The Essence of Love

Nama Sika; Venia Benya           I AM the one;  I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light.  As always as we gather together at this time and in this space, we are bringing in the light and the breath of this expansion that is forming around you and being created by you those who are human and living the human experience upon the earth plane. Everything that moves forward from the space and time is a direct result of your own personal creation and expansion within yourself. As you focus on your breathing and that taking in the breath of light, you allow your physical body to expand and move into that space in which you are able to truly bring in this different energy, this higher energy, this energy that allows for the shifts, which are occurring upon the earth plane. As you are bringing in greater amounts of this light within you, it does cause you to have different symptoms, feelings, and expressions that are moving through you at any given moment in time.

Allow your consciousness to move into the magnetic grid, which surrounds the earth plane. You move into this space in which you are able to create a greater dynamics between one another. There are pathways of energy, which connect each of you. These pathways transmit communications, impulses, energy, and light. Allow your consciousness to expand out so that you are filled with the energies of this grid. You are also connecting with the others who are joining with you upon this journey, even if they are not with you in a conscious state.

We move from the magnetic portion of the grid work into the crystalline portion. You allow your consciousness to expand into this space. You observe the ways in which the crystalline grid is shifting and changing. You find yourself moving from one crystal to the next sometimes touching, sometimes absorbing, but always it allows for greater expansion within yourself. You take this on and allow your consciousness to expand out.  Shift your perception to see it through the crystal that is a part of your makeup. There is a crystalline component that is a part of your DNA of all humans, this part of the DNA is being activated. As you work with and connect with this part of the crystalline grid, you are expanding that part within yourself which is the crystal. The more you become aware and conscious of all that is within you, the more you are aware of your infinite potential.

From here we call forth of the column of light which is used to assist you in moving between one dimension and the next. These dimensions are shifts in consciousness, each shift allows for a greater expansion of your own consciousness. As you come out of this column of light, you find yourself expanding out. See the energy of your consciousness as the sparkling light in which it manifests. There may be colors associated with this, shapes, or forms. Each person has a different perception but each one (consciousness) is unique and glorious in its light. As you call fourth for the rest of your I AM consciousness to come to you in this space, you are able to take on greater and greater amounts of what this means to you. Release any preconceived notions or perceptions. Allow yourself to revel in the glorious light that is you! Perceive the shifts and changes that have occurred.

See before you the energy of the moon which represents the Goddess energy, the Divine Feminine that is within you, that is around you, that is an anchor to these energies with which to play and work with tonight. As you feel the vibrations that emanate from this moon essence, you become conscious of the swirling energy of the Goddess as it moves and shifts and changes. This allows you to move into a space in which you feel a complete oneness with the All That Is.  You recognize the balance that is intrinsic in your I AM presence. Allow yourself to perceive that which is the divine masculine, that which is represented by the central spiritual sun. As you have done this many times in the past, you begin to realize that you need not call forth one or the other. Simply being in this space allows you to be in the space of balance and oneness.

From this place of connection, I ask you to come forth and step into and blend with the All That Is. This is a space, which is sometimes perceived as an empty void; sometimes you sense the swirling colors and energies to represent your I AM presence. But always, this is a space of completeness and centeredness.

From here, we are going to call forth the energies of light, which have been working with you. You find that you have been the ones transmitting various forms of energy in light from those, which you might consider aliens or non-physical entities. You see before you an emissary. Each one of you may have a different perception of what this emissary looks like or feels like to you. There are many different energies of light, which are out in the universe and assisting you as you bring these greater amounts of light and love into the earth plane.  As you build a connection, have a sense of building a bridge from your consciousness into the consciousness of this energy. As this bridge is built, you begin to find that you are perceiving greater and greater amounts of the subtle energies that are represented by this light.

Each of you may have a specific purpose for connecting with the energy with whom you are connected. As you connect with them and ask for information about this connection, you may begin to feel as if there is a new influx of energy. From here, you may begin to perceive that this energy or light may represent a planet, or a star. This star or energy of light may also represent a galaxy. What you will find is that as you blend with this you are a consciousness of light. Which has a sense of floating or expanding, you can move between the stars, between the planets, sometimes communicating with this energy of light. The essence of this communication is that you are activating within yourself messages and that you chose to bring to the earth plane with this incarnation on earth. There is such a depth of love. This love is pouring through you. You feel this love as the emotion that is, but also as the geometric shapes that is represent it, or the flashes of light, or the colors. As you become aware that love can be represented in so many different ways, it opens you to infinite potential. The infinite potential of creating this love within yourself, within your space upon the earth plane. From this creation, it will emanate out from you to any who come into contact with you.

Una matraya.  Ansaluia ishka naya.  Ansalaya ishta alla:    The more that you connect with this essence of yourself, the more that you are connected with the essence of the universe.

As you allow words from creation to flow through you and around your consciousness, it expands your perception to yet another depth. As your consciousness is expanding into this new depth, you see that there is more than just one entity or energy. There are many subtle energies, which have been associated with this, and you recognize some of them as the energies of light that are with you upon the earth plane.

Your consciousness begins to be in a place in which it has absorbed the expansion and this influx of energy that will allow for the continued growth.  Each time that you are connecting with these energies of light, you grow and expand a little more and a little more. Sometimes it is as if you take a humongous leap forward, other times it may be very subtle and gentle. You have a sense of homecoming, a sense of the rightness at this infusion of energy within you.

From here, we go forth and play with this energy of love, this energy of creation. From this space, what do you wish to create? You recognize the ease in which you are able to create within your life from this perspective. You continue to create at this level of energy and light, so that it may then move into the physical. You continue to bring forth these energies and you realize that the shifts and changes are occurring in your physical life.   

Allow us to thank you for being open to receive this activation within you. We thank you for being available upon the earth plane to infuse these energies and allowing them to grow and expand, through you. You may wish for a symbol that represents this space. You may wish for a symbol that represents the energy of light that you are working with. It may be a name, a phrase, a picture, or a geometric shapes. As you bring this into your consciousness, infuse it into all aspects of your I AM presence.

Allow your consciousness to move back as if you are coming back through a doorway. You have a sense that these energies of light who have been working with you tonight, will remain in this space, but you bring what you have gotten out of this experience back with you as you step back to the doorway. You are in that space of expanded consciousness, and in this space, you may have a sense of the Angels or guides who are always with you. Their presence around you at this time will assist you in acclimating this energy and light.  For if there is one word but will move forward from here it is love. Love in its expression in any form. Love as expressed from this finite level of completeness.

There are some who have worked with the swords of Archangel Michael, there are others who have taken in and it through the initiation have received the scepter. Each of you has a way of anchoring this within you and using it to direct love out from your. It will always come out through your heart center, but so too does it emanate from every aspect of your being. As you are the essence of love, you are the essence of acceptance, of compassion, of joyful being. The potentials move on and on from there.

Allow yourself to feel the embrace that I send forth and fill you with at this time. My love for you is magnified by all that you do and all that you radiate. Each one of you is expressing your unique and individual human aspects; you are also expressing all that is Divine. From our space of being in the energies of the divine, you realize there is complete acceptance of who you are and where you are in every moment in time that you are moving to your life. So too does this fill you with joy!

I ask you to gather together. <see a grouping or circle of energies, which represent each of us> Observe how the numbers of you have grown and expanded.  I ask that all the humans who are working together in this space, to send that forth from their consciousness to the center of this group the essence of love. You may see these energies as a swirl together. There is a complete blending of the love and acceptance. As we infuse it with the divine, you see it become radiant as if it is sparkling with crystals of light. It is this blending of each of you putting forth that which is your essence as a part of the group that strengthens and enhances everything that you have done. For each person upon their individual journey strengthens and enhances everyone who is around them.

As we have done many times in the past, see this essence separating into three distinct balls of energy. With the first ball of energy as a consciousness, you open the door into the space of All That Is. Rather than just seeing a vast emptiness before you, you see the multitude of energies of light that have come for this purpose and have worked with you tonight. Allow the energy of this ball of light to be sent forth and infused within each of them that they may take back and learn from you as you are learning from them. Each one who may be from a different star, or galaxy, or ship, is taking on the understanding of what the others represent. (meaning, while each individual worked with an energy, what is infused is the energy of the collective consciousness)  It is as if the stars and lights become brighter and more radiant as their filled with this light.

For the second ball of light, we now shift our consciousness. This ball of light is sent down towards the earth plane. Towards the physical plane on which you live. You see it moving towards the earth plane from within this dimension. As it moves through the crystalline and into the magnetic grid, it spreads out and surrounds the earth completely. It then perfuses and moves into the center of the earth, to Gaia, to that space which is holding the energy of the earth and its perfection. She welcomes this energy and this infusion of light. From here, it is sent out, moves through the earth, and is infused in every person, animal, the houses, the trees, and the rivers.  Every aspect of that which is upon the earth plane becomes infused with this higher energy and light. Those who are attuned to this energy can feel the expansion and growth within them. Those who are not yet in this space to work consciously with this energy are creating the space around them so that they too can expand and move at their own personal pace and growth.

Allow your consciousness to come back into this space that we have formed. That last ball remains in the center of this group. I ask you to reach forth and take a portion of this to infuse within your consciousness, or you may simply allow your consciousness to move forward into this ball of energy and light. As you feel this blending and sense this blending within your consciousness, you realize your interconnectedness with each other. You realize that you are not alone that you are moving forth and experiencing all that is upon this journey with the support of all who are around you.

As you separate and move into your space of your I AM presence allow your consciousness to perceive the shifts and changes that have occurred. From your space of the expansion of your soul consciousness, the source essence that is within you; allow yourself to see the ways in which this is shifting and allowing for changes to occur in the multitude of life times that are occurring at this moment. You become conscious of the changes that you can create in what has been your history in a linear form. As you are living these other lifetimes and experiences at this moment in time, with this energy of light, you can allow shifts and changes to occur.  You need not be fully conscious of what they are simply put forth the intent to allow for the highest good or the perfection in each moment to be expressed through each life that you are living and experiencing. You have a sense of a ripple effect as this moves through all aspects of your consciousness.

From this space, allow your consciousness to move into that place where you may have a sense of expanding that column of light to allow for all of your consciousness to now move through it, or you may have a sense of shifting your consciousness and such a way that you are able to bring more and more of it with you back down closer to the earth plane and to this current lifetime. As your consciousness is moving back, you begin to bring more and more of your I AM presence back down closer to the earth plane with a complete memory of what this experience has been for you.

You have a sense of first among the crystalline grid. You sense and understand the ways in which these crystals have shifted and altered to be able to accommodate this energy and light. There is a constant change within this, just as there is a continuous change within each of us. You move forward come back more and more into the physical, as you move into the magnetic grid work you feel yourself becoming more infused within this dimension. You feel more of your consciousness coming back into your physical body. You begin to take on that sense of gravity that comes from being human.

As you are moving into that space I ask you now if you have any questions for me this evening? You may speak if you have a question. < no one answers that they have a question> Continue to bring your consciousness back down towards the earth plane. We are anchoring these new energies even more with this experience. As you begin to become more acclimated with your physical body, feel the energies that are coming up from the earth plane. You recognize them as the energies of light that you sent into the earth plane. As you come more fully back, I ask that you press the No. 4 on your keypad and communicate with the channel that you have returned.  We greet you!  <people acknowledged they were back>

OK my beloved family of the light I feel such joy in the expression of this communication that we have had this evening. As you are coming more fully into the present, are there questions that wish to be asked, or do you have your answers from simply being in this experience?


Question:  <Paraphrased>  Am I in the right place?  Am I doing what I’m supposed to do.

Answer:  You went back to this place in which your parents are living, in which your mother is moving through her life experience and you have chosen to assist them in the transitions that they are going through. As you are doing this, there is a deeper assurance, which is going on at this time. There is more of a sense of you being able to place closure on aspects of your life that have occurred which brought to this moment and time. It has been for you to receive this closure, to be able to move forward into a space in which you can fully accept that which is your infinite Divine. As for the physical experiences that your mother is going through, she too is on her own pathway. There will be times in which things seem to improve and times in which they seem to have not. You will be there with them for the time being, but there will come a time in which she will no longer need you there and she will understand and know the love and support you feel, but you can offer to her the compassion and caring that is not experienced by others who are around her. Through this and the expression of this, you are able to put the closure that you need to upon these issues that you have had. Does this make sense to you? There are different ways in which you will work. One is a temporary means, in which you can work in such a way to bring in more income. But as you are moving into this energy, you will be finding that there are more nontraditional ways that you will be working that will allow you to expand your energy field and with these energies, you are bringing in at this time. You can look for this in various ways, such as through teaching, massage, through the nursing aspect. They all are interlinked with one another, and they all are a part of who you are. But be open for things that are coming to you that may not necessarily have the permanence so you might overlook them. Allow that which is short-term to come to you and be part of that experience of who you are.   You are welcome my beloved.

This anyone else have a question for me tonight?  <no one else had a question>  As you are each in this space I know and I can hear questions that are being asked. Trust and allow the answers coming to you in many different forms. They may come to you as words upon a billboard, or words you read in the book, or something that comes to you from your dream state. There are a multitude of different ways in which you have the answers within you and they simply need to come forth, at the time, which is right for you to become aware, and to understand the ways in which the answers are coming to you. Know that each one of you is the infinite representation of all that is love and joy. With you, I feel such joy in this expression of myself.

I AM with you.

I AM within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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