Swim With the Dolphins

Greetings!! Thank you for coming to share this time with us! Feel our energies as we move through the water.

Allow yourself to close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and let yourself transport into the space of the ocean, the gulf, the coast ways; anywhere that the dolphins may choose to share their life and share their energies. We invite you to come and share with us!

We are always here. We are very much caught up in the transformations taking place upon the earth. We have spoken with you many times in the past and we know that it has been awhile since we spoke through this individual. But we are speaking to many, many different people at all times.

As you are moving through the quantum shift or the quantum leap upon the earth you may find yourself feeling more and more aligned with the various animals of the earth. We the dolphins in alignment with our brothers and sisters the whales, take up an aspect of the energies of the earth that are processed, shifted, and transformed through this aspect of the animal kingdom if you want to call us a part of that. Consider other animals that you may feel drawn to. Everything upon the earth has value and meaning; from the smallest insect to the largest creature.

When you can take an opportunity to link with whatever it might be that comes to your awareness, you will more fully know what that value is. So too, we put ourselves out here as the dolphins that we are; one individual may link with us and receive information, receive energy, or have a personal experience. Others may link with us, swim with us, they may experience our energies and their experience may be completely different? Does that change who we are and what we are doing? No it does not.

Therefore, for you as the human walking through your life, be not concerned about what others may say, think or feel about you. Allow yourself to know your truth within. When other people do not understand, when other people have a different perception, it is the time in which arguments may erupt, it's the time in which conflict may erupt; in the end of it all who is right and who is wrong? Once more it goes back to perception.

Let yourself take this moment and float upon the waves with us. Let yourself take this moment to feel supported and nurtured by the water. Let yourself take on the energy of the dolphins where water just moves right past us. It is an integral part of our livelihood, therefore we blend with it, and we work with it. We open and allow it to support us.

There are so many changes occurring right now. The tides are changing; the temperature of the water is changing. In some places it may not be as clean and pristine as it has been. In other places, there are a multitude of people and vehicles where we normally would live. As a result of these changes, we too adapt. Sometimes it will take a generation for certain changes to take place. Other times these changes are just integrated into our life as a natural part of who we are and what we are doing.

As these changes are taking place upon the earth, let yourself swim with the dolphins. Let yourself feel an ease in adapting to what is going on. Let yourself be supported by your environment. Some of you may be thinking, "but my environment does not support me", "I feel fear where I live", "it's dirty", "I can't make a living"; there are many different thoughts that go through your mind.

So the first thought I say to you; can you leave, can you move, can you find a new place? If so, I hope that you will do so. If there is fear of change or fear of the unknown that is holding you back, release it. Allow yourself to have motion in your life.

Then we come back to people who are in a situation in which you cannot leave, it is here, it is where you are, it is what is happening in your life. Therefore, allow yourself to accept. What will it take to accept where you are and what is happening in your life right now? When you feel as if you struggle in everything that you do, it creates a resistance within you. That resistance creates more of the same. That is why when you find yourself in a situation where you feel overwhelmed, unhappy or as if you are not manifesting or in the place you want to be; it seems to get bigger, bigger, and bigger.

Come swim with us! Swim with the dolphins. Take a moment and let yourself just be in a place that is filled with joy. Be in a place where the intrinsic energy is of love, support, family, companionship and nurturing. All of this is the dolphin way of life. As you are looking at your life, find something that you can align with. Let your focus e upon that with which you can align.

Create around you what may begin as an illusion, but will become your reality any the dramatic changes you may seek to have. Play with your imagination, play with your reality, and play with any of those energies that feel heavy to you.

As you are moving through this shift in time that is taking place, your body is changing. We've spoken before about how the expanded strands of your DNA have been activated. We've spoken before of ways in which the dolphins have held the DNA of the humans as a means of anchoring or assisting you. More and more as there are people, humans, who are able and willing to be very conscious of this DNA and this expansion. They take on or they begin emanating the higher vibrational DNA that we have been emanating. It need not be a chore. It need not be a struggle for you to do for as soon as it is, it hampers the affect. Each time that you allow yourself to be fully expanded, each time that you allow yourself to breathe into each aspect of yourself - be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspect; each time that you connect in just such a way sends that radiance out to the rest of the world.

This is one of the means in which the transformation is taking place. It only takes one individual to create this change. That in turn creates a blueprint, if you wish to call it that, in which others may mimic or bind with so that they too may move into this whole complete expansion.

Let yourself go inside for just a minute. Allow your focus to move inward with every breath that you take; move through your lungs into your blood; move through your blood into cell within your blood; within each cell move into your DNA. Some may have an image of what their actual DNA looks like. Others may simply trust that they are linking with or moving into the space in which their DNA is created.

There are aspects of your DNA which do not change; it is the blueprint of your biology in this lifetime. There are other aspects, especially those which are the higher vibrational aspects that you shift into and expand into as you allow for this take place within you. Within the DNA the mirror image of the perfection which is you; is replicated again and again. If you are moving through an illness in your life; perhaps you have cancer, perhaps you have diabetes, high blood pressure or lupus. If you are moving through these or any other (illnesses), allow your attention to go into that aspect within your cellular structure that creates or supports this experience that you are going through.

As you link with that, focus your attention on a cellular structure that is without that experience. It may be that you focus on a cellular structure in which your pancreas works with perfection. You may focus on a cellular structure in which every aspect is vibrant and filled with life and alignment. As it moves through all of your blood stream, moving through your entire body, it may come into organs and it may get stopped. So once more visual, embrace, enhance the cellular structure that is perfectly balanced and healthy.

You may move into your lungs, your liver, your lymph nodes; you may move into your bones. Your physical self is the vehicle you have chosen for this life allow for the vehicle which is you to be tuned up. Allow it to be primed in such a way that everything within you works in perfect harmony and balance. Any time you feel sluggish, again embrace and enhance those aspects in which you function perfectly.

Through this transformation (the quantum leap) your physical body is changing and many people are having symptoms. You may feel as if you don't even recognize your body at times. You may have dizziness, heart palpitations, you may feel sluggish and tired; you may feel hyper and ultra sensitive. All of these and more are symptoms that you are having because of what you are moving through.

Take a moment and see yourself in the third dimension. Allow yourself to be as if you are standing in front of ‘you' so that you can look at yourself. When you speak of the third dimension, you get a perception or feeling or an image. Now see standing right beside that first aspect of yourself. See you standing in the fourth dimension. Immediately what you see is less dense. Immediately you see energies that radiate out to a greater degree than what they did in the first image of yourself.

When you consider your DNA there are those aspects that can be seen with the microscope, that are studied, that identify you as who you are. When you look at the DNA of an expanded individual, this non physical aspects of your DNA are in part what supports this non physical aspect that shines around you.

As the rest of the world comes into the fourth dimension, there will be more and more people having these symptoms. There will more and more people who shift into that awareness; which in turn allows for it be greater supported.

Let's look back once more. We see you as you perceived yourself in the fourth dimension. Shift now into the fifth dimension. You can see and feel how that resonates with you. Again, come back into your DNA and you can see these spirals, these changes, these aspects that support this even higher vibration of who you are. Each of you who have been at the forefront of the transformation taking place; have actually been moving through these places, these three that I have mentioned in particular.

As you look at the fifth dimension, it's as if more and more of you become transparent. Sometimes when you have a feeling or you have a sense that things are not happening or that things have not transpired in the way you anticipated, take a moment and find out where the majority of your energy is focused. Bring yourself once more into a space which is comfortable for you.

As the average individual lives in the fourth dimension, you all will now be going through this into the fifth dimension! The world will not be shifting into that space any time soon, but one of the magical aspects of the fourth dimension and the more fully the earth shifts into that space, it actually creates a greater mobility for each you. You are going to be finding that you can shift energy much more easily. You are going to find that when anything happens within your physical body, you can create a change much more easily. You are going to find that those things which seem to get caught up around you and you didn't feel you could not let go; can be released.

We have said this to you before, we know that, but truly everything is changing on so many different levels.

Allow yourself to be open. Allow yourself to work with your cellular structure if you so desire. Allow yourself to accept the creation which is your life. You are the creator in your life. You are influenced by the many, many things around you, but ultimately, you are the creator in your life.

In some regards you may say that the dolphin's life is easier, less complicated; indeed it is. Bu one of the reasons that we were chosen to be the conduit or to be the holder for all these years is because of that ability to release a connection, so to speak. We are deeply connected to our families. We have a deep instinct that links us with the other animals of the oceans and the seas. We understand how everything is inter-related and how each thing supports from one side to the other and back again.

In this regard, we have been the holders of this energy and the transmitters of change. We come directly to you from Pleiades and some of the other planets out in the universe. Feel our link to the universe, for many of you; you will recognize it as a homecoming. You will resonate with it because you too have that link within you.

Once more come back with us into the ocean. Let yourself feel our energies as we play. We may move for miles and miles, weaving in and amongst the waves. We may stay within one space, but we are always moving.

Our life is about joy. We have fun as we do whatever it is we do to survive. Feel that joy and let yourself take it within so that as you are moving through your live, you are moving through it with joy. Blend with us as we move through the water. You feel the sun as it warms your back. You sense how it sparkles upon the waves and you move through the water. Feel when there are rain clouds and the rain beats down upon the waves; it is perhaps darker, but you still over through the water.

Sometimes when there are changes taking place that are evidenced in the weather, we come together as larger groups. Sometimes we find ourselves spreading out even more. We have an instinct for survival and support. We fully accept each other. Let yourself consider your own life as if you are moving through the waves. Consider the times in which it feels like its raining and dark clouds are all around. Draw in, let yourself be loved, nurtured, and supported. If you feel all alone and isolated, release that energy for this moment. Release it, let it go, let it flow behind you and away from you and let yourself feel what it is to be in a family and in a group.

When you take that back to your day; if you find yourself reflecting on your loneliness once more, you will manifest the loneliness. (or whatever you may emotion you may feel ‘stuck' in) Let yourself take this opportunity to accept that you are with the pod. That you are swimming with dolphins, that you are being supported. When you move through your days in your life.... you are seeking to manifest. Let yourself feel what it truly is you want to manifest. Look beneath, behind, and within whatever it is you seek to have so that you may be aware if there are aspects of yourself keeping it from coming into your life.

If you feel overwhelmed or are struggling, come swim with the dolphins!! Let the water wash over you, cleansing and releasing all that you have been holding onto. Let yourself dive deep; let yourself leap out of the water! Let yourself truly experience swimming with the dolphins.

We are always here for you. We have been feeling the effect of the shift for a long time and we know it is happening. We know that change is upon us. But we continue to swim in joy! We find our food, we are with our pod. We continue our life and we remain in that space of being.

I invite each of you to swim through your life with joy. I invite you to remain deeply linked within yourself. I invite you to be fully present in your life.

We LOVE you! We are so excite by all that is happening. We support you in any way that we can.

So please, come and join us to swim with the dolphins whenever you so choose.........





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