Experiencing Earth's Various Shifts in Consciousness

Nama Sika; Venia Benya    I AM the one;  I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light. As always I thank you for this experience of coming in and joining with each and every one of you. The group as it moves and expands in any direction it may go, is always bringing in and filling those places with the energies that are seeking this energy and light. As each person is bringing in this amount of light and energy into their physical body, so too they are sharing it with the region in which they lived. For these energies are expanding throughout the earth plane. They're filling the earth plane and allowing for greater growth to evolve within every individual in a manner what they may be doing as they move through their lives.

Allow yourself to shift your consciousness. Allow yourself to move into that space of the magnetic grid. Putting forth the intent to move into this energy of the grid work allows yourself to be in that space instantly. As you blend with this grid work, you begin to find that there is a greater amount of your soul presence which is here and a part of this makeup. You naturally find that part of yourself that you may blend more fully with it.  From this expression or this expansion, you see around you the various expressions of what it is to be in this space. You may have a sense of pathways of light. However it is that you perceive, you allow yourself to expand, to encompass this grid work.  From there you move into the crystalline grid. As you move between the interwoven aspects of the magnetic into the crystalline, you find that you leave behind the gravitational pull of the earth. You move into a place of expansion in which your consciousness is able to perceive take on a higher vibration. As you blend with the crystals, allow yourself to feel the energy of each of these vibrations. It may be a collective whole or it may be an individual vibration. Allow yourself to more fully expand out. You find the place that is comfortable within this space.

As you're ready to do so, call forth your column of light. You may sense this as a light that surrounds you as an individual or you may sense the group as a whole within this column. You find that you are able to move easily through the dimensions taking note of anything that may be pertinent for you to see as you move up and find your expansion as you move through these dimensions of light. As you emerge from the light of this column, you find yourself in a space of complete expansion. Have a sense of letting go any boundaries that you may have around you. Have a sense of allowing your consciousness to expand and move in what ever direction it may naturally seek.

In this space you are able to connect up with your I AM presence. As you do so, you find yourself coming to a realization of just how wondrous and expanded you are. You are open to understanding and accepting that you are a glorious and bright light. The more that you have connected with the energy of your sole aspect, the more you are able to have information and insights about your other lifetimes that are happening at this time. If it is pertinent to you, allow the information to come into your consciousness.  Perhaps this is something that is ready to be evolved or perhaps it is what you have been seeking in your current lifetime and you have the answers from another lifetime.

From here we call forth the essence of myself, the essence of the Goddess.  You may feel my energy as it moves in and amongst you or you may have a sense of the moon which represents myself. Open your consciousness to feel a complete infusion of this energy of the Goddess. In this way, you are connecting with your divine feminine. I am within each of you as you walk upon the earth plane.

From this space we call forth the energy of the divine masculine or the God presence. You can feel the subtle shifts that change and move as this energy moves around you and through you. You open up to the central spiritual sun or that divine masculine that is within you already. Feel the blending of these energies. As you are doing this, you allow your consciousness to expand out even further. As the two aspects within you blend to form, the balanced aspect of who you are, all becomes known within you.

When you are ready, have a sense of moving towards the door. You have a sense of a door which is actually the separation into other dimensions or other shifts in consciousness. As you move through this space, you find yourself in that energy of the All That Is. You may have a sense of stepping into a void in which there is nothing around or within you in this space.  With all that you have created all the energies that you have worked with in this space, you find that there are a great deal of energies that are here and waiting for you if you wish to connect up with them.

For this journey, I wish for you to have a sense of moving into this space, the star, the planet, or the essence from which you came.  There is a space that you consider home. You allow yourself to connect up with this energy, whatever it may be. There may be a sense of a planet that you come to, a sense of a star, it may also be a pure energy form that may or may not even have a name associated with it.  It's important for you to connect with this energy at this time. At the time that you began to inhabit the earth, it was put forth that at some time in the distant future there would come a time in which the earth would shift and evolve as a result of everything that was going to be happening upon the earth. We are at that place right now are one of them we should say. There have been others <shifts in consciousness upon the earth> in the past, but at this moment I wish for you to reconnect with what is your source of energy, or your source planet.

As you become acclimated to these energies allow yourself to reconnect with the teacher or the master or whomever it was that you first worked with as this journey was decided. You have a feeling of acceptance. There is a deep-seated feeling of connection that goes throughout your entire consciousness as you reconnect with this energy of light.

For many of you at the time that you came to the earth plane it was the time that was termed Lemuria. Allowing these energies to come through to that which was indigenous to the planet, allowed for a shift to occur within the earth's atmosphere and in all that was occurring within the earth's core essence. You may have a sense of remembering the experiences of Lemuria. If
there is something you need to know from this, allow it to become evident to you at this time.

The next greater shift occurred around the time of Atlantis. For some of you this the time in which you came to the earth plane. There is a deep connection with what occurred during these two periods of time. Allow yourself to become aware of what occurred during Atlantis that is important for you to know and understand. Indeed this is when many of the emotions such as fear, control, even domination came into play. It was right and perfect for this to happen for this was what was needed for the earth to move in the direction it needed to move.

We let go of those energies of Atlantis and move forward. Especially after this time, there were many of you who spread out and inhabited all parts of  the earth. In this way, you were bringing the energies and light of your home nation, your home star however you wish to think of it into that aspect of the earth. Allow yourself to become aware of this. From this perspective you can see the ways in which there was a form of communication that existed surrounding the earth plane at that time. Much of that <communication> move into the very intrinsic aspects of yourself.

Allow your consciousness to shift and you feel the energies of when the Christ light was brought to the earth plane. From this perception you know and understand the perfection in every moment of this experience. There was a release of that denseness and that darkness <that had pervaded this time on earth>.

What a small jump it is to come into your current life of existence. This is the time for the earth to more completely shift and move into the higher dimensions of existence. In some respects, it gives you a sense of going back to the energies of Lemuria and Atlantis, but you realize how this is far above and beyond anything that had occurred at that time. What is occurring upon the earth plane at this moment is something which was anticipated and hoped for but was not understood in terms of the exact mechanism of what would happen.

Allow yourself to now blend with all the energies of light and transformation that are occurring at this time. In this perspective, in this space of the All That Is, you are able to sense and know all the vast potentials of this existence. You feel this energy and this light. Just as it is infusing every aspect of your being, so too is it infusing the Omniverse, the universe, the galaxy, all aspects of the conscious existence. If there are insights for you to know, be open to receive.

As you are in this space of what is your source energy your home planet, your home star, whatever it may be to you, create a symbol or create a ball of energy that will infuse all aspects of your consciousness. This is something that you will bring with you. Perhaps you will use it consciously in your days upon the earth or perhaps it is something you will keep it in your unconscious but you know and trust that it is continuing to work as a means of supporting you as you move along your path upon the earth. You also allow yourself to be nurtured. Allow yourself every aspect of your consciousness to be filled with the light that supports you as you are moving through your next few days and weeks and months. As you connect with this energy at this time, you build a bridge or a connection that makes it always available to you so that it is readily available to you; you need only ask for it.

You have a sense of leaving behind your star, your planet, or this energy form. There is a sense of separation yet you realize there is never a complete separation, it is always within you. Have a sense of all the energies of light coming back into that space of the All That Is. That space also termed as the Beyond. This is a space of existence which is open and accessible to many different levels, many different omniverse, or galaxies. Each person perceives it at their own level of consciousness or expansion.  As we collect together, have a sense of forming a group or circle. Open your senses to connect with and realize that there are many, many angels, guides, or energies of light from other perspectives that are here with you. You may have a sense of tiers that develop. But all of these are here with you in support of you and the energies that you are working with upon the earth.

Have a sense of building a hologram of the earth in the center of this group. Send forth the energy of love, joy, contentment, or any other emotion that you so desire. You may sense this as sparkling light which infuses all aspects of the hologram. The hologram itself seems to spin or turned as it is absorbing these energies. You may have a sense of those tiers of the Angels or guides or the energies of light sending their energies sometimes through your consciousness to enhance you, other times they are also sending their energies directly into this hologram of the earth. As you do this, <infuse this energy into the hologram> you become aware of the ways in which the earth itself is shifting and changing. This may seem very familiar to you now, for you have done it many, many times in the past. Gaia as always comes forth to accept this energy that is sent her way. You allow yourself to connect with the radiance of her light. In this manner, you feel and recognize the ways in which you are so connected to the earth. As Gaia becomes reabsorbed within the hologram you have a sense that she is taking in this energy and light and through her heart, and her love of the earth, she sends it back out to all the humans what upon the earth.

If you look closely you may have a sense of humans who are becoming aware of  this energy and there are many who are not. But the energy is there for those who wish to tap into it and for the evolution of all who are upon the planet. This hologram of the earth begins to spin. You continue to send energy and light. At the right and perfect moment, this hologram erupts into a multitude of sparkling stars and essences! This showers down upon all who were gathered together. It feels like raining joy and excitement! You have a sense of the various consciousness perhaps swirling, playing, and expanding, sharing this excitement that has infused you. As the time is right, begin to have a sense of pulling your consciousness back, it remains intact and full.  You have a sense of moving back through that doorway and into this space of the soul plane, that space in which your
I AM presence is housed. You feel these shifts which occur within your consciousness and it allows for an adjustment to be made. The more that you're working with these energies, the higher and the finer these energies are that you are working with.

Have a sense at this time of bringing an image of your physical body onto this space of the soul plane. Have a sense of your physical body standing in front of you as you are in your full I AM presence. As you are looking your physical body, you may perceive that there aspects of the physical body that are in a place of transition, of transforming. Allow yourself to be open to
receive the knowledge if there is any that you need for why this is occurring. If you are ready to do so, allow yourself to release all physical limitations, all physical discomforts, anything which has been holding you back as you move through your days upon the earth. Fill each one of these aspects with your complete I AM presence. Allow this to move into you at a cellular level. Allow this to shift the DNA and every aspect that is your physical body. Allow yourself to move through the days that come with ease and comfort releasing all physical symptoms.

You know more perfectly what is the plan for you upon the earth. You know the steps that you are taking at this moment in time and you embrace them fully. As you feel this integration is complete, have a sense of stepping forward both with your soul presence and your physical presence. You find that column of light through which you can move so easily is there in front
of you. As you step into this column of light, you bring all those aspects of your I AM presence that are ready to remain at these lower levels or dimensions. This in turn will allow you to able to move more fully through your days from the soul perspective. You find yourself incorporated within the crystalline grid. The crystals and the energies of these crystals have a way of creating adjustments in the physical body. Your body is becoming less magnetic and more crystalline as the shifts of energies are taking place.  Therefore, the more that you blend with the energy of the crystalline grid, the more that you are allowing yourself to bring this into your everyday existence. This is a way of bringing to balance the universe that is outside of the earth plane, and the universe that is the earth plane.

As you're ready to do so, you allow yourself to move through and into the magnetic grid. Feeling the pull of the magnets of the earth, feeling that pull of the energy that is different from any other place within the universe. You come back here though, with a sense of excitement and joy. You are thrilled with what is happening in your daily life. You are thrilled with the ways in which everything is evolving around you and your part of it. As you allow yourself to acclimate to this grid work you find that you are more perceptive of what you are looking at. So take in what ever information is here and waiting for you. We will remain in the space as every one of you comes back more fully into the earth plane. This is also the time that you may ask questions. I ask you to press four upon your phone that it will bring you more fully back into the moment and into this group and if there are questions for me, please ask them.

Question:  Can the Goddess assist me in healing the MS that I have?

Answer: Dick, as you are talking of the healing the multiple sclerosis.  What you did, as you brought your physical body up to that plane of the soul, or that plane of blending with your complete soul essence, you were cleansing every aspect of your physical body through the cellular level and everything beyond. <with your complete I AM presence> In the is way, it was
also going back through every lifetime that you may have had. You may have a sense, as yet, of this not being fully evolved. Sometimes it takes several steps to do this, but I will be working with you, especially in your sleep state.  If there times that you wish to take during the daytime in which you move into this space <of blending upon the soul plane> and feel that integration within you, feel the cleansing that can occur this disease or this process that is moving in your physical body is able to be let go of, released, and resolved. Does that make sense to you? <he acknowledged yes> You're welcome my beloved.  Are there any other question?

Question:  I have sensed that I am here, where I live, as an anchor of light and energy. Is this true? I also would like to know if there is a specific purpose that I have and will be working with within this group?

There are many different ways in which all of you who come together in these gathering are interconnected to one another. You are as you said holding a specific place, a specific light and you know that it is in your country, your island, but it actually goes out further than that. To each one of you it may seem as if there are overlapping lines, so to speak, for there are no lines. Each one's energy continues to grow and expand, by holding the focus and doing the work that you are doing, it is causing an evolution and a transformation to move throughout your country and beyond.  As for your work with the channel, you are a support to her.  You and she have worked together many times in the past. Just as all of you within the group have worked with each other many times in the past. For this lifetime, all of you are coming together in order to bring about this evolution and shift of energy that is occurring. There are things that you can do through talking with one another, through energy work, through moving together and working together at these higher planes that allow for greater communication and ease and support of one another. This may sound as if it's a bit vague but each one of you as you move through your days will receive insights about specific ways in which you can be of support to one another.  There are not always ways that you need to be conscious of, just knowing that through this connection you are supporting one another. This is what is most important for you to take away from your connections and your interconnections to one another.  Does that answer it beloved? <the person
asking the question was commenting on the colors and light that he sensed through working with this energy of the Goddess>  thank you beloved we see them too and enjoy the radiance that is being put forth.  <the person thanked the Goddess for the information>  You are welcome beloved!  Are there any other questions?

Question:  I am having a great deal of difficulty holding down my regular job. I have no interest in going into work. I am interested in moving into a field that is more of medical intuitive or intuitive healing and this is more so what brings me joy to you have any information for me as far as how
this is going to come about?

  Alright Beloved what you are experiencing right now is what many, many other light workers are also experiencing. As people are moving into or transitioning into different phases of work within their life, I use the term work, but it is but a word. Work is sometimes where people will carry the energy of something they have to do for the reason of taking in money, therefore it keeps it in a place of something that they may not fully embrace. This is you in terms of your current job situation. I ask you to take this time to shift your conscious thought around this. At this moment in time with the responsibilities that you have, it is important for you to be able to bring in the economic income that comes with the job that you have. You are going to remain in that job a temporary period of time. You are as you said shifting into more of the healing and teaching role, and this is what your path is as it opens up into the future. As you are building your groundwork, and as you are setting the energies and the stage for yourself, allow yourself to realize that your job that you work during the week, so to speak, is but a means to an end. Allow yourself to remain detached from it, and do not become caught up in the everyday, oh how to say the nitty gritty turmoil that may be going on. In this way you will have less of a pull or resistance to going there. Set the energies in your office space or when you are out on the road and going into meetings with people, set the energies before you get in there that all will evolve in the highest way possible and in this way, and in this space you will have less of that pull of fighting to be in that space. Does this make sense beloved? Allow yourself to move through that experience, and at the same time you are building the basis for your healing work and teaching. For all of you will be working in ways that are interconnected with one another and you will find yourself working with other people in terms of lecturing, healing, and in ways that are more than what we can go into at this time. By allowing it to evolve and at the right time and the right moment you will relieve yourself of the discomfort of forcing any activities. You are welcome my beloved. Are there any other questions?

Question:  What is the purpose of the crystalline grid how does it affect us? How does this affect and work with the magnetic grid?

Answer:  There is an alignment between the crystalline grid and the magnetic grid because the two of them in to face with one another as a way of blending and shifting energies that are moving back and forth across this space and time. Dimensions are but a moment in space and time.  People will give numbers to them as a way of having a basis or a point of connection, but in reality the magnetics of that gravitational pull that holds the human upon the earth, is unique only to the earth plane, or shall I say in the form that you have it upon the earth plane is very unique. As we are bringing in this greater amount of light and use the crystals, crystals have been used, how to say, from the moment in which conscious thought became form, it became form in a crystal. So the crystals have been a way of transforming energy as long as there has been consciousness. Therefore, the crystalline grid work works as an intermediary between these two and the more that these two grid works are blended with one another, the more that they fuse together, the more it decreases the amount of the gravitational pull. This in turn is what allows for the earth to physically shift into these higher dimensions. Does that make sense?  <person answered that it
did, that he knew the answer energetically even as she was speaking it, that the energetic response was even stronger than the words>  You are welcome!  Thank you beloved.   Are there others with questions for me tonight?

Question:  Can you tell me more about why I am where I am right now and what my future holds for me or what path is going to be the best way for me to proceed?

Answer:  You are in a place of transition and transformation. While it seems like we say this to everybody, and of course it is true for everybody, because time does not stand still time is always moving forward. You have been on a path that has been very dedicated, you have been in a place of taking in as much energy and information as you could. But the time has come for you to now share this with others. You will be developing a place that is for teaching, healing, and evolving. I don't see you limiting it to only one modality, because you encompass within yourself so many different modalities that come through as your essence. You have this way of drawing to you the energies of people who are ready to move into this transformation. So it is completely up to you whether to stay in this place or move. We see many different options for you. The mountains around the world have always been the centers in which the energies have been housed for a long time. You with your connection to the mountain range that you are within has indeed been setting those energies for longer than you can even know. There others around you, who are also working in this way, but with the energy and the work that you were doing, you are very conscious of this.  We thank you for being in that space and we thank you for being open and so loving and accepting of all that has come your way. So as to the path that you're moving into, allow it to unfold for you to trusting and knowing that is going to encompass several different aspects of healing and enlightenment. Does this make sense beloved? You are welcome. Is there
anybody else?

Question:  I have felt connected and have worked with the energies of the black spirit.  This is something that goes along with the Native American culture but I feel very drawn to it and have worked with these energies for a very long time.  What do you see as the future for where this is going?

Answer:  As you move into these energies, and as we, actually wish to back up. During the journey tonight when you were in the space of your I AM presence and as you moved and took that energy up even higher, what you saw before you were many different aspects of your various life experiences knowing  and trusting that they are all happening at this time. Therefore,
these energies of the Black Spirit or the Black Feather, it is something that is an aspect of your consciousness or an aspect of your I AM presence and you are simply shifting into this as a way or means of allowing this energy to erupt from you so to speak. It is a way for it to move out of you and infiltrate the various aspects or dimensions. What ever name you give to it, it matters not. The energy is known on an energetic level by all who are around it. So, you may have a sense of shifting or changing it into something that is more personal and for yourself. You are connecting with those other energies of the black spirit. It is a part of who you are in your evolution and the development of what took you to the place where you are right now. All right beloved? You are welcome.

Question:  I keep having ideas of what my path is, but I'm just not sure what my next steps should be.  Can you give me any insights into this?

Answer:  Beloved, as you're moving through this path, you have had many insights over the last six months to a year. You have had a great deal of thought about working with the children. You have a way of connecting with them that is very deep and touching to them. You have a way of being open and accepting and we believe that you know and understand this already. So perhaps what you are asking for is helping you get in touch with these children. Is this what this is?  <she answered yes> As you are working with them, at the schools that they are in, that is one way for you to connect.  What you may find you are doing is that you are meeting other people that are providing the space for teenagers and those who are getting into a space of more independence, and they are the ones that you will be working with in a means of opening up their consciousness. There consciousness is open in greater ways than they can speak of and understand.  So they can come to you and you can provide classes on how to understand who they are, how to understand where they are going. You may ask yourself how can I do this if I don't know for myself?  But indeed, as you are moving to your days < Paraphrased, due to changing in at the tape> you will get ideas of what your next steps need to be to allow yourself to be in the flow.   When you find yourself putting together a program that seems to lose energy as you are putting it together, seems to have a lack of participation, then allow it to be released. For indeed there will be many starts and stops before you get to a space in which you are able to connect more fully and have all available around you for those who are seeking this information from you.  You also have a way of providing the energy and light to your family and the friends who are around you, connecting up with the other energies and light that are in your area. We ask you to release expectation and a preconceived idea of how this is all going to come about. For indeed, there is a great deal that will come about as you are in the creation process. You may always come into the space of the Beyond to be able to create from your highest soul perspective. In this way perhaps you will have greater insights. Does this make sense to you? <the person asked for  insights about the journal she was keeping>  absolutely beloved. Writing is for you a way of truly connecting and bringing through the higher energies of yourself. It is more a form of Channeling. At first you are Channeling your I AM presence and you are bringing forth the insights and the information from this higher level of yourself. This is a way for you to collect your thoughts and organize yourself as you begin to put forth the school or the way that this will all evolve.  <person expressed appreciation> You are welcome beloved.   Is there anybody else? < there were no further questions>

With that, allow myself to come through and embrace each of you individually as I embrace you as the group. I thank you for this experience of this evening. I thank you for this experience of bringing greater and greater amounts of this light into the earth plane. Know that as you move through your days you are never alone, we are all here in support of you. We thank you for the experiences and the pathways that you have chosen upon the earth plane.

Know that I am with you!

I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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