Conversation with the Divine Masculine (God)

Nama Sika; Venia Benya              I AM the one;  I AM the whole.

I greet you my beloved family of the light and as always it is my joy and my pleasure to spend this time with you.  I thank you for gathering together and asking me to come in and spend this time with you.  This time upon the earth plane is a time of transition.  As indeed, just about any time is a time of transition.  You are noticing it more so within the past six months to a year and this will amplify as you move into the next six months to come.  Indeed, there are changes that are occurring at many different levels upon the earth plane. You may have noticed them in the energy field that you feel around you as you move through your days. You may have noticed them in the way that your physical body feels and reacts. So too, you may have felt the difference in the energy that is within the mass consciousness, or the general consciousness of the people. While there have not that radical changes as yet, when it comes to the mass consciousness, there has begun a subtle shift. This shift actually began with the influx of energy after 9/11, or after the occurrence of that void which allowed for a release of energy, and in turn allowed for greater influx of energy. That is what began to a great degree, this path which has currently been evolving upon the earth plane.

So as we are moving forward, we are moving into the space in which we are able to create within ourselves that space of being in the moment. That space of bringing in light and love, and feeling that love as it resonates within us. So too, it resonates out to everyone who is around us.  For some, this may become uncomfortable but for the majority of people this comes across as a sense of peace and contentment.

With that, we will move forward into the magnetic grid as it surrounds the earth plane. Allow your consciousness to leave behind your physical body. Allow it to move into that grid work which was created it expanded and expanded upon as it surrounds the earth. Putting forth the intent to move into this space allows you to go. As you blend with the energy of this grid work, what you may sense is that there are interwoven roads, or streams, or pathways that allow for light and energies to pass through. For those who have been working with this grid work in over a period of time, you notice the ways in which it is evolving. So too, it will continue to evolve in the months and years to come. As you are acclimating to this energy field you become more aware of those energies who are around you. You see or sense those who are within your physical group as connected and communicated together at the beginning of this channel. But so too, there are those who are here, but not a part of the actual conference.

Allow yourselves when you are ready, to move through that interwoven connection into the crystalline grid work. As you are moving into the crystalline grid, you find that you let go of the gravitational pull of the earth. You find that your consciousness becomes very light and filled with light and energy. Your senses are much more aware, and as you look around, find that crystal or group of crystal that resonates with you and is calling it to you. As you are connecting with this crystal you may find yourself merging with it and becoming one with the crystal. Or you may find that to consciousness is shifting its vibration in order to open up to greater communication or connection. Again I ask you to become aware of what is around you. As you move into each of these places are steps you first have a sense of blending with or connecting. Then you have a sense of looking around you and you find that you notice a great deal more after you have blended <with the crystal>.

We call forth a column of light. You may sense this light as something which comes down and surrounds you as the individual, or you may sense it as encompassing the whole group. As you feel ready to do so, allow your consciousness to ascend through this column of light. You find yourself moving up higher and higher within the column. You are moving between dimensions. You may have a sense of what is occurring between these various dimensions, or you may simply have a sense of moving through it.

You find yourself emerging from the end of this column of light and you emerge into this space in which you have a more complete expansion within your consciousness. Feel the joy and excitement that infuses you as you release all boundaries, as you release any restrictions that you may have placed upon yourself. Call forth your I AM presence. As you do this, become aware of the ways it feels as you blend with your complete soul. You realize that there have been many aspects of yourself which have been scattered about. Some are living other lifetimes; others have been doing other jobs for you, such as working at gathering information. You realize that as you are connecting with this energy source that all of this various information is coming into your consciousness. You may sense it as emotions, a sense of completeness, or you may get images that represent these various aspects. You allow for this infusion to merge completely with your consciousness.

As you become acclimated, you begin to have a sense of the completeness that is represented by who you are. This completeness is and can be filtered down into every aspect of your I AM presence. Therefore, you will be taking it back with you is your consciousness returned. But for now, allow yourself to expand out even further.

You have a sense of my presence. You feel the Goddess energy, the divine feminine, as it fuses and merges with you. You take note of the subtle differences but you become even more aware of the ways in which you already contain my essence. If you feel a need to, open up and taking in an even greater amount so that you feel the completion of this connection with the divine feminine.

Next we will call forth the divine masculine. You can sense the subtle differences there are between the masculine and feminine. As you become aware of this and infuse your I AM presence with this aspect of the divine masculine, you find yourself moving into a space of complete balance. As was requested, I will step aside at this time and allow for the divine masculine to speak to you.


<Channeling the Divine Masculine, God>  I greet you and thank you for this opportunity to bring me through. You wonder what it is like to speak with God or what is referred to as the God Essence. There are many people upon the earth plane that have attached different and greater amounts of stereotype to this essence then what I feel is necessary. I am very happy to take this opportunity to be able to blend with you completely and to say to you that you are the God essence. Just as you are the Goddess Essence. Every human who is upon the earth plane is a blend of the divine masculine and feminine; God/Goddess. So too are you as a human the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. From our perspective as we connect with those of you upon the earth plane, in particular those of you who are upon this elevated path or this accelerated path, we thank you for these experiences. For we feel and grow and expand just as you move to your pathway, and you grow and expand. So too, from our perspective we are thrilled with every human who is upon the earth plane, for we can see and understand how every individual, no matter what their pathway, has a purpose. There are many who are at the beginning spiral of the evolution of their soul, there are many others who are at a different places along this evolution of the spiral. It is not for anyone to judge another person upon the earth. For indeed, each person has probably been where that other person is now. Just as you are able to move forward and understand and move into these higher energies, so too will they at the time in which it is right for their soul growth. As we look at the earth and we can take in the various types of energies which are infused upon the earth, what we sense and see is that indeed each part is an integral part of the whole. There are those things that are happening upon the earth plane that some may sense are become distressed about. But indeed it is just because of that action that brings forth the counter action to balance that in another aspect of society. So in this way, from this aspect we are able to see that all is in completion. I am available to you. I am with you. If you are seeking me you need only go within and I am there. The time is past in which God and Goddess is to be placed upon the pedestal. The time is here in which we have more so completely infused within you, therefore you need not look outside yourself to look to God and Goddess. And with that, I will step back and allow for the Goddess energy to return. Know that I am with you always in and even as she is speaking, so to am I speaking. With that, you are such love and joy, Ansaluia.  <at this point, the God energy withdrew>

And so my beloveds, you are able to understand and feel these different aspects more fully, perhaps because of the spoken words that have come from the God presence. The more that you have moved along your pathway and the more that you have evolved into this higher space, the deeper your connection with the God and Goddess. As we step forward into the void which is recognized as the All That Is, what you will be sensing and feeling is what it is like to be in that completion. To be in that space of fully blending the male and female within all aspects of yourself.

With that I ask you to see before you a doorway. I ask you at this time to take in the greater amount of details that are represented by this door. You have been using this for quite some time to move into this higher plane of existence. I wish for you to become aware of the ways in which even this aspect has changed and evolved. Allow yourself to move through and move into this higher plane of reality. You allow yourself to expand.  You recognize and understand how you can step into this place which is oftentimes known as the void, yet it is filled with your presence. You realize, that the void is not a place to be feared. This is the place in which to rejoice. Have a sense of becoming aware of the various lights and energy forms that are around you. For indeed, some of these are the other soul essences which you know from the earth plane. But there are a great many who are here from the Angelic realm, the Ray Lords, and in some cases they are also from the other planets within your galaxy or perhaps even outside of your galaxy. What you find is that the energy that it is important for you to work with tonight, is the energy which contacts you. You may sense this energy as having a form or shape, or you may sense it as simply a swirl of color. However so it comes to you, know and trust that there is an importance.

There are those of you who have been in this space before and have received your scepter or your sword of light. I ask you to call forth for this to be given to you at this time, or you may create it within yourself to bring it within your consciousness. You find that as you are holding this, whether it's the scepter or the sword, that this is indeed a way in which you are able to get greater amounts of in sights.

You will find it as you are holding this that there is even more that becomes known to you. You may find yourself receiving information from your source planet or a star. You may find yourself encountering an energy of light that has worked with you perhaps in your dream state, and is now stepping up to work with you while you are in your conscious state. Perhaps you have questions that you wish to convey to this energy of light at this time.

You also begin to find that there is more that is involved in this information than you had first anticipated. You allow yourself to take in all the details. Allow yourself to become infused with the energy of this light. As you are in this space of the All That Is, you are in the space in which you create. Be it something new, or adding to something you have already been working with. Ask for and you will receive any information that is needed to allow you to move further along this path. For some you may find that it is necessary to make a shift or a change to move in a new direction. Allow yourself to see what the next several days or weeks, upon the earth plane is bringing to you so that you will have a greater insight of how to create the space to move through this time. You will have a greater understanding of these energies that have been infusing the earth plane. You become aware of the ways in which you are helping each other and can do so even more, but have not been aware of it.

I ask you now to blend fully with this energy of light! I ask you again to reconnect more completely with the God and Goddess aspects. As you feel this pulsating and moving through your I AM presence, allow yourself to move into that space in which you are looking out into the Omniverse. How has this shifted and changed for you? Who is there? You become aware of the ways in which the personal growth that has been occurring upon the earth plane is affecting your universe, the galaxy, and beyond. Send forth from your I AM presence the love and the joy that is within you~~~ You are able to see and sense the sparkles of light that infuse throughout all aspects of this Omniverse and you see the connections that develop. What joy and excitement this brings to you!

When you are ready, you have a sense of releasing that connection and moving back through the void of the All That Is. As you move through this space, you become conscious of the doorway through which you moved at the very beginning, and you find yourself moving back through that doorway again. You take with you the essence of your creation. You take with you the knowledge of these connections that you have built through this experience.

You allow yourself to come together and form a group. Put forth that energy of creation that you used. Put forth from you the love, the joy, the excitement that you feel in this moment, or the contentment. Allow yourself to become aware of how the group supports itself and is so interconnected. You have a sense of almost an electrical light that is moving from one person to the next. You feel yourself becoming even more expanded because you understand that the creation that was made by the person beside you is also influencing you. Just as your personal creation is influencing the person beside you. Everyone is connected to the other. You realize that each of you as a divine human is filled with those characteristics that makes you unique, but at the same time each of you, are a part of the whole. We resonate with the whole.

Have a sense of casting your consciousness down towards where the earth plane is. You may have a sense of this creating in the middle of your group or being in one direction or another from where you are. You may have a sense that you have just moved out or in. See this consciousness that you have created, this electrical light, filled with these higher vibrations, see it as it moves down towards the earth plane. It will move through the grid work, and continues down until it infuses all aspects of the earth plane. You are infusing the earth with a higher vibration or this energy that allows for a greater expansion within yourself. You are infusing the earth with the emotions of love, joy, contentment. You recognize how Gaia comes fourth and spreads her arms as she is open to receive the. She is thankful for this energy, and she revels in it!  You realize that this energy is available to you as you move through your days.

Now you bring your attention back up into this space. Have a sense of separating to degree from the other consciousness within this group. Have a sense of bringing your physical body into this space. You are moving into a time in which your physical body can more fully handle these energies that you have been bringing through. There has been a great deal of physical discomfort as the body has gone through this transition. By bringing it <the physical body> up to this space, so to speak, what you are doing is allowing the physical to expand further and further to acclimate with these energies. Have a sense of infusing all that is within your I AM presence into your physical body. It may give you a sense that your physical body has expanding out to accommodate, or you may have a sense that all that is needed has filled it and the rest just blossoms around you. There are many different ways in which you can interpret the blending of the physical with the spiritual. So too in the midst of all this is the spark of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

As you feel this adjustment between your physical and non physical, you allow your consciousness to begin to move back towards that column of light. That column of light may have disappeared during this journey, and putting forth the intent brings it to you. If you continue to have your scepter or your sword with you, you may have a sense of storing it or allowing it to dissolve because you can create it whenever you desire.

As you begin to lower down through this column of light, you feel the shifts and adjustments that your physical body is making. So too is your consciousness making shifts and adjustments. You allow any discomfort to dissolve. You allow the completeness to infuse you. You are in a state of complete balance and complete love and joy, and what ever else you may be feeling.

You stop first in this place of the crystalline grid. For this is a way of assisting in the adjustment to your body and consciousness. Notice the change in this grid work. Perhaps there is an added sparkle, or perhaps its as if more crystals have grown, it is not at all unusual to notice these shifts and changes and to recognize that the growth you do upon these journeys is having an immediate effect upon the crystalline grid. As you fuse completely with that allow yourself to move even further until you are blending with the magnetic grid. As you are moving into the magnetic grid, you find yourself feeling the gravitational pull. It is as if a heaviness descends upon your body. This is a part of what makes you a human on the earth plane. But it need not be heavy, it is infused with the light, it is infused with this energy that allows for greater expansion. Again we stay here and wait as we allow for our bodies to acclimate. This is the time in which I am open to receive questions. You may push the 4 on your telephone in order to come back into the conference. If you wish to ask me a question please do so.

Question:  Although I am very comfortable living in the Now, I feel as if I am in limbo in various ways:
 not having a home, my work -- the reason I am here, and even my play. I am not sure how much this
feeling of Limbo is tied in with the events of my childhood that have come to light recently and, in fact,
would like to know if I have done all the clearing and releasing around these events that I need to do.

Answer:  All right beloved, there have actually been several questions that were within that question, so I will attempt to answer all of them and if you need clarity at the end please ask for it. We will begin, with the childhood issues that have come to light. Indeed, because of, well actually Beloved let me back up. You have it on this pathway for a number of years, in which to have been moving forward to raise the vibration of your consciousness, to raise the vibration of your physical body, that you may greater expand and explore within these new energies. So as a result of that, that which has been actually a part of you but was suppressed for a very long time, was then allowed to come to light because this was a safe time and place in which you can explore issues or explore happenstance, and allow yourself to receive the lesson from it and then let it go. In your case beloved, this has been quite trying for yourself and this has been quite traumatic at times. I put my loving arms around you and I support you as you have been upon this journey. I thank you for having the courage to look at this and move forward as you have. So in part, the reason that you have had the limbo that you have had, is due to the fact that you have shifted and acclimated a great deal within your physical body and within your life experience. It has caused you to feel a limbo to develope because the majority of your consciousness is ready to move forward and go on. Then that aspect which was holding back until it could be resolved, was sitting there pulling you….as a young child with the parent that is digging in their heels and pulling as the parent is walking down the street, this has been what is occurring to you within your lifetime. Indeed beloved I sense that there is still a slight residual that is necessary for you to let go of and this residual is a result of you having been a greater acceptance and loving for yourself for who you are. Releasing any blame or releasing any guilt that you have been feeling.  Allow yourself to know and understand the perfection of who you are. And the perfection of who you were even at that time. For indeed, as you knew when you connected with your I AM presence tonight, what an immense and glorious soul aspect you are.  So release and let go of what has been holding you back. This will allow you to be more fully in the moment when you have a sense of wondering what steps can I take where can I go, look around you with new vision in your eyes. Perhaps call forth a greater amount of your I AM presence and ask to be shown and it may be a billboard beside you as you drive your car, it may be something in the paper, but you will have a sense of stepping onto a path even though you don't understand everything that is on this path, but everything will unfold for you as you go. This is something that is very difficult for humans to do. It is a part of the new energy. That of not planning what is going to happen six weeks down the road. Even with tonight’s experience, and in part this was for you, setting forth the intent to allow for more to develop in a specific way over the next days and weeks to come. Does this send to your question beloved? You are welcome. Is there anybody else?  Is there anybody else?

There is so much that is moving around you and through you and around you. <this is aimed at those who were participating in the teleconference> I sense that there are more questions to be asked, and this is fine and you may ask of me directly, or you may ask them of yourself, and know that you have the answers within. For indeed each of you is such an immense light. There is such perfection and joy as I connect with you and spend this time with you. So before I leave at ask was there anything else?



Answer: All right beloved. What we sense around you is that there are actually several different potentials that are open for you. What is important for you is to work in something that has to do with communication. We are purposely vague because we don't want to limit where you were looking for things. But what we see in you beloved is the communicator. We see in you a heart that is just filled with love and joy and compassion for those who are around you. So if you look at something that will bring you joy, as you in turn are assisting others, whether it is in the field of communication, or it is in a field of healing. There is always going to be that sense of communication which is kind of at the core of who you are. It is a part of the life experience in this lifetime. This is changing and evolving as you are moving into this new space, but what you will be finding is that you may begin, perhaps begin at what  someone would call an introductory level, and you can't find yourself moving into a space in which you will the teaching and communicating with others. There'll be those who will come and listen to you and ask questions and are not quite comfortable with this as yet. But trust and understand that as you are moving into this space more fully, you will be ready for the questions that come your way. Simply allow the love that is within you to shine for. Even if the question may not be answered to them completely, they will feel your love and compassion and that will fill in any gaps so to speak. You are welcome. Is there anybody else?

With that my beloveds, know that I am with you,  that I am within you. I feel such joy as I blend with you more fully. As I have this sense of experience which is each of your experience, as you move to your days.

I am with you!

I am within you!

~~~ Ansaluia~~~

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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