Pure, Unconditional Love!

As the name of this channel indicates, it’s all about love! This is being given to us a week before Valentine’s Day, but we can all benefit from the open flow of love at any time in our lives!!

As we arrived in the All That Is, the Goddess once again invited us to bring forth our lives. She spoke of the changes in the vibration and how many people were experiencing frustration because they anticipated greater change over the past 6-8 weeks. So, we created a space where we could see how what we usually have manifested. From there, we then reached out to create a change ‘in the new energy’. This was a greater level of openness and awareness, but it was also in some ways similar to what it was before.

After that, the Goddess actually had everyone turn completely around and put our backs to what and how we create! In doing this, it was a whole new level of a blank slate. In a previous channel, we were able to meet guides or angels that have been a part of our lives; sometimes in the past or even right now. In the way, from a purely objective perspective, we could now get some new ideas of what we have available for us.

Once this creation was completed, the Goddess had everyone turn around. It was amazing to see such a difference in the creations. The new one was a much higher vibration and really filled with new potentials.

She then spoke of love~~~ Valentine’s Day is coming up, eleven days from when this was channeled, so the Goddess created a flow of immense love. This love moved through EVERYTHING and created some amazing changes. It shifted anything that was out of balance. It created new perspectives. And she also invited people to simply open to the flow of love and let it just work for them. When you let go directing it, you expand the flow and how much it can assist you.

There is literally a palpable flow of powerful unconditional love that is flowing through this channel. I hope you reach out and allow it to flow all through your life!!


Nama sika, Venia benya; I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out to each one of you, I send forth my love, I send forth my light, I invite each one of you to receive my energies as I move in and around all that are here for me.

I come to share this space with you; you come to share this space with me. There is a reciprocal relationship that we have going on. I so love and appreciate all of you and I so love and appreciate the energies of alignment that we create as we come together within this space.

As we allow ourselves to have a sense of aligning within these energies I invite you to take this as an opportunity to share a moment of alignment within you. This is your chance to let go everything that you may be carrying around with you, to release the pressure, to release the tension, to release the stress that you may have and instead take this time to open up to feel the alignment and - to most of all -, allow yourself to be nurtured. The more that you have the opportunity to open your alignment within yourself, the stronger your energies will be.

How are you doing, since the transformation that took place upon the earth? How are you doing in your everyday life? How are you doing in terms of the creation that you are making for yourself? I can hear the various responses.

Allow this be an opportunity while you’re still here grounded, while you’re still here connected to the earth, you’re focus still in this now moment. Allow yourself to just take off whatever burden there may be ... WHEW and let it go. Release it, let it go.

Allow yourself to go on a little mini vacation that will take you into the energies of love, acceptance, allowing. Take in one more breath so that you breathe down within yourself, allowing yourself and allowing your energies to ground once more and then have a sense of letting go.... WHEW

As you let go, let your consciousness just release from within you, let it move out from you, let it stream from the space of your higher Self and as it does so, open up to feel what this place is for you.

As you look around be aware that there are many energies here in support of you and that there are many energies here to assist you in your everyday life. This is like a weigh station or a go-between from your divinity and your earthbound experience. Create a place that resonates with you.

As you look, see, sense, feel the energies that  support the place of your higher Self. There is the magnetic grid, the crystalline grid and all of that makes a merging or a blending of the energies that will support you in this space. You need not know the specifics about that. But if you allow yourself to trust or become aware that it is there, then you can use those avenues as a means of sending and receiving energies.

Some may have a sense of this as being similar as to the All That Is but yet a different vibration. This can be as expansive or constricted as you like it to be. It’s here in support of you.

From here I invite you shift your energies once more. Have a sense of moving into the energies of the Soul Plane. The Soul Plane is that place in which your I AM Presence resides. It is that place in which your divinity has access to everything out in the Universe, to everything that is happening with you in this lifetime and any other lifetime.

It is here, it is present, it is available. Look through this space. You may sense, see, feel the energies of your divinity as you either merge with it or it comes up within you. As you feel or sense these energies of your divinity allow your consciousness to expand even further because you are tapping much more into that space of who you are.

I, the Goddess, move in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out and embrace you.  I embrace you as your divinity; I embrace you as that consciousness that is you right now.

As our energies merge you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Look around as you move within this place, look around and experience your energies here within this consciousness, this dimension, this place of awareness.

As we first began this journey, I invited you let go of your burdens or whatever it may be that is stressful in your life and you have done so. I invite you to have a sense of creating a space that you can work with energy. It always makes me laugh the various responses that people have. Some are busily filling out the space, others are becoming organized, others sit quietly and allow themselves to become centered. Of course, there is no right or wrong; it is but to create a space in which you feel comfortable and in which you can have a sense of really working with the energies.

It has now been six or seven weeks, well, almost two months since those major shifts in energy took place in December. [Speaking of 12-12-12 & 12-21-12.] So many of you who have been upon these journeys and have been working so diligently with yourself and your life, anticipated a dramatic change within your life. Some of you experienced exactly that, other of you experienced life as the same as it was before and still other feel as if it has become even more of a struggle since that time. In part due to the disappointment over the lack of change.

In looking at the energies around you here in the All That Is, I invite you to have a sense of looking into a space. And this space - we will call your current reality - meaning this space feels like the energy feels in your everyday life and as you look at it you may see things that take place of what happened in your everyday life.

As I look around it everyone I can see that some of you begin to kind of shrink down as if you are curling in on yourself or as if you are becoming a little bit more compacted. So let those energies of what you feel your life is right now, just let them be and have a sense of letting it go.

In another section have a sense of aligning with the energies of what you seek to manifest. This may be seeing, sensing, feeling yourself in your everyday life and for some of you it may be completely different than that first reality. So here you are and you are considering the things that you would like to have in your life, allow those energies to just shuffle around or fall into a place of alignment so that they work with ease and interacting within that space.

As you look at the energies of you would like to have or the way you would like your days to unfold, take in the essence or energy of what that is. What I pick up from people is that it creates a sense of ease, a sense of joy, a sense of awareness. It creates a sense of laughter, relief; many, many, many different things. So this is what this is in this moment.

Have a sense of taking a step back. As you do so you still have that reality that is what you experience in your everyday life, you have that reality that you would like to create, that you would like to have. But as if you turn around and you put your back to both of those, look at that bread expanse of nothingness. When you turn your back on everything you’ve wanted you also turn your back on disappointment, on your frustration, true? Some are saying yes, but on our joy and happiness also. So, true that.

But my intention is that you turn your back completely on the energies of both those energies  so that you can start over completely. Do you remember in the very first journey of this year when we were talking about the new beginnings, when you created an alignment with an energy that was going to work with you. For some it was an aspect of yourself that was coming in from another reality, for others it was a different guide or angel, others reached out towards the elves or the elementals.

If this is your first time listening to this, or even if you had a previous connection, this is an opportunity as you have your back to those previous energies to look out at the broad expanse around you and invite to come in and work with you whomever you would like. If it is someone in particular you may call them by name. If it is that you would like whomever is in your best interest for you to work with, you may leave it open for them to find you. But here you are looking forth, perhaps seeing, perhaps sensing, perhaps that inner knowing in the space in front of you, you’re bringing in this energy.

For those of you that feel either intimidated or nervous, take a deep breath in and WHEW -- let that go.  Here in the space of All That Is, all is equal. Know that for yourself, it’s true upon the earth plane and in the Universe, but most especially here within this space. As you look at this energy, first and foremost be open and simply receive the flow of the unconditional love and awareness for you. Take a deep breath in and let it flow through you. As you allow yourself to feel these energies you are creating a bridge or you are creating an alignment that will strengthen your knowledge and your awareness of whoever this may be.

As you sit quietly within this space, I would invite you to take a moment and allow them to speak with you. Listen to what they may have to say about what is happening within your life. Listen, see, sense, feel any message that they may give you but also the alignment and adjustment that they are making to your vibration as they speak to you.

Most everyone has one, two, ten things that are happening in their life that seem a repetitive experience. You have attempted again and again to let go of whatever that was so that you could move on in your life. For some reason you kept coming back. As this angel or guide is working with you, be open and let them .... WHEW.... assist with creating changes. Allow them to work with the pattern of your energy so that you may have a new beginning within your life.

As you look out at this expanse you may notice that now there are things beginning to manifest within it. I invite you to be open to the possibility that some of these things are completely different than what you have been seeking to have in your life. I invite you to be open to the potential that while things may seem similar there is a different vibration around it.

I invite you to have the experience of saying: if I could start over anyplace, anywhere doing anything that I wanted to do.... WHEW, send it in to this space. If you have no interest in starting over, that’s fine. Then fill up this space with all that is going well for you. As you allow the energies of the things that work for you to come within this space be aware how even those things are shifting and adjusting because the vibration is different here.

I have a sense of seeing a number of you as you communicate with your angel or your guide that you say, ‘well, this is what I have been wanting and it hasn’t worked’. And then the angel or the guide responds back with: ‘it hasn’t worked because…… if this is what you are wishing to hear’.  There are so many different reasons why it has not been working. From one reason being the vibration, another reason being resistance, another reason being life is difficult, in other words, old beliefs and old realities.

Give over to your angel or guide, give over any thoughts, any beliefs that no longer work for you. Instead bring into you loving and supportive energies and light.

Step out as if you are stepping into this new creation. Walk in these energies of ideas or potentials that may be completely different for you. And even if they are the same they are different because this place is different.

I see some of you as if you are dancing, dancing in a situation, dancing in what looks like a street. I see others of you as if you are levitating or floating above whatever the situation may be. I see still others of you as if you are reaching out and you are taking one thing, putting it back, taking another, putting it back; until you chose the things that you wish to keep and it is there as if in a bowl in front of you and you work with it. You weave together the ways in which your life supports you and can do so even more so than ever before.

As you allow these energies to move through I’m working with your consciousness and moving through you to an even deeper level. As you feel the time is right have a sense of turning back around and in one hundred percent of everybody here, as you look back to those previous realities they are at dramatically different levels of vibration.

It is as if you are now standing in a space that feels great to you, that feels real to you, that feels exactly like what you are seeking. And when you look at what you were seeking to manifest before they were in two totally different vibrations that are not in alignment with who you are and where you are. So this is an opportunity to have that sense of the differences in alignment and perception.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in, breathe down within you on every level and let go those previous realities, let go those previous creations.

The time is coming upon your earth called Valentine’s Day. A time where the entire world in one form or another focuses upon love. In some people it brings up a sense of loneliness or isolation. In other people it brings up a sense of joy and excitement. As we are working with the energies of Valentine’s Day, I invite you to have a sense of drawing in to you first and foremost the complete love and acceptance from your Divinity.

You are here in the All That Is, you are merged with your Divinity already, so as if you open up, let it flow towards you. Let it flow within you; let it flow through you on every single level. And as you do so acknowledge the unconditional love that is for you from you and within you.

Take a deep breath in and feel, sense and know what that is. As you look out from there you may have a sense of looking out towards your loved ones. You may have someone in particular that you look towards, or it may be open as a time of manifesting someone that you have been seeking to have within your life.

As you consider love that you send out from you towards others send it with that pure conscious awareness or the intention of unconditional love from you to them. Sometimes you may feel it coming back to you again; sometimes it may be reflected through that individual. There are various ways in which you can experience what this is. As you consider love, have a sense of sending it into a situation perhaps it is a situation at work, perhaps in your family, whatsoever it may be, flow that unconditional love and awareness into a situation. And as it does so, the energies adjust, creating a new reality.

There is so much that is taking place upon your earth. And sometimes it is a challenge to be able to remain in a place that works for you or that feels good for you by creating a whole new beginning for yourself, is step one. And then by tapping into the energies of the Valentine, if you want to use that as an outward sign, it gives you the opportunity of integrating through love the framework to assist you in your life, so that is step two. And then as you chose to move through life as a process working with people, working through situations; you then allow love to be the foundation that aligns you with everybody else, step three.

I hear some of you saying, it’s not enough, I need more. It’s not practical. If you can let go of the judgment or the discernment or whatever you want to call it, that says, ‘it’s not enough’, then you will find that door will open for you that were not anticipated as you allow love to come within and around you.

Breathe in love and then allow it to move through to any place that feels as if it’s not enough. Allow those places to be filled up with this energy. You begin to feel how it is enough, how it can be enough, how your whole life can shift or change because of love.

Allow love to move within and around you in every single way. Allow love to be the foundation of everything that you are doing. And if there is anything at all, whether minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day that you find repeatedly coming up, then minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, open and allow love to flow through you.

What’s interesting is that as everybody is doing this, I see a number of you feeling sorrow, feeling pain, feeling despair. Allow those energies to either flow away from you or have a sense of opening up your heart center and as if there is a loving pink or white or whatever color, loving energy just flowing through you, then let it move through to wherever that sorrow or that despair is within you.

Love and light always embraces and replaces sorrow, despair, fear, frustration; so open to love. Ahh, I just heard there is a belief among some of you that if you’re in a place of despair, the sense that you don’t deserve the love. Perhaps there have been some actions that you have taken or not taken in your life, perhaps there was an expectation that you had for yourself that was not realized.

From this space, I the Goddess as the Goddess/God infuse into you or shall I say I amplify that which comes from your own Divinity unconditional love. It is always first and foremost from within you, from your I Am Presence but we merge with those energies, amplify and enhancing them and it is always ok. It is always accepting. Be open. Take a deep breath in. Allow that experience to move within and around you.

My beloved family there is such a wave of energy that is twirling amongst everybody that is here. Stand and receive that energy so that you may know that not only you have that which comes from within you but you have the energy and waves of love from everybody and it all creates greater expansion and greater awareness.

Have a sense of seeing coming up as if from within that flow of energy that was moving through everyone, the hologram that represents your earth. As this hologram comes up within you can see that flow of love already moving through the hologram. You may see it as various colors, you may see it as an energy, it manifests in different ways. So that love and that awareness flows through with ease.

And as the hologram becomes completely filled with this energy and light it is as if it too, expands. There are vibrant sparkles and light that emanate from it. And as it does so it begins move, it moves down until it aligns with the crystalline grid and from there it flows. It flows throughout all the various dimensions from the new earth to your current earth and everything in between until it creates a stream of consciousness of love and that goes down within the earth, anchoring within the earth.

And from that space it moves outward, it comes up within each person, it comes up within the grass, the flowers, the trees, the water; it comes up and moves through every dimension and every place of awareness within your earth.

And as that is anchoring allow your consciousness to shift once more back and to the All That Is where you just released that energy of the hologram. Allow yourself to let your consciousness move once more, it is as if there is a magnet that draws you back towards your physical body. And as you move through the Soul plane you have a sense of that greater energy that is your Divinity and then you move through taking with you as much of your Divinity as you can manifest within and around your physical body.

You move through the space of your Higher Self and then you move down into and around your physical body. And as you begin to consciously bring that energy back within and around you, you have a sense of reaching up and you allow those energies. They flow not only through your head center, it flows down all the energy bodies within you, sending that energy down into the earth and it links with what was sent there by the hologram.

And that extra support of the earth, of the hologram, of everything else that comes up and around you, it fills you up within you but then it also surrounds you. It may expand outward howsoever far it needs to go. But this is anchoring that unconditional love within and around you first and foremost FOR YOU and then from you moving out to everybody else around you.

Create a foundation that allows you to be supported in your everyday life. Remember the new reality that you created with your angel or with your guide and let that be part of this energy that goes out from you; setting up the steps so that you meet the people that you need to meet. So that you go to the places you need to go, so that you manifest whatsoever it may be. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

And as these energies continue to anchor within and around you I invite you to come back within the room. As you come back within this room you may come in and ask any questions if you so choose.

And so as we bring this evening to a close as you are moving through your days as you allow yourselves to just fully accept that a new beginning took place tonight. As you allow yourself to walk upon the waves of love and allow the energies of love to flow within and around you, you will begin to find a new beginning, a new reality and even if every day is exactly as the way it was before, it’s a new beginning, a new reality.

Know that LOVE is a foundation for EVERYTHING. Love within and around you, love from your Divinity and unconditional love from I the Goddess of Creation.




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