Increased Alignment and Blending with your Divinity

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I flow my love out towards each and every one of you, for everyone who is here upon the phone call; for everyone who reads this at a later date or listens to it at a later date. For every one that may be conscious or unconscious, I send my love, I send my light. Each of you is precious to me. I thank you for choosing to come and be a part of this journey this evening.

You have been focusing upon manifesting balance within your life throughout many different avenues over the last several weeks. Each of you as a human has your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. You also have your light bodies. You also have more energetic bodies that have yet to be described or yet to be identified by you the human.

One might think that these energy fields are moving out from you but indeed some of them are actually moving within you deeper and deeper within the physical body. With this journey tonight I invite each one of you to consciously create a deeper link between your spirituality which is you in your I Am presence and that spirituality that is the aspect of your human reality.

Therefore before we even begin this journey I invite each one of you to take just one or two more breaths where you breathe into your heart center and you allow your heart center to expand. Consciously send the energies through your abdomen linking with your solar plexus, your sacral, your root centres and send it down your legs. It moves out beyond your feet and then it reverses and comes back up inside your heart. Let the energy move upwards across your shoulders, your arms, going out your hands and it reverses moving back up your arm. It then moves up through your throat center, throughout your head, your third eye, your head center, and it moves up beyond. In this way you link with your physical body.

Expand outward through your intention and link with your mental body. Let the energies flow back and forth through your mental body and your physical. Expand into your emotional body and the energies flow back and forth. Expand even further into your spiritual body as you indeed link all three of these energy bodies with your physical.

It need not be any one particular order. Some may link with their emotions before their mental; others may link with their spiritual before they go into their emotional (bodies). The order and the pattern don't really matter, what matters is your conscious intention to link. As you do so, feel what this is to you. Feel very present within your physical body; be aware of your emotions, your thoughts and your spiritual energy as it is within and around you right now.

Take one more breath in that grounds this aspect of your human with the intention of remaining within this space and then allow your consciousness to shift so that you leave behind that physical body as you move into the energies of the magnetic grid you find yourself linking with your higher self. You may feel an expansion that occurs; through this expansion once more perceive your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. You are creating a greater link through this conscious awareness.

I now invite you to leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth, shift so that you move into the energies of the crystalline grid. Within this space you may find yourself aligning with the crystalline vibration that is a part of who you are. You may perceive specific crystals, you may perceive patterns. This is an aspect of the new energy which is being incorporated into the earth plane. As you align with it feel what it is to you.

From here you may call forth a column of light; as you do so shift through that column so that you may move into the space of the soul plane. As you emerge from the column it feels as if your consciousness moves in every direction. This is where a greater amount of your divinity resides.

Call forth your I Am presence, as you do so you may feel it rising up from within you or you may feel as if you step out and your divinity comes to you and embraces who you are. Let yourself merge, allow yourself to expand. Take this opportunity to open your consciousness, receive any messages that you may have for yourself. You may feel yourself bathed in the energy of pure love and acceptance. You may feel as if you are connecting to that aspect of yourself that you have missed, that you have been seeking. This is your deeper connection that you are creating with your divinity.

I the Goddess come into this space and I make my presence known. As I do so, I reach out to embrace each one of you. As I merge my energies with yours we shift into the space of the All That Is. Take a deep breath in so that you breathe in the essence of where we are at this moment. This is for you. This is a place of creation.

As each of you have moved along this path of ascension, your intention has been to live as a divine essence upon the earth. Your intention may also have been to find out who you are in all your divinity. Some of you even feel that there is a need to release old experiences or what some people may call karma so that you may then be your divine self. Still others of you are seeking to know who you are in your divinity for whatever reason that you may have.

I put out to you - what would you consider about the potential to just be your divinity because you can, without an agenda, without an intention, without any purpose of any sort. Each of you are a beautiful, wonderful divine essence. That's a given, it already is, you can't take it away. All that you can do is open to the realisation that you are actually more and more and more. If it's hard for you to fully believe that then let's look at it in just this moment of where we are right now. For this instant let go as much as you can, you won't be able to fully do it, but for as much as you can let go that you are human.

As you are perhaps looking at your divinity or feeling it or as you are inside of it, allow yourself to truly see, know or feel what it is. As I am inviting each of you to do that, as your comprehension begins to shift, it's as if everyone's divinity takes on a greater sparkle. It's as if there are new brighter lights that come on inside each one of you, indeed there are many of you that seem to be expanding into an actual bigger aspect. You are truly even more that you ever thought. Therefore if you remove the layers so that you can see, feel understand more of who you are; then you open to even greater potential.

With your consciousness inside of your divine essence, I invite you for this moment to go into that core aspect or the center and then as if you are looking outward from there take an opportunity to look around; it may be as if you can reach out and touch, utilising all of your senses, open to a greater perception. Is there anything that you see as you are looking around? Just putting out that intention once more increases the amplitude of light; in fact I saw some of you as if you were reaching for dark glasses because it seemed too bright for you.

Remove any glasses, remove any barriers, look, see who you are. There is a vibration that emanates from within. Is there a sound perhaps a song, perhaps a rhythm, perhaps a heartbeat; hear the rhythm of your soul, hear the rhythm of your divinity. Reach out, is there a texture that comes to your awareness, is it vaporous like a cloud, can you shift the energies as if you are painting a picture from within your soul, perhaps using your hands, perhaps with your intention. What does your divinity feel like? For many of you, you just feel sensations or emotion, let all of that move through you gently, easily. Is there a sense or perhaps a taste? Let these sensations flow through you, let them flow all around.

There is another sense of simply knowing, that ‘ah hah' moment when you just know something. Move into that space. You recognise how all of this is giving you more and more information about your own divinity. This is you, feel what it is. From this deep connection and perception within yourself, look outward or inward and connect with the life that you are currently living.

As I said that, I saw so many of you begin to shut down, it was as if that expansion just caved in on itself. So once more breathe in expansion, breathe in all of your perceptions and this time as you look at your life open to perceptions and erase any judgement that you may have. Every time that you are linking within yourself there is only love, there is only patience; there is pure acceptance of every lifetime that you have ever lived! Take this moment and look again at your life. If there's anything that's been bothering you or that's been holding you back I invite you to look at it from this perception. Are there aspects of your life that bring you pain; emotional, mental, physical?

Are there times in which you feel disconnected, perhaps disconnected from the people around you, or perhaps disconnected from within yourself? Indeed whatever is going on in your life, it is happening. But from this space, this place of love and divinity, allow yourself to see your life with a new clarity, see it from the eyes of compassion, see it from the eyes of new potentials, consider new ways in which you may create changes that you've been seeking to have.

Therefore I invite you to now create what your life would look like, feel like, what it would be, if indeed you had everything you were seeking to have. And when you manifest all of this, what will it look like to you, what will it feel like, what will be around you, how will you spend your days?

I would like you to take a moment and look at that aspect of your humanity where you see yourself as you are right now, and then look at that aspect that represents what you are seeking to have. See you as the human you are in the center of both of these representations; one is where you are, one is where you are going. Is there anything that comes to your awareness at this time that might help you in getting to where you are going or what you seek to manifest?

Look from your inner eyes of clarity, open and sense from this perception of your divinity, all of this is you. I am perceiving so many people beginning to recognise that they have more strengths, more perceptions, more gifts than they ever realised they had. You could call this the gift to yourself. From within your divinity you see, you know, you honour who you are as this human upon your journey, from a space of pure love.

Take one more time and clear anything that may be within your physical body, you send that impulse of light that moves through you illuminating and shifting whatever is ready to transition. You then send that impulse of light through your emotional bodies, allowing your emotions to shift or become illuminated within the light.

So to, allow that brilliance to illuminate your mental body that represents your thoughts and your beliefs. Allow it to transition anything that is ready to do so. Now from within an aspect of your human self look and see who you are in your divinity, from within your divinity you see your human self. I now invite you to blend so that you merge fully, even more so than you did on the soul plane, feel like you connect head to head, chest to chest, abdomen to abdomen, arms to arms, legs to legs. As you are connecting in such a deep way feel how you are bringing your divinity into your human self. As you merge there's an even greater expansion here within the All That Is. Allow that blending to move as if there were a cord of light linking with you the human wherever you are at this time. Be open to receive. Receive this blending of who you are, of where you are going, and of your greater amount of spirituality as it comes into and around you.

This is raising the vibration of your human self so that you may align with a greater amount of your divinity. You are creating this link that will always be there for you, it will always be open so that you may reconnect anytime you so choose.

Release that connection for the moment so that you may bring your consciousness once more into the space of the All That Is. Recognise that there is an excitement that is pulsating through this space. This excitement is manifested for a number of reasons. It's tapping into the changes taking place in each one of you, it's tapping into the potentials for the earth, but more so it's the excitement, it's the joy of just being who you are. And all you have to do is be your divinity. Let yourself bask, let yourself enjoy, you are just so brilliant and filled with light.

I invite you to come back within this space of the All That Is so that you may reconnect with each other. From within the center of this group perceive the hologram of the earth as it comes up. There are more and more dimensions that are available each time that we look at this hologram. The more that the earth takes on the crystalline energies, the greater the hologram is able to reflect it and reflect the shifting and the changing that is taking place. I invite each one of you to send into this hologram of the earth your completely blended self, send in your divinity, send in whatever you seek to manifest within your life. Those energies go into this hologram and it begins to evolve, shifting.

Gaia takes a moment to come forth and reach out to link with each one of you. She embraces you; she reconnects with each one of those who are interested in connecting with her as they move through their daily life. And with that the hologram begins to shift moving downwards. It moves through the crystalline grid, the magnetic grid; it has aspects that remain within here, but the remains are going into the earth. As these balanced energies link within the center of the earth within that crystal that manifests as the heart of Gaia, that balance then emanates outwards.

You are coming up on to the Spring Equinox or the Fall, depending on where you live, let the balance of the Equinox assist in manifesting this balance within yourself. Those energies emanate outwards and they once more link, moving through the magnetic and the crystalline grids out to the universe, so that there is a balance between the earth and the universe.

Allow your focus to return to this group, as you do so let yourself converse with whatever you may choose to do with the others, or if you want to just once more have that sense of who you are as a human and as a divine essence. Let that be present within your consciousness. From there we begin to shift, you may pause for a moment in the soul plane, there is always an aspect of your energy that remains here but you are taking a greater and greater amount of your divinity as you move back through the crystalline grid. You then link with your higher self in the magnetic grid.

Allow the remainder of your consciousness to focus and center once more within your human self. You may feel it as if it comes down from the top of your head, you may feel it as if it's surrounding you wherever you are in this moment. Take a deep breath in and expand; you recognise this energy. It is you in the way that you were just connected but now you are anchoring even more so within your human reality. Breathe in connection, breathe in balance, breathe in those perceptions that you had of your life and how to get where you are going. And above and beyond everything else, breathe love, breathe light, breathe acceptance of who you are and how you are living and manifesting in your life.

With that, allow your focus to return once more. You may come back within this room within this conference and press *7 upon the telephone if you seek to ask a question, I am here.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you so much for the journey tonight, it was wonderful! I have been looking for a new place to live. I am on my own for the first time in 25 years and yesterday I found a place where I made a deposit. I wonder if you can look at the place and give me your perspective.

Answer: As I'm looking at you, linking with you, linking with the energies around you there are several things coming to mind. First of all over riding it is a sense of acceptance, choice and acknowledgement; that this is the right thing to be doing in the moment and this is the next step for you in your life. We confirm that for you. We know there are times you don't always believe it; it is the fear of the unknown and stepping forth into a new adventure. We affirm this for you and support you in all that you are doing. As for your house, we have a sense this is going to be a good place for you to go. We would like for you to take the time before you fully move in to let yourself become comfortable with the idea of living alone and comfortable with the idea of having your own space. We have a sense there are many, many things you will truly love about this. It's a new adventure for you and it will bring on new opportunity. There is so much strength within you that you have not given yourself the benefit of a doubt about. This is what we see coming forth within you. We see your strength coming out; we see your purpose and drive. We see that all of these changes that are a little overwhelming right now will actually fall into place in the next few months. We have a sense that part of the reason you are making these changes is that you are seeking to live your divine life. Especially through the journey tonight you have created an even deeper connection than what you had. So for those times when you second guess yourself, for those times when you wonder: ‘Is this really my divinity?' ‘Is this really my higher self speaking to me?' and the answer is, yes it is. We see you as deeply committed and deeply connected. You are definitely in a flow of energy from your higher self and divine aspects.

(Thank you so so much!)

You are welcome and you are not alone.

Question: (paraphrased) Can you give me any insights into this business I'm trying to manifest, these breathing classes I want to teach. Do you see this coming about?

Answer: When you speak about teaching we see three things around you and the business of breathing is but one of those things. We see you teaching about reconnection within yourself. We see you teaching about breathing. And then we see you teaching dance or movement... some sort of movement that creates shifting within them. As for the breathing and the classes around breathing; it feels like it's hanging there waiting to be pulled down into your reality, or pulled down into the reality of the people around you. It feels well, stuck is one way to call it, but it's more so that it's an unrealized potential. Do you teach these other things and this is something that you will be adding? (Actually yes.) Okay, so what we would like you to do, that we think would assist in this is recognize that people are not realizing the full benefit of what breathing can do. We have a sense that you are approaching it in an esoteric way which is good, it's important to make the connection and the shift. But we think it's important for you shift in the way you are presenting it to the world. When we were on the journey and you were your soul essence looking at your human; then you became your human looking at your soul---do that in this situation. You have been approaching this from your divinity which is what I always recommend that you do. Since it feels like it's still in the space of your divinity rather than your physical reality I would recommend that you switch and look at it from your physical reality and consider how would I attract it as a human instead of as a divine essence. Does that make sense?

(Yes it does. So this stuckness, it's that I'm not marketing it right?)

That's what it feels like. It's not reaching the people who you are seeking to have because of the way it's marketed or the way it's phrased. It feels to us as if people are unable to comprehend what it has to offer for them. What they need to realize is that it can be deeply profound, yet it's simple and can affect a change within a one or two breaths. What we are picking up on is that some people when they view what's being described, is that it is too overwhelming. Then there are people who think, I already know how to breathe. Those feel like the two extremes and you need to come up with something that will describe it in such a way that it draws people who are in the middle of that, or in the middle of the spectrum.

(Okay, thank you very much Goddess.)

You are welcome and good luck with that, we think it is a wonderful class to be offering. (

Great! Thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) I know that I am a light being and I'm trying to figure out what my purpose is.

Answer: We feel in you this sense of seeking answers of trying to know who you are and what you are doing on earth. What I want to say to you at first is that you don't have to do anything at all. People as humans have a tendency to be driven they feel they have to be goal oriented. That is just one of the strongest human traits, it's built into you. So it's very hard to have a life in which you are just being who you are. Society as a general rule tends to not have a good opinion of something like that. But I would like you to focus on being who you are in this moment. Find out the things that make you happy. Find out what brings joy into your life. You will also feel that connection within you that lets you know that you yourself are divine. You have an amazing light within you and you have amazing abilities. As you are doing that it's like you get bigger and bigger as your human essence. Eventually what will happen is that if you want to call it your goal or ambition is to help people have less ambition! We realize that came out funny, but it's getting away from needing to do something or be something to be successful. It is needing to recognize that just being who you are being divine in your life is all you need to do! Then when you take away the other stressors you put upon yourself as goals or whatever it may be, it allows you to open up to a deeper understanding and awareness. You can bring in a greater amount of your light. Now that is not to say that you won't have dreams and ambition; indeed if you have a dream and it brings you joy and happiness, then that should be the dream or goal. It's not that you choose something and that will be it for the years to come because you are always changing and shifting. So for you beloved, first and foremost open to that greater connection within you. As you do so, there will be things that bring you joy, laughter and happiness. Somehow spreading and working with that is what we see you expanding into in the future. Does that make sense?

(Yes Goddess, thank you very much.)

We feel some impatience as if that is now what you wanted to hear. (

Actually it's exactly .... I've always been an ambitious person and now I've spent 15 years working on myself but I haven't been making any money and everyone is bugging me about that. But I'd like to have some time to just enjoy this.)

Exactly! So we are here to confirm that for you! We want you to just be too. We said this before you even mentioned it to us.

(But the problem is that in this world I do need to have money. So I am in that place limited at this moment. But I know I can create that as I need to.)

In this state of just being if you allow for the abundance of the universe to be around you and be within you then the abundance can be reflected in money.

(Thank you)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) For the last several years I've had a lot of pain associated with my jaw and I'm wondering how I can heal it or shift it.

Answer: We are picking up on a couple things associated with this. Did you either have an abscess or do you currently have an abscess in this area?

(No, but I had a root canal about 2 years ago.)

Okay then that is what it was. When you had the root canal done we sense there was nerve damage or something was done to that whole part of your jaw. We sense that is has never completely healed as a result of that and it may be heading you into TMJ problems, or coincidently, you are developing TMJ problems.

(That's kind of what I got, yeah.)

Exactly, so we see that what would be a benefit to you..... okay, this is the image given to us by your higher self. What we would like you to do is that breathing where you really become centered and expand your heart center. Then let a little sparkle of light go into the tooth where you had that root canal. Let it then illuminate and expand into the bone, the teeth, the nerves, the ligament; everything in the structure. We have a sense this will clean out that area. In addition to that you can then take that spark of light-you can do this over and over again, it does not have to use only one spark or one time-if you will take the opportunity to let that move through your jaw and allow your jaw to come into alignment. It's not about trying to control or manipulate, it's about letting the light and energy illuminate and then letting your jaw naturally find its place. We have a sense that there may be a time when you will need to use a device or something that will help with this.

(I did have one at some point but it got messed up.)

Alright, well you may have to go back into that at some point. We'd like you to play with this because for one thing, we think you'll have fun with it, but also we think this is another way that you can practice. We sense you hold a lot of tension in your jaw, so if you allow the light to illuminate it and let your be where it naturally should be. Release the tension, release the grinding, and release the things that have been occurring with you. As you are doing this, you are allowing your divinity, your higher self and all those aspects of you to come into your physical body to play and assist with everything that is going on.

(I just feel this is not a part of my true self in this journey in this life.)

Great! Therefore we sense that there are these very physical things that can be shifted and released. Let that become your reality.

(Okay, just do this whenever I feel like it or it comes to mind?)

Exactly, whenever it comes to your awareness.

(Alright, thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) There is a job that I am hoping to receive. I have a hard time trying to stay positive, when to be pro-active and when to back off. Do you have any advice on what is happening? I had a short interview and I'm wondering what might be coming.

Answer: In looking at this process and what is going on with you, we sense what you were disconcerted about. We sense a company that is very busy and has people going in a lot of different directions, therefore it's hard for them to focus on something new and different. When you pick up on something and think it didn't go very well, it's because of their distraction that is a normal everyday part of their business. We would encourage you not to get caught up in their energies or their emotions. Continue to trust in yourself and believe in yourself. For this job we believe it's between you and one other person. It truly feels as if they just have not made up their minds as yet. As if someone is out sick or someone was on a business trip; there was some reason why decisions couldn't be made, someone was out of town or something had happened. It feels like delay, delay, delay; the majority of which has nothing to do with you. So when we ask do we see you in this job, do we think it will manifest for you; we still have a strong sense it will manifest. But we have a feeling it may be exactly the way you are anticipating. It may be the original job you interviewed for will be given to the other individual and something else will come along for you. There is something about this that we see you aligned with this company and you working for them. Keeping that in mind and looking forward it does not feel like a definite decision will be made this week. It does feel like it's coming up and it's eminent. Keeping in mind hat they are really busy when it comes to being proactive; just consider what they have already said to you. We want you to believe in yourself and trust in yourself. If you take that breath in and ask is now a good time to call or a good time for the follow up letter, then if you don't hear anything, take a couple more breaths and allow your inner voice to get a little louder so you can hear it!! So, just have a little more patience and see what manifests with this. We also have a sense you've been so focused on this company that you have not been aware of another company that does similar work. The name is not coming through clearly to us. We have a sense you might be interested in this, as if there are several jobs available. Is there another company you were looking at before?

(Could it be ‘Safe Place'?)

We had a sense of two names, so safe place does resonate with us. We think you should speak with them also because we see a lot of light around this place. We see that what you are seeking to go into will be joyful for you and the best step for you to take. Just be open that there are potentials in other companies, meaning this other one; that things have been bogged down and slow at the first company. Sometimes it does that for a reason and people drop out, going by the wayside realizing it's not where they want to work. Other times it's simply that the company has a lot going on. Don't read too much into it. Don't worry about it. Be pro-active when you sense you should be and back off at other times.

Question (paraphrased): Please tell me what my future holds for me in connection with the feminine energies.

Answer: As we are looking at you and as you spoke of this seeking to have a greater amount of feminine energy in your life, we see that you are in a place right now that you are processing what it is to be vulnerable, what it is to be feminine, what it is to be open to receive. We have a sense that perhaps it's in this lifetime or other lifetimes. We see this feels like almost a recurring pattern which makes us think perhaps it occurred in other lifetimes with you, too. But there have been times in which you were abused and times that led you to feel it's not good to be feminine. You get hurt if you're feminine. It's much better to have a strong, forceful personality and a strong, forceful way of life. Does that resonate with you, Beloved?


Okay, so as you are seeking to step to this new place within your life, I see you as moving into a place where you are opening to begin to trust yourself. You are opening to begin to trust that it is okay to be feminine, that it's okay to be vulnerable and you can do that and still not get hurt. We sense that you are in a process of releasing this layer upon layer of what's gone on in other lifetimes and in this lifetime. And we still have a sense that there will be more release work for you to do until you feel fully comfortable within yourself. But what you can do is this divine energy of yourself that you linked with tonight is you; it is you from that space in which everything is safe, from that space in which everything is perfect, from that space in which everything is in complete balance and alignment. So if you will work with that in meditation or in times of contemplation, times of prayer, whatever it is that you do, and let yourself focus on breathing it in, bringing it down through your Higher Self and into your human self, that is what will give you the strength and that belief in yourself so that you can then let those layers be removed, so that you can then be more open, so that you can allow yourself to be vulnerable, so that you will be able to shift and accept this greater aspect of divine energy that you are seeking to have around you and within you. Does that make sense to you?

(Is there someone I'll be working with?)

We see a number of different feminine energies with you. Ever since you sought to make a connection to me, I've been aware of you. We see the energies of Quan Yin around you. We see the energies of Mother Mary and then those are the primary ones that you would know about. We also see some other energies, both male and female, that are in your group or are your guides that are around you right now and are working with you so that you can be feminine and strong in the space of masculinity and in feminine energies.

(Will I be helping people in this way?)

Yes, we think that's entirely possible. We sense that this is something you need to learn and experience it for yourself and then when you have it from within yourself in your own experience then you'll have more that you can take to other people. And so we absolutely see you working with other people in this regard. There are more and more aspects of the feminine energy coming into the earth at all times, so there will be more people who will seek to open up to this vulnerability or this openness or this different energy that is feminine as opposed to masculine.

(Thank you very much.)

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased): Could you give us some insight into the conflict in Tibet (with the Chinese government)?

Answer: There are pockets of energy throughout the world that are being released, and these pockets of energy get released in many different ways and what you see manifesting in Tibet is a reaction to the energies that have been stored in those mountains and it feels to us as if it's an ancient energy. Tibet is indeed a country of diversity. It's a country that is very ancient and it's known a lot of years of the warrior. It has a lot of the warrior energies within it. And so as this crystalline vibration is coming up from within the earth and moving up throughout the earth, we see not only in Tibet but in other parts of the world where it's like fighting is breaking out and warfare, anger. You hear about pain, suffering, control, manipulation. All of those energies that are in alignment with what was a warrior type nation are coming out to be released at this time. The more that people are working on themselves, the more that we have these journeys such as we did tonight where we're bringing this balanced light into the earth and where we are focusing within the crystalline energies of the earth and letting that emanate, that's what assists in diffusing a lot of this. If you feel inclined to do so, whether it's in Tibet or elsewhere around the world, you can always send your consciousness there and just be a beckon of light and let that light emanate from you without trying to control, manipulate, or anything like that because that's what is being released and transitioned at this time. But simply being that beckon of light allows for everything that is ready to transition to move into that greater light and to become amplified. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes. Thank you.)

You are welcome.

Alright beloved family, as you move through these next few days and weeks upon your journey in life, open to understand that you truly are a magnificent and divine individual, you are not just the human or just the divine essence, you are a blend of all of this, and through this blending and merging of energies you are creating your existence upon earth, so I invite you to open and understand who you are in any given moment and send out the light so that your life is illuminating and you step into that illumination.

I am ever with you and within.




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