Change and Balance Within Your Life


Many greetings of love and joy go out to each of you....

This journey is about change...... change in our lives that seek to bring in and change that comes without any anticipation. Sometimes it feels as if we are not manifesting what seek and other times it may be as if we get more than we think we can handle!! This channel will assist you in creating conscious change within your life, but also in creating a space that allows for the unexpected so that you do not feel overwhelmed. The earth itself is changing and you have the opportunity to connect with those changes also. As always there are many, many energies of light who join to assist you in whatever form you may seek.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the whole

Greetings and welcome my beloved family upon the earth!! I reach out to embrace each one of you. I send forth my love, I send forth my energy to each of you who choose to come and be a part of this journey. Let yourself truly feel who you are in this moment. Let yourself feel your physical body from your feet, your legs, your torso, your arms, your neck, your head; know that you are in this physical lifetime, so let yourself truly BE here and in this moment.

At the beginning of the journey you breathe (speaking of conscious breathing that occurs prior to the channel beginning). Breathing is the one most important thing that you can do for yourself. Breathing allows you to take in greater oxygen, it allows you to expand your consciousness, and it allows you to take the aspects of yourself that become disconnected to come back into being balanced within you. Let yourself simply breathe in this moment, breathing in to honor who you are as a human. You are divine! You are precious! Let yourself feel that and know it within you.

From here, allow yourself to release your physical body. Feel as is if your consciousness expands in such a way that you leave behind the confines of your physical and you may blend with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you link with the magnetic grid, you may find yourself moving into the space which is yours. Your higher consciousness, your higher self has created its own space within this grid work. Let yourself be fully acclimated with this area that is yours. Let yourself blend your consciousness with this space and this vibration.

As you look out from where you are, let yourself perceive the interlocking pathways. Due to the magnetics of the earth, this space has pathways that look like impulses of light moving in every direction. These impulses are generated by thought process, they are generated by intention. Some of this may be conscious, some in fact quite a bit, may be unconscious.

Let yourself release the pull of the magnetics. Move through an interlocking grid so that you may connect with the crystalline grid. As you are blending with this space, feel what it is to be within the crystalline energy. It is completely different than the magnetic grid work. There are no impulses per se; this is the crystalline energy and this is what you are working to bring into the earth plane as you are living your life.

From here if you choose to do so, you may call forth a column of light. You may move through the column or you may simply find yourself shifting until you connect with the energies of the soul plane. If you are coming out of that column, you feel as if you suddenly expand in every direction. This is a vibration which is very familiar to you. It is a vibration in which you are able to link with your own divinity to a much greater degree.

As each of you are moving through your process upon the earth, as you seek to expand into a greater consciousness, you are bringing more and more of this aspect of your divinity and allowing it to incorporate within you the human who is walking upon the earth. Feel what it is to be you! Feel what it is to reconnect so deeply with the energies of your soul.

Now I the Goddess come into this space. You may perceive me as a ball of energy or light; or you may perceive me as having a form. It is completely up to you. As I greet each one of you, I blend my energies so that I am fully connected with each of you. Allow me to amplify who you are. Allow me to assist you in expanding in such a way that you shift into the All That Is.

As you move into this space, feel and know who you are. Let yourself open to an awareness of the depth that you have within you. Each of you who are drawn to these journeys are evolved and actualized souls. You have lived many lives upon the earth. You have had many experiences in the non-physical; you have had experiences on other planets. You chose to be upon the earth at this time because of all the potentials that are here for you. This time of change, this time of manifesting and creating is very unique.

Never before has there been as much potential as there is right now. Well, let me shift that a bit; there has often times been the potential but there has been the number of people who are conscious of working with those potentials. This is a time of immense transformation. This is a time when anything is possible.

We have been working with energies the last couple of times we have been together. (Speaking of the teleconferences in January and February of 2007) It is important for you to recognize that everything you are doing in this space of the All That Is can also be done upon the earth plane. For some, you know that you are seeking to manifest new experiences upon the earth plane. You therefore come to this space and try out what you are seeking to manifest. You could consider this your play ground if you so desire.

Each of you as you are living your life seeks to bring in change. This change may come in the form of greater abundance. It may come in the form of new relationships. It may be you want to have greater psychic abilities, a new job, a new home, security or perhaps a car. Change is always happening around you. So, as you seek to bring in a specific type of change, you seek to create that space or energy within your life. Before you can truly move into what you are seeking to have, it is essential for you to acknowledge and accept where you are at this moment.

I therefore invite you to consider where you are, what you are doing, what is happening around you. As you look at your life and you speak within yourself, do you consider it complete, whole, perfect? Or are there perhaps some aspects that you especially like and some aspects you do not. Most people feel that there are parts of their life they love and enjoy and aspects they seek to change. There are of course those who do not like any aspect of their lives.

Let yourself fully connect with where you are at this moment. Think about your home. Is this where you want to be living? Do you want to stay here or go some place different? Think about the people within your home; perhaps your spouse, children, significant other, or perhaps you are alone.

Moving out from here, give yourself a space or a distance so that you may connect with this and take in these energies. As you take them in, acknowledge whatever you may be feeling. Honor yourself that this is how you feel. Release any judgment. Be open to accept.

From here, how do you spend your days? Do you have a job where you leave your house and you are gone for a specific period of time? Do you stay within your house for a majority of the time? Are you going places perhaps with your children or errands? Think about your days and how your days are spent.

Again, take a moment to accept that this is what is happening to you right now. This is living in the moment. If there are aspects you are bored with or do not like, let that judgment go. If you are thrilled with your days, again you can let that judgment go too. Simply be in the space of the energy of what you do as you are going through your days.

Take another moment and consider relationships; friends, family, those people who you interact with, perhaps co-workers or acquaintances. It may be that specific individuals come to mind or it may be that they are all but a blur. These relationships are a part of your life at this moment in time. Release any resistance that you may feel. Release any other energies that you may feel around these relationships.

Beyond this, there are many other things that may be influencing your lives. It may be something particular to you. What else is occupying your thought process as you are moving through your days? Let this all come up so that you may be fully conscious and aware of whatever it may be.

Take a moment to feel as if you are stepping back from everything that we have just discussed. You may see it as impulses of light that surround you. You may see them specifically for what they are. Each of you will perceive what we have tapped into in a different way or in your own unique way.

I ask you now to feel as if from within your consciousness you send out a burst of light or energy that connects with and link to all these various aspects of yourself that you have been thinking about or that you just brought up. Allow everything to create a balance with one anther and allow it to be fully balanced within you or your consciousness.

Energy is always perceived in one form or anther. It is the human aspect that will place the label of good, bad, joyful, tedious, or whatever it might be, it is very human and natural to give some sort of a label or name to whatever may be occurring within your life. As you have acknowledged each one of these aspects, see if at this point there is one or anther that continues to stand out to you. In this way, you may acknowledge whatever that energy is that remains. Draw it into the rest of these energies (around you) so that all is within a balance.

Let this be who you are or what you have created in your life at this moment. It was influenced by experiences and actions of the past. It will have an influence of what is coming in the future. This is of course as you look with the linear time frame upon the earth. But most especially when you are here in this expansion, you are in the moment. You have all of this within and around you and you can shift it in such a way that there is balance in all that you do.

Send out that impulse of life or light from within you that is in alignment with balance. Feel what it is to have everything balanced within your life. You may do this at any time as you move through your days. If you feel yourself being pulled, pushed, or extended in more ways than you think you can handle; let yourself breathe in this moment so that you may connect to this perfect balance within you.

Let yourself see or feel if there is a color, a tone, or perhaps a symbol associated with what this means to you. Again, you are the one creating all that is occurring.

As I spoke earlier of change, it is constantly occurring no matter where you are or what you are doing. When you can take the moment to be fully balanced and present in the moment, it will allow for any changes that are coming your way to blend more easily. Perhaps you are seeking a specific change within your life. It may arrive in the way you anticipate or in a completely different manner. Perhaps you feel that you are in the middle of an experience that seems endless; but time is changing and you are moving whether you wish to or not.

Let yourself open so that you will always feel a balance in whatever is happening around you. Let yourself be in alignment within so that you know what that is.

From within this space you can very easily reconnect with your human self. It may feel as if your consciousness goes back down a thread or a cord of light. Howsoever you choose to do it, let yourself reconnect with your physical body. Now, as you are remaining in this space of the All That Is; consider the way that you balanced your present moment. Send that energy down into your physical person.

I now invite you as you are perceiving what you seek to be manifesting within your life or the change that you may seek to have. Send that down into this present moment within your life or into your physical being. Then let it impulse out from you the human. As if you send that beam of light back down it goes through you and then out into every direction so that you may greater or more easily manifest what you seek to have.

Now for the changes that you don't anticipate. They are still a part of your creation but perhaps it is a part that is linked with another individual or a group of individuals so that you the human feels as if it is not a part of your creation. Let yourself send down the energy of being balanced as you move into or encounter that which is unexpected to you. Again, it goes down into you the human, then it pulsates out from there, radiating out.

If you encounter something within your days that you are not expecting or anticipating, let yourself come back to this moment. Let yourself move back to this space where you actually created a sense of balance or a sense of awareness for the unexpected. Therefore as you feel it within your life, perhaps it will not have as difficult of an affect upon you. Let yourself embrace change and movement within your life. Feel the flow of energy within and around you and let it flow.

Allow your consciousness to fully return to the All That Is. Look around you and see who is present within this space. You all so enjoyed the experience where the Masters, the Angels, the Ray Lords; where all of those energies came and shared their energy and intention with you. They return again but this time there is no separation between those who are considered the masters or angels and those of you who are human.

There is a blending where each of you may seek out and speak with whomever you may desire. Within this space you are fully in alignment with all these energies. Is there any one particular energy, guide, angel, or whatever it may be that you have wanted to speak with? Now is your opportunity.

As I observe the mingling that takes place, it is as if everyone's light or energy becomes amplified. Bring in as the human or take into your consciousness how you become enhanced through this connection. You may have a specific question or you may simply wish to link. Understand that it is occurring.

Change is coming to the earth in many different ways. The physical earth is changing as it takes on the crystalline energies. There are crystals that have been within the earth for eons that now manifest to the physical eye. There are angels and guides who have walked upon the earth and assisted who will now become apparent to the physical eye. There is a cleansing that takes place as this change is coming about. Let yourself recognize that whatever may be happening is temporary. Change will always continue.

As you are communicating let yourself drink in and feel the vibration of this energy. Let yourself recognize that you are actually of a similar vibration or alignment with these angels and guides. For you it may be that you feel a very subtle similarity. Or you may feel as you link with this energy that you are greeting your long, lost friend. Many of you are of the angelic realm, so you reconnect with the other angels that you work with.

I now am going to move in and create another form of blending with all who are present. I invite each of you to look around you, take in whatever is there for you. Perceive these energies. As I am moving through this space, it allows for everyone to meet at the same vibration. There are subtle variances within this but it creates a common thread that allows for everyone to look out and see everybody else who is here.

I so love these gatherings because they are filled with thousands of people; people who are human, people who are not. It makes no difference because within this space it is all about the energies and linking or blending. You know that you are not alone. You can understand and feel how many others are in the same space where you are or a similar vibration to who you are.

I ask everyone here to link with the energy of love. Let your consciousness connect through love with all who are here and let yourself pulsate that energy out from you. It is as if that creates a concert of light and sound. Let yourself now pulsate the energy of a balanced change. Within this balanced change you are able to link with the aspect of yourself so that you will feel comfortable.

Send out the impulse for joy, happiness, or excitement; and now peace and contentment. With each one of these words you could see or sense a change in the vibration. There is now one light that is emanating from all who are present here. This light is what aligns each one of you with one another, with the non-physical energies, with myself and within this space.

We bring into this space the hologram of the earth. As the earth emerges, you are able to perceive it as it is right now. Everyone who is present within this space is committed to the earth and to all who are upon it. So, you transmit into the earth or into this hologram all of these energies that you have just been working with. See how the hologram itself is able to incorporate each new vibration that comes into it. It rotates, it creates an alignment, so that it too vibrates and emanates this vibrant energy that you yourself have created and worked with.

We see Lady Gaia come forth. She emerges from the earth. But you also see emerging from the earth those energies who live within the earth that are also working with you. If you look around you, you will see how their energies have also been apart of this group. They make themselves known; some are flashing like a light bulb, some are simply standing taller. But in this way I want you to be aware that there are guides and energies of light in many, many different locations.

These energies return into the earth and Lady Gaia opens her arms to embrace and send out her love to each one of you. She so appreciates all that you have been doing with her.

As the earth moves into the fourth dimension, it is a process that will be in some ways difficult and turbulent; in other ways smooth and easy. Experiences just such as this are what assist in enabling a greater amount of the smooth and easy transition as it is taking place.

With that Lady Gaia returns within the hologram. She begins to descend. That hologram moves from within this space of the All That Is, returning, moving back down until it links with the magnetic grid. As it does so, there is an aspect of energy that is released there, and then the remainder goes on until it merges with the rest of the earth. This hologram moves into, anchors and then those energies are radiating out from within the earth. Let your human self feel the energy. Let yourself know that you are linking with your own divinity, your own potentials, and with all that you were putting forth in the space of the All That Is.

There are many of you who would like to stay within this space. Talking to, renewing acquaintances, learning from these angels and guides who are here. You may stay if you so desire or you may come back at anytime. Some of these energies were very difficult for you to connect with say five, ten or fifteen years ago. The more that you seek to connect with them through your intention and through your expanded consciousness, you create a greater ease for yourself and for others who are also seeking to do the same. Know that they are always present and available to you.

Allow yourself to release this space. Let your energies come back within the space of the soul plane. As you return to the soul plane, it accommodates your expanded consciousness. This is perhaps where you leave a greater amount of your consciousness. But I invite you to bring as much with you as you return to the earth plane.

Let yourself shift so that you may move into the crystalline grid. As you do so, let yourself truly feel what this is to you. You may recognize the changes that occur within here. These changes are a result of your journey. They also are a result of the changes or expansion within your perception. This is your space that is closest to the earth and close to your human daily life. You may come here at any time.

From here you move back within the space of the magnetic grid. Each of these steps are assisting you in bringing your consciousness back within your physical existence. As you arrive in the magnetic grid, you feel that pull of the earth. You feel the pull of being within the earth plane and its perimeters. Let yourself become aware of how this has expanded also to be able to accommodate your expanded consciousness. Perhaps you are able at this time to perceive even greater information about this space. It too is yours. You are a part of the collective consciousness. That is in great part what is making up this space.

Release these energies and let yourself return once more into your physical body. You will need to expand the energy fields around your physical body if you feel pressure within your head, your third eye, or any aspect of your physical being. Let yourself consciously expand so that you can accommodate this space which is you, the physical human person. Let yourself truly connect with this essence of yourself, with being human, with being in the moment. Draw into you from a conscious level, everything that you did in the space of the All That Is.

With that I invite you to come back within the conference room. As you come back within this space you may press the *7 upon your telephone and I am open to receive any questions that you may have. I invite you to come back within this room, come back within this space. Allow yourself to ground the energies as you return.

Question: (Paraphrased) I observed tonight that my attention was more scattered than it has ever been; images and distractions of the strangest kind were distracting me when I did not want to be distracted. I wondered if there was something in particular you saw happening?

Answer: There are two things that come to mind as you speak of that. We remember speaking to you in another journey about how in this new year you are truly taking a step forward in your evolution, your potentials, and in your abilities you have upon the earth plane. Tonight in this journey as I was inviting you to truly be in your physical presence or be in this moment of where you are right now, it was as if your ego or human self was putting these distractions to keep you from being fully present and fully conscious of all of who you are in this moment. This change that I spoke of that is coming about for everybody is being fought by this human or ego aspect of yourself. We know that we have discussed that with you in the past and while you have made great strides and have come forward in many, many ways, tonight was an opportunity for you to take a giant step forward. We're not saying that didn't happen. Energetically your body was in alignment and your sub consciousness was doing all of this and your human or ego aspect was trying to distract you think it would keep this from happening. It was saying I'm going to make sure you stay in what I am comfortable with. Does that make sense to you? (Yes, yes it does.) So, let yourself as far as this journey in particular goes, let yourself release the frustration over being distracted and let yourself acknowledge that for this journey, you were distracted. You still worked with these energies on a deeper level within yourself. You still were a part of this process. We see you as being a brighter more enhanced energy which is what tells us you were definitely a part of the journey. So, if you can let go of the frustration with the distractions and let yourself breathe in the awareness and knowledge that even though you were distracted, you were still a part of the experience. You will then open to see the shifting energy that took place within yourself. (Yes, and I will certainly release that frustration.) You are very welcome because you are glorious and bright. Everything that you have been doing is working. It is manifesting within your life.

Question: (paraphrased) I have been hearing on a very subtle level the word angel. I can not pick up who is speaking or what I need to hear. Can you give me some assistance with that?

Answer: I have a sense of what this is, but it is not fully clear to me. If you could, connect with that voice or that aspect within yourself so that I may get a better perception. Ah, okay. This is an angel that is actually representing itself to you and it's also representing an aspect of yourself. It is as if it is you from a part of other life experiences that is manifesting in the form of an angel. So, there is a very strong connection that we are feeling that this is you. As in your higher consciousness, your divinity, it's coming to you almost as an outside source like an angel which is around you. That is why you are hearing that very subtle voice calling angel, angel. You are of the angelic realm. Some of your most recent life experiences, if you want to call it that, some of your most recent experiences have been in alignment with the angel realm either as an angel or a teacher, guide. So this is the aspect of you which is coming in to manifest in you in the days or weeks to come. You have been in a process of releasing and letting go of your old belief systems which is allowing you to move into this new aspect of yourself. Does that make sense to you? (Yes, it does, thank you) You are welcome. So let yourself be aware that when you hear that inner voice and you feel that energy of the angel that it is you. It is the vibration you are moving into and it is also represented as a guide of yourself, for yourself. Alright, we thank you for that question. Let me just say that you are not the only one who is going through this type of a process. Every one is in a process of change and as you move into higher aspects of who you are, you are incorporating greater amounts of your divinity. It may feel as if it's coming from outside of yourself, but in truth it is coming from within yourself.

Question: (paraphrased) How do you work with the energies. (Which energies do you speak of?) The energies of peace, do you think of the word and the energy comes forth?

Answer: Thinking is obviously very much a part of your human process. You have to think to be able to get through your days. What we have been doing on this journey and what you yourself did in the space of the All That Is, was working with your consciousness. Your consciousness yes has an aspect that is thinking and analyzing. That is how you are able to perceive what is going on. Consciousness encompasses much more than what your mental body is. It encompasses all of who you are as a human; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It also encompasses your divinity; your divine aspect as the I AM presence. It also is a way of linking to and connecting with other individuals, other entities, other guides or whatever you may speak of it. So as you the human are moving through your life, moving upon your journey and you want to expand into a new level of awareness, what you can do is that type of breathing like you did at the beginning of the journey. (Speaking of conscious breathing.) This is a type of breathing where you breathe deeply within yourself to allow yourself to become centered within yourself. From there you can expand your consciousness almost like it goes up from within you and creates an open funnel. You can picture from that funnel being able to gather or connect with others; call on a specific guide as you like such as AA Michael, or Mother Mary we see around you, or Arial. These energies are there and present and with your intention and speaking through your consciousness you may link with them and invite them to communicate with you. Now you may or may not actually hear any specific words per se, you may not feel any differently at first, but if you trust in your intention and know that you are linking, then open up to just see or feel. It may feel warmer, cooler, or you may sense a color, or whatever it may be. Through that you can breathe in these energies of love, compassion, or whatever it may be that you seek to have within your life. Does that all make sense to you? (Yes, and I thank you very much!) You are welcome. You are in a place where you are opening up more and more and more each day. Allow yourself the process. Bring your human, ego personality along with you so that it does not try to hold back in any way. That's where we sense you are right now. It's that human self that doesn't quite believe or trust. It is holding you back from fully acknowledging these steps forward that you are taking. You can bring this aspect of you along by..... when you have a journey such as this tonight, as we were coming back within the energies of your humanness, you fully incorporated it back into it then you invite your ego or human aspect to embrace it, to absorb it, to feel an alignment to it. That is what will assist you in actually opening up more and feeling the greater balance within yourself. (I thank you so much.) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) This afternoon before the call, I felt a shift in my being or my perception. I'm not able to fully articulate what I am feeling. Then during the journey as I was looking around I saw some really strange faces. I'm wondering if that was a distraction or was I really seeing something? Then the third part was when you said to call upon a master, guide or angel. I felt the energy of a lot of beings but couldn't determine a specific energy.

Answer: First of all, what was happening to you when you felt yourself shifting and expanding this afternoon was that you were beginning to energetically get ready to be able to go onto this journey and have this process? Every body does it in one degree or another. When your higher self knows that you are going to be going through something that requires you to be in the expanded state it happens in such a way that people may be totally unaware of it or sometimes it may happen in such a way that you feel it and know it. Shelly herself when she is going to be channeling like this will feel it twelve hours ahead of time or even the day before, she can feel herself expanding and expanding. Then it goes away, it may last a few moments or so. So, basically this afternoon the sensation you were having was preparing energetically to be able to go on this process or this journey tonight to have a more full recollection or connection to it. Now again, people do not have to be fully conscious for this to happening for it to happen, now it does happen to most people in one form or another.

Now then, as to what you were sensing up there, there are a great number of extraterrestrials (ET's) that are going to be working with people in this new shift that is taking place upon the earth. These ET's, most of them do not have any sort of a physical form so they take on something to give people a perception of them. It may or may not look real human. So what you were sensing as you looked around; was not there as a distraction but there as the actual energies of some of these beings who are coming in to help people. Now then sometimes when we talk of ET's or Extraterrestrials there is that sense of fear or sense of doom that was so prevalent upon the earth. Be fully aware and understand that these are very, very highly evolved extraterrestrials. The earth itself especially as you move into the fourth dimension will not be a vibration where those lower beings can come in and create their mischief upon the earth. So the vast majority of them are already gone. The affect is much less apparent for those upon the earth. Let yourself be comfortable when you feel you are seeing something like this especially when you are in such a high vibration as you were during the journey. If you sense or see something like that around you on the physical plane, and it certainly can happen, it will be because you or your higher self have invited in this guide or energy to be of assistance to you. So if it startles you or brings up a sense of fear then always go within yourself and ask if this is what I am seeking to manifest or is it something I do not choose to have around me. Always, always these energies of light will acquiesce to whatever choice you make in your life or your process. So saying all that we saw some of these ET's around you in your journey but we also saw Yeshua and the energies of one of the Ray Lords around you. So it was quite a diverse group of people. These are the ones you asked and invited over to speak with you, so you actually had quite a busy journey this evening. Did that answer all your questions? (Yes it did quite sufficiently!) Okay, you are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Right before I called in I had fallen asleep and I had some really dark dreams, very gloomy. When I woke up I felt better and then I called and really enjoyed your meditation. I'm wondering if you can give me any ideas of what was going on with this.

Answer: It is two fold here that I am picking up on with you. One is as with the other caller who spoke before you; you were in a space of knowing that you were going to be on this journey. Even though you were asleep and woke up suddenly thinking ‘Oh let me call into the teleconference', that it was all so spontaneous. Well, it was not quite so spontaneous! Your higher self knew that you were going to be a part of a journey of transition. You did not know any specifics but you knew that by being a part of this journey this evening it would be about shifting energies into a higher space or shifting into a space that would be transformative for you. The sense coming up with the dream is that the feeling of darkness or the feeling of the energies actually represents aspects of yourself that you have been working with in trying to let go. You have let go in many different respects, but there is a fear of moving forward. This not knowing what the future is going to bring you, as if you are standing on a precipice and don't know what is happening around you. These dark energies that you speak of or at least what I am tapping into represent fear of change or fear of the unknown. So it allowed you by bringing it up into your full consciousness right before this journey; then as you were on the journey you actually released them quite thoroughly as you moved into the space of being very present in the moment. If you look at yourself now or take a moment to inside and connect, I ask you how are you feeling now in comparison to before you started the journey? (I feel much better! It was a release when I woke up and made the phone call. I am starting a new job and you are very accurate in that I have all these fears about change.) So, exactly. We want you to known that you everything you were bringing up through your dream state was actually released at a very deep level within you. As you move into this new job, we sense that it will go very well for you. We see it as one that you feel a little bit uncomfortable at first but it will actually open up to greater potentials three or four months down the road; whether it's within the same company or perhaps you will meet someone through this company. But we sense another change in three or four months. So this is actually a bit of a stepping stone for you. So throughout all this process, you will move into it with a feeling of yes this is what I have been seeking. We like the work space, we like the people; we sense that you too will feel an alignment with them so that you will be happy in this new job, it looks like it's going to go well. So be aware that you did release all that you were seeking to release; whether conscious or unconscious. What you have manifested and what you have sent forth when you send forth the energy of change and the acceptance of change, then perhaps as you go through these next few days, weeks, or months you will actually be more comfortable with the change that is occurring around you. Does that make sense to you? (Yes, that is an awesome answer! Thank you!) You are very welcome beloved and we thank you for joining us this evening.

With that I will bring this evening to a close. Let me once more send out that energy of love to each one of you. I invite you each to trust in yourself. I invite you each to know that you have these answers within yourself and that you may access them at any time. BELIEVE in who you are. Believe in all that you are manifesting for yourself.

You are so radiant and bright! I am ever with you and within you.






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