Illusion and Reality - Living Multi-dimensionally

We greet you and welcome you with leaps of joy!!  Feel our energies as you connect with us.  Feel as if you are riding upon our back.  We are here to assist you in what ever way you may need.  We are here to bring through the energies of change; to bring through the energies of being in the space of joy or what ever it may be that you are seeking to have in your life.  There are many many different ways in which people can tap into the energies that are occurring or shifting upon the earth at this time.  Therefore, if you seek to join with us, we can also assist you in what you are seeking to shift. 


There are so many ways in which people can encounter the energies of the dolphins at this time.   There are more and more activities that allow people to swim with the dolphins.  Even though some of these may be very contrived, you are still in the energies of the dolphins and you are still in a place to be able to experience what you are seeking to link within us and within yourself.  So don’t allow this to put you off if you seek to connect with us, you may do so in many many different forms.  We also are shifting our energies in such a way that an individual need only think of us. 


Bring to mind the ways in which we swim through the water.  Bring to mind the ways in which we jump, spin, leap and dive deep.  All of these images will also bring you into contact with the energies of the dolphins.  It is not necessary to be physically present, but if you have the opportunity to touch or to more physically connect with the dolphins, be open and aware that that will enhance the energies you are linking with. 


We will talk of intention.  Intention is the way in which you link with us when you are not physically present.  There are many different levels to intention.  There is the aspect of your intention that you are fully conscious of.  If you make the intention, for instance, to connect with the dolphins; you are connected in that instant, in that moment.  You need only bring it to your mind or to your attention and in that moment intention is created.  Intention is that simple and that straight forward.


You may also look at intention through varied levels of or dimensions in consciousness.  When you seek through your intention to create a healthier body, you are seeking to have a body that is fit, where the organs all function appropriately; where you have a great deal of energy, where you are able to move through your days full of vitality and have an interest in life, you perhaps sleep well at night and are fully active during the day.  This may be your intention to achieve through having a healthy body and life style.  As you look at that intention, you can see where you brought it to your consciousness, put it forth, and again this is creating a framework that you will work within. 


Within the various dimensions, if you look for instance at the three dimensional aspect of that intention, you have your physical body as it is right at this moment in time.  You may perhaps have some disease.  You may perhaps have through the electrical wiring of your body things that are not functioning in a fully appropriate way.  You may perhaps have excess weight and varied other existence’s may be your current reality of your physical body. 


When you then take this same physical body and look at it from the energetic level, around you are your emotional, your mental, your spiritual bodies which are non physical but they do make up who you are in the physical plane.   As you look through these energy fields, you can perceive; is there anything within them which is keeping you within this current physical body?  You can look at the emotional; feel the texture of it, the flow of it as you perceive it around you, open to receive or understand how this is reflecting to you. 


You can also look at your mental body.  Is there a mindset that is keeping you in your current physical reality?    Perhaps there is a mindset that says ‘I’ve been diagnosed with a specific disease, therefore I have it’.  Perhaps there is a mindset that says ‘My metabolism is very slow therefore I cannot loose weight’.  Perhaps there is a mindset that says ‘I am ugly and there is no way that I can change my physical body because it is so ugly’.


These are mental thought process that move through you.  They are keeping you in this space where you are right now.  They may be something along this line or something else completely different.  But open and ask how do you think about your body?  How do you think about what ever illness or experiences you body is currently moving through? 


You then look into your spiritual energies; what is your link to spirituality?  Are you linked with your soul essence?  Are you connected?  Do you feel and know that you are much more than what is here in your physical reality?  Are you perceiving who you are on a spiritual level?  Does your spiritual belief have an impact on your physical reality? 


These energies are all floating around you in a non physical form but they are very much a part of your current reality.  They may be what is keeping you in this space of disease.  They may be an aspect that is keeping you from loosing the weight you are seeking to loose.  They may keep you from being able to fully manifest what you are seeking to have in your physical reality.


We would now like you to shift your physical awareness in such a way that you link with the energies of what we will call the 4th or perhaps the 5th dimension.  Many of you who are interested in reading about these energies, many of you who are open and aware of what channeling with do for you; are already living a portion of their day or current reality in the 4th and 5th dimension.  You are the individuals who are assisting the world itself in shifting into this space of the 4th dimension.  As the world moves into this, the collective consciousness will be there.  Or perhaps you could say that as the collective consciousness moves into the 4th dimension, so too the world and its physical reality will move into the 4th dimension. 


Many of you, who are very conscious of working with time, working with space, are the ones who are already living and creating their reality within the 4th dimension.  For some you are even shifting beyond that into the even lighter, finer lighter vibration of the 5th dimension. 


So again let’s create a space for yourself.  Look at your physical body from within the energies of the 5th dimension.   If you focus on the 5th dimension, you will still perceive the 4th, but this will give you the opportunity to stretch or move a little further.  Therefore, as you are linking to these energies of the 5th dimension, look at your body.  You see your physical body but it may not be as you perceive it in the 3rd dimension.  It may be as if you can actually perceive different molecules that are making up your physical body.


It may be that your physical body looks more transparent.  There is lightness around you.  It may be within this reality that there is still disease within your body.  You may still carry more weight than what you wish to have.  But even so, there is a change.  There is a difference.  The weight that you may have is more transparent, less dense.  The physical illness that you may have; you are beginning to see is not as solidly within you as you thought it was.  You are beginning to perceive that you do not truly have to have that illness.  Your organs are functioning in complete alignment with vibrant health. 


Shift your awareness once more looking at your emotional body.  From within this emotional body, can you handle what it is to be completely healthy?  Are your emotions supporting vibrancy within your physical body?  Are your emotions in alignment with what it is to be fully vital?  You may sense or see that through your emotional body, you accept as perfect whatever your physical body is doing!  You may perceive that you are already releasing judgment. 


Much of the judgment will come from your mental body, so listen to what your mental body has to say to you within this space.  Your mental body is telling you that you are perfect.  Your mental body is telling you that you are filled with light and energy.  Your mental body is telling you that you are linked with all others who are around you in your physical reality, but you vibrate within the space that is optimum for you.  Your mental body believes in who you are. 


Your spiritual body has a definite link and flow between the energies of your physical, mental, emotional, and your spiritual.  You know that you are a spiritual being.  You know that you may access your spirituality, your divinity, at any moment in time.  You are linked; you feel it, it is yours!


Let’s take now the nature of reality and shift even more that you may link with the 6th or perhaps the 7th dimension.  Yes this is being made available upon the earth plane.  You the human create it for yourself.  You the human may walk through your days within that space fully linked with the other dimensions that are around you. You may not be aware or you may be fully aware.  It is only a number in some respects.  What is most important for you to be aware of is the expansion of your consciousness. 


Within this dimension or shift in consciousness you are much more in alignment with your spiritual self.  Therefore you start from your spiritual reality, your divinity, and you look at your life from within your divinity.  Your mental body within this divinity has loving accepting thoughts of yourself and everyone else.  Your mental body is without any form of judgment.  Your mental body sees analyses and perceives your world with a pure understanding and acceptance. 


Your emotional body supports your mental and your spiritual.  Your emotional body fills you with a pure love and acceptance.  Your emotional body through the loving acceptance of yourself accepts all others who are also around you.  Your emotional body sees and knows the beauty that is you.  Therefore, your physical body moves in perfection.  Your organs work in perfect synchronicity.  Your weight is completely appropriate for who you are.  Your energy level in your physical body is such that you have an endless amount of energy that radiates from you.  You sleep well whenever you feel a need to sleep.  You walk, run, move, whatever it may be in the way that is in complete alignment with all else that is you. 


Within this physical body, if you so choose to have a specific illness or experience it is yours out of choice.  All illnesses and experiences that a person has as a human have been chosen on one level or another by yourself, for you.  It is there for a reason and how you choose to react and move through the experience is what your soul will learn from.  Therefore if you seek to have an illness from within this space you will do so.  But you are also experiencing this illness without judgment, with the full loving supported emotional body, and with the deep, pure connection to your spirituality, so that your soul essence, your divinity is learning at the same time that your consciousness is learning through whatever it may be. 


This space of energy is yours to have upon the earth plane.  You as humans shift and move between these various levels at any given moment in time.  There are some humans who are not the least bit conscious of moving between these levels.  There are some humans who live the vast majority of their life within the 3rd dimension, perhaps shifting into the 4th.  But the potential is there that each of you may access all of these levels and even more. 


Potential is limitless.  Potential is only limited by what you may place upon it.  If you place a limit on your potential through doubt in yourself, it will never manifest.  If you place restrictions upon yourselves, it too will affect your final outcome.  You have a direct influence upon your days.  You the human are creating and manifesting throughout your day and throughout your life.  You are manifesting on many different levels and through many different perceptions. 


I encourage you to look at your days as you are moving into them so that you may become aware of the ways in which you have placed limits upon your perceptions.  I encourage you to become aware of asking yourself to know what you are unconsciously doing so that you may bring it to your consciousness, so that you may be fully aware of how you might limit yourself or how your potentials may be shifting.  Therefore as your reality comes to your awareness, as you become aware of what you may be doing probably unconsciously, you can make the conscious choice to accept that or you can make a conscious choice to let it go. 


In this way, you affirm that you are without limits.  In this way you accept for yourself that you are completely divine, that you are living your life within divinity.  It is so.  It is real. 


Allow us to speak of illusion and reality.  Many of you as you are moving through your days, opening up, creating realities, many of you think that everything that is happening in your daily life is real.  Yes in a sense it is real because it is happening to you.  Let us first say that everything which is occurring on the earth, in the universe, all of the multitude of interactions between people, animals, everything is in one form or another an illusion.  It is an illusion because you are multi-dimensional.  You are playing out potentials that you are creating for you yourself.  What becomes a reality is what has an impact upon you as the soul essence.  Your soul when you are connected and fully blended with your I AM presence is fully aware of all of these illusions that are going on within your life. 


Therefore, as you are linking or connecting with yourself in your physical reality, you could say on one level or another; everything that is happening in your physical body is an illusion.  It is an illusion that you created to see what it is like to experience this illness.  It is an illusion you created to see what it is like to have this excess weight or perhaps a deformity.  Now then, we can feel you reeling against that saying ‘Oh no, this is real’!  And of course it is real.  It is real in this moment in time.  It is real in your consciousness because it is the reality that you are creating and experiencing.  Therefore, that is what makes it real.  That is how people manifest illness, they manifest relationships, and they manifest perhaps poverty and wealth because it is the reality they have created for themselves. 


But if you can take that step back and shift into your divinity you can also see it is an illusion; it is both.  From the perspective that this is an illusion or a potential you are choosing to play out, you can then make it your reality.  Therefore, perhaps you would like to let go the illusion of poverty or the illusion of illness and you can create for yourself or move into a separate illusion that is filled with wealth, abundance, and a healthy body; and make it your reality by accepting it into your life.  You can accept your life as it is and therefore it is your reality.  You can shift to accept a life that is perhaps in alignment with you in the 7th or 6th dimension.   As you accept that as your reality, that is what it will be. 


People on the earth are always seeking to know the answer of what is going to happen, when is it going to happen, quite often they will say what do I need to do to make it happen.  But the nature of manifestation is about creation and acceptance.  You could perhaps say that your creation is the illusion; your creation is the potential.  The illusion is the potential.  You can then say as you realize that you are living this illusion that it is now your reality.  It is your reality because it is where the majority of your consciousness lies. 


When you look back on experiences you have had in other lifetimes, in this current lifetime, when you consider how they are having an affect upon your life, it is because you chose to make that a reality.  You had a very good reason for doing so.  It is a part of your soul growth.  But you can shift that reality through shifting your beliefs, your trust, and your acceptance. 


You have heard of many many different ways that people can shift their blockages or can shift their beliefs.  There is no one right or wrong way to do this.  You as the human need to align with or link with what is real for you.  That is what is important.  That is who you are!  We can say that each of you are multidimensional.  We can say that your current reality is filled with potentials.  We can say that how so ever you choose to align yourself, you align with those potentials.  We can say that as you accept into your life or into your reality; so it will manifest.  Because it is true!


Therefore we encourage you to create through your highest potential.  We encourage you to accept or believe that this is who you are or this is what your reality is filled with.  As you are seeking to make these changes be loving and accepting to wherever you are at that moment in time.  If for example you are seeking to have greater prosperity in your life but it is a struggle to pay to your bills, then lovingly accept that you are struggling at this moment to pay your bills.  At the same time, see yourself as completely prosperous.  See yourself as standing in the flow of abundance.  See yourself receiving the energy of abundance and prosperity as it is all around you. 


As you look at your current physical body; you may have disease.  Imagine the potential that your body is completely disease free.  Imagine the potential that your body functions smoothly, easily; that your body is aligned with complete and perfect health.  Then as you need to take medication for whatever this disease is or as you are unable to perhaps complete something due to a physical illness or disability, whatever it may be; lovingly understand and accept that reality.  Almost as if you see within you or feel within you your current reality as it is and this fully functioning healthy body.  Let both potentials be your current reality. 


Lovingly accept who you are in this moment.  When you judge yourself or if you have the energy of disappointment saying ‘why is this happening’ you are enforcing the energy of your current reality.  So lovingly accept yourself.  Lovingly open [to the fact] that this is who you are at this moment.  Open your heart further to accept a new reality or a new potential.  You see how easy it is to use these words interchangeably.  You can shift your reality and through loving acceptance it manifests within your life.  Be open to how it will happen.  You may look at this as the miracle in your life.  Be open to the many many potentials there are.  This is who you are.  You are both and you are even more than what you are consciously thinking of! 


Allow the highest potential available to you to become your reality.  Allow yourself to let go of belief systems that are holding you back.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your potentials; then accept that as your reality. 


You are so glorious and divine!  We the dolphins support in any way that we can, your reality.  We support and flow the energies of higher consciousness.  When you link with us, we will assist you in shifting your reality.  We know only the perfection that is us.  We accept and understand our own reality.  We accept and understand the reality of all that is happening up the earth.  It is perfection.  It is what it is at any given moment in time. 


We are here for you.  Be joyful!  Be the essence of love!





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