of people who are open to this.  So too, there are a great many adults who are developing this ability.  What is coming very naturally to the children of this age is a learned behavior to the adults.  This is by no means diffused for this reason.  What is important to know for them is that they connect w/ you or they connect with the energy of light that they may more fully understand and integrate what ever the healing may be.



These are the people who are very attached to their physical bodies.  There is nothing wrong with this, it’s important to be attached to your physical body!  But what we mean is that they are able to heal and connect better with others through the physical touch.  In this manner, it’s more important to do physical healing with them.  By that we mean, have sessions where you can physically place your hands on the person.  You are still able to work at the high levels and you are still able to be effective.  This difference is in the way the person incorporates this or the way in which they understand. 



As has been discussed by many different people, this a new means of expressing energy, thought, light, and mass.  There are many ways that we will be discussing this with you in the future, but for now, what we wish to incorporate is the blending of the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies.  You have heard of these as separate bodies for many years in the past.  As the new crystal children are coming in and as you as adults are shifting and moving into this, what is happening is that all is blending into one body.  When this is complete, there will be no sense of separation, you are one.  When this is complete, there will be no discrepancy about what is physical vs. spiritual, all is one.  As you are incorporating this within your mental body especially, you are incorporating feelings and emotions.  This too has been separated out within you as you’ve moved through your life. 

You have the unique opportunity to be able to blend all of this and be in a space of balance.  You find that there are many different people who talk about and express a desire for balance within their physical life.  This is coming about through the incorporation of these bodies.  If one were to look even 30 linear years into the future of earth, those who will be coming in will be completely blended and will not understand if someone talks with them about feeling separated.  This simply is!

Allow for each individual to be able to connect and begin to blend these energy bodies.  Allow for the space in which they are able to grow.  Each person will perceive this in a different way.  They will become more sensitive to the higher levels of energy and they will be more sensitive to the energies that are around them at all times. 

Thank you for bringing us in at this time.  Our fusion with you is almost complete.  At that time, you will be able to bring forth a greater amount of thoughts, energy, and processes.

Much love and leaping for joy~~~



As channeled by Shelly Dressel



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