Animal Totems & the Equinox

Nama sika, venia benya - I AM the one, I AM the whole  - I greet you my beloved family! 

Feel my love as I reach out to each one of you.  I come through, I embrace you, I sit beside you for this moment.  I rejoice that you are here with us.  I rejoice that you choose to come and spend this time together.  There is so much happening within the world in which you live at this time. 

Yes, indeed, there are more and more worldwide organisations that shift their focus into peace, into raising the vibration of the earth, into releasing energies.  These organisations, that may number people by the thousands or people that are but a few, all come together and create this space for the new energy, for the new vibration to be able to make itself known upon the earth.

Transition occurs in many, many different ways.  As each one of you move through your process that you call life, you are transitioning your own energies, your own vibration, your own experiences.  So too, it has an effect that moves out aligning you with the rest of the world.

In some regards the world is becoming smaller.  There are many ways in which people communicate.  There are times when you get caught up in what's happening, perhaps where you live, in your life, in your city, perhaps in other parts of the world.   There are many different realities taking place.  While you may support or encourage things that are happening on a global level, be aware that your own personal choices have an impact upon how your day progresses and upon these things taking place around the world.

You have such creative potential within you.  You create every time we come together for these experiences but you also create every single day as you are moving through your life.  Find that foundation that suits you, that allows you to feel secure in the moment, to become aware of what makes you feel good in any given moment.  That is my wish for each one of you, that you feel good as you move through your days, that you have joy, laughter and abundance throughout your life experience.

I invite you to once more take that deep breath that allows you to send your focus down deep within you.  Allow that focus to move into your heart and around your heart, let it move beyond.  And then, releasing the energies of your physical body let your consciousness merge with the magnetic grid.  As you come into this space, look around.  Perceive your own self as your Higher Self that resides within here.  Merge your consciousness fully.  Feel who you are in this aspect of your human experience. 

You have so much that is expressed within this space.  These ties that bind you with your physical self walking upon the earth become stronger and stronger as you continue moving through your own process.  Shift your focus so that you may move through the interlocking grid and align with the crystalline grid.  You let go the magnetic pull of the earth.  You find yourself shifting into the aspect of this grid work if you want to call it that, or this energy that will allow you to more fully align within your crystalline vibration.

Let these energies flow through your consciousness; allow yourself to truly feel what this space is to you.  During the next several months you will find that more and more of the energies within this space are integrated into the energies of your life.  You have created the foundation; the time is right to step into this next phase. 

From here, shift your consciousness that you may align with the soul plane.  There is less of a distinction between the soul plane and the crystalline grid.  The reason for this discernment is because the crystalline grid has been developed to the degree that it is now able to actually hold and transmit the vibrations of a multitude of dimensions.  Therefore these dimensions or the higher dimensions if you want to call it that, within the crystalline grid are much more in alignment with the soul plane.

As you come into this space open your consciousness and invite your I Am presence to come forth.  As you are looking out, see this essence of who you are, reach out with your consciousness and embrace who you are within your divinity.  Take this moment and just feel the love rolling through you.  This is the love from yourself, for yourself.  This is the love that accepts you completely in this moment.  No matter what is occurring to you in your life upon the earth, in this moment be open to recognise and feel the complete love and acceptance from within your soul essence. 

I the Goddess come forth, moving amongst each one of you.  I reach out, I embrace, I too share my love for you with the love present from your soul essence.  As you open to receive my embrace, you will find yourself shifting into the essence of the All That Is.  Look around you.  Let yourself sense and feel the essence of this space.  There is so much present.  Much of it is reflected by you in your life.  Much is reflected by the angels, the teachers, the guides, who are all here and present for you. 

I invite each one of you to take the opportunity to look around.  Open to see the pattern of the stars, the moon, the sun.  There is so much that takes place out in the universe which is reflected back to you upon the earth.  So too the flow is reversed, the energies of the universe shift and evolve as a result of what's happening not only upon earth but the other planets.  It's as if there's a dance of energy that moves through all the planets within your solar system, within the universe and within the Omniverse.

At the time of this channel, we're coming into the fall and the spring equinox.  Let yourself take this moment and feel the energies of where you live.  Are you moving from summer into winter or from winter into summer?  This is a time in which portals of energy are wide open in several different parts of the world.  Each one of you is able to tap into these energies no matter where you are.  Take this time, open up your senses and simply feel these energies as they flow within and around you. 

Many of you who enjoy participating in these journeys have either in this lifetime or previous lifetimes followed the energies of the stars.  We speak of astrologers, the astronomers; we speak of the people that are very aware of the cycles and patterns of the earth.  I invite you to take this opportunity and let yourself open and truly feel the earth itself, feel Gaia.  Feel the fairies, the devas, the gnomes.  Feel all those elementals that you have worked with over your many life existences upon the earth. 

I invite everyone to link with these energies and for some it may feel as if some of them are heavy or somewhat burdensome.  So breathe into your awareness, your own crystalline vibration that comes to you through your divinity.  And as you are breathing this crystalline energy within you, send it through your consciousness down into the earth.  Let it merge with all the energies that are a part of the earth's existence. 

Some of these energies are ready to be transitioned and as you consciously breathe in, and then breathe out, releasing old energy or releasing heavy energy or anything that you feel is pulling you down, it will allow for some of these that may have been stuck energies to be released.  Feel now your alignment to the earth.  It is lighter, it is still grounding to you, but it feels more in alignment with who you are. 

Many of you enjoy working with animal totems.  Perhaps you do so on a continuous basis; perhaps this is something you've done in the past.  Just as you the humans are shifting into this higher vibration or this higher consciousness, so too are the animals that inhabit the earth.  This time of the equinox, I invite you to reach out to the animals.  It may be that one particular or several particular animals may come to your attention; it may be your own that you have as a pet. 

As you are sending forth the intention to align with the animals, have a sense of being in your own presence, in your own vibration, and letting that crystalline energy just flow through you.  Each group of animals has a collective consciousness and that collective consciousness is being affected by this energy that you send forth.  There is a purpose for every animal upon the earth.  See or sense if there's one or two in particular that come to you with a message. 

Feel the strength that they offer you through their presence.  Feel the support, feel the message that they may have through their living.  It need not be anything huge or a burden, but it can be of great assistance to you as you move through your life.  View this as something fun to do, something different, or for some of you that are so aware of the animals already, open and perceive their shifting consciousness. 

They take a step back, the animals that come to your awareness.  I now invite you to look around and again tapping into these energies of the equinox; let them flow through you to enhance your ability to perceive.  Look at the fairies, look at the elementals.  Perceive if they are around you in your daily life.  The more that the vibration of the earth is raised, the easier it will be to perceive them, the easier it will be for them to communicate with you.  Create a link or a form of communication so that you are in alignment. 

We release those energies.  Now take a look around, look at the angels who are here within this space.  It is so easy to see them in the space of the All That Is, to feel their presence, to hear their words.  With the transitioning that is taking place upon the earth, and again with the energies of the equinox to amplify, transmit or align with the angels, the teachers, the guides.  They are able to come into the spaces of the earth, some with greater ease than they ever have before.  While it's not here yet, the earth is moving into a space that will allow them to manifest a physical body with greater ease.  So too it will allow you to release your physical body and transition in one space or another.  I speak of tele-transport.

As they earth is continuing to evolve, there has been so much that released the density of the earth.  Your own path to self-awareness has been a part of this.  As the earth has released these dense energies, as the atmosphere around the earth has transitioned into the higher, lighter vibration, it has allowed for the potential of many of the lost aspects of souls to return home to where they originated from.  These are showing you the many different energies that are upon the earth to assist you in your daily life. 

Here in the space of the All That Is, I invite you to move within your own divinity.  Let your consciousness move through the various dimensions, the various aspects that have come together to create you as your divinity.  So much of this you are already familiar with, and yet there is more.

You may have a sense of pathways that you may follow.  You may have a sense of pockets of energy that represent one life or another.  You are the essence of All That Is in this moment within yourself.  You are a conscious, breathing, earth existence that represents you as your divinity.  Open up so that you may allow that reality to come into you. 

If there is any resistance to this information or this knowledge, let it go.  Fully embrace who you are.  Feel as if you have arms wrapped around you.  These arms are your divinity.  This is the purest of love and acceptance.  Let it wash through you and as it does so, let go anything that's been bothering you in your daily life. 

As you are here and fully merged with your divinity, look at your life that you are living.  Perceive if there is an easier path for you to follow.  Open and allow any insights to come into you.  Everything that you have within your life in this moment is occurring because in one form or another you created this experience.  Sometimes it's difficult to believe in that or to see the bigger picture.  This is your opportunity to open to that greater understanding. 

Allow yourself to understand.  Release any harsh judgements or thoughts that you may have about you, the person you are in this life, about your body, about your relationships, about work, your family, whatever it may be.  Feel how wonderful it is to fully accept and be in this moment. 

Over the next couple of days let yourself feel the strength of the energies that are coming into the earth at this time.  Allow these energies to work with you, to assist you in whatever you seek to manifest in your life.  If you so choose, work with the animals, the fairies, the angels, work with all the various support energies that are around you.  Behind it all, or perhaps at the base of it all or the core of it all, stands you.  You with that direct link to your divinity, you with as much of your I Am presence as you are able to manifest in your life; you, the individual that moves through their life experiencing whatever comes your way.  Allow yourself to manifest with ease. 

I invite all of you to come back together and form a group or a circle.  As you are perceiving yourself, and as you look around, take this opportunity and see how many angels, guides, fairies, and even animals are here with you as a group.  In this space of the All That Is, there is not a hierarchy; everyone simply blends together in alignment with each other.  Perceive the blend of energies. 

Coming up within this group is the hologram of the earth.   As this hologram comes up within all of you who are present, let yourself look within the hologram and around it so that you may perceive the essence of those dimensions that represent the crystalline vibration coming into the earth.  Even the hologram itself emanates the perception of multiple dimensions. 

As this hologram is moving through all of you present, transmit the essence of balance, the essence of your connections, so that they may move into this hologram of the earth.  Everything becomes aligned from the animals, the fairies, the angels, the humans. 

Gaia comes forth.  She reaches out to each one of you, she embraces you.  She too is emanating these energies of alignment with the crystalline vibration.  There is an intense transformation taking place within Gaia just as there is within the earth.  This is represented to you as you perceive Lady Gaia at this time. 

She returns to the center of this hologram, she blends her energies with all that you have transmitted into the hologram.  And then it shifts out of the All That Is so that it may return to the earth itself.  It moves through those many dimensions of the crystalline grid, it moves through the magnetic grid, and down into the physical earth itself.  As it goes within the center of the earth, perceive that crystal that represents Gaia. 

These energies move through the crystal and diffuse outward and as it does so, it's bringing into alignment everything with which you worked during this journey.  In addition to that, it's allowing for a greater alignment in even more subtle nuances that what was spoken. 

Let your focus comes back within the All That Is.  Take this opportunity to celebrate, to rejoice. Enjoy the energies of the equinox, feel the ancient energies that come through at this time.  Perceive the energies of today.  Some traditions may remain, but the energies and the outcomes are transforming. 

Allow yourself to let go of this space. Allow your focus to return once more to the soul plane.  As you become aligned within this space, consciously send a beam of light that will link you in your divinity with you in this human existence.  Allow the flow to be even stronger so that your divinity blends more fully with your human existence.  Through that feel the love, feel the acceptance, feel the support that is here for you.  Allow your consciousness to follow. 

Shift as you move through the aspects of the crystalline, allow yourself to move into the magnetic grid and once more feel the pull of the earth.  You perceive the more expanded awareness.  This has always been here, this aspect of your Higher Self, but as your consciousness more fully expands it is reflected within this space.

Allow your perception to shift.  Let your consciousness once more come back within you in your physical body.  As you feel these energies grounding within you, expand your energy field as much as you need to so that you are fully comfortable with these energies.  From this space of feeling grounded in whatever your location may be, look around or open your senses; perceive if there is an animal totem that comes to you.  Perceive any fairies, any angels, any of your teachers.  This is something that's available to you at any time.  The more you play with it, the easier it will be for you to perceive these energies. 

Feel and remember that embrace of your I Am presence.  Take into you as the human acceptance of your life, of your choices, of who you are.  Breathe it all the way down into you.  Send it into the ground.  Expand it out.  Whatever you need to do so that you feel comfortable and you feel grounded. 

As you are coming back, let yourself become more fully aware and I am open to receive questions that you may have. If you would like to ask me a question, you may press *7 on your telephone. 

Question: (paraphrased) I'm having an intense transformation with a heart path.  Is there a way I can have an easier path right now?

Answer: We actually think that on this journey you allowed yourself to open up to a greater amount of support that is around you.  We have a sense of you feeling very isolated of having a struggle; as if so much of what you have tried to manifest or bring into your life has eluded you.  It's kept you in a place where you have been hard upon yourself.  It's as if you judge yourself as not doing something ‘right' or in a certain way.  All of those energies combined have brought you into this place where it feels like a struggle after a struggle after a struggle.  What we saw with you tonight was that especially in the space of the All That Is; there was something your consciousness was trying to hold onto it, but it just cracked open and we felt this huge release take place.  You may or may not have perceived the extent of what that was, but as we are looking at you now and as we looked during your journey, it looked like you were letting go of all that you were holding onto for so long.  Then when you opened up and allowed, it felt like a much greater allowing of the self love and nurturing to come in and take place within you.  Does that resonate with you? 


Excellent!  What we would like to say in the days to come is that you've released so much in this journey and there will be times you'll feel raw, there will be times you'll feel disoriented in the next few days to a couple of weeks or so.  We sense you feeling ‘What is it? What did I do? What is going on? Where am I again?' when you find yourself in the space of questioning and asking and wondering, we encourage you to remember this moment, remember this journey, remember that feeling of opening and allowing that flow of love and caring. 

That was the metaphysical answer we wanted to give you and of course, that's the most important answer!  When you remain in the space of allowing and accepting we have a sense there are humans around you who can assist you.  We sense there are people who have been very challenging to you that have been fighting with you and this resistance is coming from them.  As you have let go of the resistance and so much on this journey, you are letting go of the link or alignment with that individual.  This too will assist you in releasing the struggle you have had in your life.  Be aware that things will get easier for you and it will come from somewhat unexpected sources to you.  The baseline of everything coming to you is from you allowing in love and nurturing first and foremost from yourself, your own divine essence.  Then when you are in the space of allowing that, you will see that other aspects will come to you in your daily life.  Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, that's wonderful!)

Yes and so we honor you for the path you have chosen and we honor you for the strength you derived from these struggles.  Remember the strength but let go the struggle!

(Okay, thank you.)  

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)  Goddess, may I ask you please if you can tell me how my chakras are.  I'm hoping they are better, when I asked once before they weren't doing too well. 

Answer: Actually beloved we see you as much more balanced and in alignment that we have perceived of you in the past.  We see in looking at you that this is something you are consciously working with in many different ways.  We see that you have a routine you have set up for yourself and through that routine it feels as if those that were closed down or more open and those that were overly open are now spinning in a manner that allows for you to have access without the energies overwhelming you.  so the answer is yes, we see you as being more balanced than what we saw in the past.  Are you seeing this manifest in your life?  

(Yes, I feel it, I feel a lot more balanced.  Thank you.)

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) I'm wondering if you can give me any insights about my relationship with my son?  It's been very much within my consciousness that I am holding something within me that is holding him back. 

Answer: We're looking at the two of you and you have a very unique relationship with one another.  We see he is quite an evolved individual and he came into this lifetime..... there are a few struggles he's had and as if with these struggles, it's convoluted but let us see if I  can explain this in the way I want to you.   as we look at the two of you and when you asked just now if you were holding him back we had a sense of him holding some of the energies for you as you have been going through this transformation over the last couple of years.  At the same token, by you opening in this transformation, it has now allowed him to also come full circle and he is moving into a higher level also.  In this regard we see the two of you as interrelated to one antoher and as if you have a close relationship, not only as mother and son but on many different levels.  Does that make sense to you?  Have you felt it also? 

(Oh, absolutely!)

So your question about whether there is something you're doing that is holding him back; we don't have a sense of that happening.  We feel he is in a place of trying to balance his human with his divinity because it's as if there has been a surge over the summer that brought in a greater divinity and it pushed him out of balance.  It is somewhat in response to you and what you were doing.  What we're seeing is that there was a cloud or ball of energy was kind of walking around on top of him which he was feeling and noticing.  He then began to allow it come into his physical person and it came more so than what he realized so now he is trying to find a place of balance.  It is related to what you are going through, but it is a part of his own path and journey.  That is our perception of that.  We see him trying to find his own identity and it comes with being the age he is.  We see him as trying to incorporate these energies.  It's as if he has become less grounded or disoriented than what he normally is.  So one of the things you can do is in the energies of the home and your connection to him and your communication with him; find the space or create a link where you can show him how to ground these energies or balance within himself.  We sense that he is in resistance from him human self and will not listen to you.  so you may need to work with him energetically and as you and he are doing this, we see him as coming full circle.  This place where we see him is probably 90-95% of the way through.  It is the final aspect.  Does that make sense to you?

(It does, but he and I have had no contact for over 15 months.  So energetically I have put up a barrier myself to the way I felt I had to protect myself because he was so scattered.  Now I would like to go back into his life but I don't sense that he would allow me in.) 

Let us just say that we see you and him as being aligned and having a deep bond with one another.  So if you have not had physical contact for 15 months, that is the human aspect and what you wanted to create such as lowering the barrier; work with this energetically like in a soul to soul or heart to heart level.  Begin to set the foundation in this respect then when you reach out from the human level, you will find that what you have done on the energetic level will have filtered down and into him and will perhaps create a greater ease or a release of that resistance that you felt in him and in yourself so that you will come back together at a new level. 

(Thanks! Sounds good.)

You're welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) When are my finances going to turn around in the short term, what will happen throughout the rest of this year and when will I come more into the prosperity.

Answer:  We have a sense to say to you that there is a great deal of prosperity around you energetically.  Much of this is swirling around you, but it does not feel as if it's moving through you.  So we have a perception of it as being separate from you.  This may be why you are feeling the lack of abundance in your life.  What we would encourage you to do, instead of focusing on prosperity and abundance and bring it in...... whatever you have been doing has been keeping it at a distance.  So let us just say that what we encourage you to do is to find a way to breathe it into your heart, feel it within your body.  Then in a space of meditation, be it 5 mins or 20 times during the day; let yourself breathe into that sense and that prosperity.  I then encourage you to energetically spend money.  Energetically utilize funds that are just there for you, swirling around and you reach out to pluck the money out of the air for you to use.  This is creating a way to bring that financial abundance into your reality. 

We have a sense of a job that you may have been interviewing with or that you may have been looking for as coming into your reality in the next several weeks.  Are you looking for a new job?  Because it feels as if it's something new and about a change in your life. 

(Well, it's a little bit of both.  I'm working on a project right now and I'm just waiting on the word on the project I've been working with my agent since last year.  I am looking for work this week and I have two job interviews.)

We feel one of those two job interviews is going to manifest a job for you.  When you speak of an agent-these job interviews feel different from what you are doing with the agent. 

(Oh, they are completely different.  One is a big project from last year, still in the works; the others are something new.)

Okay, because they felt very different, that's why we wanted to clarify.  What we sense is one of the job interviews from Wednesday is going to manifest a job for you and that you will actually like it! It feels different or not what you typically do or have done in the past.  It feels like you have had a particular goal for yourself and what you have wanted to have in the future and this feels different than that.  So be open and aware that while it may not look exactly like what you are anticipating it can still be something you enjoy.  It gives you a sense of security and brings in the money or finances on a consistent basis.  In that regard, we would encourage you to just be open to that flow and that alignment.  

Then we have a sense of that bigger project you mentioned as not coming into fruition for another 3 to 4 or 5 months.  No, it doesn't feel like 5 months, it feels like after Christmas when that will come into being. 

(Wow, that's wonderful!  So, maybe with one of the new companies I'll be able to make the move.)

Exactly, it feels with us speaking to you right now as if we are working with you and your own angels are also working with you to be open to that which is different or something unique that you will actually quite enjoy, so be open to change. 

(I will, well thank you so much.  Maybe with one of the new agencies I'll be able to move to California for my career instead of waiting and putting my eggs in one basket with one agent.)

We think that's a very good idea.

(Okay, look for the new and if the big project comes up sooner than later, fine but be open for the new.)

Exactly, be in the moment, live in the moment.  Certainly be open to open to potentials for the future, but do not live with your focus on the future, live with your focus on the moment. 

(Exactly, live in the moment and just BE.  Thank you! )

You are welcome. 

Question: (Paraphrased)  I recently injured my foot and it's been a long time in healing.  I wanted to know if it's an energy block or if there's something my body is trying to tell me.  (Did you have surgery on that foot when you injured it?)  No I had surgery on the other foot! 

Answer: It feels to us as if there's a block of energy.  It feels like a square block that is set up in the center of it and that it's causing swelling.  We will work on it for a moment or so now, but you may have greater work than what we can do right now.  So yes the answer is, there is an energy block in your foot.  It feels to us as if it's something to do.......hmmm it's not coming real clearly.  We invite you to take a deep breath and send your focus down into your foot. (Pause)  We have a sense of a spike that comes up through your foot.  We have a sense of a trap that you step into and a spike come up through your foot.  We don't sense this is what physically happened but energetically it comes through this way.  It has to do with being trapped in a situation and feeling like you can't walk or run or get away from it.  It feels like something old and that you have moved beyond it but this is a residual energy.  Does that make any sense to you?

(Yes, I guess so.  Keep going.)

What we would recommend to you is working with the foot.  Create a salt bath where you would use lots of sea salt or natural salt, then put you foot and ankle into it.  As you are doing so, work with your consciousness and breathing and send all of your focus down into your foot.  What we perceive is a block of energy and we will work with you in a moment to release it.  But we sense it is something that is in layers and you need to work with it in layers that you peal off.  We do have a sense it will recover.  We do have a sense there will not be any residual, but it has not healed because of this energetic block. 

(Alright, thank you.)

For a moment here if you will just work with us.  Take a deep breath in and all the way down.  Then once more breathe all the way down and let your energy link with it; then breathe out and have a sense of disconnecting and letting it go.  We feel as if that let go of some of it; there is more but this is all we can do in this moment.  Can you feel the difference?   


So that is the type of way you can work with it as you are soaking it.  You don't necessarily have to soak it, but this will be an extra physical benefit in alignment with the energetic release. 

Question: (paraphrased)  I was wondering if you could please tell me how I'm doing on following your journeys?  Am I able to release?

Answer:  We have a sense that on the journey, from your higher self you did everything you wanted to do and you let go of everything you were seeking to release on this journey.  We have a sense of an aspect of your mental body or an aspect of you that kept you grounded so you didn't connect to the journey like you normally do.  That's what's giving you this perception of ‘did anything happen?' ‘Did I even do anything with it'? This feels to us as if you need to work with your mental body and allow it to be able to relax, let go, let you get go of the stringent keeping you focused on the moment.  Then as you reconnect with the journey again, which you can do so through your intention; then you can allow the energies of the journey to flow through your body, flow into your mental body and your mental body will more fully understand what is happening, can feel the energy and can feel much more as if you are blended.  Does that make sense to you? 

Yes, it does.  My mental body had gone off in another direction.  I had to pull it back and say ‘follow the journey'! 

You do not always have to just follow the journey.  You can let yourself go wherever you want to go.  If your mental body is keeping you grounded by thinking of things such as ‘When I'm done I have to clean the house, then walk the dog, then go to the grocery store.....' keeping you grounded in analytical things that have to do with your daily life.  That is one thing, if your mental body is assisting you in going to a space that will assist you in being able to explore in such a way it assists your evolution, that's a totally different situation. 

Yes, and my mental body was keeping me grounded thinking about every day things. 

You've been in a space where you were a little more away from your usual routine and what you would normally do.  We just have a sense this is something you have experienced before.  But be gentle with yourself and loving and it will transition very quickly.  You've gone through this before; we know you've moved beyond this!

All right, and with that I will draw this evening to a close.  I thank each one of you for coming and sharing this time with me.  For those who do have some questions, please I invite you to go inside and let yourself connect energetically and see if you can't feel those answers and feel those perceptions come into your awareness. 

During the next several days be aware of the flow of energy that will intensify with the equinox.  Be aware of your own human self and physical self becoming more aligned with your divinity.  Be open and allow this flow to move through you and become the greater you as you walk upon the earth.  You are supported by the animals, the fairies, the angels, the teachers; you are supported by the other humans around you.  Be open and allow for this to become as much of your reality as you so choose.

I am ever with you and within.




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