Shifting Energy and Alignment with The Masters

I send you light and love as you are moving through your days~~~
This channel was very cool to for a couple of different reasons. First of all, the Goddess assists us in working with energy. Actually shaping it, rearranging it, shuffling it; then seeing how it will always re-align. This of course is then something we can do with the energy around us in life.
In addition, we were joined by a multitude of very high vibrational energies. They came into our space as if they were entering an auditorium; it was all the Angels, the Ray Lords, the Ascended Masters, the ET's, the Crimson Council, and many more. These amazing energies then began pulsing the energy to all of us and throughout the universe. From that, we aligned with them and all was blended into one amazing energy. Really exquisite!!

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I Am the One; I Am the Whole.

I greet you, Beloved Family. I welcome you as always to our time together with arms open wide! I send out my love and my embrace to each one of you as you choose to come together in connection and communication with myself, and with the other energies of Light who come to be a part of this process.

I embrace each one of you. I allow my love to flow into this group and into each one. Whether you come and participate during the time in which this is physically occurring, or whether you read it or listen at a later date, you are always a part of the group in that moment in time.

Time upon the earth is shifting. There are some aspects that feel as if they are coming into collision with one another. As you move through your days, there are times in which it feels as if your day stretches longer than even twenty-four hours. And there are other times in which it feels as if it passes in a moment. The more that you expand your own consciousness and bring into you and around you the crystalline energy; the more that you will be able to work with time, space and energy in such a way that you can assist in creating your reality through shifts in time. Be open to your awareness. Be open to the perceptions that are always around you and within you.

Take this moment and allow yourself to be fully conscious of your physical body and your physical surroundings. Feel what this is to you. Allow your consciousness to take in, perceive and anchor, where you are physically located. Once that has happened allow yourself to expand your consciousness in such a way that you release your physical body.

As you release your physical body, you may allow your consciousness to reach out and connect with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you are linking with this grid, you find yourself perceiving the aspect of the grid work which is your Higher Self or your higher consciousness. This has a sense of feeling like home to you in a slight way because you are letting go of the physical confines. Anything that allows for your consciousness the freedom to expand gives you that sense of what you have always considered home. So allow yourself to expand this space within and around you within the magnetic grid.

As you are ready, you may leave behind these energies of the earth plane. Leave behind the magnetic pull so that you may move through the interlocking grid and connect with those energies of the crystalline grid. Allow yourself to open to the finer, more subtle vibration that is in alignment with these crystals. Enjoy what it feels like to let go of the magnetic pull of the earth. Let yourself link or align with these energies or let yourself link with one particular energy; whichever you desire.

From here, if you so choose, you may call forth a column of Light. You may shift through the column, or simply shift your consciousness until you arrive in the space of the soul plane. Feel what it is to be within this space. Open to perceive what this space feels like to you. You may call forth your I Am Presence. Some may feel as if it comes up from within you, others may see it as separate from you and then you reach out to embrace. In doing this, you are able to perceive a greater amount of who you are. Allow your awareness to expand further so that you may perceive a greater amount of your soul essence.

Now I, the Goddess, come into this space. Allow yourself to perceive my energies as I manifest within this dimension or this vibration. This is not me in my entirety, but it allows you to link with all of me through this aspect that is represented here. Let yourself connect with me. Allow my embrace to further enhance all of who you are. As I blend with you, I find myself shifting through your awareness into the space of the All That Is. I perceive each one of you moving into this even finer, lighter vibration that allows you to truly play with the energy of who you are.

Take this moment and perceive the energy around you. You may feel as if you reach out and the energy has a texture. It may feel viscous. As you touch it, you may find that your consciousness goes through it, or it bounces gently off of what is around you. There is no one right or wrong way to perceive this space. Each time that you come and consciously look sense and feel around you; you may receive a different perception. Each time, it's about reflecting back to you what you are seeking to know.

From within you, infuse light. Does your light have a specific color? Is it a blend of all the colors? Let your imagination explore all of what this is to you. Use sound. Send out an impulse from your consciousness and see, sense or feel if it just goes on into eternity, or if it bounces back towards you. You are here at this moment in time. Through these perceptions and even more that intrinsically come from within you, you are able to create a multitude of perceptions that you take in.

In this space in which there is no linear time, I invite you to play with energies in other ways. See if you cannot perhaps take a section of the energy around you, and shift it over on top of another, as If you are perhaps stacking books. Then since you are working with energy, you are able to perceive how that shift in energy creates other shifts that radiate throughout the entire area.

Feel as if you shift around so that your consciousness is in a new space and then reach out and open up a window in the energies that are around you. As you look through this window, what do you see? For some it may be as if there is no change from what is within your space, but others may perceive that there is something different outside of this little space that you have created for yourself.

Energetically shift that aspect of energy that I called the stack of books and place that within this window. By doing this, again, everything shifts until it finds its own alignment. It is fun to watch you as you play like this because some are giggling, some are creating immense structures; others are enjoying working with numbers. The more that you allow yourself to create within this space the more potentials there are for you to create. It is unlimited.

I have mention before how much easier it is to shift energies when you are in this space of the All That Is. This experience has allowed each one of you to be able to understand how the energies of one affect the energies of everything else. It is very natural for energy in its purest form to seek alignment with what is around it. So too, is this true for you upon the earth. The energy of your body naturally seeks an alignment with all that is around it.

You can work with the energies around you, just as you are working with the energies in this space. In particular, by opening up that window and looking out that represents opening up to new potentials that may be around you. The potentials from within this space are unlimited. You can perceive only a fraction of them. What filters down into your human form is perhaps even a fraction of those.

Take this opportunity to feel more comfortable with shifting energies. The energies of your physical body are going to be the most solid or dense. Therefore, they may be the slowest to react. But you can still work with the energies that are around you within your emotional, your mental, and your spiritual bodies.

Not only that, you can work with the energies that are located within your home; the energies within your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country, the world. Since it is very natural for these energies to seek alignment, as you create within you and around you the alignment of what you seek to have in your life, you may then send it out in waves. It goes out to the universe, through your home, your city, your state. And it goes out endlessly, so that you may be creating on as grand of a scale or as small of a scale as you desire.

Bring your awareness once more back within the space of the All That Is. Take this moment to ask yourself, how are you aligned within your life? For some, it may be how are you misaligned within your life? We've spoken often of creating by visualizing or embracing what you seek to have. Through this experiment it's another way of allowing you to perceive how important, or how impactful, your alignment can be.

Within this space, I am going to send forth an impulse of my love and my light. Let yourself feel it come through you and through the ways in which you were shifting energies around you. It may be that that illuminated something that you had not noticed. It may be that my impulse of light allowed you to create greater shifts or balances. Go back to this energy and create a new pattern.

Without any conscious thought consider what the pattern of energy around you would look like when you focus on the word Love. You become aware of how shifts occur in the energy without you doing anything. You simply focus on the word love and the vibrations change. Actually, for quite a many, it's as if we see the image of a heart, pulsating out.

Focus on the word Excitement. What makes you excited within your life? Think about something that brings you excitement, or simply think about the word. And again, the vibrations shift. As you pulsate through your consciousness whatever you focus on, you are able to very clearly perceive how the vibrations around you are shifting.

I'll now ask you for a moment to focus on despair, depression, fear. Take any one or all of those and, again, perceive the energy around you. There is not as much illumination. It is closed down. For those who are within the space of these energies, this is the energy around you that you draw to you.

I now invite you to consciously bring into this space Hope, Potential. Immediately, you can feel and see how these potentials are changing. If you find that the energy pattern around you is still holding a residual of an energy that you are trying to shift within your life, allow yourself to send forth a pulsation of energy from within your consciousness that you truly wish to have within your life: Prosperity, Relationships, and Peace.

As you are looking around this space in which you find yourself, recognize that you are the creator. I am looking out over a sea of energy pods, I might call them, and each one is uniquely different because each one represents the individual consciousness that is working with the energy around them. You see how you are able to create a shift in just a moment. As you walk through your days upon the earth allow those shifts to happen again and again and again; as long as is necessary for you to manifest within the physical plane.

Take this moment and be in this energy. Let yourself feel as if you are suspended in this purest energy of light and love. Let yourself be fully nurtured, supported and embraced by all these energies that are around you. You are so exquisite. Yes, that is you.

I invite each of you to release that pod or that energy field that you have created around yourself. You may absorb it because it is you; it is part of your consciousness. It is always there and available for you. As you are moving through your days upon the earth let yourself recognize the ways in which you reconnect with shifting energies. You may shift the energies as you are driving to work so that you arrive on time. You may shift the energies around you as you work on a project so that it is finished on time. You may shift the energies around you and within you if you feel stuck, as if you are not moving in any one direction or another, so that you may create movement within your life. Movement may start out in a very subtle means, but it may easily expand into a tidal wave in certain cases. But it is still energy. As you recognize energy you may create alignment within the energies.

There are those on the earth, especially in olden times or even those in the current time, that seek to work with energy in a way that manipulates and controls. You will find that that is very limited and in some cases can be even painful. The type of energy work that I have been speaking of and that you have been doing is about consciously aligning and shifting the energies as you create and manifest in your life. This is a way of allowing the potentials that you create within your life to be allowed to manifest. The timing of this is always surrounded by many variables. But you will always have greater understanding whenever you seek alignment.

I invite each one of you to look towards the center of this group. For some, you may have a perception that you are now in an amphitheater or an auditorium of sorts. This space is circular, but one does have a sense of tiers, so that each consciousness can fully see, align and appreciate what is happening.

Into the center of this group we see filing a number of energies. These, many of them have walked upon the earth. We see coming into this space the Ascended Masters. They walk into this space in which you are, acknowledging those of you who have come to be a part of this. We see coming into this space those that represent the world religions. It is as if each of these people comes into this space and they too, look around at all of you who are here and they bow and acknowledge each one of you.

Coming into this group, we see all the multitude of the angels that are working with this shift in consciousness that is occurring upon the earth. Coming into this group are the Ray Lords. There is no particular reason for the order in which everybody came in (meaning all the vibrational energies). As you can see the area expands as much as it needs to. We now see entering into the arena, a number of energies that you would call the extraterrestrials. We see Ashtar with the ETs. As each new group comes in they make themselves known to all who are here. Let yourself open and send out your love, or your embrace, to this group or to any particular energy you may so choose.

Yes, indeed, more and more energies make themselves known; the order of the Crimson Circle, Quan Yin, and now I, the Goddess and God, walk into and join this group that is within the center of this amphitheater. We look up at all of you and it brings up a great well of emotion. We know what your journey upon the earth has been. We love and support you, and each one of us here acknowledges who you are and the path that you have chosen for yourself. Open and receive from us. Allow yourself to accept all that we have to offer.

Within this space, as if you are looking at something separate or outside of yourself, watch as we work with energy. See us send forth the energy of balance. It comes out from within this group as if in a column and then it expands outward to include each one of you. Feel what it is to be in alignment and balance with all of these energies. It is not so different than who you are.

We shift now to the energies of acceptance. Feel acceptance as it pulsates out from this group. Feel compassion. Let compassion wash over you, and now the interconnectedness of everyone. Let each energy send forth the aspect of themselves and as they do so each unique and different vibration blends and aligns into one pulsation of energy and it moves out from there. Your own unique and individual soul essence sends forth and aligns itself with all of these other energies. Each time that one of these pulsations of energy or vibration moves through this group it went through and resounded throughout the universe.

This year upon the earth is a time of change. It is a time, in some aspects, of collision. Those who seek to remain in the old energy are going to be feeling more strongly the change that is about them. Those who open and allow for an alignment will find an ease in how you manifest and how you simply live your life. This is the purest of energy. This is a part of who you are. You may always call upon this energy. You may align with it. It is completely up to you.

As I began to bring these various energies into the center there was a separation as if those that you consider your masters, the teachers, as if they were separated from you. But now you realize that they are not. Open your awareness to perceive that there is a brilliant and immense depth of vibrations and energies within this space. There is no delineation from one person to another. All who are present are in alignment. And all who seek to blend and align with this group are a part of what creates this brilliance that you are able to perceive.

The hologram of the earth comes into this space. It is already radiating the light. As those impulses of energy were sent throughout the universe, so too did it have an effect upon the earth. You are already able to see that as you work with these energies, the effect is instantaneous. And the coconsciousness of this group as a whole sends that hologram of the earth that it may return and blend with the real earth, the physical earth.

Take this moment and allow yourself to feel as if you are mingling at a large party. This is an opportunity for you to go and speak directly with whomever you so desire. Everyone is here at this time.

If you wish to do so send your perception out that you may become aware of how different the universe is at this moment. Your universe is amazing. There is an ease in this shift in alignment. If you so choose, allow your focus to be upon the earth. Perceive how the earth is aligning. There are many different levels of change occurring. Allow your natural alignment to be that that you seek to have within your life.

The energies that are here within this space will be here for a great time to come. It was decided on many levels to find ways to create greater ease in which humans are able to create a deeper connection with themselves, with their guides and with those of us who are working with you as you assist the earth in transforming.

You are receiving impulses of light on so many different levels. Much of this you are unconscious of; trust, understand that it is occurring. You need not know the specifics. You need not get bogged down. Allow yourself to simply open to accept and to be who you are.

If you wish to return to this space at a later date or time, you may do so. For now, I invite you to begin to let yourself bring your consciousness back within the space of the soul plane. Allow yourself to find an adjustment or a way in which you feel comfortable within this space. For many of you, there is an aspect of you that you choose to leave within the gathering and that is fine.

For those who are ready to do so shift your awareness that you may blend with the energies of the crystalline grid. As we arrive here at this time, this space is almost blinding with the brilliance of light. Let yourself feel the vibration of this space so that you may reconnect with it with greater ease as you move through your days.

Let your consciousness shift even further, coming back within the magnetic grid. Feel once again the gravitational pull of the earth. Feel your humanness. Feel excited that you are alive. Allow yourself to feel excited about the potentials within and around you.

From within this space of the magnetic grid let your consciousness shift yet again as it returns to the physical body that you have within this life. As it comes down within the physical body allow yourself to expand the energy field around you. With the immensity of the energies tonight, you may need to expand as big as your house. Let yourself go to whatever is comfortable for you.

Begin to truly feel your physical body once more. Feel these energies as you bring in your conscious awareness. Take a moment while you're so connected to look around or perceive around you the energies, and if you so choose take a moment to work with shifting them. You may shift them as if you consciously layer them, open a window, or see what happens with your intention. Let yourself be fully conscious and aware of who you are.

As everyone is coming back within this space also let yourself ground. Let yourself feel what it is to be within here. As you come back within this room you may press *7 upon your telephone, and I invite you to come back within this space and I'm open to receive your questions.

Question (paraphrased): Lately, I'm having trouble organizing my time. I seem to be all over the place and not getting much accomplished. Can you give me some ideas about creating priorities, also in regards to the work we did with this journey?

Answer: Alright, Beloved. We thank you for that question. As I'm looking at you and connecting with your energies, as you said, you are having trouble prioritizing because you have opened to so many potentials around you, you have allowed your energies to become very scattered. It's as if we see you standing in an open field and your energies have gone in every direction around you. What I recommend you do to begin this process is to feel as if you are pulling each one of those energies back within you. Feel as if you are drawing into you all of your potentials and then take them back, breathing them inside of you and letting them ground into you again. As you opened to potential awareness's or opened to various potentials around you, it's as if you scattered your consciousness. You need to first bring your consciousness back together, ground it within your physical body, so that it's as if you are bringing all of the aspects of yourself back together. Then, I invite you to re-look at your priorities. You've done a great deal of work in your life and things for other people; what is new and different for you is trying to figure out what you want for yourself, and what you need to do for yourself. We sense that is what a great deal of that scatteredness was about. Only you can truly choose or decide what is your greatest priority at this time. But for me in looking at you that is what I see as number one. That sense of needing to decide for yourself or needing to perceive who you are as an individual, and then allowing yourself to make yourself a priority instead of always putting others as a priority. Make yourself the priority. As you do that you will begin to see how other paths will open up. That will come from being more connected within yourself. It will come from a greater awareness of what is around you. You certainly do have many potentials and each one of those particles that are scattered right now could lead you in a different direction if you so choose, but as long as they stay disconnected from one another you will never have a full perception of what each one of them are. Does that make sense? (Yes.) So to bring in what we played with on this journey tonight, you have that sense of drawing back to you all these various aspects then we see you doing that layering technique, as if you take in a segment of that energy that involves one aspect and then putting it in front of you and then taking another segment and putting that in front of you, almost as if you are looking at each of these various aspects as a different energy with a different vibration and you see how the vibration of each one of those affects these other energies that are around you. You are very visual and you can see and perceive a great deal of these energies when you're in this state of expanded consciousness and through that you will be able to have a greater understanding of what you seek to know. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased): Is it thought that creates all that you speak about?

Answer: That is also a wonderful question because thoughts are often times originated within your mental body. All that we created and all that we were working with tonight was from a greater space than your mental body. It was from a consciousness, a vibration of consciousness, or a vibration of awareness that is much more than what a mental body can be. The mental body is a human vibration that you have when you are a part of a human physical reality. So when you think of your thoughts, the mental body is a way of bringing it together and utilizing it in your human so you absolutely have to have it. But if you think of something as being originated within your mental body, then it can sometimes be more limiting than something that comes from a greater expanded consciousness. So we were working in the space of consciousness versus a thought process that is more limited to your mental body. Does that make sense to you? (Yes. Thank you.) You are welcome. The one thing that I would mention as you are opening to your awareness is that if you ever feel as if you cannot decide is this a thought process from my mental body or is this a conscious thought, then go inside and feel what that thought or that process feels to you and then invite in an expanded consciousness; meaning breathe in expanded consciousness and see what happens to whatever you were thinking about and that's how you can grow to greater potentials. If it is something that is coming more from your mental body and then it is a way of expanding the various potentials that are coming through you. (Thank you.)

Question (paraphrased): Could you give more detail about what is the soul plane?

Answer: The soul plane is a vibration that is, or it can also be called a dimension, that is much higher than the dimensions that are around the earth. The soul plane is a vibration that is easily accessible by those who are upon the earth, and it's also easily accessible by those in the non-physical form. It is simply a dimension or a shift in consciousness where a soul essence is able to communicate with other soul essence or where you, the human, can link with your own soul essence. The soul plane, in giving it a name, is just giving it a name. Other people may call it something different, but it is a place where you can link with yourself and you can link with other people or energies on a soul level. Those vibrations, for example in the community of souls that came together tonight, the Ray Lords, and some of those very evolved individuals that were there, cannot comfortably come into the earth plane. They need to connect with people at various dimensions or levels that they are able to communicate and we are able to perceive them. And the soul plane is one of these levels of consciousness or shifts in consciousness. It's a plane that is expanding as each one of the humans are expanding through using it, but yet it is still readily available to those in the non-physical form. Alright. (Yes. I am overwhelmed by your wonderful feelings towards us and your gifts to us!! Thank you.) You are very welcome. You are ever loved.

Question (paraphrased): In the past year, I've done much releasing of old energy. Where am I at now with that and feeling ready for new changes in my life?

Answer: First and foremost, I have a sense that you know exactly where you are and where you've been, and so perhaps what I can do by giving you my perception is confirm for you either what you already know or what you thought to be your beliefs. Not only you, but so many humans, as they move into a new process that feels somewhat different to them, or they're not used to what it is or what the potentials are or how they are creating change in their life; they don't necessarily understand everything that may be happening. For some, it feels as if you're in a process that's never going to end and for others it feels as if well that was way too easy, I couldn't have done it right. And so, it brings up many different emotions within people. What I'm sensing from you is that it felt as if as soon as you released one thing, something else came up and you released and released and released. In the process of doing that you fell into the group of people who feel as if it's a never-ending process, but indeed it is. And you need not feel as if you have to fully go through and experience every little thing to learn the lesson from it. You have now worked through so much in the past year that there is a great deal you can work with without tapping into specific experiences, if you want to call it that, or specific energies. It's a little complicated or abstract to talk about. What I see happening for you is that throughout the past year as you did all that releasing and that is what has allowed you to open up to now be in a year of acceptance. What I would encourage you to do is accept that yes indeed, you do have the gifts that you think you have, that yes indeed, you do have the potential to really live the changes that you have brought into your life and that yes indeed, the people who are around you will become accepting and that they will reflect the acceptance that you feel for yourself. My sense as I link or connect with you at this moment is that you somewhat waffled back and forth between this of not accepting or believing it's all really happening, or that it's over with and then not accepting or believing that you can actually live this life that you are creating for yourself. Does that make sense? (So in the acceptance and believing that I can live the life I want; what more can I do to anchor that in?) The journey tonight was a wonderful one about the vibration of the energies around you. So when you see how you want this year to go for yourself, what you seek to manifest for yourself, be in the vibration as if it's already accomplished, meaning be in the vibration - see yourself in relationships, see yourself in that space of prosperity as if there's just this flow of abundance all around you coming from every direction. See all of this as already being accomplished and it's not like you need to do that 24/7, but take any moment that it comes to your mind or comes to your consciousness let yourself be in that space, send out the vibration of that and then if you feel yourself in a place where it hasn't happened yet, or it's not happening then acknowledge the moment that you're in because if you deny it, it makes it form a bigger energy. Acknowledge that at this moment I'm not feeling as if it's really manifesting. And then, let that flow away from you and once again envision that it is here. You could see for the journey tonight just how your thoughts and intention have such a dramatic effect around you. it's very easy to do it up in the non-physical form, but when you bring it down into the earth plane, it's not quite as easy to do so that's why it required that repeated attention or that repeated focus on what you are seeking to manifest. And again, the vibration of it already being accomplished is the way that you bring it to you. (Thank you.) You're welcome.

Question (paraphrased): Throughout the journey tonight I felt a lot of pressure in my third-eye. Could you tell me who was working with me on that?

Answer: I see the energies of Raphael around you, but also St. Germaine around you. Raphael is working with you on healing or assisting you to resolve something in your past that was holding you back from really moving in this direction. The sense that's coming to us is as if he was healing old cellular memories that connected you to lifetimes in which you were quite magical, or you had quite a bit of healing abilities around you and as a result around that you were either burned or exiled because of your beliefs and your abilities. So that the sense I'm getting that Raphael is assisting you in letting that go. And then I see St. Germaine working on you in terms of bringing in the potential and allowing you to see the potential. You are going to feel a great deal of pressure in your third-eye, especially in the next couple of weeks to come. And each time you do just simply focus on it as being opened and you may need to feel like you are physically expelling the energy field around you so that you may relieve the pressure you might feel around you that comes on as a headache. Does that make sense to you? (Yes.)

Question (paraphrased): There is the strong potential for the dissolution of my marriage. How is this dynamic affecting me, my husband and my daughter?

Answer: The divorce is something that in your family everyone has been considering as something that could very well happen. But the difference is that it's moved into a step of actually becoming more of a reality and that is what's bringing up fear, it's bringing up confrontation in the family and it's bringing up all of these energies that have been dormant are coming up to be looked at, acknowledged and allowed to change. You are responsible only for yourself and your beliefs and your reactions within yourself. As your husband is reacting the way he is, and your daughter is reacting her way, they are both reacting out of a space of fear. We see a great deal of fear around both of them, fear of the change, fear of what's going to happen, fear of losing that feel of connection as a family. Everything that's happening with them, again, is based on fear. So saying, what you can do is assist them in letting go of their fears by being very calm, very matter of fact and allowing them to express their fears and say, okay, this is how you are feeling, I understand that, but this is also where we stand to make our choices in our life. This gives you the opportunity to become very clear on what choices you want to make for yourself. If you are not clear then take some time and let yourself journal about this and let yourself consider what do you want in your life. Through your own calm acceptance, that will radiate out to the others around you. when there's a great deal of tension and stress and arguing, you can detach yourself from that, or you can engage in that if that's what you feel you need to do at any moment. But recognize that all you are responsible for is yourself, and all you are responsible for are the choices that you make in response to what's happening around you. Does that make sense to you? (Yes it does. Is it time for me to actually sit down and talk to my husband about this? Because I haven't yet done so.) The energies around you are that you have done that, and then of course, you will make the choice or decision of when it's the right time to do so. then perhaps if there's a lot of anxiety and energy around you about a divorce, if it's just a potential out there, then maybe by discussing it and, again, discussing does not mean that the divorce is going to happen; discussing is about saying, if we go towards divorce what does it mean, if we go this way, what does it mean. You are opening a discussion so that people can express themselves and either open to change or release these energy patterns. (I'm pretty set on getting a divorce.) And so it is. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

And I thank each one of you for sharing this time with all the others who are here in this group. I thank you for making this journey so magnificent in the ways in which everyone blended their energies.

Change is here. Change is happening. Allow yourself to open and feel the alignment of the world; feel the alignment of what you seek to have. You can create powerful and immediate shifts in your own life. Allow that to be your reality if you so choose.

I am ever with you and within you.





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