Blending and Evolving through the Atlantian Crystals

 Nama Sika; Venia Benya             I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family.  As always, I rejoice at this time upon the earth.  I rejoice at this opportunity to be able to come in and connect with you so deeply and so fully.  Allow yourself to expand and become more comfortable in your physical location, so that you may release and move further and further up into the higher energies.  Now is the time in which each person a matter where you are upon your journey is ready to shift and adjust their energies to take on or move to a more expanded awareness.  Allow yourself to feel a sense of who you are in your physical presence.  Then have a sense of releasing that, that you may expand, allowing your consciousness to release your physical body; moving out from yourself with the intention of connecting with the magnetic grid.

As you move into the magnetic grid, you are very aware of the vibrations, the tones, and the energy that are sending impulses around the world; through you, and connecting you to other individuals.  As you become fully acclimated with this, your awareness is expanded even further. 

Have a sense of releasing this energy as you move through an interlocking grid.  This is a pathway that assists you in releasing the vibrational pull of the earth.  It assists you in releasing the density, so that you may more fully connect with and blend into the crystalline grid.  The crystalline grid is different than the magnetic. The energy is different, you feel lightness, or a more vapor experience for your consciousness.  Here too, you are able to feel these energies and send impulses wherever they may need to go. 

Each of these steps is allowing you to expand and take on a greater amount of energy that will assist you in your journey.  I invite you to come to these spaces at any time that you may seek to find a greater expansion within yourself. 

Allow your consciousness to move into a column of light.  You may sense or see this is already present, or you may create it.  This column is a means of assisting you and shifting you into a new space.  As you move through it, you have a sense of the shifts that are occurring within you until you get to the space in which you emerge.  As you release this column of light, you have a sense of your awareness moving out in every direction, a sense of freedom! The expansion allows for you to truly blend into all aspects of the soul plane.

Within this space, call forth your I AM presence. As you do so, you find that you are expanding even further or expanding to take on a greater depth within yourself.  There are so many aspects of who you are which you are only now opening up to; this is the right and appropriate time for you to do so.  As you are moving in and blending within yourself, have a sense of linking at this higher level to the others who are within this group.  You are creating an energetic space which you have used in that the past, you give it the name the Nama Sika room.  This is a means of connecting with all those who are not consciously present within your teleconference.    This also is a means of connecting with others to may be reading this at a later date.  You may take that a step further, and recognize that if you move back within to this journey again, you will find your own self in a new and different position.  Each time you connect with these energies, you are evolving and receiving new information and new perceptions. 

With that, open your awareness to the energies of my presence.  I manifest more fully in and amongst each one of you.  I have a sense of moving through a group of people.  I may reach out and acknowledge each one of you until the point in which we are all connected.  In that moment, I more fully and completely blend with each one of you.  Feel my energy as I come into you, or as you come into me.  It may go in either direction; in fact it is a blending of the two. 

This allows you to immediately shift until your awareness is in the space of the All That Is.  The All That Is is a higher plane of vibration, a greater expansion, a greater awareness of who you are, of where you are, and all that is around you.  Also within this space of the All That Is, would be what you might consider an infinite void.  This void is a means for you to move into and tap into the depth that is within yourself.  Through a sense of creation, you can go to deeper and deeper levels or you may evolve into higher and higher levels.  How so ever you perceive this is right and perfect for you. Feel yourself in this space that is at the same time filled with everything yet is nothing.  Everything you do is through your perception.  Perceive the infinite potential of who you are. 

Allow yourself to take this moment and open up to all the emotions that have been flowing within you over the last several weeks; for indeed, upon the earth plane it has been a time of transition.  You may have felt as if he ran the gamut of emotions from one end to the other.  Have a sense of seeing yourself or sensing yourself as if you are at the center of all these emotions as they swirl around you.  You may feel the pain, the fear, the sorrow; you may also feel the joy, the excitement, or the anticipation.  What so ever you have been moving through, allow it to fully come into this space?  As you have a sense of being in this space, you can perceive what all of these have been to you and what your experience has been.

I ask you now to infuse everything with love! Feel the love as it flows from me into you and out into this whirlwind of emotions.  Anmala alluia--- Take in that phrase and allow it to assist you in perfusing everything that is swirling around you.  In this manner, you transform anything which is no longer going to work for you.  Release and let go of anything that has been holding you back.  Create a place within your emotions in which you feel the infinite connection with source energy.  Expand from that, who you are within your divinity.  Then allow that to enhance everything that you have been experiencing, letting go of, and taking in.

We have a sense of bringing in the crystalline energies, so you therefore may see a crystal as it comes into your space.  This is a crystal which is sacred to you, special, it is yours and represents who you are.  You can see and sense this crystal as it comes into and perfuses the energies that are you.  You have a sense of feeling the minute particles that are coming into you and shifting your awareness as a result of perfusing it with the crystalline energy.  While you have seen this as something you are observing you may now take it back into you.  Take it back into your entire awareness and accept ansa-eeya---accept that this is who you are!

I ask you to now have a sense of allowing all these emotional shifts to blend and connect with the mental aspects; so that you will release and transform any patterns that have been holding you back.  You may have seen that it was all a part of the whole or you may see this as something separate.  If you have been perceiving that this is something separate that needed to be transformed, now is the time to allow that to happen.  Transforming your mental capacity or abilities allows you to open up to greater and greater amounts of potential.

As your awareness, your consciousness, becomes more fully perfused with everything in this manner, you can now find that you are in a space of bliss, of contentment.  Again, I have a sense of perfusing or sending forth crystals.  These crystals are immense.  Through the vibrational adjustment that you just received, you are now able to perceive this crystal that is in front of you.  It is something that was used during the time of Atlantis, it was used prior to that in Lemuria, and it was used before that out here in the universe.  As you have a sense of seeing it or feeling the vibration that is put forth from this crystal, it brings up memories within you.  This crystal held the energies of transformation.  It held the energies of stability.  It never disappeared; it has always been where it is now.  The difference is the shifts in consciousness which allows you to be able to perceive it.

As you have been standing, in essence, around it, looking at it, taking in information, what has been happening is that each one of you is aligning your energies?  Through this alignment, you are able to have the greater depth of perception.  If you wish to do so, you may take a step forward until you move into the crystal.  You may receive radiant energies of this crystal even if you remain where you are.  If you step into it, you may have a sense of being in a pocket or portion of the crystal.  Or, you may have a sense of blending and becoming one with the whole! Take note of the prisms, the light, the energy, the information.  It may be at first that it all passes too quickly for you to take in.  You may slow that down.  This is a means of shifting and converting all of who you are.

From here you may more easily see your life upon Lemuria, Atlantis, or perhaps within the stars.  You may have many of these experiences, or you may have had few.  It may also be that over time, various energies or experiences will come to you.  This is another aspect of the divine consciousness, the collective consciousness.  This is a pure energy source.  Blending with this source allows you to instantly transform. 

With the individuals who are coming to the earth, more and more will come in automatically aligned with these energies and less denseness to them.  You, the remarkable humans who have been upon your path, have moved through your lives and are now coming to this space.  From here you may release what no longer works for you so that you may move through your days with alignment, with ease, with the knowledge of what ever it is that you need to create whatever you may seek within your life.

You now have a sense of releasing the energy of this crystal.  You have a sense of feeling yourself as you separate.  Perceive this crystal as it is now.  After this influx of each of your energies, there is a greater brilliance or clarity.  This is what allows the crystals to grow and evolve as they are doing whatever it is they need to do.  This is also the way that you may use the crystals to allow yourself to grow and evolve.  Let the crystals work with you and for you.  You may already have them within your possession, or you may find one that comes to your attention in the near future.  Allow this crystal to represent your experience this evening.

Have sense of using this energy to allow yourself to be propelled or moved into an aspect of the universe or perhaps your home star which you have not experienced.  You may also go to that place which is where you have lived and experienced it in previous journeys.  But you are taking on greater depth and perception as a result of this.  Feel and know who you are within this space.  Feel your radiance.  The greater amount of time you spend in the space of expansion, the greater potential you have to bring it back with you into the earth plane.

You have been releasing and transitioning so that you may align and take on a greater amount through this experience.  Feel the shift in who you are.  Know and understand who you are.  Allow your unique radiance to shine forth.  When you go inside, from within that space you tap into and know your own love.  You are the purest form of love.  You are radiant!


I realize you prefer to stay in this space of expansion, but I ask you to begin to direct yourself to move back into the space of the All That Is.  This time, become very aware of the Angels, the guides, the Beings of light who have been holding this space for you throughout your journey.  As you come together, have a sense of forming a group.  Sometimes you may have a perception of levels of energy, tiers, as if individuals are on risers moving out from you.  In reality, everything is blended as one.  Therefore, allow yourself to blend and connect fully with all who are present in this space. 


As we do so, we create within the center of hologram of the earth.  Have a sense of opening to perceive this crystal that you connected with as it was used, or where it was placed within the earth during these other existences.  This crystal has a group of energies who maintain it you might say.  They assist in shifting it to where it is needed.  Therefore, during the time of Lemuria it was in one place, during the time of Atlantis it was in another.  You come to realize that is coming back again.  One difference when it comes back this next time is that it will have an energetic existence in many different locations.  Part of the reason for this, is that so many upon the earth are opening consciously and bringing this forth. There are new and different pathways that assist people with connecting to this energy. 

We see this crystal as it is moving into the hologram of the earth.  This is seeding it and allowing it to acclimate.  Observe the way the earth shifts to adjust to this energy.  Allow your energies to now re-create the alignment that you felt.  This time, it is as if each of you and every energy of light, guide, angel, whoever is within this space; it is also blending into the hologram.  You may send your full consciousness back into the earth with this or once you have acclimated, you may wish to separate to a degree.  There will still be a part of your consciousness that is with in this hologram that moves away from the space and down towards the physical earth. 

As this hologram is moving through space and time, it connects with and becomes one with the physical earth upon which you are.  You can see and perhaps feel the shifting that is occurring.  You realize that much of the work you have been doing over time has been preparing for this.  It is but a stepping stone for what is to come.  You will be working with these energies more in the future.

As the blending is complete, have a sense of bringing your awareness back into the space of the All That Is.  Reconnect with those who are there with you.  You are still vibrating with this same energy.  I ask you to create a ball of energy or a ball of light that is filled with these vibrational changes, these crystalline changes.  Allow this ball to be sent forth into the Omniverse; sending it to shift all that is occurring.  You have a sense of feeling that complete.

You now to shift your attention in a move back into the space of the soul plane.  As you move into this space, the area is expanding.  You are allowing your vibrational level to adjust to where you are.  Here is where you call forth the hologram of your physical body.  As you perceive your physical body as it is at this time upon the earth, you see it standing in front of you.  Consider the way that you transformed the mental and emotional aspects of yourself.  Now is the time to blend that, to transform anything that is within your physical body.  Reach forth to embrace the hologram of who you are that you may actually embrace who you are.  This allows for a greater blending between your mental, emotional, your physical, and it is done in the space of your spiritual expression.

Allow yourself to have a sense of shifting, you may call forth the column of light again or it may simply be there.  Move through the column allowing yourself to come into the space of the crystalline grid.  You see how it is at this time.  You see the way that it has become affected especially due to this journey and your connection to the crystalline.  This is part of the energetic support work for the immense crystal that you worked with earlier.  We are but tapping into a small portion of the whole.  This is all you need connect with in order to access as much as you may wish to take in.

Move forth allowing yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may once more be a part of the magnetic grid work. You can feel the way the magnetics themselves are shifting and changing. As a result of the increasing amount of the crystalline energies the vibration is different; it is as if the crystalline energies are pulling the magnetic grid work further and further out.  The more that you expanding your perceptions shift, the greater amount of shifts there is occurring in this space.  Allow the magnetic grid work and the density of the earth to begin to bring you back so that you may ground within your physical body.  Your physical body is feeling the increased vibration that is moving through it. 

Allow yourself to come back into the earth plane opening to receive and accept the shifts that have occurred.  As you are coming back into the earth plane, come back into this conference room by pressing the four upon your telephone.  I am open to receive any questions that you may have. 

Question: <paraphrased>  There is so much that is changing within my life.  My business is not working the way I thought it would and my relationship is not working out, I don't know why this is and where I'm going.  Do you have any insights for me? 

Answer:  This is a question that so many people upon the earth are feeling at this time; how to continue to expand spiritually, and still have the work and life experiences that they are seeking.  In part, the journey that you have just been upon is a means of expanding your spirituality and then bringing it down into your physical plane.  That will assist you in being able to express yourself more fully.  You have been through a great deal of shifting and changing and we sense in you disappointments in things that you had anticipated that are shifting and no longer going to work in the way the you had perceived.  We sense that you are also questioning, why is this happening, why is it not moving in the way you anticipated? What we can say to you is that a you are actually setting this space and opening up to something even greater which we feel that humans find very frustrated because you want this now rather than in some distant future.  What is important for you to know and understand is that you have been taking, step by step by step an expansion within yourself. You are opening up more fully in talking about and discussing your beliefs in who you are and what your life is.  There has been a sense of you becoming more comfortable with all of this, so there's still that human part of you that says even though you are not in a traditional type of work because of all your traveling, there are still a lot of traditional people are around you.  You have been working at blending these two energies together and we do see that it is working and things are shifting and moving forward for you.  You are simply having this sense of wondering and feeling that things are not working out when in reality, what's happening is that a door has just opened and you are going to be receiving perceptions and ideas of new and different means of selling your product or means of moving forward.  We have a sense with you that there will be less travel that you will be more stationery.  You may choose to set up shop in one place and others will choose to come to you.  Through talking to people, you will be consciously identifying ideas and emotions that you sense within the individual.  Through the perceptions that you are taking in, you assist others in opening through simply talking with them.  That is a means of stepping into expanded awareness so that people will have a feeling of goodwill which in turn will promote business.  Does that make sense to you at all? <person acknowledged yes and spoke further>  Exactly, there has been so much within you that has shifted and changed that the human part of you is sometimes saying, "well gee whiz, I don't understand", it's almost as if you have needed to align more fully the physical and the spiritual to be in more of a sense of balance.  With the journey tonight, we sense that it will assist you in moving forward from there.  You will have a greater ease.   <the person spoke, giving more details> 

<The person was talking about her recent boyfriend and whether they would stay together or not.> Our sense is that the relationship itself was very important to you.  That the relationship was a means of giving you support in many ways it allowed you to expand.  You were more so holding the space for him to be able to expand, but both of you have gotten to the space where as much can come from this relationship as is needed.  It is time for you to each move in a separate direction.  Of course it is important to feel the human emotions, feel the sense of separation and the sense of loss.  Trust that each of you are going to move into a direction that will bring you greater and greater amounts of personal growth.  Our sense with him is that he too is feeling that sense of loss, that loneliness.  Will the two of you ever be together again? We sense there is always a deep friendship that will be there and in terms of and more personal relationship, that is not what we see at this time.  It is more a sense of friendship and connection through that.  Alright Beloved? You are welcome.  Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> When I'm in the space of expansion, I can feel, sense, and know so much.  But when I'm in my regular day time, it all just seems to blend together and I don't feel as if I have as complete an understanding. It's as if my expanded mind and conscious mind just do not vibrate together.  Do you have any insights about this?

Answer:  You answered the question with your very last sentence, or can that be done? When you are moving into the space of knowing information from a pure space of knowledge within yourself, and then to try to put it into a mental capacity is sometimes breaking it down, shifting, or moving in a different direction.  You are growing to expand into a great degree, and you are bringing in greater and greater amounts of these higher vibrational energies.  Through that comes a sense of knowing, that which you speak of.  So to take that <an experience>, bring it down, analyze it, or categorize it, you are actually taking away an aspect of what the All knowing or inner knowledge is giving to you.  It's as if you are moving forward on your path, expanding, and taking in.  Then when I say, how do I described this with words, it would be is if you are now setting limits and taking a step backwards.  So if you can work with yourself to allow for your mental ability to simply have that sense of knowing, if perhaps you can describe it, then release the desire to try to.  That will allow you to remain more fully in the space of expansion.  Does that make sense to you?  <he continued to talk> Yes beloved, that is exactly where humanity is moving now, and of course you are all at the forefront.  With this exercise tonight, the means of stepping into that crystal or actually declaring that you did just prior to stepping into the crystal, allowed you to blend at a much higher level, your mental and emotional capacity.  What that is doing is expanding your cognizance, your mental awareness.  This is a means of shifting and expanding, allowing yourself to be able to take in and know, how to say, to perhaps have a better description are ideal within your mental capacity of what is happening.  Yes beloved, you are growing that within yourself.  It is expanding but the two have not blended to the ability that you could describe it.  That is why it comes across as a step backwards when you do connect with these energies.  Continue to work with blending with the energies of this crystal.  Continue to have a sense of moving into that space of expansion allowing your full awareness to move out, move out, and move out.  You then say I now perfuse this with my mental abilities, or my mental capacities.  That is a means of allowing you to expand further the mental abilities.  And too, we want you to still continue to release the over analyzing.  That is something that won’t change.  The need to give up analyzing is very much a part of these new energies of being in the moment and being in the expansion.  Analyzing is not a part of it.  By expanding your mental capacity, then your knowledge or your inner knowing expands to a greater degree that you may understand.  You are welcome

Question:  <paraphrased> I’ve been going through an incredibly intense cleansing or shifting.  Do you have insights for me?  I’m extremely uncomfortable and I’m not getting any better. 

Answer:  You have been through a great physical cleansing for the past week to 10 days upon the earth.  You began this cleanse actually in the middle to the end of the summer and it has been growing and evolving.  With all the shifts and changes that you took into yourself over the last several months, that is what created this space of change within you.  That is what has accumulated to such a place where your body is saying, “It’s gone and that’s it!”     So it has been a very dramatic affect upon you.  So to say is this a physical or spiritual cleansing, it’s a physical attribute of your spiritual expansion.  By connecting with the crystal you just worked with on this journey, you were able to more fully integrate these aspects within yourself.  This is in part what will allow your physical symptoms to be released or relieved.  There is an aspect of yourself that has been struggling with this.  You have been somewhat inadvertently holding onto things because you are feeling so bad.  You’ve been feeling so up in the air with a great deal of confusion that there have been aspects of you which say “Let me go back to what I know, because I know what I know, I don’t want to go here”.  We ask you to take into you the sense and the knowledge that you are not going to transition at this time.  It’s not the correct time for you.  Allow all of this purging and transformation to move through you with greater ease and comfort.  Alright beloved? 

It will continue for at least another few days, but you can work with it and adjust it to a form that is less strenuous upon your body.  You can accomplish this through your intention.  Through breathing in the energies connecting with the crystalline energies.  Allow the soft gentle filtering to come through your body, and allow it to ease you. 

Again, just as we spoke with the other, about the analytical, the analyzing, the thinking, that is what is creating the greater amount of stress for you. You are physically having purging and releasing.  It’s making you uncomfortable and worried, so you analyze and think.  This is what is making it worse.  If you can attempt to create within yourself.  Put forth the intention to feel a sense of peace and gentleness.  That will then perfuse into your body and the physical results will be less harsh.  It has been a challenge for you, but there was a great deal that you needed to get rid of, that you had been holding onto for a long time.  So take the time, after this journey while you are sitting and staying in these energies to truly go inside.  Accept yourself.  Open to the love for yourself and let that love come into you, nurture you, that you may feel these symptoms release and let go. 

<When this person came on, she asked if the one who had all the static in their line could mute the line.  She was having a hard time hearing.> Sorry Pauli, we hope you can still hear this.  He had some flooding where he lives and the phone lines are not what they normally are.  Ah much better, we still love you Pauli!

Question: <paraphrased> I have really been feeling uncomfortable for the past several weeks.  I know that much of this is due to the transformation, but I'm wondering if you have any insights for me about what I can do and how long it will last, thank you.

Answer:   You spoke very true, when you said you are at the head of a shift in consciousness.  As you were on this journey tonight, connecting with the crystal, aligning yourself to the vibrational energies of the crystalline grid work and these crystals that are now coming more fully within the earth's surface or coming to the surface; howsoever you wish to perceive it.  These crystalline energies are what allow the body to vibrate at a different level.  As people are shifting from a lower density vibration into a higher vibrations, that is what is causing so many to have these physical symptoms.  As you said, you are ready to shift into it and that is exactly what you are doing.  It has forced you to have a great deal of releasing.  The aches and pains that you have been having have actually been toxins that were stuck within muscles and cellular structures.  If you can have a sense of bringing within yourself perhaps as you go the bed at night, or when you get up in the morning, whenever it is a quiet time; truly take the time to call forth this crystalline energy that you connected with tonight.  Have a sense of breathing and stepping into it as if you can step into it and it is cleansing all of your energy fields.  Then have a sense of allowing that to perfuse very deeply into your physical body.  Your physical body is taking it on, it is an amazing thing! The more it acclimates to each of these experiences, the less of the dense physical aches and pains you will be feeling.  It is simply that you have been coming up to and moving into this rain which is costing to feel so many of these symptoms.  It is changing, it is releasing, and also we have sent forth into the earth with the hologram this evening the energies to be within the earth then radiating from the earth that will assist you in moving into this higher vibrational level.  You will still have a solid physical body.  You will still have who you are in this moment.  But if you can open awareness to a higher vibration that is the means of shifting that you are seeking.  <the person spoke in more detail>  it most definitely will, any time that you are moving through a shift such as this, you resort back to that which you know as a personality aspect.  So as you are shifting into and becoming more acclimated, there should be a smoothing out of energy and a greater blending of your emotions.  Alright Beloved, we thank you for asking.  Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> This journey was so incredibly profound for me!  I would like to know more about this crystal.  Is it a universal crystal?  Is it made to hold the memory or energy of the universe?  What can you tell us about this crystal?

Answer: It was Atlantis and Lemuria, but before that it was an aspect of the universe.  If you wish to call this a 'universal crystal', it is an appropriate name for it, but it is not enough of a name for it.  When you ask, yes everybody did step into the same crystal, but this crystal is so immense with so many facets, that most individuals stepped into a single facet of it.  Then, when you could blend with the whole of it you were actually blending and becoming one energy source for all of you.  It was as if when you go back to that one source essence that is what this crystal feels like as if it is source essence.  Does that answer your question? We appreciate your acknowledgement of the power and energy of this journey.  Indeed, it is going to cause immense shifts that will be felt throughout the universe and within the earth plane. <she asked a further question> It was as if each of you went through a cleansing in order to be in the space where you could more fully blend with this crystal.  The two individuals, who have been talking of their physical ailments, have been releasing and cleansing in order to step forth into this new space.  Every individual on earth feels it in the way in which they need to.  Sometimes it is very strong and profound, other times it is very subtle.  Sometimes it will last as with a one individual where it's been a week or 10 days are more, for other people it may be that last for minutes at a time.  Be open to realize this shifting may continue to occur or you may be over and done with it in minutes.  We will take one more question.   Hello Beloved.  Fine, thank you.

Question: <paraphrased> Hello Goddess!!  I just decided on the spur of the moment to pack my car and move back to Atlanta.  I'm wondering if this was in my best interest or why did I decided to move here?

Answer: As you spoke of that, and as you spoke of Atlanta and Atlantis, there is that connection to the Atlantian energies.  You were very much a part of the Goddess group within the Atlantian time frame.  Now is the time when so many of those energies are being reactivated around the world.  It is important for you to have those energies there in Atlanta, because a great deal of shifting is occurring at this time.  It is no mistake that the channel has been there for as long as she has.  There have been a great many of the individuals who are also working to create this shift and change.  As you saw this crystal being implanted in many different parts of the earth that was one of the areas in which the crystalline energy is moving.  So it was important for you.  You will feel a greater ease within your energy field.  You are doing a great deal of energetic work, and you will find there are others support in people that you are seeking to have around you in greater number in that area.  So yes it was a good move for you and you will be there for the indefinite future.  It is going to assist and support you on your journey.  You are welcome beloved.

Have a sense of pulling together one more time.  Breathe in the energy of each other as you are community.  Feel your essence.  Feel the love that is you.  I thank you each for taking this time and allowing me the opportunity to blend so fully with you.  I appreciate that each of you has stepped forth upon this path.  I am with you whenever you seek to connect.  I am with you at all times, but I am with you more consciously with you whenever you seek to connect.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation



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