Integrating Your Lightbody

The crystalline energies continue to flow into and around the earth in increasing amounts. More people are shifting into a vibration that is able to access this new energy. For those of you who have been upon this path for some time, all of this may be felt as a release from the past or perhaps a relief in the intensity of what you are feeling.

Two weeks ago the Goddess assisted us with Activating our Lightbodies. Your light body is a new energy field which will now be a part of the make up of our human bodies. This channel takes that the next step. One of the ways in which it will work for us is that it will balance your energies throughout your days. During this channel the Goddess had everyone practice aligning with their lightbodies, feeling the flow, becoming very conscious of what this to them. She then introduced the word fear. Some people shifted out of balance and into something of which they were fearful. Many others were able to move right through the energy of fear by focusing upon and feeling the flow of their lightbody energy. The channel will give you an opportunity to practice with these energies ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I send out my love, I send out my embrace to each one of you. As you are here upon the Earth, this is a time of immense transformation; and sometimes as I say that at the beginning of the channel it makes me wonder will I ever not say that phrase as we begin?

Part of the reason that there is so much happening upon the Earth is because people are becoming activated on many, many, many different levels. So many of you who join in on these journeys have been very active upon your own spiritual journey for quite some time. You therefore are very conscious of what's happening within you and on some of these levels of awareness.

The multitude of people who as yet have not awakened are also awakening at this time. For some it is very easy and there is an immense flow. For others they find themselves in the struggle that so many of you have moved through. The result of all of this is that all of those many, many different levels of perception come together and create the consciousness of the Earth.

These diverse energies are in some way creating a cohesive new energetic level. So I invite you on a daily basis, a weekly, howsoever often you need to do so, to reach out from within your energies and align with the vibration which is most comfortable for you. Use this time of transformation as an opportunity to create growth within yourself. You may also choose to use this as a time to create a greater support mechanism so that everything happening within your life is comfortable, so that it occurs with greater ease.

Some of you have found that place, others are still seeking. In this journey and in several of the weeks to come we are going to be working further with the lightbodies. I invite you while you are still here and grounded to have a sense of taking a deep breath in that allows you to breathe into your heart center. And then as you breathe out consciously let your awareness expand in such a way that you reach out and align with your lightbody. Some of you may not have a sense of perception of what this is; others of you may go to it immediately and know what it feels like.

If you put forth the intention to link with your lightbody, it will occur. If you may be thinking ‘but it's not activated as yet' it does not mean your energy body is not around you. It is there; it is simply that you are less conscious of what this is. So by putting out the intention to expand and align you do encounter your lightbody energy field. Let that flow back within you.

I wanted you to feel what this was like before we even began. We will come back after our journey and you'll be able to feel, see, sense, how your perception will become enhanced. Allow your energies to shift in such a way that you release your consciousness from your physical body. Of course there is a great deal of your consciousness that remains here within the space of your physical body, but it does allow for a greater amount of your perception or your awareness to expand. You move into the energies of the magnetic grid and within this space find your higher self.

By simply expanding with the intention of aligning within this space you will be able to link with that part that is a greater amount of your divinity yet still fully connected to your human experience. So feel this area, look around and know what it is to you. Have a sense of shifting once more. You may move through an interlocking grid; as you do so you can find yourself aligning with the crystalline grid.

The crystalline grid is the pure crystalline energy that supports the Earth but it also supports the Universe. As you look around within this space there are various dimensions or shifts in consciousness. You will therefore find the alignment which is most similar to your own vibration. As if you close your eyes and you consciously take a breath in, feel what this space is to you. The crystalline energy is distinct. It aligns with those aspects of who you are that support your continued expansion and your vibration and your perceptions.

From here you may have a sense of shifting into the soul plane. More and more of this is integrating within the crystalline and at some point in the future it will not be necessary to shift as if from one perception into another. As you arrive within the soul plane, look around; feel what this is to you. Invite your I Am presence to come forth. You may feel it as if it comes up within you; you may sense it as if it is outside of you and it walks toward you. Reach out, embrace, feel who you are in all of your divinity.

I the Goddess come within the soul plane. I reach out to each one of you with my embrace. Feel our energies blend and feel your consciousness shift into the All That Is. As each one of you arrive within this space it's as if everybody is stretching out their arms, stretching out their consciousness and allowing themselves to become as big as they are in their natural state. Feel what that is for you; how expanded are your energies? How would you say your perception shifts within this space?

And I invite each one of you to have a sense of considering how this space has also transformed because of everyone's repeated visits and because each one of you are integrating more and more of this high vibrational essence within you on your human existence. You are living this life that you are in right now. You have your thoughts, your beliefs, you have your emotions, you have the experiences that have led up to where you are right now. You've had the physical experiences of this lifetime. Therefore the majority of your focus or your consciousness is within this life that you are living upon the Earth.

When you seek to expand into greater perceptions, when you seek to receive information, whether from past life experiences or experiences you've had out here in the Universe, it is all integrated through you as the human that you are. Therefore as you the human is able to expand what you can perceive, it opens up the door so to speak so that you can integrate more of what is out here. That is one of the reasons why the All That Is is transitioning as is your perception.

We spoke on our last journey about lightbodies and I assisted each one of you in activating that energy body that you have within and around you. Within this space I invite you to call that up within your consciousness. You may put forth the question ‘what is my lightbody?' or perhaps phrase it as ‘where is my lightbody?'. Have a sense of looking around with your conscious eyes or perhaps sensing it, feeling it, howsoever you perceive within this space.

So many of you have a much greater awareness of what this is to you. You have worked with it over the last couple of weeks to a great extent. There are so many of you who are consciously working within this space that it creates much greater potential for anyone else who seeks to have a greater understanding. What it also does is assist each one of you in strengthening your perception and strengthening your connection to one another.

Let's look at this from another perspective. Ask to see, sense or feel your lightbody as a crystalline energy. In doing so some of you may find yourself drawn back into the crystalline grid. Others of you may just see, sense or perceive that the vibration is similar to when you are in the crystalline grid. You need not limit yourself to the pathway of the grid work.

You can work with these crystalline energies howsoever you choose. Perceive the radiance that emanates throughout this energy body. When I put forth the word ‘love' I invite you to consciously breathe in love, doing so with your focus upon your lightbody. In everyone I see that there is an expansion and there is a greater vibration, a greater sparkle, a greater perception of energy flowing through each one of you.

I invite you to now think of the word ‘fear' and see what kind of an effect that has upon your lightbody. For some it is as if the lightbody has dimmed, but for many, many others your lightbody is not affected; it stays consistent. So for those individuals who felt a shift, or a constriction or a narrowing, whatever you might consider it; if you felt as if your lightbody became less than, then take this opportunity and breathe in your lightbody.

Feel it flowing through you and around you, feel the sparkles, the energy and the essence. And with the conscious intention of bringing up the word ‘fear', let the flow of this energy body move through you, continue to move through you and move through whatever the word creates for you and let all of that simply swirl around until you come to recognize that fear no longer has an impact upon your lightbody.

You may bring up whatever emotion, experience, thought process, whatever it might be, that has an effect upon you in your life as you are living upon the Earth. There are times you may feel depressed, times you may feel a myriad of different emotions and it feels as if you are on a roller coaster as you live your life. The more that you are able to integrate your lightbody, the more that you work with it so that you are very comfortable with it and allow more and more of this crystalline energy to come and be a part of you, you will find several different things are going to happen.

First of all, your lightbody energy field will remain consistent; it will be a cushion around you, it will be a means of transmitting, integrating and supporting you with this Universal energy. You will also find that the more you allow your lightbody to expand and integrate, that you will be less affected by old beliefs, by emotions, by your daily experiences. For one thing you will be drawing from this energy body and infusing whatever it is you may be feeling. For another it is because as you integrate more of these energies it allows you to shift out of and leave behind those old experiences, thoughts, ideas that were holding you back.

For those of you who are still in a process of integrating so much within your life, put forth the intention that you will integrate everything with ease. For those of you who feel as if your life is balancing, as if things are falling into place, as if everything is going well, then allow yourself to take that next step and even more fully integrate these energies.

For so many as you become aware of your lightbody, it's almost like having a clean slate. It's as if it's something brand new to you, it therefore has not become muddied or used by you in your daily life. Can you imagine if your emotional, mental, physical bodies all were able to be cleaned off and re-started as a clean slate? Yes, you have that potential.

These energies are even more powerful than you realize and that is because you have not yet utilized them to their greatest degree. Let your consciousness expand in such a way that you become your lightbody. As your consciousness is aligning with this energy, consciously feel that crystalline vibration as it's moving through you. Become aware of how light the energy is. Become aware of how it creates a new alignment and balance within you. Become aware of a sense of peace and balance. It can be very calming and it can be very stimulating.

From this greater space of integrating these energies, have a sense of expanding into your mental body. Allow this crystalline energy to illuminate your thoughts. As you call up your thoughts what's the first thing that comes to mind? Is that something that supports you or holds you back? If it holds you back, let this energy flow through and release that thought and any belief and any emotion that may be tied to it. Let it all go.

Come back again and I ask of you, what is the next thought that comes to your awareness? Again does this support you or hold you back? You release anything which holds you back; you enhance or amplify anything that supports you. You may go through this step by step by step with an end result that you clean off your mental body, your beliefs, your thoughts, so that you may start with a clean slate. There will always be a residual of what it has been in the past but from here forth if you would like to start anew, I invite you to do so.

Expand in such a way that your lightbody moves into your emotional body. Allow your emotions to become illuminated with this energy. As this illumination is moving through, the emotions that you have within you, you may find that some seem to become a roadblock to you and other emotions become less impactful. This is your opportunity to use the energies of your lightbody to clear out any emotions that may continue to hold you back.

As these crystalline energies illuminate all that is within you. Allow those emotions that most strongly support you to become enhanced; let them be strengthened. And again you let yourself come back into center, let your consciousness come back within itself. Look at who you are; this is you in your consciousness as it aligns or represents your human existence. Feel the strength, feel the bliss, feel the contentment that flows naturally through all of these energies.

I invite you to have a sense of looking at your I Am presence as if from a step or two away. The integration of this energy is transitioning your divinity or your I Am presence. You are creating changes that are new. These changes have not been effected in human form in the history of your existence upon the Earth. The time is right and everything is in place. That's why so much is so different and so much seems as if you have nothing to fall back on as a reference. You are writing the book of your life through your experiences that you have day by day by day.

There is an immense amount of light and energy here within the space of the I Am and within that space you are drawing from the All That Is, the Universal consciousness, those dimensions of crystalline vibration; howsoever you like to consider it, it's all there and it's being integrated through your divinity.

As this flows into you in your daily life it will feel as if all of life's existence is transforming. It has the ability to create a change that will affect every single aspect of your life. You can use it as a means of supporting you; if you do absolutely nothing at all, you just invite it to be there, to be in existence within and around you, it is still there filling with light and energy and supporting you but in a more unconscious manner. You need not analyze it, you need only be aware that it is here; it is with you and it is available.

Have a sense now of reaching as if you send a flow of energy that goes back through all those steps we took to get here and you link with your human self as it is upon the Earth. Send this energy into you the human. Let it flow through you; consciously let your energy bodies expand as much as you need to so that you may integrate this and if it feels like there's pressure in any part of your body, perhaps the head more than anything, then consciously open up your energy centers and allow the flow to move through you. There. You can feel it, you can adjust it, you can shift these energies on your own.

As you look at your human existence you are most likely already conscious of your physical body, and then your emotional body as you expand outward, and then you're used to your mental body and your spiritual and these four energy bodies make up who you are as the human. Your lightbody is the next step out if you want to consider it in a linear manner but your lightbody also has an effect on everything else within and around you. It affects your cellular structure; it affects your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. So that while you may look at it that way, it is actually even more than just another expanded energy body.

Let your consciousness shift once more and as you do so I invite you to come back together as a group. As you come and gather together, look at everyone around you. Perceive the differences, perceive the number of people, perceive the angels, the teachers, the guides, all the various energies of light who are here together in this group.

And coming up within the center of the group you will see a hologram of the Earth. This hologram as it comes up within you creates a perception of one hologram within the other. I invite each one of you to send an impulse of your own energy, send an impulse of you with this expanded energy, with this lightbody energy, just send it into the hologram. As you do so you can see how the lightbody that is also a part of the Earth is taking on a different essence or a different perception through this hologram.

There is a sparkling light that emanates. This sparkle goes out towards each one of you and it is you and your essence that you infuse. As this is complete you have a sense of that hologram shifting and as it's moving it links with the crystalline grid. There is an aspect of the hologram that moves outward, it moves toward the New Earth but it is also going out throughout the Universe as a means of transmitting information of what took place tonight. Then in addition there is an aspect that is going down; it moves back through the magnetic grid. As it does so there is an aspect that sends that impulse surrounding the Earth.

The majority then moves down into the Earth. It moves through the Earth into those immense crystals that are in the center and from there it creates a balance of that activation that's been taking place within the Earth over the last couple of years. Each one enhances the other and as it amplifies it comes out, you have a sense of feeling or perhaps sensing the energies as it comes up through the Earth itself. It comes out in the water, the grass, the trees, it comes up within you and this is another way for you to anchor these energies.

Again as you come back within this gathering, what is your perception? Do you even recognize who you are? You may think ‘I am so completely different' and indeed you are. But that spark, that essence, that divine essence of you the human is still there. You will be in this human existence as long as you so choose. Change is something that takes place whether you focus upon it or not. So let all of this move through your awareness and as you are doing so allow your lightbody energy to become more a part of your consciousness. Feel it, let yourself be aware of it and let it be a part of you in your daily life.

Allow your consciousness to shift. You very easily move through the soul plane back within, and then you go back within the crystalline grid as if you float through that energy. You find yourself moving through the interlocking grid until you find yourself in the magnetic. Here you feel the pull of the Earth, here you feel yourself once more beginning to anchor upon the Earth.

As you are looking around the magnetic grid, send out an impulse of energy. This, as you look at it with the energy of your lightbody, becomes more than just a place to transmit impulses. Through your lightbody you will be able to communicate with one another telepathically. You will be able to transition things in your physical reality. Teletransport is possible although that's further down the road.

This next step is for you; it's brought about from you. You are ready so step forth and embrace all this is to you. Shift your consciousness once more coming back within your physical body and your physical reality. As you come back into these energies, consciously balance so that you feel who you are as this human person and then with all of your awareness back here let your energy or your focus expand outward with your emotional, mental, spiritual and lightbody energy forces.

And as they come back within you, almost as if you take a breath in and you draw them back within you, then have a sense of seeing just how much more crystalline your own body is. It's not just your body, it's your personality, your human existence, your emotions.

Be gentle with yourself, be loving and nurturing with yourself. Allow this to be as much as it can possibly be for you and trust that it will continue to grow, it will continue to have an impact upon you. It will continue to strengthen everything within you. Breathe deeply, breathe easily and allow.

As you continue to feel all of this within you, I invite you to come back within the room if you so choose if you would like to ask a question, you may press *7 upon your phone and as you do so I am open to receive any questions that you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) Oh Goddess thank you so much for the beautiful journey!! It was so vivid, every single step! (You are welcome.) I can feel the shift and I can even see myself glowing here. (I can see it too in you!) Oh really? Thank you, thank you. As much as I'm glowing and I'm doing the best I can, I still have reality facts to face. I live at home and I have 2 room mates because I have a disability which is getting better and better all the time; but I need that extra money to pay the rent. I haven't looked for a roommate in 3.5 years because they have been pretty steady with me here. The market is very different now. I placed an ad with the university which I usually do, paid my $15 and the response is very little. I have also used Craig's list. I was told by another friend of mine who is very clairvoyant don't worry, it will come. When? The person has to move in on October 1st or a couple days before that. The amount of calls are very few and I need to find someone who fits my needs. I went through an environmental illness years ago and this home is a natural home; no perfumes, no chemicals etc. So it has to be someone environmentally conscious and my ad says so. Many people don't even bother to read the ad. So my need, is to attract the person who fills the need just like the people living with me and I help them and I help them to improve their heath.

Answer: Okay, so you have been explaining all of this and I'm sorry to cut you off but I want to go ahead and start working with these energies. As you were speaking and you were very clear about what you are looking for I kept bring up energy until it became a ball of light that surrounded all that you are seeking to have. I invite you to take a breath in and as you breath in, consciously breathe in the light body energy you were just working with. As you breathe out, have a sense of blowing out the ball of energy. Let it flow from you, let it bounce along, let it move throughout your community so that it will clear out the energies and help to manifest someone who is in the alignment with you that you are seeking to have. What it feels like to us is a teacher. We know you placed and ad at the university but this feels more like a teacher rather than a student. It feels like it comes more so from word of mouth rather than one of the advertisements you have done. What I would say to you is to continue to network with your friends. Release the the anxiety. You release the fear it's not going to happen because that will keep you in resistance that it's not going to happen. So reach out to all your friends and think 'okay, now I'm getting to the line, I am really open to receive; have you heard of anyone? Do you know of anyone?' It feels like something comes up, kind of like the other person indicated at the last minute. It doesn't feel like the 28th or 29th, it feels before that time. But it feels like someone tells someone else about it and they come over, you click, the resources are all in alignment and it all falls into place. It feels like it's a teacher of something to do with education, not necessarily at the university but that is the energy around this. It feels like someone moving to town or new in town.

Does it feel like a male?

No this feels like a female energy.

Thank you sooo much!

You are welcome.

Thank you so much for all the work you do for us!

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? I recently had a child and I'm currently unemployed. I am feeling very strongly that I need to stay home with child. I feel almost guilty for asking this, but I'm wondering if it's possible for me to find a romantic partner who's willing to support me so that I can stay home or if there's a way for me to make enough money working from home so that I can stay with him.

Answer: We have a sense of several different things coming to play here. We need for you to take a deep breath in and link with us more deeply so that we can make better sense of this. Okay we have a sense you've been taking some classes and you have been creating or developing a home based business. It feels like it has to do with exercise or yoga or healing. It feels like it is something to do with new energy and all that you've been doing. It feels as if you've been trying to turn it around and now make it something you will use to earn an income. But there's a part of you that doesn't feel fully confident or fully aware of what you can do. Are we tapping into that correctly?


Okay what we want to say about this is first of all we see that this is the perfect time for you to reach out about this. We see it can generate an income for you. It doesn't feel as if it happens immediately but that it takes time to build up a clientele for this; but it can happen much more quickly than what you are anticipating. Especially when you work with the energies around you and you use the energies of the lightbodies to amplify it it's kind of difficult to say, but we see you working with these energies and sending it out and things will fall into place with you and it will generate an income. It feels as if there is already and income that you have. Is it that you don't want to go back to that same job or was it a temporary thing?

I'm actually receiving income from unemployment.

Okay that would be why it feels temporary to us. It feels like it will last another month or 2 months, it doesn't feel like it's about to run out. That time frame that you have, it looks like it will help to give you that cushion that you are looking for as you are getting this business up and running. We know that you are also very focused on your child right now and it's difficult to focus on something else besides that. We would recommend to you that you give yourself time and have the focus or the perception that you can 'have it all'. We have a sense of you working when the child is sleeping and in the evening time; that is when you are doing a lot of the networking. It feels very confusing right now but if you will give yourself some time it will all become organized.

As for a romantic interest, it feels like there is a man in your life but there is distance between you. Is there someone in particular that you have been thinking of?

There's a friend of mine, but there is a lot of hesitation on my part with him.

We're not sure if what we are tapping into is the same friend that you are talking about. We do not see a lot of men clustering around you for this but we do feel like there is one in particular who is a potential, if you want to look at it that way. But we also have a sense of another possibility. There is a woman that would share the house with you that you can become friends with. She has a child too and you would stay home with both of them. It's not a romantic type relationship but you are working together. She would save the money on child care and she has a good job, it feels like an executive job so she has a good income that is supporting the home. We're not sure if that resonates with you right now, but we say put it out there and see if something comes along that may work in that regard. We see that whether it's bringing someone into the house as a romantic interest or if it's a roommate type situation that you set it up that you will try it for 3 months or 4 months; a specific period of time so that you don't get stuck in something over your head; nor does the other individual. Then there may be a lot of discomfort if things don't work out right. Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does.

We do have a sense of you staying home. We do have a sense of you finding other ways to bring in an income. So that you are able to be at home with your child.

Okay, thank you.

You are welcome. Good luck with that!

Question: (paraphrased) Hello? I work with energy and I help others with energy but when it comes to myself, I will not. There is some sort of a blockage where I don't know why I don't take the steps necessary to progress spiritually. With others, no problem but with myself I won't. I feel like there is something I'm missing and I can't get over that blockage.

Answer: Two things come to mind in particular. Number 1, we don't really see a blockage per se. anyone who can work with energy and can flow the energy through themselves to assist other people has to have a certain degree of openness in order to be able to assist other people. If you are able to assist others, you are probably more open than what you are giving yourself credit for. We see you as being open. If it feels like you are asking to know if you can get information about yourself, if you can create transition in your own self, can you do this or that. Then the resistance comes up within you of being as good as you can be; at least that's what comes to our perception right now. There's a part of you that thinks you are doing everything very well right now, everything is smooth, you are not rocking the boat too much. (You are thinking) 'but if I open up this channel and really allow even more of this to flow through me then oh my gosh I'm going to have to make a lot of changes in my life and those changes make me fearful'. That is the energy if you want to call it a blockage, but that's the energy of resistance we feel within you. Does that resonate with you?

Ah, yes.

Now with the journey tonight and speaking of the light body and integrating it within yourself what you are going to find is that it is going to create a greater flow of energy through you. It is going to create an even greater amount of energy that will come when you are doing your energy work with other people. If you consider, what is this block, where am I going; we would recommend you work with seeing yourself as a clear channel of energy and the energy that is flowing through you on every different level. You breathe it within yourself, let it go through you and you can clear out resistance. You don't need to sit and analyze every little bit of this. It may be sometimes one thing comes to your awareness and there are times when something completely different comes to your awareness. There are times when people's mental bodies can create a continuous round or flow of resistance. You clear it, something else comes up, you clear it, something else comes up; this is what we sense you have been doing to yourself. In this journey tonight, if you back once it comes out again and look at how you can create a clean slate and bring a clean slate into your life we sense is something that will allow you to open to that next degree. You will allow and accept all this within you. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Oh yes, too much so!

Too much so-- chuckling. As always I tell everyone to be gentle with yourself, be loving, be nurturing. Again, like we said the simple clue of 'well I'm more open than I am because I can do this energy work' we sense is kind of a big one for you. Start with that as a foundation and go from there to see what will happen.

Alright, thank you very much.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Shelly? (hello!) Thank you for the time you spent with us this evening. I was recently laid off from a job that I absolutely loved and I believe I truly was in darma. (not sure what she said) What I'd like to know is that if what I'm currently doing is moving me in the right direction of performing God's will in my life. If not, can you offer me specific direction.

Answer: I always believe every single thing that happens in your life is God's will if you want to call it that. Whether you call it God's will, free will, your personal choice; all of that is you as the human being and your alignment within you to your divinity is the way in which you create and live your life. So when things happen - there are so many people right who are loosing or transitioning their jobs or not finding another job. I know this is a very stressful time because of the volume of that happening upon the earth. So people will have that tendency to feel that something outside of themselves that happened has pushed them off course; when the reality is that it's another way of pushing you along on course. Our sense with you is that this is exactly the case with you. We see the job you had and it was as if you had done as much there as you could do. You were in a comfort zone and it was working very well for you. With the job you have right now it feels very temporary to us. You may be doing it for another several months or so, but it feels like a stepping stone to something else. It feels as if it pushed you out of your comfort zone and brought up these fears within you. It feels as if that is what making you question 'is this in my best interest', 'is this where I should be going', or 'what is my future going to hold for me'. We see it is also teaching you some new skills or re-evaluate the skills you already have. So the next step along for you, the next job you have feels like it is something more permanent. It also feels as if you are doing something different so it stimulates your mind, it stimulates your potential. This allows you to have a much greater fulfillment from it than you did in the past. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Well, I don't know, not completely because I really so much loved what I was doing. I gave so much of myself and I lost myself in my work, so I can't imagine something that would come along that would be greater than that. Well, obviously there would be because I don't believe God would yank someone out of Darma if there wasn't a greater plan for our lives.

Well it is. The thing that struck me as you were talking about that and when you mentioned you lost yourself in your job as you so much embraced it and loved it. Well what we see what is happening to you right now is that you are finding these new unexplored aspects of yourself. This is allowing you to integrate even more of your divinity. It's allowing you to integrate more of who you are with your I AM presence. This is also what is in alignment with the integration of your lightbody. That's why we say the next job you are going to have is something that will be equally fulfilling to you and feels as if it's something that is right for you from a soul basis on out. Because of the amount of your divinity and soul expression is so much more at this point than it was. That is why it will look like something different and it is what you are preparing for right now.

Thank you so much!

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hi this is Amy! Thank you for your work, it is wonderful. I live in a small condo and the people upstairs-- it's not anything done on purpose, but the noise annoys me. I hear them walking and it sounds like thumping down here. The floors creak, it's not abnormal, but I hear all the noise and it really bothers me. Is there anything I can do energetically to help that? I tried putting up the ice wall, but it didn't work.

Answer: We have a sense of a couple of different things. Do you own this condo or are you just living there?

I own it.

Okay, perhaps what's coming to us is that this is something new and different; that you are hearing these things or more aware of them. Is that correct?

Probably more so. I've been here five years and I heard it in the beginning, then it slowed down. Not that it went away, but she wasn't a noisy, I don't know if she wasn't around as much, but this is the second person who has lived here since I've been downstairs. It kind of comes and goes. Sometimes she's noisier than other times. It's not that she's doing anything wrong, she's just being normal. But I hear her and it just really bothers me.

So what we see is going on here is not about her, but your sensitivity. You are consciously on a journey where you are seeking to integrate more and more of your divinity. You are seeking to expand your spiritual gifts on earth, your psychic ability if you want to call it that. What we see happening is that as you are working very consciously on these attributes within yourself, what it is doing is making you more sensitive in many ways. We have a sense you feel things very empathically. We sense your sense of hearing is that much more heightened which is why even though she is doing the same thing, you are hearing more where it was something that didn't really bother you as much before. That is what we see is a big part of what is going on. We have not really worked with the ice per se, but no matter what you want to think of it; have a sense of a barrier of insulation. It can be an energy level of something that is a cushion or a vibration or something that creates a sense of comfort for each one of you.

In this way she is comfortable in her place as you are in yours. It just diminishes the sound so that you don't hear it as well. We would never want to hear you say you don't want to hear things as acutely, you don't want to shut yourself down. We are doing this with the intention it will create enough of a buffer that it no longer bothers you. We see this is as happening. We see you working with this energy field by having it change colors. We see you as using it as something that is a green light barrier, then another time it will be like the ice thing you mentioned. It's almost as if at different times in your life you can begin to think of it as how you can practice with your gifts. How can you practice with these different ways of sensing energy so that it is something you can see, sense, hear acutely but you are not hearing her, you are only expanding your natural gifts. Does that make sense? (yes) we also had a sense in the long term that you would consider moving from there.

Oh, definitely!

Yes, so me this feels to me as if it's the short term transition for you. We have a sense in like in the not so distant future, two years at the very most, you will move out of that location.

Okay, oh yeah, definitely! So how do I do the comfort zone?

Through intention. Using the intention and a picture in your imagination if you want to. It's as if it's a vibration of energy. You can picture it as a cloud or the ice thing you used before. You can picture it as extra thick insulation between the floors. Use your imagination and do whatever comes to your mind. Just let that be placed up there that the people above you feel comfortable and you feel comfortable. This will be in everyone's best interest.

Okay, great, thank you.

Begin to get yourself prepared to move. You are not yet looking in that direction. We see you saying oh yes you want to move, but you haven't yet done anything. We have a sense of you gathering your energies and putting out the intention you would like to move and see if that doesn't start the ball rolling for you.

Okay, thank you very much.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for that attachment to the light body. (You are welcome.) What I wanted to ask about was that I have an opportunity to get into the comedic field, field of comedy. I can either go into a group or go it alone as a stand up.  I'm wondering if I should take either direction right now and I'm also a part of the organizers. Should I focus more on the organizers or less on the performance or the comedic performance.

Answer: It feels like going in the direction of performance is more what you really like to do. So it feels as if that would be following a path that is more fulling to you. We sense that you are going to still do what you are already doing as you look at these other paths. At this point we see you working with both the group and the individual. It feels like you are kind of spreading yourself a little bit thin because you are doing a lot of these different things right now. We sense that once you begin to do this some things will open up and you'll do them on your own, then something will come along and you'll be doing it with groups of people. It feels as if there is something coming up this fall or winter, an opportunity to go on something that gets you picked up. It just feels like this is going to go on through the latter part of the fall and into the winter. And that when we look at it feels like it's more the individual work. What we would say to you right now is to brush up on your routine, if that's what you call it, or some of your ideas. Don't close any doors because it may be that that individual stuff may come from the group. That's why we see you doing both of them for the time being. Plus there is a lot that you are still learning from that. We're not sure what that was that you mentioned you were doing; but we see you continuing it until this other takes off. But we see you doing it with less and less attention or less focus.

Right, okay, thank you that resonates. There's also somebody in the group that I'm working with that is someone I've had a relationship with. I have mixed feelings with her and I don't know how best to handle that. Once I enter the group, should ask her to be a part of the group. They have not asked her to become a part of the group and I don't know if I should extend myself and ask them to ask her; I don't know if you can feel my confusion.

We feel the confusion and we feel that you and she need to have a conversation that there are things that need to be cleared up. That's just for both of you so you may go your separate ways. We don't necessarily feel her as a part of the group. We see they are looking for several different people, and you could certainly put her name out there as an interview but we don't see the decision making as coming from you. The decision making would come from someone else. And so if you do bring it up about her, we would suggest you do it in such a way that: 'here's a name, she's got great potential, she may work out' and just leave it there. That's our perception on that level. Irregardless of whether or not she comes into the group, we sense there is unfinished business and it would be in your best interest to talk with her and resolve whatever that is. It feels like there are some things that will not be completely resolved but that things can be eased through some discussion.

Alright, thank you very much. That has been very helpful.

You are welcome!

All right everybody, and I thank you as always for coming and sharing this time with me. As I'm gathering around these energies of the lightbody that we've been working with tonight, I gather it all together and I create this little ball; this is a ball of energy that is filled with the crystalline vibration.

It's filled with that universal light and it's filled with this next expansion that each of you are moving into. So I gather the ball together and I have a sense of taking it up and I blow it out and I send it out to each one of you. Open and receive this gift of light if you so choose. It is yours to play with as you see fit.

Enjoy this time upon the Earth. So much is happening and so much more is available to you.

I am ever with you and within.



Ria 17th September 2009 8:02 am

Thank you Shelley for this encouraging and uplifting post xxx

Shelly Dressel 18th September 2009 5:04 pm

You're welcome! It's pretty amazing what's happening right now....:)


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