The Central Spiritual Sun

This channel is a chance to bask in the warm, loving energy of the sun!  We have the sun around us on the earth; we can feel its warmth.  If you move through the All That Is and into the sun from the universal perspective; it will take you into a higher dimension or what I call the central spiritual sun. This is the soul of the universe and filled with all souls from within the universe.

As we began this journey, the Goddess spoke again about breathing and the importance of conscious breathing.  She has spoken of this a number of times and each time it’s a good reminder of how our focus can shift with our breathing.

During this channel, as we stood in front of the central sun we had a chance to look at life and clarity what is your reality and what is your truth.  I see people again and again in a rut of what they want, it’s not here, so they recreate what they want, it’s not here – going on and on.  During this channel EVERYTHING was burned away by the sun.  It created a sense of getting down into the raw, basic person and from there creating from a new place.  Its fine to still want what you want; but when it’s not happening, let it go and start again from a new place. 

Ultimately we are empowered first and foremost from our source essence or divinity.  This creates a greater through which you know who you are as your I AM presence. Be open to clearing, rebalancing and creating from source.  All the central spiritual sun to strengthen you! 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out embracing all of you who come together to be a part of these channels of these times that we share with one another. Whether you do it at the time that this is being recorded or you’re doing it at a later date or you’re listening to it for the second, third or fifth time; it’s all in the now moment and it is therefore allowing you to reboot your energies and allowing you to reconnect within your divinity so that you may have the support that you seek to have in your life.

We’ve talked many, many times about the importance of your breath. There is oxygen all around you. You are made up of the body that is filled with cells and each cell receives oxygen.

Oxygen is very much a part of the foundation of what keeps your body moving. When you speak about your breathing it brings in like phase 2 of your breathing or oxygen or howsoever you want to think about it.

The vast majority of the time you’re just breathing; just like your heart is beating, just like your brain is working, just like your neurons are moving throughout your body, everything is being done automatically.

When you seek to become more focus because you need to meet a deadline or if you seek to become more focused so that you can create a change in your life, you are then shifting from your breathing, your heartbeat, everything being automatic and just going on in the background, to something that is at the forefront of where you are in any given moment.

This is why we speak of breathing as a way of becoming centered. This is why we speak of breathing as a way of focusing inside of you so that you can then clear out anything at all that is outside of you or it has not yet come into balance.

Throughout the years there have been a number of people or cultures or belief systems that focus simply upon the breathing, where they literally breathe in over 20, 30, 40 seconds and you can imagine that constant continuous flow in and then the breath out is equally slow and balanced. There are times when you may take a breath in and as you do so you’re just going to focus on holding it within your lungs, holding it in a space almost as if you breathe in, you hold it for howsoever long that may be and you let everything else around you come to a stop in that now moment.

And then as you breathe out it’s like you have reset your energy. You’ve reset your focus. You’ve reset your consciousness so that you can move from being distracted or you could move from being in a place where you have a lot of different things that are coming at you to coning down into that one moment and then you breathe out letting that energy shift.

As you do this and the more often that you do this you will begin to unconsciously start working with your breath and the energy of your breath before you even stop and take time to say “Oh, I need to refocus, let me focus on my breathing”. You’re already doing it.

So, take a moment with me to just gently breathe in, and then you hold in your lungs and in your heart for a moment and then you breathe out. As you do so you can breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. You can use tour tongue and the roof of your mouth to focus the strength and the power of your breath.

Especially at this time, it’s easy to get distracted, which is why I like to from time to time, remind you of your breath work or your breathing, so that it can work to support you in your everyday life.

Take a moment and let your energy go down into the earth once more. You can let it spread out. Let it move in different directions and then you let your consciousness flow up through you sending it up so that you release the energies of your physical body allowing your focus to move into the space of your higher self.

As you move within this space, allow yourself to look around as if you take in some of those things that you work on when you take those deep breaths and you bring in the focus of your divinity. Sometimes you let yourself stream up into this space and then back down into your human self.

Your higher self is that blend of you the human and you as your divine.

Just as your everyday thoughts can become cluttered, so too can your higher self, so ~ whew ~ clear it out ~ whew ~ just clear out this space so that you can find that greater appreciation or that greater awareness from within here.

You allow your consciousness to stream even further. It’s as if you follow that cord of light and it takes you from you the human directly into you as your divinity.

For some, you have that sense of the awareness of connecting with your divinity; others of you, you have a sense of just an energy that is there. Howsoever you perceive your divine essence, allow yourself to be in that flow, to be in that love. It’s almost like it’s a pulsation, like a heartbeat.

That is your own heartbeat as your divine essence.

You feel the energies as you allow yourself to move deeper. It is as if you are merging even deeper within your I AM Presence. You may have a sense of other lifetimes. You may have a sense of you as source.

No matter what your perception, take a moment to have the intention of being in this flow of this consciousness and this awareness.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace each one.

As my energy merges with you, allow me to illuminate your I Am Presence a little bit more. Allow me to show you who you are as if you are looking from eyes outside of you. Take in that perspective.

As our energies continue to merge together, as we become one, there is a shift that will take you into the All That Is.

As you merge into this space allow yourself to look around. I’ve mentioned it before, but it is becoming more and more evident, just how much higher the vibration is when you come within this energy.

The All That Is, is a part of the infinite universe. The All That Is, is a collection of the consciousness from humanity. It also has the influence of the stars and the planets within your galaxy. There are also universal light beings, the Angels, the Ray Lords, we could go on and on with the many energies that remain in this existence all the time.

Therefore, even though it may seem like there are so many, many, many, many beings of light and people that come within this space there is a natural flow and a natural rhythm that is just intrinsic. Nobody has to say; do this, do that, do the other. It is simply there, it is a rhythm, it is a vibration, it is a part.

It is the All That Is.

You are in a very unique place right now upon the earth. You have access to many different dimensions.

You may not consciously choose to have a life in which it feels as if things are not yet happening, in which it feels as if “I’m there, I want change in my life but it doesn’t happen”. You may not consciously choose to be in a vibration of lack.

Each one of you could look at your life and you could find something that is frustrating, or that pulls you down into that vibration of, not enough, not being good enough, being the victim, perhaps a sense of not deserving.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time focusing upon this but I did want to bring it up because that is how sometimes you may look at your life.

One may say it is a part of the human way as indeed it is.

Throughout this Ascension process, we’ve worked very diligently and very consistently to shift the focus in such a way that you notice the things that you do like in your life. That you focus upon what you wish to have within your life.

For some it may create a sense of duality then because the more that you become aware of what you seek to have it’s as if there is a brilliant huge spotlight showing the lack. This is perception. It is illusion. It is reality. It is the human experience. How many times have you heard those phrases over the years? Sometimes they bring you comfort, other times they make you frustrated and mad!

I really seek to strengthen your awareness of your divinity so that you can work within yourself in your everyday reality. You are the one that is living your life 24/7, therefore the change that you create within yourself, whether it’s about perception, whether it’s about accomplishing something, no matter where it may come from, it’s essential that you begin to feel that flow and that knowledge of your divinity because then as you make decisions in your life you will know that this is coming from you as source rather than you as your ego.

You may find people upon the earth put down the ego or they put down your personality or whatever it is that creates you as the human in this lifetime, but without that you wouldn’t be human; you’d be out here with me.

The key to this transformation of manifesting that deeper alignment with source it’s to keep nudging your ego, to keep nudging your personality, to keep nudging that part of your human consciousness into the higher vibration or alignment.

How often have you had a sense of looking around and suddenly noticing something and you thought, “where did that come from?” and it was there all along. It is your ego or your human self that keeps you contained in limitation so therefore you don’t see these things that are there all along.

It may sound as if this is the simplest thing ever, yet for humanity, it is not. I invite you to open up to love.

That’s right; it was just the very last teleconference “There Is Only Love”. As I mentioned, it is the foundation of all that I speak about in these channels.

Allow yourself to just feel the unconditional love for who you are.

Almost as if you stand in front of the sun, it’s that central spiritual sun that is the source of all divine or divinity within the universe. As if you stand in front of the sun, open up your energy bodies and let yourself feel the wash of love; feel the warmth of what it is.

Within the central spiritual sun or the soul of the universe is each one of you. There is an aspect that goes from your I AM Presence into the suns. There is an aspect of you that has many different lifetimes that is currently living. There is an aspect of you that is always out here in the All That Is. Therefore as you allow yourself to simply feel the flow and the vibration of unconditional love, you are opening up not only to the source of souls or God or Goddess, you are opening up to your own place within that.

There is a vibration and a rhythm that is moving through you. As you allow this to integrate within you, feel it. Let it clear away anything at all that is no longer supporting you.

As you feel the warmth of this essence look at your life.

Is there something about you in your physical reality that makes you frustrated or unhappy? Breathe love into whatever that situation may be. Allow this energy of the spiritual sun, the central spiritual sun, to just move into whatever that is; a belief system, a thought, an emotion, a physical reality. Let it just move through and it burns away or it clears away so that you feel an even deeper alignment.

Is there something in your life that you have wanted to be different?  A new job, a new location, a new house, a new car, a relationship; we could go on and on and on. Let yourself consider whatever that may be, bring it up within you and you may feel the emotion of it, you may feel the pull of it, but just be in the space of source and let it just pulsate through you. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to be anything, you simply need to exist and feel this unconditional love.

On so many of you, it’s like I see these waves just washing away. Feel the love, feel the flow, feel the energy.

There may be things in your life that are just too overwhelming. You can’t get away from. It is not going to change. Something that you have desired to have in your life, it’s just not going to happen in this lifetime. Bring that into this situation as if you are holding that disappointment that it never happened and offer it up to the energy of the sun. Let it go.

Is there something happening in your life that you just need to accept?

For so many people whenever I say that, immediately in that energy or that space is; but if I accept it, it means it’s okay. If I accept it, it means I’m never going to have what I want to have.

What you need to accept it’s that in this now moment it hasn’t happened and you’re mad, you’re frustrated, you’re depressed, you’re sad. So, acknowledge it hasn’t happened and maybe it won’t happen or maybe it just won’t happen when you’re in the vibration where you are right now. So again, open up, feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on you, just give it up.

Especially as you are in this place, in this vibration, the energy of this soul, of the central spiritual sun, just automatically creates a vibration of clearing that allows you to recognize where you are in this now moment.

If something hasn’t happened maybe it’ll never will. If something hasn’t happened, maybe it is just not the right time.

The foundation though is that you accept unconditional love from this source.

You can let it go. You can clear it out. Let it go.

Is there something happening in your life that you just need to accept?

For so many people whenever I say that, immediately in that energy or that space is; but if I accept it, it means it’s okay. If I accept it, it means I’m never going to have what I want to have.

What you need to accept it’s that in this now moment it hasn’t happened and you’re mad, you’re frustrated, you’re depressed, you’re sad. So, acknowledge it hasn’t happened and maybe it won’t happen or maybe it just won’t happen when you’re in the vibration where you are right now. So again, open up, feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on you, just give it up.

Feel who you are because here within this space, you are everything, you are that person that has accomplished whatever it is you seek to accomplish. You are, that person that can manifest at the blink of an eye. You are, that individual that knows exactly what you need to do in business so that things come together and your business grows.

I hear from you “This is all an illusion”. That is a matter of prospective. From this perspective, everything that’s happening upon the earth it’s all an illusion.

This is why it is essential to have a place that you can come to and pour out your deepest fears, sadness, regrets, frustrations, whatever it may be; just pour it out letting it go. Because there is something inside of you that still is holding on and as long as that holds on it’s going to keep you in that same pattern going around and around in a circle which you’ve already shown to yourself is not working out for you.

Sit back, feel the warmth of the sun. Let it clear out everything. Let it clear out anything at all that keeps you from just simply loving you, the person you are in this lifetime.

As you allow yourself to open up receiving this energy of love, from the All That Is, you are opening up to the realization that as your divinity you’ve chosen this human life experience, therefore, you are supported at all times.

As you open to the love of your divinity you can then look at those experiences in your life. Look at your physical body. You can look at your disappointment and instead feel compassion, feel love, feel the acceptance that it’s Okay and then feel the love wash through you once more.

You do not have to be everything to everybody every time; you need only be open to accept yourself.

You do not have to be perfect in every situation; you need only accept that you live your life with the intention of being in the highest and lightest vibration for you.

There is such love.

Humanity has a tendency to receive it from outside before they receive it from within. This is why I chose to come and stand before the sun because it gives that perspective of being outside of you yet soaking into you and filling you and burning away or clearing out whatever it is. But then as if you clear out every layer and every part of you; what is there at the end of the day and in that moment? You, you as source, you as just you and it’s enough. It’s limitless.

Feel how that is.

As you look at your life, maybe through this burning away by the sun some of those things that you thought you wanted are gone and it’s no longer desired. So, allow yourself to be in this space of existence where perhaps you don’t have a specific intention. I know that many of you do, you go back and you take back that same intention and you want it, still. It’s okay to want whatever it is that you desire but create a new intention around whatever that may be. Don’t just go back into that same old pattern that you had that says, “Yes but you know I’ve wanted it for years and years. When is it going to happen?” It’s not, it’s not going to happen because you’re in a vibration that’s going to keep it from happening. So ~ Whew ~ let the sun flow through you, let it clear it all out.

As you look at your life ask the question, “Can I accept the choices that I’ve’ made?

With the choices that I’ve made I see greater clarity or I respect that it’s brought me to this now moment. I’m open to new opportunities”.

And again, you just feel that warmth of the central spiritual sun. This sun works directly with all the planets in the solar system and the stars. There is a rhythm and a vibration between the sun and the moon and the tides and the waves of energy upon your earth. Tap into that; let it help you so that you can begin today as a new beginning.

“Today I’m going to begin by feeling the warmth of the sun upon my face and as I do so, I’ll allow that to burn away anything at all that no longer serves me. I don’t know what the next step in my life is going to be, but I am open for change. I may ultimately want to live in a certain location, to have a family, to have particular things but I am no longer going to put that human restriction upon it. I am open to the flow of the central spiritual sun. I am open to the flow of my divinity. I receive opportunities.” and you let that energy flow through you.

At the end of the day there is only Love.

That love is you the person. That love is you, from your highest self, from your divinity, from the All That Is as represented by the central spiritual sun. We could go on and on and on stair stepping up the many, many levels of love that’s here and available for you. You don’t have to fix it. You don’t have to change. You need only allow new potentials, new potentials, new opportunities.

I invite you to gather once more as a group.

As you gather within this energy, it’s almost like there is a beam of light that comes down from that central spiritual sun clearing everything out as it moves through. So too, each one of you may have a sense of seeing the other people or may not, but allow yourself to be in that direct alignment within your own divinity.

And coming up within this group you see that hologram of the earth. As the hologram moves within all of you, you infuse your own deeper perspective of unconditional love, of clarity, of a new beginning. Let that go into the hologram and it all creates a new blend where the foundation is the unconditional love from the central spiritual sun.

As the hologram becomes infused with this light and this energy, it twirls, it spins and it has a sense of moving down. It moves through all the levels of consciousness. There is an aspect of the energy that goes out to the universe but then the remainder goes down into the earth itself. It always goes into the core or the center of the earth.

Through that it comes up as if it gets concentric circles getting bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger and as it does so it clears out the energies that are stuck within the earth. It clears out the past memories that may still be within the crystals in the earth. It clears out old patterns and old paradigms so that moving forward each one of you can find yourself in a new place, in a new beginning. You can find that greater peace of the unconditional love. Let that go, let it flow throughout your life.

You continue to move through and as this vibration comes up through the earth, it moves up through each one of you, anchoring you to the earth once more and it clears out the energy fields around you. It clears out your physical, it clears out your emotional, your mental and it creates that greater activation for your lightbody energy or your crystalline body so that that can hold and it’s like you are working from within, going out and you’re working from outward going in, creating a balance, creating that flow from the central spiritual sun, knowing who you are; loving yourself, accepting yourself, allowing life to be lived.

So too, this energy is moving through the collective consciousness. So too, it’s clearing out the old patterns.

How beautiful would it be if every single person upon the earth could tap into this light of the central spiritual sun to feel acceptance, allowing, love! There is only love.

We put that intention as it moves throughout these many, many layers. You may have that perspective of your consciousness remaining up in the All That Is as if its been anchored within the earth, so let your perspective return there and then bring it back down. You may feel your flow as you move through your divinity. Look at who you are now with that brilliant sun illuminating all of your divine.

Remember that this is who you are. You may see experiences that you’ve had that support you in this now moment. You allow all of that to come back within your consciousness and you let it flow down.  It comes through your higher self. Again, in some cases raising the level of your higher self so that you have more of your divinity, in other cases you’re just clearing it out and saying, “Okay. In my work, this is what I am going to need. In my daily life, this is what I am going to need. How can I make it more accessible to me, the human?” And you setup that intention.

You let your consciousness stream back coming all the way down within you the human. So, not only have you anchored it from within the earth you’re now bringing your consciousness back down from the All That Is, feeling yourself. For a moment, just bask in that beam of light as if the central spiritual sun it’s just write over you and there is a beam of light, there is a sun beam that just is there giving you new potentials, new opportunities, clearing away the past, so that from this moment forward you see things differently. You experience life differently and you allow.

Allow yourself to be love. Allow yourself to feel a gentleness about you the person but also about your life.

As you do so you will begin to find your vibration shifting so that you manifest in a new way, so that you see your opportunities from a different perspective.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Once more, coming back to that breath, where you breathe in love and light of the central spiritual sun, where you breathe out resistance of any form.

As each of you begin to move through the next days and weeks upon the earth, every time you feel the warmth of your sun let it once more give you a little burst of energy to clear out old patterns, old energy, old debris and then in the next breath or two of light then open up to say, “I am here to receive whatever it is that is in my best interest”  

Try to kind of work with de-programming your mind or your brain to always say “But I want it to look exactly like this… But I want to have this in my life.” So, you may want to have things in your life just as you know a couple of these callers have said tonight, so, absolutely want that in your life, have that as you desire, but for the mechanisms of your day to day reality and how to have that manifest, be open to a new potential or be open to an alternative, because it’s what’s been working with you, hasn’t worked then it’s time for a new potential and a new alternative.

Beloved, I love you dearly. I am here as the expression of God and Goddess, but I am here to amplify your own energy because you have that direct alignment with your own divinity. Let that be your source. Let that be your power. Let that be what clears out any confusion or old energy and allow yourself to simply be in the flow of love, of light and of opportunity.

Know that I am always with you and within you.





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