Connecting With the Universe

Nama Sika; Venia Benya              I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family!  I greet you and I welcome all into this moment.  I ask that you each reach out towards one another, form a group consciousness, allow yourself to become aware of who you are and who the others are in this group around you.  As each of you becomes aware of feeling the breath within your body, you feel just how physical you are.  You feel and know that you are a human, that you are physically present in this moment.  The more that you are aware of who you are as a human, the more that you are able to connect and expand into the higher realms. 

Allow your consciousness to release.  Allow your physical body to be the anchor here in the place in which you are, but allow your consciousness to truly fly free!  Connect with the energy of the magnetic grid.  As you connect with this energy, you find the inter woven pathway as it moves around the earth.  As it moves in every direction, as you send impulses out from where you are, you can become even more aware of what this pathway means.  You are each beginning to make a greater use of this space.  It is here for you.  It is possible for you to be able to shift your awareness through the grid, to connect with others through the grid, or even become aware of the collective consciousness of the earth by mixing and mingling with these energies.  It is for you to use as you may desire. 

Allow yourself to release this space.  You may move through the interlocking grid so that you arrive in what is known as the crystalline grid.  You release the energies of the magnetics.  You release the densities which are a part of the earth’s experience.  As you do this, you find that you may align with the crystalline energies even more readily.  Feel the vibration of the crystals.  Feel the vibration of your consciousness. 

As you are ready to do so, call forth a column of light.  This column is a means of shifting you from one space into another.  You may bypass the column and shift immediately into the soul plane if you so desire.  As you link with the column, you may be able to perceive the various shifts in consciousness which are you in your existence.  As you arrive on the soul plane, it is as if you are released into a much greater space of expansion. 

As you emerge from the column, your consciousness stretches and expands in every direction.  Allow yourself to truly expand.  Allow yourself to know who you are within this space.  Call forth your I AM presence.  For most of you it was already here waiting for you  and you may have already blended.  If not, have a sense of reaching forth to blend and merge completely with the energies of your divinity.  Allow yourself to fully acknowledge who you are within your soul essence. 

I make myself known as I begin to merge with each of you.  You may first sense my presence as separate and moving through the group.  Or you may simply become aware as I connect with you.  Open to receive my energy and my love. 

As each one of you blends with my energies, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  This is a space of expansion.  This is a state of awareness in which you are able to expand to an even greater depth.  You are able to connect with any angels or guides that you may be working with at this time.  Look around you; perceive who is within your space at this time.  Open and acknowledge that these energies are here to assist you upon your journey. 

There have been a number of different shifts occurring in the energies of the earth over the last several months.  We can see and sense all that is occurring, just as we perceive your reactions to what is occurring.  Over the past year, there have been great influxes of this energy which you call new, of this energy of balance, this energy of light; this energy which is releasing duality.  Over the last couple of months, it has seemed as if there is even more duality brought to your awareness.  Some of this is being brought up to allow you the opportunity to release.  Other of this energy has been a result of attempting to find a greater balance amongst the collective consciousness. 

Those individuals who are as yet unaware are beginning to feel that change is coming about.  Some of them fight it; others will consciously work against change.  This is a part of what is creating what each of you has been feeling over the last several weeks.  I ask you beloved family to hold and flow these energies of balance, these energies of one.  Feel as you do in this moment.  Feel the contentment.  Feel the love.  Feel the knowledge that is available to you.  You may tap into this at any time.  If you feel a need to do so, [this new energy] it will assist you in being able to detach from these other energies.  It will assist you in being able to walk forward in your space of balance. 

Many of you have been asking for ways in which you can create changes in your life.  Many of you are creating what works for you.  I am here to be of assistance in any way I can and I’m here to show you new potentials.  See before you, the energies of the universe.  It may be as if you are looking out a window, but look and see as if you are a part of your universe.  There are stars, there are planets, and there are patterns of light and energy.  Each of you has a space that you call home.  You also have worked with many of the different planets at one time or another.  Reach out through your heart and ask to link with whichever planet or star, perhaps the moon or the sun; ask to know which of these is best for you to connect with at this time.  As you do so, allow yourself to become aware of connecting with and merging with the essence of this planet or star. 

As you allow your consciousness to blend, be open to receive information about why it is important for you to connect with this energy at this time.  As you are receiving this information, take a moment to look around you.   As you look around, you may perceive that you are actually within the center of a planet or star.  You may feel as if you are walking along [on top of the planet or star]. But for all of you, there is a guide or energy who is here to speak with you. 

As this guide is speaking with you, they are offering to you, information or tools that will assist you in your personal journey.  Be aware that there is a great deal that is being downloaded to you at this time.  You may see or sense yourself as having a conversation with this individual.  You may simply feel as if you expand and drink in or take in the energies that they are transmitting to you.  Allow yourself to receive!  Allow yourself to understand.  As you take in this understanding and knowledge, begin to realize that you are also sharing with them.  Share any thoughts that come to your mind.  Share your beliefs.  This is allowing you an opportunity to come to a greater understanding about who you are and what is occurring within your own life.  Perceive the ways in which your energy is shifting.  Each of you are shifting in your vibration.  You may be taking on a new and different color.  You may be expanding or linking in a way that you have not before. 

Shift your awareness outward from where you are at this moment.  Begin to move as if from one planet to the next, or feel as if you are moving through the various constellations.  As you are moving, allow yourself to become aware of the ways in which the energies of the various planets feel to you.  The one you linked with during this journey, has assisted you in opening and aligning with all the rest.  As you feel yourself becoming very aligned with all of these planets, then allow yourself to shift your focus towards the earth.  As you are becoming more sensitive to the actual energies which are influencing the earth, you are able to perceive the way the earth is moving through these various energies.  Allow yourself to open your perception to take in greater details.

Some of you may perceive that a part of what you have felt from the earth plane as disruption in energy is actually an increase in impulse of energy from certain of these planets.  Allow yourself to blend with all of these energies or the impulses and see if it’s possible to soften them or shift them in such a way that they are not affecting the earth in the way that they have been.  Perceive the earth as absorbing and shifting through these energies in a smooth and easy way. 

You each have the ability to create changes.  Allow these changes to become known to you.  You are all very well aware that any shifting or changing that occurs will be subtle and can only be in a way that will assist in smoothing out the energies. 

I now ask that you open to become aware of the crystals that are a part of the universe. As some of your perceived the planets or stars, you may have connected with the crystals.  If not, open to connect with the crystals at this time.  You may find yourself standing for a moment outside as you align with them, but as you are ready to do so, move into the crystal or blend [with the energies]. There are groupings of crystals that are immense.  They are in various places throughout the universe.  By allowing yourself to shift and blend with these energies of the crystal, after you blended and connected with the energy of a star or planet; you are actually assisting in linking those energies within these immense crystals.  So too, it is allowing you to create an alignment which is a crystalline alignment and also an alignment of that star or planet.  Open and simply experience this energy.  Feel the energies as they flow through you.  Become aware of what it is to be a pure crystalline energy.  You are only energy!  It is your consciousness that gives it thought, gives it pattern, and gives it depth. As you align your consciousness, you can create a shift within the energy that is you.  Through your intention, you can have an affect on energy. 

As you are in this space of bliss within this crystal, what is your intention for this experience?  Allow that intention to shape the energy which is you.  As you are shaping this energy of your essence, allow the energy to also communicate back to you.  By this, your consciousness is open to receive.  Your consciousness is open to accept.  Therefore, allow this flow to be smooth, to be gentle.  Allow this flow to invigorate, to enhance all of who you are.  As you are doing all of this, open to the potential that you are even more than you have thought! Breathe in and BE who you are. 

I ask you now to release these crystals.  As you do so, become aware of the shift in your own vibration.  Become aware of the ways in which you have shifted, taken on or reflected new and different colors.  How you perhaps have expanded.  Allow all of this to be who you are.

Now I ask that you come back together as a group.  As you return, the lights which reflect each of you can be immense.  As you come together in a group, be aware that you are still linked with whatever energy you had connected with in the star or planet.  Therefore, you become aware of these stars all around you, the universe all around you.  You become aware of the ways in which through your transmission of these energies, of alignment with the crystalline, you are shifting the energies of the universe.  They were always there, they were always connected to one another, but when you have a group of people who come together, consciously connect and consciously create a link between themselves, it does create a shift in the energies.   In this case, it is allowing for a greater alignment and for a greater finer vibration to permeate all. 

As you as a group are looking towards the earth, the hologram of the earth emerges.  It moves up until it is emerging from within the center of this group.  Observe the hologram as it is before you, as it is shifting, turning, aligning; become aware if there are pockets of energy that perhaps would improve by being diffused, or if there are pockets of energy that could be enhanced by your attention.  Allow this to occur.  As this is happening, the earth begins to rotate.  We sense the energies of the crystals becoming very prominent within the group.  We sense the crystals that are within the earth, vibrating or shifting their alignment to be within the alignment of these crystals of the universe.  This is creating a greater alignment between all within the universe and all within the earth. 

You as the human consciousness a part of this are in the flow of this alignment.  You are assisting.  Through alignment you will find that there is a greater comfort or ease within your life.  Open to allow this.  Observe the way the earth, takes on an even greater light.  Observe the way your consciousness becomes enhanced also.  Let your joy and love burst forth to blend with the earth and all who are present.  As this is completed the earth shifts, the hologram begins to move down.  As the earth is shifting and moving down, it encounters the magnetic grid.  As it encounters this energy pattern, it moves within the grid work and the impulses of the magnetics.  Yet the core essence of that hologram continues.  It moves down until it blends with the core essence of the earth. 

There is an alignment that takes place as the earth begins to incorporate all of these new energies.  There is a balancing that is created which will allow for a greater amount of ease.  As each of you linked with a particular planet or star, that energy has also been placed into alignment so that you will have greater ease in the days to come.  Open to receive communication, open to receive any assistance that is there for you. 

Now return your focus to this group.  Reach out to enhance your connection to one another.  Create a link which allows for greater support that each of you can give to the other.  Receive the support of your family in soul, your family in heart.  Receive these energies which you have created. 

Allow yourself to now shift back into the space of the soul plane.  As you move back to that space, you are allowing your consciousness to shift as it begins to return more fully into your physical presence.  Within the soul plane, you can create a hologram of your physical body.  See who you are and then blend your expansion so that there is only one and that you the human walking upon the earth has expanded into greater amounts of your potential. 

As you embrace and incorporate all of this, begin to shift your consciousness back to the crystalline grid.  You may have a sense of moving through the column of light or simply shifting into that space.  Because of your work with the crystals of the universe, the crystalline grid work is vibrating at a higher rate than normally it is when you perceive it.  Take a moment to marvel at the beauty.  There are lights, there are tones, allow yourself to become aware of all that is represented within this space. 

As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may be fully conscious of the magnetic grid.  Here too you are able to perceive the changes.  You are able to perceive that you have a greater alignment.  Allow yourself to consciously blend. 

As you are ready, move through here and return fully conscious into your space in which you are located.  Allow your physical body to incorporate this expansion in your consciousness. Allow your physical essence to blend and align with the higher vibration which is you.  Send it down through your physical body, into the earth; then allow the energies of the earth to come back up, anchor you, and bring you more fully present within your space.  As you are ready to do so, you may come back within this room, come back within this tele-conference and I am open to receive what questions you may have.

Question: <paraphrased> I wanted to ask you if you could tell me what I connected with on this journey.  I always have a tendency to space out completely or fall asleep and I’m wondering why this is happening?  Is there anything I can do to be able to remain more aware?

Answer:  I am doing very well thank you, [person expressed thanks for the journey] you are welcome.  You have been in the space of opening very consistently over the last several months.  Each time that you are a part of these journeys, your consciousness expands further and further.  What is happening in addition to that is that you are beginning to incorporate more and more of this essence into your physical being, into your human consciousness, or the consciousness that makes up all of who you are.  Therefore as you keep stepping into these new levels which are different to you, or that you are unused to; that is when you have that sense of separating or not being fully conscious of what is occurring.  What we wish for you to do is to first and foremost become consciously aware of what is happening.  You are working with your personality and it’s as if your personality or ego aspect, if you wish to call it that, is only allowing so much expansion into your consciousness.  As your soul goes as wide as it wants to go and plays at whatever level it wants to play, the aspect of your consciousness which is your personality tends to want to go to sleep so that you are not as aware of what is happening.  That is the process of what is happening on these journeys.  So saying, you have been working tonight with the energies of Sirius.  You have been working with these energies as a means of assisting you in incorporating your personality aspect and spiritual aspect.  This is a planet that you have been very connected to in the past, therefore it is what came forward or was most prominent for you at this time.  Alright beloved?  [She said thank you] You are welcome.  Be aware to be gentle and loving with your personality aspect.  Be aware to speak with it to create these changes that are occurring.  Work with your personality so that it can be comfortable in the more expanded space.  That is how you will be able to remain more fully conscious during your journeys.  Alright beloved, anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I wanted to ask a question about something that happened to me tonight.  During the journey I could see and feel a beam of light that just went through me on the left side of my body.  It came in through my head and I felt it go all the way down through my whole body.  I could really feel the energy of this!  What happened to me?

Answer:  That was the opening and alignment that took place during the journey.  Our sense as you speak of that is because you beloved have been working so diligently.  Well, as all who are in this group are doing, it seems we say that over and over.  But it is so true of those of you who are in this space within your journey.  You have been opening and opening, but it’s as if there have been various aspects of you.  Some parts open more than others.  Our sense in seeing that laser beam as you call it, that went through the left side of you; was a means of creating alignment between the left and the right side of you.  It began primarily in your head and the left brain as you know is the analytical aspect of your brain.  This is the aspect which has been needing to shift the most over the summer months because as you have been opening, opening, opening, your analytical aspect has continued to question.  What is happening, what am I doing, why am I doing this, why am doing that; all those questions you have been having have in some respects been holding you back.  It has kept you in a place of questioning and out of a place of acceptance.  As that beam of light went into you, it created a shift and a greater balance to allow you to be more so in a space of acceptance than you have been before.  That is what occurred on this journey.  Did you have a sense of that beloved?  [She explained more about what happened] Exactly!  It is wonderful so be open to accept this.  Be aware that you will be able to perceive more and more changes within you due to this blending within yourself.  Alright! 

Question:  <paraphrased> The same person also asked about some recent dreams.  Stated she kept getting information and insights about living in a Druid community and wondered what it all meant. 

Answer:  We’re not sure what you’re talking about, a place that you visited within your heart?  [She spoke further]  Our sense as you are speaking of this is that there is a link to a past life experience that occurred in that area.  But there is also a link in that the energy of this space, if indeed it is the same that you visited; is that of an opening that occurred, that of a vibration of love or acceptance.  Again this is all of what is vibrating within you at this time.  So perhaps it was that opening up that occurred that allowed for you to be able to open further on this journey tonight.  We always recommend that when people have something that stays with them just as this has, to go back and explore it on your own.  If you can return to that space and be in that energy, see what comes to you.  If you can just in quiet meditation, ask what that space meant to you, many of these answers will come to you.  Our sense if that it was the first opening that allowed for an even greater opening to occur tonight.  That‘s always possible, time is non linear.  Alright beloved, thank you. 

Question:  <paraphrased> I’ve not been able to be on the teleconference call for awhile.  I have really been working hard to open up, to understand who I am and what I need to do.  I feel as if something has been holding me back, but now there is an opening.  Do you have any insights? 

Answer:  We are always happy to have you beloved and be aware that even if you cannot be consciously a part of the journeys you are here energetically and we are aware of you.  Exactly beloved.  [The person stated that on the mornings after the teleconference when she couldn’t tune in, she always woke up feeling the effects of the channel.]  We are happy to hear that you are conscious of that link and that connection that you have.  [She asked her question at this point]  Exactly beloved.  We feel a resistance within you when we connect with you.  Within your heart center, you are expanded as big as your town.  But within the physical consciousness, the personality, and the ego aspect; just as with the other individual we just spoke to, there are restrictions that you have placed upon yourself in your belief of you as the human.  While you have been working with this very consciously and diligently, our sense is that there is an aspect of you which is resistant to change.  That if you do change, if you do actually make these shifts that you have been anticipating then you won’t even recognize yourself anymore.  As we say this, it sounds very melodramatic or it sounds as if we are overstating what you feel, but in essence that is the core issue of what is happening with you.  What we would like to do is assist you in recognizing that you are always going to be who you are. That you are always going to be this lovely dynamic personality that is you as represented by the human.  That you are always going to have a heart, a love, an energy that is bigger than what can be contained within that human body.  So, if you can open to accept that about yourself, that will allow the alignment to blend more fully within you.  Then you will find that this resistance, as we have said in other cases; one foot is on the gas pedal, one foot is on the brake, and then both feet will be open to allow the pace to move in a means that is comfortable for you.  So saying, the journey that you just took tonight with your full consciousness aligning with these energies, aligning with what was happening has allowed you to have greater alignment between your personality aspect of yourself and your soul aspect.  This is what you have been thinking and it will create a greater comfort zone within you.  Our sense is that you have done the majority of the work.  It’s only a matter of truly acknowledging parts of your personality that were holding back were doing so out of a sense of fear, loss of recognition, distancing, things along that line.  When you can reassure yourself that you are still the person who you are it’s just that you have a different way of showing who you are.  That is what will allow you to have a greater acceptance so that you will no longer feel a resistance within yourself.  That is when you will manifest a higher vibrational job; that the changes within the family and community, this communication you have been speaking of will all fall into a better alignment.  Does that make sense to you?  [She acknowledged yes]  Alright, so love and accept those aspects of yourself that have actually seemed to be the blockages.  They were there for a reason at the time when you needed them.  As you allow them to transform, allow them to be the aspects of you which goes out to the community or goes out to find the job or manifest this higher vibrational job.  This is allowing your ego or personality aspect to be more a part of your spiritual process.  You are welcome beloved.  It is here it is now.  You simply needed to fine tune what you were doing.

Question:  <paraphrased> First off, I really enjoyed this journey tonight!  I found that I connected with the moon, but what’s interesting is that there was an old song about the moon and moon beams which has been going through my head for a couple days.   I have never been one to write, keep a journal, or things like that.  But lately I find myself write all the time.  I’m finding that it’s almost an impulse that I have to follow.  Do you have any insights on this?  Are the two things related to one another?

Answer:  Our sense in connecting with you is that the writing career that you are speaking of, this ability that you are finding now with your way of writing is simply a means of expressing yourself in a new form or manner.  Now beloved, your connection to the moon is opening you up to a greater essence of your divinity as the divine feminine.  The moon essence is also becoming much more strong or prominent in the energies around the earth.  So when you speak of hearing a song going through your mind that talks about the moonbeams before [we had the channel], that was simply words that were put down on paper and someone put them to music.  It was giving you an example of what you can do with the words that are flowing through you.  You may place them on the paper as automatic writing, as creating poetry, as simply writing paragraphs and phrases.  Howsoever it comes to you; it’s a way of opening up your creativity.  It’s a way of tapping into your divine feminine.  It’s a way of creating a shift that will allow you to bring greater balance within your life.  That is the essence that we understand from your experience tonight.  As you spoke of blending with the moon, we could see this radiance of the moon vibrating from.  We have a sense of seeing you walking through your days as if you are continuing to shine and vibrate the energy of the moon even in the day light hours.  You are welcome, so be aware of what comes to you as you write.  At this point we don’t see that it’s going to go into a book form or song, but that is because you have not yet created how you want this to all manifest in completion.  This is the opening pages to your creativity and the infinite potentials are available to you. 

Question:  <paraphrased> During the channel tonight, I saw an image of the lion.  This was very clear to me and was as if he was sitting right in front of me.  I found myself focusing on his eyes as if he was staring at me; I was staring back and could not look away.  What does this mean?

Answer:  Alright beloved, the lion at this time is your totem.  All of you as humans upon the earth are linked with many different animals.  These animals are there as a support to you.  They are there as a means of assisting you to open up or in communication.  They are there as a means of shifting their vibration into yours so that you will be able to excel or move in a new direction or perhaps further along in the direction you are moving.  Now, your connection with the lion; the lion’s presence is often portrayed as the ruler of the animals, but it’s about strength, courage in movement, a deep seeded understanding.  That is the sense that we getting that the animal was conveying to you.  When you spoke of receiving information through the eyes that is true of all the humans that you come into contact with, all the animals that you come into contact with, the eyes are a means of truly expressing what is within a person or what is within a person’s soul.  This was showing you that your own eyes are your soul to the world.  This is a way for you to show and express who you are to the outside world but also for you to perceive through your eyes and take it into your soul’s essence.  Does that make sense to you beloved?  You are welcome!

Question:  <paraphrased> Tomorrow is going to be 08-08-05 and I’m feeling as if there’s a really strong energy.  Is there anything that you can share with me about this?  I’ll have a meditation group and I’m wondering if I should have a particular focus? 

Answer:  Alright beloved, we thank you for asking that question.  8:8 as you know are two infinity symbols that are side by side.  If you add….. [the Goddess chuckles] we were already saying 3005, that 3 + 5 = 8!! This linear time sometimes gets us!!  Allow us to move back into your time.  For whatever reason, we actually saw 3—8’s in a row.  Howsoever the third one got there; we’re not sure, just that we were seeing it.  The 8 as you know is the infinity symbol.  The infinity is about balance, linking the universe with the earth plane, about linking the balance within yourself.  It’s about your own infinite potential, it’s about your own infinite lifetime, and it’s all to do with energies of balance and the energies of infinity.  As you are working with this group of people, you can assist them in creating alignments within themselves.  Just as you did in the journey tonight, you can facilitate that balance for each of them to create the alignment.  Through the infinity symbol, they can each incorporate that into their physical person, into their lifetime, into moving forwards and backwards creating a future and clearing a past.  Howsoever you wish to look at it.  The infinity sign moves through dimensions, it moves through where the person is in their physical standing and it moves through their soul essence.  As all comes into alignment there will actually be a greater flow within the personality, the soul, the emotional, the mental, and all the various aspects of the individual.  We thank you for bringing up that recognition of the date.  We sense that with what we told you it will give you a bit of a foundation but we know that you will create whatever is special for the group and whatever is special for the moment. 

Question:  <paraphrased> I’ve been reading that next Sunday [08-14-05] is going to be a really important day to bring in more energies of the divine feminine.  These energies are in association with Mary Magdalene and will be very strong for several days.  Do you have any insights on this? 

Answer:  There are many different groups and energies upon the earth that talk about various dates having importance.  All of these dates we sense as being important because of the intention which is put behind that particular date; [by an individual or by a certain group].  In so saying, our sense of next Sunday, we don’t get a particular sense of being any different than other days happening upon the earth.  Again, this is all about perceptions.  There are always various portals of light that seem to be more in alignment with one group or another.  There are various energies that are transmitted into the earth.  These are available for anyone to tap into or connect with at any time that they so desire.  These various dates, these various times of the moon, or these rotations of the planets can enhance what is happening.  As you link with these alignments, whatever is in your consciousness can create a greater link for you as an individual. Just as you created with the universe tonight and the constellations, it allowed for you to tap into and be a part of that link that you are speaking of for next week.  From our perceptions we see all days as being bright and vibrant. 

Question:  <paraphrased> I’m still just having such a hard time with making a decision about where to move.  Can you give me any insights on where I should go? 

Answer:  You have continued to be in the space of analyzing and over analyzing.  Of course you need to be analytical to think about what am I going to do, where am I going to go, what’s going to happen.  But if you can open up and release that chattering part of your brain. If you can breathe deeply and create a calmness or peace within yourself, then say what brings me joy?  What brings me potential?  Questions like that will assist you in finding a greater answer within yourself.  We see you staying in the South East which is where you are, but we also see you moving more towards a place that is mountainous or has more of a spiritual community.  North Carolina is coming to mind as one.  But we also see different potentials in Atlanta….. there are two or three different cities that seem to have bright lights to us, so it’s a matter of you being able to go inside, release the chatter, and look within your own self to get the answer that you are seeking.  If you choose to stay where you are, we don’t sense as much energy so we do believe you will move.  As to which of these is more prominent than the other, there is no one which is showing as stronger than another.  We do see potentials are there and if you allow yourself to release the analytical for a time then you can connect with your higher self or soul essence.  Then you can go back into the analytical and look in the newspapers for what you can find, and then talk with people; things will come to your awareness that will make this smoother for you.  [She asked for greater detail of one area.]  That is simply one of the potentials that we see.  You can choose to go in that direction.  There is a light around it.  It is something that could give you the assistance, but we don’t see it as any brighter or any more vibrant than these other potentials.  Within you is some confusion and that is what is emanating.  So, if you can cleanse yourself, clear your analytical thinking, move into the space of balance, or space of love, or space of divinity; that is how you can get a more clear picture.  You are welcome.

Question:  <paraphrased I wish I was as eloquent as the speaker> I wanted to comment on my journey tonight.  As you know, I’ve been really struggling with being alone, with finding a partner, with letting go of anger.  Tonight when my guides showed me to a planet, it was as if it was dark, kind of heavy, I didn’t really want to blend with it. I even questioned my guides saying “This is it?” But I trust my guides so I said, Okay, I will blend with this planet.  I found that once I did, the energy became very light, became very tranquil, supportive, and it was filled with love. It was as if it became illuminated and everything shifted. I just think this journey was soooo beautiful!!! Do you have any other insights for me?

Answer:  Oh beloved that is sooo beautiful!! We appreciate that you opened and accepted what was given to you tonight as a part of this journey.  Even though your initial reaction when you connected with the planet was ‘oh it’s dark, I don’t want to be there’; that is how you have been to yourself.  That is how you have perceived yourself over the last several months.  So with the opening up and alignment that you created over the last several weeks, it has allowed you to be in a space of accepting; of opening up to trust your guides, that this is where you need to be.  So you are trusting yourself, you are trusting your guides, you are trusting all!  The way the planet shifted and became illuminated is a beautiful example of how you too are shifting and illuminating.  We congratulate you beloved that was really beautiful!  You are welcome.

So for all of you, we appreciate you joining in on this journey.  We appreciate you moving and shifting into what is exactly right for you at that moment.  There are greater alignments that are coming to earth.  There are greater alignments that you are creating for yourself on all the various levels of who you are.  So, as you accept balance, as you accept alignment, you are actually accepting all essence of who you are~~~ With this, it creates greater joy and contentment.  We thank you for doing this.  We honor you for doing this and we the God and Goddess are always here in support of you.




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