Experience the New Earth

This channel is one that will assist you on sooo very many levels.  The Goddess speaks more and more at the beginning to give information, but also to allow each person to align with the energies.  This took you on a journey to the new earth!  You can feel it, sense the energies and experience the pure crystalline vibration. We have worked consistently with the crystalline and magnetic grids.  In this journey you have the perception of how evolved they have become.

I hope you take the time to read the questions at the end.  Most were about physical issues people are having.  This journey also focused upon our physical body.  To accept it, allow change, recognize we are who we are in this moment.  She spoke of falling in love; with ourselves.  The Goddess also spoke of compassion.......ah what bliss!!   The Goddess spoke of how the All That Is, is a place of neutrality which gives you the opportunity to practice your many different potentials or to open to something new. 

Finally in working with the hologram, there was such a strong sense of alignment between the earth and new earth; but also ourselves.  There was a pulsation.  There was an intrinsic rhythm that is our own.  Savour it, enjoy it! ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya         I AM the one, I AM the whole

Hello my beloved family! 

I send my greetings to each one of you and I send forth my embrace. Indeed there is an intense transformation taking place upon the earth.  You have been hearing from many different sources about the things that are happening; everything from changes in climate, changes in the environment, changes in people, changes in the universe. And yes, change is here!  But change is always here.

I invite each one of you to take this moment and really let your focus go inside your physical body.  You are here living a life upon the earth.  You have chosen to incarnate at this time to be a part of all that is occurring within the world.  Your own process is your unique experience that reflects everything else happening around both you and the world in which you live. 

So many of the symptoms that people have been feeling and expressing are derived from being disconnected from their physical body (to their divinity).  Especially around the winter solstice, a very intense wave of energy was brought into the earth and is still in the process of being integrated.  Therefore it is quite easy for people to become disconnected within themselves.  When you are disconnected you may experience symptoms such as the dizziness, feeling tired, feeling disoriented.  You may have a sense of feeling out of touch or as if things are not really progressing within your life. 

I say this to you right now as we begin this journey because I recognise how so many of the symptoms that each of you have been feeling or experiencing are derived from being disconnected within yourself.  So truly feel your physical body.  Breathe deeply and let your focus go within that breath and follow it all the way down.  Breathe it all the way down through your torso, down your legs and into your feet and just feel your feet, feel your legs, feel your pelvic region, your abdomen, your chest.  Feel your arms, your neck, your head and recognise that this is your physical body.  Accept it as it is in this moment. 

So many of you struggle with that.  But right now release any struggle and accept that this is the body you have right now.  It can change tomorrow; it can change in a month, in several months or a year.  Just as everything else is in a constant state of motion, so too is your physical body.  So whenever you feel any of those emotions that I spoke of before, if ever you feel disconnected, breathe in and know that you are human; that you are having this experience and that you are very real and in this moment.  Yes, this is you in this moment. 

Now that each one of you have fully grounded inside of your physical body, I invite you to let that physical body go.  You may choose to take in one more deep breath and then release it, but allow your consciousness to shift out from you until it expands as it aligns with the magnetic grid.  As you arrive within the magnetic grid, feel what this space is to you.  Your higher self is within this space.  You have the ability to link with this aspect of your extended awareness. 

Look around; perceive what this is to you.  This is your space but you are fully aligned with all the other energies that are present within.  I invite you to shift your consciousness or your focus so that you may release this space of the grid.  You move through an interlocking grid and find yourself within the crystalline grid.  This is probably what is most transformed as a result of the last several years upon the earth. 

This gridwork was but a vague energy pattern but as the earth itself shifted into the fourth dimension, there was suddenly a much greater alignment to these crystalline energies that transmit through the universe into the earth.  Therefore the crystalline grid has expanded in such a way that it takes on a completely unique and different perspective than what it did a number of years ago.

 See where you are, feel what it is to be in this space of alignment.  As you feel your energies, allow any that resonate with these crystals to expand and to amplify so that you become much more aware of what within you is in alignment with these crystals. 

This crystalline grid expands from the energy of the magnetic grid, and it creates a bridge that takes you out towards the new earth.  The new earth has many similarities to the earth on which you live, but it is without the sense of selfishness, war, it is without the sense of jealousy, control, manipulation.  I invite each of you to allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that you float along or move through this crystalline grid until you find yourself as if standing in front of what is considered the new earth. 

As you look at it, you may feel or see or sense that you are looking at the earth on which you live, for indeed in many ways it is an exact replica.  There is a shift in consciousness that will allow you to more fully align with this earth itself.  Therefore I the Goddess move into the space in which you are. I realise we most often take a stop in the soul plane, but I wanted you to recognise this pathway, this direct link that assists you in moving from your current earth to the new earth. 

So I invite you to blend with my energies as you are right now.  Allow me to assist you in moving through the shift or the transformation that takes you into the new earth.  Many of you have experienced different perceptions of what it was to come within this atmosphere.  There is a magnetic pull similar to the earth; there is gravity.  But the energies are so much lighter, they are finer, they are transparent. 

As you look around, you will find that each of you just naturally gravitated towards a place that you especially love.  Some of you may have found yourself in the place in which you live right now, or the equivalent of that.  Some see yourself on the beach, some in the mountains; others within the forests.  Wherever you are, know that it is a place that makes your heart sing.

Feel how good it feels to be here.  And now that you are beginning to become acclimated, perhaps some of you recognise those feelings that you've been having for the last couple of weeks.  Indeed it was the integration of the energies that are so similar to this space.  Each of you have been moving through the process that allows you to be able to come here. 

This place is beginning to become inhabited.  It is a place of transition.  So many of those very highly evolved children that are coming into the earth, that are being born into the earth, will come here to feel what it's like, to begin to acclimate to the energies. 

Many of you come here within your sleep state.  Others of you may come here when you transition; still others might walk in your earth and walk upon this earth in a similar fashion.  As I brought you here, you had a perception of leaving the earth plane, leaving the energies of the earth plane and moving outward until you arrived within this space.  It is but a perception.  Did you really move outward or did you perhaps move inward?

We work all the time with the hologram of the earth and for the past six months or so, it's as if there have been two holograms that you work with.  One of those was for this, the new earth; and one was for the earth on which you live.  Again, that was to assist in integrating the energies of transition so that you could move in and out of this space as needed. 

With this space, you have the ability to manifest into human form or shall we say manifest a physical body if you so choose.  You also have the ability to remain as pure consciousness without a physical body.  Will people choose to continue to have the body such as they have on earth?  Perhaps.  Perhaps they will choose something easier to use. 

I wanted to bring you here so that you could get a more conscious awareness of what this is and I invite you to once more open even fuller to these energies and the vibration that this represents.  Breathe deeply.  I invite you to play.  Teletransport is nothing within this space; it is with great ease.  You simply think of where it is you want to be or with whom and then you allow yourself to shift as you move to the new space. 

The weather continues to have its cycles.  There is snow and sun, there is sleet, there are deserts, there are mountains, there are oceans.  You will find that there are animals but they may be different than what you are used to.  Some animals did not need to transition into this space; others are here. 

I wanted each of you to have some time within this space.  Create within your consciousness an alignment or link so that you may tap into it any time that you so choose.  If you need me to assist you in shifting your consciousness, absolutely I am here for you, but you don't have to do it with me.  You have the ability to move back and forth on your own.  Take this moment and I invite you to gather your consciousness and I am going to assist us in shifting into the All That Is. 

Once more you have that sense of leaving behind the gravitational pull.  You find yourself in that space in which we work and play.  From here, I create an image or a screen so that you may see the earth on which you live and then look with your inner eyes and perceive the magnetic grid.  And then look to the side and perceive the new earth. 

For some of you as you gaze between the two, you can actually discern the levels, or the steps or the aspects of the crystalline gridwork.  The All That Is is a different dimension; it is without any sort of a magnetic pull.  It's a state of neutrality.  This is why you have the ability to create such diverse and immense change while in this space. 

I had you become very conscious of your physical body before you left on this journey.  I want you to take this opportunity to become more in love you could say, or to perhaps better appreciate your physical body.  Throughout the earth, especially at this time of the year for some reason, you hear about people making changes perhaps due to the New Year, and so often it includes changing their physical body.  Indeed for each one of you, I would have that you be happy and satisfied with whatever you have for a body right now.  This is not to say you don't want change.  If you would like to have changes in your body, perhaps greater strength, greater agility, perhaps less weight, perhaps better vision with your eyes, whatever it may be.

When you are seeking to manifest in this much more crystalline vibration, you may do so only through alignment and allowing.  I spoke of this during our last journey.  I wanted you to experience the new earth because there you can manifest and transition with much greater ease.  And I wanted each of you to have that experience. 

So if you seek to change something about the physical body, because that's what we are speaking of at the moment, then you need to come to a sense of peace, a sense of appreciation, perhaps even a sense of compassion, as you consider the physical body that you have.  In some of you I feel the resistance; in others I feel you shifting in to a better space of alignment. 

So perhaps the next step is to consider judgement.  Are you judgemental about your body?  Do you judge it for its size?  Perhaps because of illnesses that you may have had or may still have.  Perhaps you judge it for your physical appearance. Whatever it may be, I invite you in this moment to let go any criticism that you may have.  I invite you to shift and breathe in compassion.  Compassion is such a beautiful emotion.  There is so much unsaid about compassion.  We need not try to define it; we need only open to receive compassion within your life. 

Feel compassion flow through you and around you.  And then as you once more look at your body, look through the eyes of compassion.  As you consider those aspects that you would like to change, consider what it is to bring in change just for the sake of changing.  You need not change because you dislike something; you need not change because you think it's going to benefit you in one way or another. 

You need only change because you're finished with one experience and now you're moving to another experience.  That is a way of taking out any sort of judgement for where you were and where you might be going.  That's a way of creating an alignment or a balance that allows you to transition your life.

Look at your life and I ask you about resistance.  Is there resistance within your life?  Are you perhaps resistant to change?  Are you resistant to what is currently within your life?  Are you resistant to the people around you, perhaps to your work?  Are you resistant to the energies of what's happening in the world?  Resistance essentially is being out of alignment with yourself, or with your source energy.  Resistance keeps you from being able to manifest.  It sometimes will push you into that place of judgement, so when you feel resistance within your life for whatever the reason, again breathe in compassion.  The more that you breathe compassion into your life, the more love you have for yourself.

So in this moment allow yourself to fill up with love.  In this moment feel and know who you are.  You are that person living on earth.  You are divinity.  You are God and Goddess.  You are so much more.  It's this realisation that comes to you sometimes in your dream state or it comes into you and it provokes that sense or that feeling of discomfort or disquiet that you need to make a change in your life.  Again, compassion is what allows you to feel the alignment and the balance of everything there is around you.

I invite you to once more take a deep breath in.  Feel the compassion within you the human.  Feel it within you as your divine essence and know that you have the ability to open to this alignment whenever you so choose. 

Here within the All That Is it's a space of neutrality; therefore it gives you an opportunity to be with yourself in complete acceptance and complete allowing, in complete love for who you are.  I invite you to feel in love with yourself.  Ah, that brings up the resistance again and I see you bouncing out of that alignment.  This is the All That Is; this is your opportunity to experience being in love with you.  To experience allowing yourself to fully appreciate the journey that you've been on, the space in which you are right now, and feel a sense of acceptance or a sense of allowing.

And so I say once more, I invite you to allow yourself to be in love with you.  And that time an immense expansion occurred as so many more of you opened up and allowed in that love that you've been looking for, what you have sought to have.  It is you; it is always you.  Let it flow through you.  This is an endless supply.  Take as much as you like. 

I now invite all of you to come back together as a group. You can especially see the importance or the magnitude of the work that we do upon these journeys.  As you are coming back together as a group, perceive the hologram as it comes up within you.  Here is another perception of a hologram that represents the earth on which you live and then as if from within a different dimension you see mirrored a hologram of the new earth.  Perceive them as parallel; perceive them as one sphere within the other. 

This creates an enhanced or a strengthened bond between the two earths and you as the humans that surround these holograms, let flow the love and the compassion of your journey tonight.  Let flow into the hologram that endless supply of love that is from you and for you.  And as all of you infuse these holograms and as it infuses the earth, it opens up a space where others may create their own endless supply of love.  So as you see this fountain of light pour through the hologram, the hologram itself sparkles; it shines, it becomes vibrant. 

There is a pulsation like a heartbeat within the hologram.  This heartbeat represents all of you.  It also represents Lady Gaia.  It also represents the intrinsic elements of the earth.  And so with that these holograms begin to shift.  There is a sense of that which is aligned with the new earth moving in that direction and that which is the earth on which you live, moves through the magnetic grid and downward until it goes within the physical earth.  It goes within and connects with the crystal that is at the center of this physical earth upon which you live. 

That crystal sends forth a tone or a vibration that is becoming stronger and stronger as it is felt by more people.  The rest of those energies rebound coming out through the earth, up through the grass, the water, the trees; it spreads outward.  You may feel your own connection with yourself as it comes into the space in which you are.  Anytime you seek to connect with this it is there for you.  You may feel it when you align with your higher self, but you may also feel it by simply breathing in compassion, breathing in awareness.  Feel it and know it as it goes through you. 

Allow your focus to return to your self as you are in the All That Is and I invite you to release this space.  Allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that you move into the soul plane.

You may find yourself aligning once more with that crystalline grid.  If you so choose you may feel the various levels of the gridwork as you move through, or you can move through it as an impulse and just find yourself arriving within the magnetic grid.  Within this space you become acclimated once more to the gravity of the earth.  You feel your essence as it comes downward, it comes down and you feel your consciousness returning to your physical body.  You may need to expand the energy field around you as you allow your consciousness to move back.

I once more invite you to breathe your consciousness; it goes in through your lungs, in through your heart, and down.  Feel your feet, your legs, your pelvic region, feel your abdomen, your chest, your arms, your neck, your head.  Feel yourself as the human, and you may remember what it felt like before we started this journey.  But now bring with you as you are fully grounded and balancing within yourself, bring with you that unlimited love.  Let it flow through you.  Feel it with every breath that you take, feel it move through your blood stream and into each cell within your body.  Know that you are so very loved.

I the Goddess of course do love you, but the source of this is your own self and that is essential for you to remember.  In this moment feel the awareness of that, feel your reality and allow yourself to be in that alignment.  Again, you are welcome to make any changes you so choose but create the changes from this space of alignment.

As you move through the next several days or several weeks of your life, I invite you to be very conscious of what it feels like to be in this space of self-love; to be in this space of such flow. Breathe deeply and allow that in.  You are now grounded within yourself.  You are balanced and this is the state of alignment that allows you to create and manifest more and ore within your life.

With that we will release the energies of this journey.

Question: (paraphrased) I'd like to check on the time frame of when I might receive employment.

Answer:  When you ask that question and when we look at you, we have a sense of space around you.  It feels as if specific employment is not coming to our awareness that we can share with you.  That makes us wonder, since this journey was so much about balance and alignment or your perception.  The more we speak of that,  we see that you are on one road and this other employment is on another.  So let me ask you, are you making a change in the type of work you are looking for, into something that is more fulfilling to you? 

Well, ultimately that is what I would like.  But the timing of switching I don't think is necessarily the quickest way to get employment.  So I have been seeking in the field I am experienced in.

Alright, so what I would encourage you to do is take a moment and breathe with me that sense of....... I would encourage you to take a minute and take a deep breath in.  Think of ultimately what you would like to have from the employment.  Of course it's the benefit of the income, but also that sense of connection for what ever you do perhaps or that sense of awareness or allowing yourself to truly be who you are.  As we speak of that and as we see you taking those breaths in, it begins to create more of an intention that then goes out from you. It sends a different vibration or it sends a different alignment.  We think perhaps you were sending out these varying vibrations. So acknowledging that there is something you will choose that will be perhaps temporary and that there is something else permanent.  What we are finding is that there is something that starts out temporary and it turns out to be something that you like quite a bit and it transitions.  So we see that you go into a job and you take it for a like a 6 week period of time, a specific short period of time and this will actually turn into something you enjoy.  We know this is something you are trying to get away from, but we have a sense of you having a new perception or a new awareness when you recognize what you can bring to the table.  In doing all of this it gives a whole different perception that we are becoming aware of as you begin to anchor that within you. 

So in saying that we would recommend to you; we know you are looking at something temporary, but you need to look at something else.  We see something as coming through the actual newspaper; we see something as advertised on the computer. But just look in a different place than you have been looking and that is how you will find this job.  We have a sense of it, we actually feel that you may find it at the end of January and you will start in the beginning of February.  February is the energy most about this, but it doesn't feel like the end of February, it's the beginning.  Over the next two weeks as you are looking around, something will come to your awareness.  If feels like when you find this, things will move very quickly for you. The other thing we would recommend to you is that as you sit down be it at the computer, looking at the newspaper, talking to recruiters, whatever it is you might be doing; you take a few minutes and breathe in that deep connection like what we had on the journey tonight.  In this way you are deeply connected within yourself as you expand your consciousness.  Then as you consciously choose this job, whether it is temporary or permanent, whatever the final outcome; but recognize that you are choosing it from that space of being connected within yourself.  What we sense is that you will find there is more available to you than you perceived in the past.  Because you wanted to make a change and thought you would do this because you know it, it's actually created a bit of a block for you and held it all at a distance.  Does that make sense to you?

Well, yes it does and that is helpful.  I was just curious because a lot of things have come to me but nothing has panned out.  I was just wondering if there was something inside myself that was preventing that from coming to be.  I just have been assuming it was not meant to be, but I didn't know why.  Some of these things seemed like they would be a perfect fit and it just keeps floating by.  You don't sense anything I'm doing that is getting in the way?

What we were picking up on at the very beginning and the reason we were unable to pick up on specific jobs was because we felt resistance in you about the type of work you used to be doing because you wanted to do something different!  So most of your focus was upon the ultimate end of the journey which was to have a job that appealed to you energetically, emotionally and it felt like it would be different than what you were looking for.  When you entered the job search you thought ‘I'll just do this for now because I have experience in it' it had with it the energy of resistance, as if you knew you really didn't want to do it.  Do you hear what we're saying?

Yes, it's right on.

Exactly, so that's why we think those things have not panned out for you.  So from this journey what I really hoped for people to experience was that you may not have everything in your life that you would like it to be, but finding the alignment of acceptance and appreciation for whatever it may be is what  allows things to manifest more easily, so too with this job.  By creating the alignment and recognizing that this is what you are doing at this time and allowing it in with whatever appreciation you have for it will bring those things that were just passing you by much more closer in to you. 

Great, thank you very much. 

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)  I seem to have lost a little bit of focus on my project with the crystals.  Sometimes I put aside the weekend to work on the crystals, then never work on them! 

Answer:  Our sense is that there has so much transitioning going on over the past several weeks since the winter solstice.  There is so much with acclimating to the new energies.  With the focus it has taken for you to work on the crystals you have felt more restless than being able to sit down and focus on your projects.  That is the reason we sense you have been resistant to it. In addition to that you are also acclimating to this higher vibration.  You are allowing it to more integrate within you. In doing that it is going to assist you in having this higher focus to work with these crystals on a different level.  Our sense is that the integration should be complete with the rest of this moon that is waning.  Probably another 2-3 weeks from now it will be more fully integrated.  For everyone who is experiencing this journey tonight, it's giving you the head start.  As we said to the individual ahead of you, creating the alignment like what you had on this journey is what allows you to be more focused; it allows you to create alignment and to bring into manifestation anything you seek to have.  We also want to say to you if there are some weeks you just don't want to work on it, no big deal.  Don't give yourself a hard time about that.  There's nothing wrong with taking time off just for the heck of it.   

Alright, thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)  I have been having some nerve pain in my back and backside.  I'm wondering what it's about and how to get some relief. 

Answer:  Initially when we look at this we have a sense of stuck energy.  As we speak of this we are working with you to assist in sending an impulse of light through.  (Shelly takes a deep breath.) Okay, that feels better.  We are sending this impulse of light through your back; it feels like sciatica, is that correct?  (Yes)  Yes, that's what we thought.  What we would say to you is that there are the typical human things you can do; such as massage, the chiropractor, stretches and things like that.  Anything like that will certainly help you and make you feel better.  Those are the human things you can be doing.  But in addition, just as you did in that moment, that's all it takes.  We feel it didn't fully resolve it, but it's the beginning of it.  If you let your focus be that there's a ball of light that goes down with your consciousness through your body into your sciatica and spine itself.  You send that impulse of light through there as if it is continuously clearing it out.  Perceive it as a much greater flow of energy.  That is what will allow you to fully release this pain you are feeling.  Our sense is that it is diminishing.  Our sense is that you can become very focused on what caused this, what do I have let go of, what do I have to do.  You can get caught up in all those emotions if you so choose, but you really don't need to.  This is about you finding and finding the alignment, feeling the compassion and letting it go beyond that.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does.  Thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)  I am also having some discomfort in my right shoulder,  low back and hips.  I have a spinal cord injury also.  Do you have any information for me?  Is this part of the ascension process?

Answer:  We are seeing some interesting things going on around you.  As we look at you we are seeing that pathways that did not have any energy or light showing through are now having pathways of light moving through.  What we mean by that is because of your spinal cord injury and what happens to your muscles after an injury like that, we feel like that is transitioning.  What is happening now is that there is a greater amount of energy and light moving through your body.  This is due to the conscientious work you are doing.  This is due to the ascension of all the individuals and the increase in light.  We have a sense.... we would absolutely love to tell you that you will be walking soon.

I don't care about the walking. I've been in this situation for 37 years so it's not about walking.  It's about the discomfort I'm feeling. 

We are just saying that with these changes and this transformation coming through, with these increased pathways-- like when your hand goes to sleep and you feel the tingling and discomfort when it wakes up-what we would recommend you do to make it feel more comfortable for you is to consciously work with the energy going all the way down; down through your hips and your legs.  We don't want it to get stuck and staying in one place.  Discomfort in the physical body is about energy going to a place and then being stuck there instead of moving on through.  So work with it on moving through.  We also have a sense if you work with the actual spine in both the neck and lower spine it will help.  If you work with the flow, there is a blockage or constriction in both areas and that is where the pain originates even though you feel it separate from where you feel it.  So work on all levels of the spine.

By work do you mean manipulation or what?

Work on consciously sending impulses of light through area.  Work on greater flow of energy and that is the core change that needs to take place.  Then work with massage or physical therapy or different types of work you do on a regular basis; let that be a conscious continuation of the work you do on the actual spine. 


That is what we sense will help to diminish a great deal of that actual discomfort. 

I just wanted to let you know, you mentioned about letting the light come in.  My partner and I have been doing a thing called sun gazing.  It's about gazing at the sun during sun set or sun rise.  You begin with 10 seconds then 20 seconds then all the way up.   We're up to 4 minutes and 20 seconds.  This sounds like something that is allowing more light into my being, so it's interesting.

You can use the sun because of course it's bright.  It is a conduit.  But it does not have to be the sun.  As you are looking at the sun in the morning, focus on sending the impulses through that area, but also focus on bringing your own self or your divinity down into that. 

Aright, thank you!

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) I've also been having a lot of discomfort with my stomach, with my gastro intestinal system.

Answer:  Again we have a sense you being disconnected within yourself.  We have a sense of you walking in two different places and you've been out of your body for a good bit of the time.  You've been seeking ascend. You've been seeking to have greater divinity in your life.  You've been seeking to hear the angels; all these various things you've wanted to bring into your life.  There is a part of you doing that on a daily basis.  So as we look at you, we see you standing outside of yourself.  That disconnection is what we saw in so many people. This journey was to assist in reuniting those aspects of yourself.  We sense this will help you in these physical symptoms you've been having.  We also had a sense on just a purely physical level, like there might have been a parasite or something that you ingested and it feels like it's mostly run it's course but it doesn't feel like it's completely detoxified.  We don't know if you've seen someone about that, have you seen someone recently?

No, I took some antibiotics and they upset my stomach. 

So let me see.  We don't sense it's directly related to the antibiotic.  If you would go to the herb store; we don't want to tell you to de-toxify because we feel it would continue to drain things even more than what you have been.  But it feels as if there's something that would help you.... It's eluding us.  We don't think it needs to be an antibiotic.  We also sense it would be helpful to you to eat the foods that would be nurturing to the digestive tract.  We sense rice and soups, soothing and nourishing but without a lot of bulk.  Those are the two things that are coming to us.  What we would recommend is we know there is an herb store you have used quite a bit.  We know in the past there is something they have given you; it feels like you have had this before.  Once you do this type of detoxifying; we just want to stress to you that we see you as out of balance either because of the detoxifying or the antibiotic; so be sure to get something that is gentle for you and eat the food that are supportive of the digestive tract. 

Okay, thank you.

We have a sense of this turning around.  I would also recommend you go back and even if you don't remember the specifics about it, but in the meditation, consciously invite yourself to return to the new earth.  Find that balance or that connection within so that you can much more so integrate those energies of the new earth.  If you much more integrate those energies of the new earth, I sense that will assist you in being much more connected within yourself. 

Yes, I think so too.  Thank you.

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased)  Hello Goddess?  I have a couple questions for you.  (If you could please combine them or keep it to one, I sense a lot of people.)  Okay, I've been working a lot on the right side of my calf.  At lunch time when I have a change to read the Goddess meditation or if I connect with any high energy it seems like the right side of my body is paralyzed.  It seems any time I do a cleansing, I break out in an infection and it seems so hard to clear it gets worse as I invite light into my body.

Answer:  In you what we are sensing....... sorry about that, we downloaded too much, give us a second.     We're not quite sure why you are feeling things just on the right side of your body.  But our over riding sense to say to you is to be gentler with yourself, to be more loving with yourself.  We have a sense of you being quite diligent in all that you have done: be it detoxifying, be it cleansing; whatever you have done to your physical body.  As we link with your physical body, it actually feels to us as if it's been harsh.  It feels traumatized is the word that's coming to us-sorry about that, that is not a word we would usually use.  So I sense what would really be helpful to you at this point is to be loving, gentle and nurturing.  Any sort of detoxifying you sense you need to do; work with doing an energy detox rather than with herbs or supplements.  Right now we feel you as being out of balance.  What we sense we are doing and maybe this is something that will assist that right side of the body; as we are looking at you we are weaving together your right and left sides of your body.  As we start at the top of your head we see: across, across, across, across, across (in my mind I saw a blending of energy that looked somewhat like a braid). As if we are energetically weaving the right and left sides of your body so that they communicate with one another again.  It feels as if this disconnection came because of the harsh, we hear over and over again harsh; whatever you did that was harsh.  By reconnecting as we've just done with you and being very gentle, being very loving, being very allowing; we have a sense you will feel yourself releasing some of these symptoms you've been having and you will find you feel better.  Right now as we feel you, we feel you as much more connected, much more grounded, and we feel a greater sense of self within you.  Is that correct?  (Yes)

That is basically what you've been seeking.  Now we could get very analytical and say the left side is your feminine and the right side is your masculine; what part of your masculine are you not accepting?  You can go down that pathway if you so choose.  But it feels to us the one thing you need to do is be very gentle, very loving, very nurturing of all your energy fields and your entire body and this process you have been through.  Allow yourself to just let go of whatever you have been doing to cleanse or detoxify. 

I have a question.  Whenever I do work on the liver and especially the gall bladder, sending love into myself, then the paralysis gets worse.  The more love I send into the gall bladder and that meridian; the more the side gets paralyzed. 

So what you could do then; as you talk about that we feel there is a shell around it (the liver and gall bladder). So if you feel yourself having other symptoms; like you just said you were sending love and light to your gallbladder and liver, yet you had a different symptom in another part of our body.  That means that the love is not going through.  So come at this from another perspective.  Send an impulse of energy and light as if the intention is to go down inside your liver and then burst outward, releasing any shell or anything that contains it.  That is what allows the love in, the same with your gallbladder.  We see this happening as we speak it.  Just through out intention of speaking it, we see the shell is disintegrating around it.  So take this moment and breathe in love and consciously it into your liver, your gallbladder; and we see it going into you instead of just bouncing off. 

Thank you Goddess.

You are welcome.  (I'd like to give this message to everyone.  This was a very important exercise.  Whenever energy, light, love, compassion; whatever you sending is not going into a part of yourself, consider reversing and have a sense of sending the energy outward from that organ, that extremity, whatever it may be.  This reverse of the direction of energy allows for shifts to take place. It may be you placed a shell or something as protection to prevent anything from getting in.)

Question: (paraphrased) We're having an inauguration here in a couple of days and I'm very excited about it! I'm wondering why I'm so excited about it and if there's anything about the inauguration you want to share?

Answer:  Shelly is sticking her nose in here and we're telling her to back off!!   She too is very excited about all that is happening here.  It is affecting people on many different layers.  We will share with you what she experienced in a private channel with someone this week. 

What we see in Barack Obama, what we see is a man who is so brilliant in light; we invite you to look at him through our eyes - Shelly took a deep breath.  He is so brilliant and filled with so much light it's almost impossible to discern the human within that.  This is something that has been process for him that has been growing and growing for a very, very long period of time.  The reason he is so brilliantly filled with light, if you will have a sense to look down on him from his higher self you will see the millions of people upon the earth who are supporting him and are a part of this energy ascension that he represents.  In addition to that if you look from the universe at the angels, at the consciousness, at the various levels of energy from the universe that are supporting this essence that is represented as Barack Obama; you will see how he himself is the focus of it, but it generates a light comes from many different sources.  Some have called him a representation of a collective consciousness and that is one interpretation of this.  We know that within all this Barack himself is his own essence but he is so connected and so in touch in with these energies both of the earth and the universe.  That is what is represented here in this image.  This is somewhat of a pivotal point because of the inauguration that is just a focus. What you see happening from there is that some of this will disperse some will diminish; how things will play out is as yet completely unknown.  What we do know is that this moment would arrive and beyond that are a multitude of potentials and whatever will be, will be.  But he himself is this brilliant light and that is why so many people feel that alignment.  The alignment within you that is of a similar vibration is picking up on the alignment within him.  

Ah, okay, thank you.

You are welcome.  We can do one more question. 

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, thank you so much for this journey.  Physically I felt a lot of things but when we were in the neutral area, I felt an overlay on my body.  I have several questions, but will focus on one.  I am like a lot of the others tonight and have a physical problem with my eyes.  They are swollen, I have bumps that have appeared on eye lids and I'm having difficulty seeing.  I'm wondering if you can give me an idea about what is happening here.  

Answer:  When we look at you and you speak of this we actually have a sense of pollution and polligens-whatever that word is.  We have a sense that when in your home you have a filter of something that helps to clean the air.  But it feels to us like much of this is coming from the environment.

Is that right?!  I was wondering if the pollutants of where I am were causing my body all these strange things going on.  I am coming home soon but I am physically exhausted and going through many things, but my eyes in particular are a problem.

Well you are going through those symptoms that so many other people are also going through and that this journey pertained to.  But in regards to your eyes that feels to us as if it's more so about the pollutants where you are.  We sense that if you work more so and let your focus be upon finding the balance in your body and that flow of love,  awareness and balance within you, you will not be as susceptible to things in your environment.  So don't let your focus be upon ‘oh my gosh, look at this environment and what it's doing to me'.  Let your focus be upon finding the complete balance and alignment within yourself and as you do so it will release the over lay that you sensed, it will release these allergens of the environment. 

Alright, thank you so much.

You are welcome. 

All right everybody, I thank you as always for this journey.  I appreciate how much each one of you has moved through just a phenomenal transition over the last several weeks in particular but over the last several months and years for most of you. 

You are each creating a new alignment that represents who you are.  You are each expanding into these higher dimensions and these higher perceptions of who you are as a human.  Accept the love that is yours that comes from within yourself and as you move through your days, let that love and that balance be who you are.

I am ever with you and within,




Darlene 29th January 2009 11:29 am

Shelly, Thank-you. This place IS beginning to be inhabited!! Like how you removed the illusion of polarities in your statements!..."As you feel your energies, allow any that resonate with these crystals to expand and to amplify so that you become more aware of what within you is in alignment with these crystals." Perfect.

Shelly Dressel 1st February 2009 10:17 am

Hi Rhiannon,

Thank you so much for taking the time write to me! I too love these energies and have found them in varying degrees; but this channel really allowed us to 'feel' what it's like in a space where normally we only go in our dreams.....:)

Sending love and joy~~~


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