Who Am I? How am I Creating My Life?

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! Welcome to our time together. Welcome to this time that you are taking and setting aside for yourself.

This is a time that I honor you; it's a time in which you honor yourself by opening up, by allowing loving support and nurturing to move throughout you. This is for you. This is your time to feel love; to know that you are not alone, to know that there are always energies and light with you, surrounding you, supporting you.

Take one more deep breath in and as you are breathing deeply, deeply, deeply within yourself, let the love move through you, let it expand in every way.

As I am looking at each one of you, I see you for who you are in your human existence. I see you as your divine essence blending with this human reality in which you are located. Allow yourself to truly feel in every way who you are.

I invite you to shift your energies. Have a sense of releasing your physical body. Allow your consciousness to expand so that you may link with the magnetic grid. As you link with these energies, look around. Open up your senses so that you may perceive everything that is here. This is a space in which your higher self resides; you therefore link first and foremost with that aspect of you. As you look around, you may perceive pathways, you may see impulses of light. This is all a means of communication. Each impulse is sent through intention, through an idea or in response to someone else's intention or idea.

Take an opportunity and look or sense when you think of something and send it forth. As you do so, you may see the impulse of light or you may feel as it moves out from where you are moving around this space.

Allow yourself to open in such a way that you now receive anything that may come back to you in response to that impulse that you sent out. Allow yourself to feel the warmth, to feel the response; to know what this is for you.

We will return to this space in a little while during the journey. I wanted you to be more aware of this to create an ease in shifting. For now, release the energies of this space. Move through the interlocking grid so that you may link with the crystalline grid.

They call this a grid work although it has none of the pathways of the magnetic grid work. This is energy without the magnetic pull of the earth. This is energy of a vibration that is in alignment with the crystals; the crystals in the earth, the crystals in the universe and the crystalline energy that is within you. Most of you will feel it within your heart. As you link to this space, let your heart expand even further.

Alright, I now invite you to call forth a column of light. From within this column, you can shift your consciousness, shift your awareness, so that you move into the soul plane. As you find yourself emerging, your consciousness expands in every direction. This is a place that feels like home. This is a place for you. Feel the resonance within you, feel the peace. Open to the awareness of where you are right now.

Call forth your I AM presence. This is your divinity. This is the greater amount of who you are when you link with your soul essence. Allow your awareness to expand in such a way that you are able to truly see, sense or feel who you are. You have each had a multitude of life experiences. You have lived through many extreme circumstances in your life existences. Many of those memories make up who you are in this divine aspect or this divine essence of you.

I the Goddess move into this space and I link with each one of you. As I do so, I embrace who you are in the conscious awareness of this lifetime; I embrace who you are in all your divinity.

As I merge with each one of you, you shift moving into the All That Is. Feel this space. Feel the even greater expansion which is you. As you are allowing your energies to shift expanding out even further, become aware of where you are. Look around and take this in. Within this space you have the ability to create everything you seek to have in your life. Within this space, you have already practiced living out the potentials that are around you.

You make decision based on what your experience is here in the All That Is. You come here in your dream state; you come here when you are in meditation. You also tap into these energies through the magnetic grid when you allow yourself to shift into your higher self.

Let yourself once more bring up your life. At this time I am assisting you to find balance within your life. When you think of balance, what comes to your mind? I hear so many people consider the many different ways they juggle family, children, spouses, work, social obligations; the many different commitments you have within your life. There are times in which you feel you are pulled in every direction.

Let's take this opportunity and consider what you are doing within your life. When I speak of boundaries, I never want to speak of them as a way of keeping you from expanding to your greatest potentials. Your potentials are always limitless. Every time you shift, moving into a higher awareness, there is still more available to you.

With every manner or every way in which you grow within yourself, it opens a door for even more to be available to you. You are without limits! You have an infinite potential! Take a moment and really breathe that into your consciousness allowing it to move all the way through you and into that human that you are right now.

Within this space of the All That Is, look around you in every direction. You can see as far as you are able to perceive. As you are living your life upon the earth, I would love for each day for you to be filled with looking around and being able to take in as much as you are able to perceive, allowing that to grow and grow.

When I speak of boundaries, I'm speaking of the people in your life. I'm speaking of the many commitments you may have in your life. I'm speaking of the ways in which others may make a demand upon you. As I speak of this, I see how every one of you begins to be pulled in one way or another.

I would invite you to first of all, look at your relationship within yourself. Do you know who you are? Do you believe in yourself? Do you value who you are? As I was asking those questions, I could see how so many of you could have an answer that was very decisive, but then you might begin to second guess it or you would begin to question.

So first of all; WHO ARE YOU? Take a deep breath in as you ask yourself; WHO AM I? So many of you define yourself by the roles you have in your life; I am the mother, the daughter, the husband or wife, the employee, the teacher, the coach. Those are the things you are doing in this life. For this moment, let them go by the wayside. Release the tasks that you have in this life.

Come back within yourself and once more breathe deeply asking; WHO AM I? Some of you are not used to this question in such a way. I will assist you. Each one of you is love. You are love as expressed in the human that is you. Each one of you is a soul essence which is unique to you because of your many past experiences that make up who you are in your divine essence. Each one of you embodies the energies of the male and female. You embody the energies of being human. You could also say you are the sun, you are the moon and you are the earth as expressed in your human essence. You are also without definition. I gave but a few examples, but in truth, you are even more.

In every one of you there is an aspect that just goes beyond what words can describe. Yes that is you! Try that on. Feel what it is. Allow yourself to know. With this knowledge first and foremost within you, once more look around at your life. Everything within your life is your creation. Some aspects are very easy for you to see and understand. Other aspects you may not understand why this is a part of your life.

When you consider what is happening within your life, ask to know in this moment why things are happening in the way that they are. Ask for clarity. Sometimes it's about timing, sometimes it's about evolution, sometimes there are situations and experiences that may push you or force you to make a decision. This is not about other people's lives; it's about you and your life.

You are woven into the pattern of life with many, many other people. Your lives intersect; your beliefs, your love, your support intersect with many, many other people. But you are living your life and no one else is actually living your life. By finding this clarity, by finding this understanding of who you are; you will recognize why your life is evolving in the way it is.

There may be aspects that will always remain unknown. Simply accept that you are an infinite creator. You may create and you do on many different levels of existence. As you are in this space, in this moment, you have a greater understanding of who you are within your life.

I now invite you to look at your life in the ways in which you feel pulled in more directions than you are comfortable with. As you are considering whatever this may be, ask yourself if you are compromising something within you to be in that situation. Consider emotions such as anger, irritation, perhaps fear. If you are feeling that about something going on in your life right now; open up to understand why that is.

When I spoke of boundaries, it's about the ways in which other people have an impact upon you. The times in which it feels as if your boundaries are being breached or someone is coming in too close or you are being stretched in more ways than you wish to be; it is because of these situations. Therefore, is there anything that you can change that would allow you to have a greater ease within your life?

As you are moving through your days, as you give to others, as you do for others; as other people ask either favors of you or assistance; or perhaps they have expectations of you--- ask to know how better can that situation be handled. When you fill yourself up, when you are nurtured from within from the love that is you in your core essence, then you need not look at the love of other relationships in the same way. No body else can define you. The love of others need not define you. You are who you are.

Let the energies swirl through this space. Release anything which no longer works for you. As you are looking at your life, you recently cleansed it and created a clean slate for yourself (Referring to the channel from 01-06-08 ). As if you are starting over from scratch, what would you have in your life? What relationships? What jobs? How would you spend your days?

If there is a way you can manifest this, open and allow it to come in! if there are relationships or commitments you have that cannot be completely released, yet they have an affect on you, open and allow a balance of energy so there is less stress upon you.

I invite each one of you to choose life. I invite you to choose to live your life to its fullest potential. You are this human who is walking upon the earth. You are living your life experiencing this time upon the earth. You chose this time, you chose this human. Feel a sense of gratitude. As I say that, I can feel so many people around the earth saying ‘I am not grateful to have this life'. If that is you, then allow me to give you even more support at this time in your journey.

You as your divine essence are learning through whatever your experience is upon the earth. You as you live your life have an impact upon yourself, your family, the people around and the collective consciousness of the earth itself. Everyone is linked. I'm feeling what it is to be with you in this space. You are each adjusting your energy; you are each intrinsically balancing within this space.

From here, have a sense of letting your awareness move into that space which is your higher self within the magnetic grid. As you are doing so, I invite you as a group to put forth the intention of love. Send it as an impulse out from your heart and then perceive how it moves through the grid work of the earth. From this space of detachment, it's like sparkles of light are moving out in every direction.

Link once with yourself, within that aspect of the magnetic grid and invite the impulse of love to come back into you. Feel it as it merges once more with your consciousness. As it moves once more around the grid, you are linking with all the others from this journey and from the earth itself so that that impulse of love came that back to you was magnified and enhanced by everyone else. You are in a place to feel that. You may allow it within your life. It is yours. It is everyone's. Release that connection with the magnetic grid.

Once more return into this space of the All That Is. I invite you to come together as a group. As you do so, allow a hologram of the earth to come up within this group. As this hologram moves up within the center of the group, it turns, spinning, shifting; so that each one of you is able to perceive this essence of the earth.

Once more link within yourself so that you can truly connect with who you are. I then invite you to send that aspect of who you are in your divinity, who you are in this lifetime; send it into the hologram of the earth. The hologram becomes illuminated, it is filled with light. There is also a greater definition of each individual. What I mean by that is that the more each one of you has an understanding of who you are from within your core essence; the less you are linked or defined by the collective consciousness of the earth. It is there, it can have an influence upon you, but those individuals who have not yet opened are the ones who are most influenced by the energies and emotions of earths collective consciousness. Understand who you are. Feel and know your unique divine essence because that is who you truly are!

Gaia as always comes forth. She sends her light and love to each one of you. She assists from within her essence in balancing the earth, just as each one of you sends your own balanced energy into the earth; it links with hers.

The hologram itself returns. It moves down through the pathway. There is an aspect of this that moves through linking with the magnetic grid. As it does so, you see the illumination. It then moves through and again an aspect is left in the magnetic grid; with the remainder of the hologram moving through and blending with the earth itself. It goes into the core essence of the earth and then radiate back outward and it comes up through the grass, the water, the rocks, the trees, the flowers; through everything that is upon the earth.

We return to the All That Is. You come back within that essence of who you are. Allow whatever your intention is for your life to be a part of your energy in this moment. As a part of that intention include who you are in your true self.

I invite your consciousness to shift, returning to the space of the soul plane. This always expands further so as to accommodate you. You truly are more than you ever knew or thought you could be. Your essence begins to shift. It moves into the crystalline grid, as it moves through the grid, you perceive those sparkling essence.

Through your consciousness bring that essence with you as you move into the magnetic grid. You immediately align with that space in which your higher self resides. From here feel the flow moving back and forth of the crystalline and magnetic energy. There is a greater and greater amount of the crystalline essence aligning within this grid which allows for more flexibility and for a greater ease in how you communicate.

From here allow your consciousness to more fully return into your physical self. You may need to expand the energies around your human self as you allow a greater and greater amount of your expanded consciousness to come into your physical presence.

As you are doing this, once more bring to mind who you are! This time it was immediate and it was strong the deeper understanding that each one of you have. Let that radiate out from you and you can consciously link if you so choose with other individuals, with your family, with your work; with whatever it is that may be going on with your life.

Radiate the essence of balance. Radiate the essence of self love and self awareness. I can feel such bliss within you. I invite you to allow that into your daily life.

As you are becoming acclimated, returning to this space in which you are sitting or lying down at this moment. I invite those of you in the conference to come back into the room. You may press *7 and I am open to receive your questions.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm wondering if you have any insights on my relationship that I have with my daughter? This meditation was just perfect for my question!

Answer: We are having to shift our essence so that we can focus on just you and your daughter. For some reason Shelly feels so much more expanded she's having trouble being able to link with you. We invite you to take in a deep breath and that will allow us to connect.

It's a very unique relationship that you and your daughter have. We sense the power struggle that is so often a part of the mother daughter relationship. But we also have a sense that there are ways in which your daughter is..... we were going to use the word an older soul than you in many regards but that's not really the word we want to use to express this. It's as if you and your daughter have come together and there are so many ways that you are helping her to be a human because she has less experiences as a human and you have a vast number of life experiences as a human. That is what you are bringing to this relationship in terms of grounding her and assisting her in this life. She has had many experiences as an ET or in other types of existences; therefore as she comes into this life, that is what she is bringing into your life. This is having a large impact upon you just as you have had an impact upon her. So the sense we are getting is that there is a balance that is being created between the two of you which is a mutual love, respect or understanding. It's as if now that she is getting older there is less of the mother/ daughter and more of the co-creator type of relationship coming between the two of you. That is what we sense is coming forward. We sense that within her there is still resentment or something that is still a part of her maturing process. We sense that something has happened recently that has opened her eyes or shifted something within her that is bringing her to a new awareness or a different awareness of what she is to you and what you are to her. Does that make sense to you?

(Perfect, I think the catalyst experience you speak of may be because my son is visiting with her at the present time.)

Yes, we can see how he definitely is a part of that too; but quite frankly this is something that was growing, growing, and growing and just waiting for something to open it up and allow this shift to take place. So, yep we sense that you will be finding new and different ways in which this relationship is going to grow. There is a deeper closeness that is going to come to all of you, with your son also.

(Is there anything else I need to know? She's been so combative all her life long.)

Some of that combativeness is because she was fighting against being human. She was fighting against what it is to have the gravitational body because as we said she's had many many lifetimes when she was without the physical body. Our sense it's about her finding peace within herself. We think it's important for you to continue with communication but without the expectation that you have had in the past. What's the best way to say this--- when you go in as you did during this journey and find the space of who you are and where you are within yourself; when you then link with her from within that space where you are so fully contained within yourself you will recognize there is a new relationship that will emerge. You will go beyond the tug and pull of being human, feeling responsible, or the combativeness you mentioned. You go beyond that and get into a soul to soul relationship with her.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm in such turmoil trying to figure out where I'm going, things are spiraling downward. I don't know what to do, I don't know where I'm going, I don't know where to be, the job is gone; business is going, I just don't know where to go anymore.

Answer: There has been so much turmoil and things happening with your life. We understand completely why you are where you are and why it's upsetting to you. It's as if everything that has been your security in your life has been removed. It brings up a great deal of fear within you. You are also trying to make things happen, you are in a very mental state right now; which is understandable because of what's going on. So what we would encourage you to do is in essence, let it all go. You say the job is gone; everything is going, so let it go energetically. Let go the fear, let go the stress, let go the tension, feel as if you are going to wake up and start with new eyes, with clean eyes. We feel you have done so much and put so much forth for a new foundation and move in a new direction, but it hasn't manifested yet. Whenever people ask me why hasn't it manifested and when is it going to manifest; that's always the hardest thing for anyone to say. It will manifest when it does. I always strongly encourage you to be open to loving and nurturing yourself whenever you feel the fear and whenever you feel the mental turmoil you are in. With the journey tonight I saw that you did a very good job of reconnecting within yourself; finding that support, finding that knowledge of who you are. I sense that may have been a little more on an unconscious level for you. The more you came back into yourself and back into your life it's like it all got shifted to the side. You became much more focused on: what am I going to do to live, what am I going to do for food, what am I going to do for those things in your daily life.

What I would love for you to be able to do is when you find yourself in fear and wondering what's going to happen; open up, breathe in and allow that divine aspect of yourself to fill up within you-expanding your heart and who you are. Sometimes it may feel you do it every minute, of every hour, of every day. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but what I want you to do is whenever you feel fear and when you are questioning and wondering what is happening within your life. That will allow you to become centered and balanced. Then as you look around, you will see things around you that may have been there but you didn't them. They may not have been there but as you shift your vibration by becoming centered within yourself it opens you to other vibrations and things around you.

(But I'm loosing everything! Including my house.... I don't want to loose everything!!)

We don't want to you to loose everything either. Every time that we have linked with you about this, we have a sense of something pulling you towards the ocean.

(Where on the coast?? There's the east coast a west coast, where?)

The east coast in New England what we are feeling around you. We feel a sense of starting over. We have a sense of you packing things in your car and driving until you see a town or you find a town. Then we see a job will be available for you. It will be different than what you have been doing in the past, but it will be fine in the moment. We see you in an office, but a small office. You will be in a small town and it feels to us as if you see a sign in the window, you walk in saying you are looking for work. This came to you; it feels different than anything you've had. It feels like a small apartment or studio is also available. It feels like you may be there for a month or a few weeks like you are taking a break and getting a new perception of your life. You will also have a new perception of what you will do. You will meet people in alignment with you and things will unfold. We feel your despair and we take that away from you as much as we can. But we want you to know there are potentials and they are there around you. When you are so focused on the despair and what is falling apart in your life it's hard to see the things that can be right, that can be new and different. Because of where you are and because you are loosing everything, it's hard to look beyond. Any way that you can find that space within yourself and reconnect within, you set aside the energies of fear and despair. Then you can look around you; sometimes it may be a glimmer or a spark. The more you can do that, the more you can see, the more the shift will occur within you. You do have the ability to do this. You are doing it! You are doing it on a higher vibration than the one you are living right now. It is there, it is around you.

(Thank you.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, I have a question about making shifts in my life. I seem to feel stagnant no matter what I do. What suggestions do you have for me?

Answer: During the journey tonight, we had a sense of you connecting to an aspect of yourself that was deeper or was different than anything you have connected to before. We also had a sense that as your consciousness came back into your human self that that is unclear to you; it doesn't come to your mind at this time. What we would recommend as your initial step or the first thing is to allow yourself time in meditation or take that time every day as you do to allow yourself to become focused and centered. Invite in that deeper awareness or the new expansion that you tapped into in your journey. Our sense is that it will come into you in your daily existence, slowly, slowly, slowly. You have a rigid control around yourself. You have been in a situation for awhile now that you chose for a sense of security and comfort. Whatever the reason was, it was what you needed at that time. As you are looking for something new as you are looking for something different; it's going to come into you by allowing a different aspect of your divinity to be a part of your life; by looking out from yourself with the new and different eyes of your divinity. So, when you feel stagnant, when you feel as if there isn't any movement, allow yourself to manifest this greater expansion of who you are. But then also as you wake up, as you go to work, as you move through your days--- even if it's as simple as driving a different route to work, even if it's walking through he trees for 5 min. Whatever you can do to alter or shift your life, even in the simplest of ways, in a physical way will allow you to create an opening for a greater potential to come in. That is the sense of what we need you to do is to open up so these potentials will manifest for you. We don't particularly see you moving to a new location. We have a sense this is something that will take place where you are. As you are opening as you are allowing, you will begin to get ideas of what you might want to do with your life.

(What is this rigid control you are seeing around me? I don't think it's something I'm doing on purpose.)

No, we don't believe it's something you are doing on purpose either but because of the life you have lived and because of experiences you have had; you have put a shell around yourself to feel more protected and secure. We know you have worked very diligently to release this and break it down. Compared to what you were say 2-3 years ago it's a fraction of what it was. So, the work you have done has been very effective and very diligent. But you yourself said you feel stagnant. It's as if you got so far and you said I'm going to stay here because it's my comfort zone at the moment, I'm going to stay here because it feels secure to me. That's why we invite you to begin to reach out and invite into you this expanded awareness of yourself. It is on an unconscious level. Therefore, even though you might not feel something around you right now, let yourself when in a place of meditation or expansion; just consciously release something that you may or may not be aware of. That will assist in this shift taking place.

(Okay, thank you Goddess.)

You are welcome.

Well I thank each and every one of you for coming here at this time. I know that there are times in your life, not only the couple people who spoke here, but many people do feel as if their feet are knocked out from underneath them. So no matter where you are in your life, but most especially if you do feel despair, if you do feel fear, if you do feel sadness; allow yourself in just this one moment to breathe in who you are in all of your divinity.

Let yourself connect with your magnificent being--- because you are (magnificent)! You can do this; you can move forward, you can create changes in your life. Allow those changes to manifest in your reality. Allow yourself to open so that you may truly feel the love, the joy, the abundance of who you are as a soul essence manifesting in this the human individual which is you.

I am ever with you and within.




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