A Life of Creation and Words from God

Nama Sika Venia Benya     I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I welcome you to this time of community, this time of connection with one another.  I thank you for coming to be within this space with the other individuals who are here with you upon this path and with me as we are all shifting, moving, and evolving; as we seek to find what is love within us.

I wish to speak of love for just a moment, as you connect and expand through your connection to soul, you are connecting to love. This is a love that is from yourself, for yourself, and within yourself.  This love is what you seek to reunite as you seek to find the peace, the joy, the expansion within your life.  Open to love as you open to receive and accept all that is yours upon this journey. 

Have a sense of releasing your consciousness from your physical body.  See or sense it as it moves up from your physical body, up through your head center, until you connect with the magnetic grid.  As you connect with the gridwork, you are connecting with the energy that surrounds the earth.  You can connect with other individuals through this or you can connect with a higher aspect of yourself.  Seek to know this higher aspect of yourself at this time.  As you incorporate this from within the gridwork, you can allow it to move with you or you can allow it to remain within this grid, holding this space for you.

Have a sense of shifting your awareness.  There is an interlocking gridwork that moves from the magnetics of the earth into the crystalline grid.  As you leave behind the magnetic pull you feel yourself transforming.  You feel yourself aligning with these energies of the crystalline which will allow you to tap into a finer vibration and give you a sense of ease.  From within the crystalline grid, call forth a column of light.  This column allows you to be able to shift between dimensions or to shift between levels of consciousness until you come into and blend with the soul plane. 

You may feel as you leave behind that column of light as if your consciousness expands in every direction.  This expansion is a means of allowing you to stretch so to speak.  Within this space, you are able to access a greater amount of your divinity or soul essence.   Call forth your I AM presence at this time.  As you blend with your divinity, you will feel as if you are expanding even further.  Take this moment to open to the love.  Anmala alluia--- [I AM the expression of love] this phrase affirms that you are love; that you are the essence of love, the reflection of love and the empowerment of love.  Open within yourself.  Allow for this to become who you are.  By accepting it into your consciousness, you are accepting it into this human aspect that you have created for yourself. 

I make my presence known as I begin to move into the space in which you are.  You may see or sense me as a light.  You may see or sense me as having features.  How so ever you feel a deeper connection, allow that to be a reflection of me.  I come forth and I embrace each one of you.  I blend my energy completely with you.  As I do so, you find yourself shifting and expanding into the space of the All That Is. This is a space that is different from the soul plane. This is a space that is filled with the essence of all that is occurring within the universe, within the earth plane, the angels, the guides; so it can be quite busy or occupied.  It also allows for an ease in connecting with the other energies, be them guides, angels, ET’s, whomsoever you seek to connect with, they are here and readily present for you. 

Have a sense of shifting your focus outward, as if you are looking around.  As you perceive who is around you, perhaps also have a sense of looking inward and see or sense a new perception of who you are from within this space.  Allow the joy to move through you.  Allow contentment to move through you. Feel what this means to you. 

Alright beloved family, I wish to work with you about creation.  You know me as the Goddess of Creation.  I am the Divine feminine essence of source.  Allow me to bring to your awareness the God energy of source.  Become aware of his presence as he comes to join us within this space.  I manifest myself so that all of you may see us as we are within our divinity.  We both manifest as light.  There are attributes of God that appear to you as more prevalent. There are attributes of myself, Goddess that appear to you as more prevalent.  Observe if you will how he and I look to each other.  Feel, sense or see our energies as they flow back and forth between us.  As you looked at us, each one was a complete and radiant light. As we focus together, our radiance becomes enhanced even more.  We now come together and blend.  Observe the way in which we enhance and balance one another.  This balance is what you are seeking to have within yourself.  This balance is and can be yours at any time.  As you hear me speaking, you feel who I am.  We will allow God to speak so that you will be able to see, sense, or perceive any difference or shift that may come through him.

God speaks:

I greet you my family!  I greet you and send forth my love~~~  You are each changing within yourself.  I am very much a part of you.  I am very much a part of your society, and I am available to any who seek to find me.  With society as it has been there has been a predominance of the male energy.  Therefore God is reflected as the male attributes.  I am tapping into or reflecting this essence of the male god or the male source essence.  As you feel my vibration, there are differences from the Goddess.  But there are many similarities also because we come from that same essence of source. 

There was only one of us; there IS only one of us, although we can separate into these aspects as needed.  At the time in which there was only one essence, we were created from the consciousness of all. There were many indistinct patterns of light.  These patterns of light were seeking to have a way of defining or creating a purpose, you might say or an existence.  Therefore it created a soul, or what came to known as a soul and it was US.  We were one soul and as other souls were created, they were equally divine and equally whole.  There is no time in our perspective, but to give you a reference from the linear aspect of the earth plane, millenniums passed; multitude upon multitude.  And all evolved until we have what is occurring on your earth plane today.  I honor and support all.  I love and embrace every single human for the journey that they have taken on.  It is all a process.  It is all about growth and if you feel as if you have stepped away from love in your journey, now is the time to come back to the love of soul; the love of the divine.

You see how we created the male and female aspect of God as a means of aligning with what was occurring upon the earth.  As you see or sense the way that we blend together and are one, so too this is you!  You may have fully accomplished this upon your current life journey, or you may be continuing to manifest it or create it.  When you are seeking to create or manifest within your life upon the earth, it is essential to do so from the space of your divinity, from the space of balance, and the blending into one soul essence!  When you invite us in and seek to merge with us, we are only enhancing and reflecting your true light. We do this for you from love. When you think to yourself ‘but God is so beautiful and God is so radiant’ we are simply reflecting who you are.  You are beautiful!  You are radiant!  Open and accept. 

I am always available.  I encourage you to call on me.  I can listen; I can embrace you with love.  I can hold you in the light of your own divinity and I am always yours~~~


[The Goddess returns]  I am back and as I speak to you now, you will be more fully aware of the masculine and feminine within me.  Is tonight different from the other nights?  No it is not.  He has always been with me.  You may consider something like this as a partner.  But the partner is not outside of yourself, it is within yourself.  It is YOU.  Each of you has chosen a lifetime as a male or female therefore you identify with the energies of male or female.  But the other aspect of who you are is also there!   As you reach out to connect, allow the balance to occur. 

Take this moment and within your soul essence, ask to be shown the male aspect or the female aspect as you know yourself most predominantly.  Now ask to become aware of the other energies, be it male or female.  Within your soul essence, within your divinity be fully conscious of these two aspects of yourself.  The love that you seek is within.  The love that you seek has always been with you.  Release anything which has kept you from seeing this.  Reach out and embrace so that you are fully conscious of blending together all of who you are.  So that you know that this earth plane existence is balanced and complete. 

I see each of you as you begin to radiate an even brighter light!!  Allow yourself to spin, dance, and fly; whatever it is that you feel called to do as you celebrate this reunion within yourself.  Allow the emotions to flow, allow the energy to flow, as you acknowledge yourself. 

With the journey in which we talked about manifesting and creating within your life, [teleconference from 07-03-05] you created what you are seeking to have upon the earth, in this space of the All That Is. You opened to what you wished to let go of.  You opened to acknowledge any blocks you may have, and then allowed those blocks to be released.  You also created an alignment between the energy bodies that hold your soul upon the earth.  You then shifted all of that through a portal which allowed for a greater blending or combination of these various aspects of yourself. 

With tonight’s journey, you have gone back into source essence.  You have gone back into the source essence which is yourself.  You have blended the male and female.  You have created the essence of yourself as one energy, as balanced.  In so doing, you are releasing duality from your core essence.  As you release duality, you allow yourself to be in an even deeper space of balance.  From that balance, you can create even more. 

See before you your life upon the earth.  Consider it from this perspective, the perspective of the All That Is; a perspective that releases any judgment.  Acknowledge who you are.  As you do so, consider what you have been seeking to manifest.  I ask you now to see or know why it has not happened up to this point.  The reason may not be clear at this time; it may come at a later time.  Acknowledge that whatever it may be, whatever the reason is that it has not occurred is acceptable to you.  By doing that, you release the energy that holds it at a distance.  Anxiety, fear, pain, distrust that it will happen; all of these emotions hold at a distance what you are creating. 

I wish for you to change your thought process.  Rather than manifesting or bringing into your life what you seek, I would like for you to consider that you are creating within your life.  Through your creation, you have the life that you currently are living.  Through your creation, you’ve had a multitude of experiences.  Some of these are painful, some are joyful, some a sense of indifference.  Howsoever you incorporated it, it is what you created.  Therefore, rather than bringing to your current creation a change, I ask that you approach it as if you are creating from a clean slate.  Now, there is a great deal within your life that you are at peace with, or happy and content.  You can have a sense of allowing that to still be in place as a foundation of what you create.  You need not go into, analyze, think about every little particle of your life; that would truly allow your mental body to get caught up and distracted. 

Therefore, see or sense your new creation.  As you perceive this creation, know that this is what you are creating from a soul essence, but still open and allow any higher perspective to add or enhance that which you are consciously aware of.  As you do so, you can also move through the steps of creating a symbol that represents this as if it is already complete.  Open to receive a symbol that you are giving yourself.  As you have created a shift or change within your life, it is important for you to release the creation process.  You do not have to re-create, re-create, re-create.  You now need to open to receive and allow it to be created upon the earth plane.  When you find your analytical mind going back to what you are seeking to create, allow yourself to shift into or focus upon the symbol that you have been given.  The symbol that represents all is complete, the symbol that you need not give words to.  It is that it is.  It allows the analytical mind to have a focus.  It affirms that all is complete.  And so it is!

Now my beloved family, as a means of bringing closer or putting greater depth to this for your human side, see before you again, the portal of the diamond.  Recognize that this diamond is created by you, by myself, by your guides.  It is created as a means of giving you a deeper feeling of blending.  Before you move through this portal, become aware of how you have blended male and female within yourself until you are one.  Sense or feel the symbol that was created for you as being embraced within your consciousness or as becoming your consciousness.  From that space, move through the diamond.  As you emerge, all is complete! 

Wanishka-un-sika, onwala ashanuea:  I create and I bring into me, the highest form of that which I create.   

You have the symbol.  You have the phrase.  These are a means of allowing you to move, accept, absorb, and become in a different way than you have in the past.  Feel the love and KNOW the love within yourself.  Accept your creation!  Open to an even greater creation in each moment that you move through upon the earth. 

You have each tapped into a greater depth within yourself.  You have tapped into a greater essence of soul, a greater essence of source.  You have made the choice to create, within yourself and outside of yourself.  You are each beloved.  You are each the creators upon the earth.  You are creating in more ways than you can know.  Acknowledge and honor that within yourself. 

Take a moment to fully integrate all that is occurring, all that you are doing.  As you integrate you may find yourself, playing, moving, shifting, whatever comes to your mind!  Perceive how you have expanded.  Perceive any colors, light, essence that represents who you are.  You are love! 

Come back together creating a circle of love.  Perceive the others who are here and present with you.  You may perceive the joy of everyone around you as they reflect what you too are feeling within yourself.  From within this circle, I ask you to shift into the shape of the diamond, similar to what we used earlier.  Just as each of you moved through that diamond to manifest the greater blending within yourself and to manifest your creation, allow the earth to move through the diamond so it too may create what it is seeking.  You may perceive that as the earth moves through this diamond, it is as if energies, denseness, heaviness are being washed away. It is as if the earth itself is sparkling!  There are different tones and vibrations as it is created in front of you and you perceive it. Gaia comes forth; she too sparkles and radiates a shift.  She acknowledges each of you, sending out waves of love and acceptance, so that you too may link with her.  Become aware, you may sense or choose to transmit the energy of your symbol into the hologram of the earth.  Either way, the earth itself is aligning with these energies balance.  It is aligning with the energy of creation.  All of that is taken in as you connect with Gaia and the earth. 

As the time is right, the earth moves back down through that diamond.  It moves back until it encounters the physical earth.  The essences of these energies diffuse through the magnetic grid.  The hologram itself continues on until it enters the center of the earth, and from there it radiates out.  Moving through the earth itself, coming up through every particle of grass, every tree, within the lakes and oceans; so that everything becomes perfused with the energy of balance.  Everything becomes perfused with the energy of creation.  If you transmitted your symbol, you may feel it very prevalently around you. 

Bring your attention back within the group.  I ask you this time to shift the shape or energy of the diamond until it is aiming towards the Omniverse.  Allow the group energy as a whole to shift into a place as if you are looking at the Omniverse, perhaps standing on the edge.  This is a perception.  Send forth your energy of light.  Send forth the energy of creation and balance.  It moves throughout the Omniverse!  There are many who are waiting to receive this.  Some of them come to be a part of your creation.  Others are there representing their people, their planet, whatsoever it may be. 

Shift your focus now and diffuse the diamond.  Each of you may blend with and take on the energy of this diamond.  It is energized by all.  It is vibrant and balanced.  Allow it to go into you, and you transmit it and let it flow, through you, around you, and from you. 

Shift your consciousness that you may return to the space of the soul plane.  Within the soul plane, I ask you to take a moment and move into the space known as the Nama Sika room [you may read more about this on the website: http://www.goddesslight.net/goddess_light_home.htm].  This is an energetic room created by each of you where you can connect with the other individuals or energies of light who are on a similar pathway.  This room becomes energized by each of you joining it for this moment.  This is a place where you can come for community, for healing, for connection, and to practice your creation.  It is there for you. 

Allow yourself to now shift, so that you see before you a hologram of your physical presence upon the earth.  Allow this hologram to represent who you are.  This hologram represents your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  They blend with one another and create this hologram.  As you reach out to connect, be aware that the new essence of yourself that you have created will be blending completely with all aspects of YOU who walks upon the earth.  Reach out to embrace and allow this blending to be complete.  It transforms the hologram.  It assists you in diffusing these energies that are such a high vibration; it diffuses it to a level that is comfortable for you. 

Allow yourself to begin to come back into this space in which you live.  You may sense that you move through the column of light or you may simply shift into the space of the crystalline grid.  Within this grid, become aware of the vibration of the energy.  You may sense lights, colors; there is a vibration that resonates with who you are!  You are bringing more and more of this crystalline energy into your daily life. 

As you are ready to do so, shift again, moving through that interlocking grid, that you may arrive in the magnetic grid.  As you do so, you find yourself again beginning to feel the pull of the magnetics of the earth.  The magnetic grid is vibrating at a high more subtle vibration as a result of all that you did this evening.  Allow yourself to align with this vibration.  Become aware of how this gridwork is here for you. 

As you are ready to do so, allow your consciousness to come more fully back within your physical body.  You may feel that as you bring your consciousness back into your physical body that it comes down you, through you, around you, and moves into the earth in which you are located.  Allow that energy to blend with the earth, coming back up to anchor you.  Allow your full essence to expand further so that you may accommodate your new expanded awareness.  This is who you are, you are love!  Release the previous and accept your current creation.  Your creation is who you are in this moment.  You continually create throughout your life and throughout your days.  Honor and accept this creation as you release and let go of anything which is in the past and no longer serves you! 

Allow yourself to come more fully back within this room.  You may now press 4 upon your telephone that you may speak within this room.  I am open to receive your questions. 

Question:  (paraphrased) I’ve been having problems with recurrent bladder infections and have made many attempts over the years to heal herself.  This journey did show me some insights about why this is happening, but I’m wondering if you can share with me your perception?

Answer:  [person acknowledged how much she enjoyed and appreciated the journey] You are welcome beloved and I appreciate your acknowledgement of this journey!   As you speak of the recurrent infections that you have, there are two things that are coming to our mind.  There is actually a physical dysfunction within your body that you have had from birth.  This has been a part of the process for you that has kept you from being able to completely resolve this problem.  You have had surgery on this in the past?  Our sense is that this is also linked to something else.  As we said there was this physical way that you were created that was a part of the problem.  This is in terms of the way that your bladder lays and in terms of the way that the urine flows through your system.  Now urine as you know is a way of detoxifying the body. It’s a way of releasing waste.  It is a way of allowing the body to let go of what not longer works for it. Then as you are taking in more food, living you days, it’s continually in the flow of releasing and receiving.  As the kidneys are filtering what is within your body, it is then released from you and you let go.  So you can see the process just as you moved through it tonight. You were astute to realize that there is a link between [your experience tonight and your physical] process.  With everything that is happening within your body, although it is physical, there is the link of creating and finding balance within yourself.  There is not what we would even call a blockage within you per se, as you have worked through and shifted within your spiritual growth there is much you have let go of, but you’ve only let go to a certain degree.  So it’s as if you are retaining some of these old energies which no longer work for you.  This is something that we sense is more so in your mental body as apposed to your emotional body.  We say this to you so that you will be able to in your meditative state or as you are working within yourself, allow yourself to go within your mental space.  Cleanse out or release your thoughts that are holding you back or holding you onto these old energies.  That is one way you can go about cleansing this.  Another experience you can have is to move through your journey that you had tonight, see yourself as being completely healed, in balance, and letting go of this residual that is holding on around you. Because this is something that remains manifested within your mental body, by creating a symbol, every time it [your problem] comes to mind, bring up that symbol and honor your symbol or acknowledge your symbol.  That way you are not going through the whole process time after time.  You can release the process and honor the completion by observing the symbol.   Your body can adjust to what is going on by releasing.  The body is not only your physical body.  The body is your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as they all are blending together with one another they are all supporting one another, therefore, if there is a dysfunction in one, the others can assist in healing that dysfunction.  [She said thank you] Alright beloved. 

Question:  (paraphrased) My husband has been very sick and there is so much going on in my family.  Do you have any insights about what is happening, where this is going?

Answer:  First of all Beloved, we know that you have not forgotten this; we know that you have stood in the place of opening to receive the love and the support that is around you.  Let me go ahead and verbalize this to you at this time.  We know that this has been a time off great stress to you.  We know that this has been a time of turmoil, where everything is turned upside down within you life.  So allow us to embrace you!  Allow the others within the room to also embrace you!  Know that you are not alone even though it feels as if your physical presence in your life at this time, as if all that is happening to you has become so overwhelming to a degree. 

With what is occurring within your family:  we are observing different levels of things.  As if there has been an illness, as if there has been a splitting or separation within the family; wither it is physical or emotional.  So this is giving us a feeling that you are being pulled in many different directions.  Is this what you are speaking of beloved?  All of the above! Alright, what we sense is that it feels as if you are being tested and you are tired of being tested.  So we want to say first and foremost, this is not a test!  This is not about anything that you need to pass or fail.  We wish to say that what has been created within your life has been a means for personal growth.  It has been a means for allowing you to open up to new ideas.  There is a great deal that you have been meaning to change within your life.  You have been seeking these changes for a long time and you have a sense that they are not manifesting.  Therefore, what has been created over the past month….our sense is that the crisis situation began about three weeks ago and this crisis has come to fruition to give you the opportunity to make some choices within your life.  There are changes that you can make, that you have not been wanting to make.  The priorities you have in your life have been about family and holding the family together.  Doing whatever I need to do for family.   There are aspects that feel pulled apart and separated which are showing you that there are different options.  These options may not be very clear to you, but our sense from what you are saying and our sense from what you are speaking about is that you are standing on a threshold of making a decision on which direction to go.  So we want to encourage you to follow your heart to follow your love and that it still feels to us as if there is a heaviness around this, so that you are not feeling an acceptance within this of who you are.  Now much of this is because you’ve been very distracted with the members of your family. 

So we ask you to first and foremost find a place, even if it’s only for 5 minutes, where you can sit and connect with the energies as you did tonight.  Let those energies flow through you, through your body, allow it to cleanse the density and this stuff which is holding you down [that] We feel around you as if there is a great deal that is weighing you down.  You have let it go during the experience tonight and you can come back into that space or setting of letting it go, even if for 5 minutes at a time. In so doing, you will begin to have new and different perceptions.  Your husband is upon his own journey, he has created this for himself.   He in a space where he feels at this time disconnected or disassociated from the rest of the family.  It’s because he is focused fully inside of himself and at this point we have to say it is unclear what the final outcome of that will be.  We sense with the rest of your family, the children is that it’s somehow linked to what your husband is going through.  You are standing there trying to juggle all of this and bring it all together.  Honor yourself, nurture yourself and realize that you are doing ALL that you can do.  You are the doing the BEST that you can do.  We honor you for where you are upon your path.  We sense that in some ways we are not giving you the answers that you are asking for, be we are giving you the opportunity for you to come to this awareness within yourself.  You have not yet fully created the answers for yourself.  That is why we cannot give them to you.  In addition, there is an importance for you to find out within yourself, for you to come to this knowledge within yourself.  Know that we fully embrace you, that we fully support you, that you are not alone, and that you have this community of souls who are all here with you.  Know that your soul essence is standing there beside your physical being.  You created a deeper blending tonight so that you will not feel so isolated in your days and weeks to come.  Alright beloved?  You are welcome. 

Question:  (paraphrased) I have a question about what’s going on with me.  Do I have a higher self?  Am I connected with it and understanding it?  Am I really perceiving what I sense, meaning, is it real?

Answer:  Your issues of self worth have been a great deal of your journey upon this lifetime.  It has come up for you in many different ways; it has come up for you in many different fashions.  By that we mean it’s as if you hear from a certain level, you feel it on a different level, you see it reflected in the life around you and all of these are giving you opportunities your you to create the self worth, the self value that you are seeking to have within your life.  When you ask to know who is your higher self; your higher self is you as you are when you are in your divinity.  There are different levels within your soul essence, within your I AM presence.  So your higher self is as if it’s a way station between the physical person walking on the earth and the complete essence of your I AM presence.  Are you linked to this?  Of course you are beloved.  Are you communicating to it?  Yes you are beloved.  You don’t honor and trust yourself enough.  When you are feeling and hearing this essence within yourself you tend to make an excuse and down play it or let it go.  What I would recommend for you is to begin to honor the times when you feel or hear the inner voice saying to you that you are worthy, that you have value that you have a radiance, that you can take a step and walk more; whatever it may be in your life.  We sense that your higher self has been speaking with you quite a bit recently and that much of it you are hearing, but also aspects of it you are discounting or disbelieving because of that issue of worthiness.  I cannot take away that issue from you.  That is for you to do within yourself.  Know as we said with the other individual that we are here for you, we honor you, we support and love you.  You are connected.  You are bringing in greater and greater amounts of your divinity.  In fact with the journey tonight, when you went into that space of blending male and female within yourself it was not only the male and female aspects, but all of the aspects of who you are.  So take time over the days and weeks to come to honor and accept that you are fully one, that you are fully blended within yourself.  That is when you will be in a space of feeling the esteem that you are seeking and letting go of this which has been holding you back.  [She made comments about this and asked if in one particular instance, it was her higher self who she was seeing.]  That is exactly who that is! It is a reflection of who you are and it gives you a separate entity or energy to look at.  Because you are having difficulty at this time as you look inside of yourself, by creating an aspect and placing it outside of yourself; then being with Yeshua, Mother Mary, and the other energies that you are working with; it allows you to be able to perceive it more easily because it’s not within you.  There is an aspect when you look at this that makes you think “Wow, how glorious, how beautiful!” That IS who you are!!  As you open to accept who you are, you will then feel yourself blending fully with this aspect and Yeshua and Mary will be beside you rather than you observing from a distance.  [She spoke more about what she meant.] As you go forth from this day Chameleon how are you going to create within your life?  [She answered how] Absolutely!  That is how we see you!  We see you as what you know for truth within yourself.  When other people say something different to you, you can allow that to be THEIR belief, not yours.  Therefore you do not take it on and you do become affected by it.  [She commented that this would take a lot of work to change]  Well, if you say it will take work, then it will be work.  You are creating in every moment in every time.  If you create work, you will have a boat load of work!  If you create the essence of tapping into the soul essence within yourself, then that is who you will be.  Alright beloved.  The answers are within.

Question: (paraphrased)  What is the soul plane? I’m not sure I understand what that means.  Also, when you talk about the I AM presence, what does that mean? What is my higher self?

Answer:  It is where it exists, in a level or dimension.  Your soul is your divinity.  Your soul is your I AM presence.  Your soul is the manifestation of the creation of all aspects of who you are and who you have ever been.  When each of you are connecting with your I AM presence, this is also known as your Monad, your soul essence, your divinity. In truth, even your Monad is but a part of a higher expression of who you are.  This is the aspect of you that you brought into the energy of the earth plane, within this universe, as a portion of the galaxy.  So saying, that’s as if you start at the top right there.  As you come down, between that which is your full expansion and the energy which is you upon the earth, there are many different shifts in consciousness or dimensions or levels of consciousness.  Howsoever you wish to consider that. Therefore your higher self is the aspect of you which resides, perhaps if you wish to consider it in a linear fashion, that your higher self exists within the magnetic grid, the crystalline grid and everywhere in between that.  When you connect on these journeys when you go into the space of the soul plane so that you may connect with your I AM presence, you are connecting with your full divinity.  You are blending with it; it is acknowledging who you are.  Therefore, consciously bring the energy of your soul essence with you so that it comes back down, it flows through you; it connects into the earth and then comes back up into you. This is a way for you to be able to bring greater and greater amounts of your divinity to live within you upon the earth plane.  Therefore, the higher self that you speak of is more so coming down and you are integrating it into your daily life.  Does that make sense to you beloved?  You are doing this already; you have expanded and created more of your soul essence in your life.  So, you are already doing this.  By giving you this little tool, we are simply affirming for you that you are already connected.  You are welcome.

Question:  (paraphrased)  I did not have a perception of my symbol.  Can you tell me what it was? I also wonder if you can me what’s happening about my extreme makeover. 

Answer: I cannot give you a symbol for that beloved.  When symbols are created, in this respect that we are speaking of tonight, the symbol is something that will need to come from within you.  If we were to give you a symbol at all, it would be to see the beauty that is you.  The beauty is already there.  The beauty is coming from within.  You are tapping into it, you are allowing it out.  You are allowing your beauty to manifest.  Just as I was here with you this weekend, [speaking of an Opening to Channel class at Shelly’s house] just as you said the Goddesses were telling you of how they were working on you to make this extreme makeover from within yourself. That is continuing to be the first step.  There will be some physical changes on the outside, perhaps in the fall or the next several months, but we don’t have a sense of this as being…… well we take that back.  There is someone you will meet in the next one month to six weeks who will be the first step to this.  What we wish to say to you as more important is for you to do the work inside of yourself which is what you are in the process of doing.  You have come a long ways.  You are doing all that you need to do.  So affirm it as being done.  When you see yourself as the beauty that can be your symbol.  Accept yourself, honor yourself, and realize that you are a beautiful and radiant light.  [She spoke further]  The urgency you feel we sense is coming from your mental body.  The urgency you feel is because you have done so much in letting go and growing spiritually, emotionally; so your mental body is saying “but wait a second, my physical body isn’t reflecting what I have done”.  That my physical body is not reflecting who I am becoming, so my sense is that that urgency is coming from within your mental aspect of yourself.  Perhaps if you into this aspect within your mental body and work with it on releasing old images and allowing your mental body to accept these new images that are coming up from within.  It will release some of that urgency.  Others see the beauty that is you.  It’s time for you to see the beauty that is you!!

Question:  (paraphrased) As I was on the journey and as I connected and opened to my masculinity [a woman was speaking this] I felt such an anger go through me!  I was furious and just wondered why am I trying to find a relationship if all there is, is this?  What more is there?  It even gave me a sense of betrayal.

Answer:  There are several things that are occurring here.  What we were seeking to create as you were on this journey tonight was a space for you to become fully blended within yourself.  You are taking the steps, but part of that anger comes from the fact that there were aspects of you that were holding you back from completely blending and accepting yourself as being whole.  The reason for that is that there is within your mind a link between blending within yourself and blending with another individual.  When in truth, these are two completely separate issues.  You as the humans have relationships with others upon the earth because that is all a part of the human process.  When you are with another individual in a relationship such as you are seeking, you are seeking to find an individual who will merge with you, blend with you, support you; it’s almost like it’s an outward expression of what we were seeking for you to create within you on this journey.  Much of the anger you were feeling is because you have not created this on the outside in your life experience.  This is something that you seek to have.  It is something that can be very enriching and fulfilling.  It’s a means of reflecting to you who you are.  It’s a means of mirroring back to you your divinity, your light and your love.  But that’s only one level to it; there are also other levels in which you are connecting to other individuals in this type of a relationship.  This is a means of allowing you to express yourself in a different way.  Our sense is that the anger that you spoke of, the feeling of betrayal is as if you were saying you feel betrayed within yourself because you are not accepting of a full merging, you are not accepting of yourself as being a full and complete individual.  Even though you may intellectually know that, there is an emotional aspect which has not fully accepted that.  If you take the time to blend further or take the time to accept within yourself; our sense is you find creating within your life or bringing within your life an individual who will bring in an even greater sense of joy.  It’s almost like a two step process.  As you are releasing the anger, as you are releasing these senses, it will allow you to more fully integrate.  From within that integration, you can draw to you this other individual. 

There are many, many people who are already in relationships or who are listening to what you say and may be saying but wait a minute, I already have this individual and what is it reflecting?  Relationships are created for many different reasons; there is something that you create, something the other individual creates, and then it’s about two people merging their creations into a larger creation.  But still, each person is their own individual and creating within their life.  So, with saying all of that allow yourself time to more fully understand who you are in the space of oneness.  Then as you look outward into the other individuals around you, you will begin to see people in a different way.  You will begin to see men in particular or A man in particular who will more fully blend with you or connect with you.  Is that making any sense to you? [she spoke further of her feelings]  Yes, we hear you, so it may be that you choose not to have another individual within your life and that would be fine because that would be your creation.  There are many, many different levels of relationships.  There is still the sense of community, the sense of connection, the sense of co-creating, and that brings you great joy.  That brings a different type of fullness and experience to your life.  Humans, many of them make choices to be alone and there is absolutely nothing wrong of course, with being alone.  But humans intrinsically and instinctively have kind of a pack mentality if you want to call it that, meaning that they are drawn to be with other people, they are drawn to be a part of a community; it’s this community energy that brings people together their religion, sports, whatever it may be; it’s that sense of community. This is the part of you that seeks to have a mate or seeks to have someone in your life where you can create a life together.  Do you see or sense more so the different levels of this beloved?  [she answered not really]  Allow yourself to be open to accept that there is more and more that is being downloaded to you.  Allow yourself to accept that it is all a process and as you create step by step by step, there is more understanding that will come to you.  Alright beloved.

So with that, we will bring this time to a close.  This time has been about blending.  This time has been about creation.  This time has been about love.  You are each love!  You are the essence of love!  Allow yourself to open and accept this love that is you, that is within you.  Allow yourself to create within your life the greater depth that you are seeking.  Create a love filled life of existence. 

I am with you and within you~~~




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