Words from Buddha & Yeshua

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I Am the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light! As always, I am here to express my joy and happiness at this opportunity to be with you. <This is> bringing my energies closer into the earth plane as you send your energies higher out to expand more fully with your own divinity, and with my energies. This is a time upon the earth that is of great importance for many different reasons. It seems now, as you move through each day in your life, you are constantly hearing of more and more vortices of energies that are opening up, you're hearing of greater expansion within each individual, and indeed this is happening as a result of the shifts and changes that you the human Angels are bringing into the earth.

At this time upon your earth, is the festival of the Wesak. This has been a festival that is actually ancient years old. But, in addition, it is taking on a new importance at this time. Those of you who are upon the journey at this moment in time will feel these energies very strongly. Those of you who are reading this at a later time, will also feel the energies but it may not be as profound because of that slight shift in consciousness. When an individual is reading one of these journeys at a different time and is not connecting at the exact moment that the rest are connecting, they are actually shifting their energies back into that moment. So depending on how much you allow yourself to do so, you can have a full connection through these energies.

With that my beloveds, have a sense of allowing your consciousness to expand. Have a sense of leaving behind your earth plane existence and moving into the energies of the magnetic grid. Moving into this space allows you to connect a fully with these energies. These are the energies that allow your consciousness to expand. This continues to work directly with the earth plane in filtering, shifting, and aligning all that is happening upon the earth. You may come to this space at any time to reconnect with a greater amount of your soul presence.

Have a sense now of leaving behind the energy of this grid and moving through the interlocking frame work that you may allow yourself to connect completely with the energies of the crystalline grid. As you move into this space, you have a sense of leaving behind the gravitational pull of the earth. You leave behind the denseness of your physical existence. You connect completely with these energies of the crystalline. You may have a sense of a sparkle or a vibrancy. You may have a sense of those pathways; but they move directly through crystalline energies than they do through magnetic energies.

From here, we call forth a column of light. This light may surround you the individual, or you may have a sense of it surrounding the entire group. This is a means of moving between the dimensions or through shifts in consciousness. Have a sense of allowing yourself to move through this column of light. It may be as if an impulse has passed, or sometimes you may have a sense of slowly and gently ascending through this column. As you emerge from the end of this, you have a sense of bursting forth and releasing any restrictions or constrictions that you may have upon your consciousness.

You are in the space of the soul plane, a space in which you are able to connect up with your I AM presence. This is a representation of your Divine self. Call forth your I AM presence that you may blend more fully with your own divinity. As you blend with this, you have a sense that you are actually expanding out even further. As you do so, you may also become aware of the various incarnations that are yours upon the earth plane at this time. If it is appropriate for you to become conscious of them you will, otherwise, you may simply have a sense of the depth and expansion that is you within this space.

From within this space, we also connect up with what we have created as a group called the Nama Sika room. With that intention, you find yourself in a space that you may be becoming very familiar with. Within this space, you are able to connect more fully with my presence, your divinity, and the soul aspects of all of those who are in this place of creation or who wish to seek this energy.

At this time, have a sense of the shifting that may occur as I bring my presence amongst you. You feel the energy of the divine feminine and the divine masculine; for I represent creation! I represent the divine masculine and feminine in balance with one another and a part of the whole. I have a sense of greeting everyone who is within this space. As you are ready, open up to connect more fully. Feel my embrace as I blend completely with each and every one of you. As you are blending with me, I feel within myself an expansion of love! I know that with this connection to each one of you, you are manifesting me within your life. It comes through as an expression of love.

Have a sense of moving forth allowing yourself to shift into a new consciousness or perhaps moving through a doorway. This doorway opens up into the space of the All That Is. This is your space in which you are the perfection of creation. You are all that is your essence, just as everybody else is within this space. You may have a sense of the other energies, or you may have a sense of creating your own individual space. This is filled with energies of light. This is a time for alignment and opening up within the veil. It is right and appropriate for each of you to take in a greater amount of your own divinity as this opportunity is available to you.

We have an energy who is here at this time. His presence will be more fully felt when it is completely the full moon upon the earth. But now he is here in preparation and he is here to move through these energies. Because time is not an issue, time can be shifted and adjusted in any way that it may feel necessary to be. Open up your consciousness and see this ball of light which you have a sense of descending and moving into the space of these energies. This ball of light in is filled with a radiance! The closer it comes to you; you have a sense of familiarity. When it comes within your proximity, the light begins to dissipate until you are able to see and recognize that Master Buddha is here in your presence! Open to receive his embrace. Feel the vibration and the radiance that he emanates. His time as he walked upon the earth brought such a shift in the energies. He has been within each individual human ever since then.

I step aside and I allow him to speak to you through this channel:

I greet you my beloved family. When upon the earth, I was a man of few words. As I come into your presence now I remain… a man or an energy of few words. I chose that time to manifest upon the earth because it was my place to be able to create the ascension process. I was asked by the divine if I would take this on and I gladly accepted it. Although I had a great deal of shifting and changing from what I had first anticipated, it truly was a life that I would walk again. There were many extremes I felt within that life, but it also was a matter of what brought me to the end of that creation. I created all that was within that space. In so doing, I showed each and every one of you that you too could move into this space. You too could create your own ascension process upon the earth. Feel my energy as I open up and blend and express my love for each and every one of you! With that, I will step back.


<pause for a shift in the energies>

OH!!! Our beloved brother, father, energy of this divine person as he walked upon the earth. He was truly a blend of the masculine and feminine. He did it at a time in which there was a great deal more denseness within the energies of the earth. You can feel his love and that has only magnified in the time since his walk. He remains here in the space where you are and he will remain for the time being.

The Wesak festival is about the blending of the energies of the Buddha and Jesus as he walked upon the earth. You now see a second ball of light as it is coming within your presence. For this energy you may have more of a sense of a lateral move and less of a descending action. Howsoever he arrives, you open up to receive the energy of Jesus as he is here within your presence.

And again I step aside:

Ahhh, my beloved family! I am known by so many different names upon the earth; Jesus, Yeshua, Yeshua ben Joseph, Melchizedek, Sananda. There are many, many more, these are the ones that are known primarily as me, or this same energy of light. So too, I am an aspect of the Buddha, or he is an aspect of me. Howsoever you wish to perceive it. I come to you at this time to speak to you of the love of the Christ and the energy of the Christ light as it is upon the earth. The earth, our beautiful, wonderful place of transformation. I open my heart and share my love for each one of you. I am always with you, and available to you. You need only ask, and I am there.


AAhhh, our other brother! And of course this light can go on and on and on. At this time of the festival, these two energies are the predominant energies. Therefore, they wish to come and spend this time with you to speak with you directly. They're each multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, they're each filled with so many different aspects and energies.

We now call forth the Ray Lords and the Ascended Masters; as the other energies that are so prevalent at this time upon the earth. You have a sense of them either filing into this space or simply appearing. We acknowledge each one of them for the wondrous gift that they have given to each one of us. These are energies that primarily come together at the time of the Wesak. This is always the full moon in the Taurus sun. Have a sense of creating the full moon as it is around the earth. You have a sense of seeing that moon, that luminous globe, that illuminating energy that is filled with light! You can see or sense the energies that are radiating from the moon.

You see our beloved Buddha as he aligns himself with the energy of the moon. Next, you become conscious of the way that the Jesus, Yeshua, Melchizedek energy also comes into alignment with both the Buddha and the moon. From here, we become aware of the Ray Lords and the Ascended masters. You may sense them as a group energy, or you may sense them individually. These energies have worked so diligently with you stepping down the higher energies until you were in the space where you could connect directly with them. Therefore, their energies are very familiar to you. Notice, the vibrancy of the light as it is enhanced by all who are in alignment with this lunar energy. Notice the sparkling, radiant colors that are moving out from each of them <Ascended Master’s and Ray Lords>.

Allow yourself to now place your consciousness in direct alignment with all of them. Feel the way in which you expand as your energy takes on the enhancement of each of them. Feel within yourself your deep connection and the knowledge that you are one! As all become in alignment, and you connect with this energy of the moon, it is as if the white light of the moon encompasses all and all are enhanced by the other. Feel yourself in this space of perfection. Know that you are the perfection of your soul essence.

Now is a time in which you may create whatever it is you wish to create in your life upon the earth. Create within this space. It may begin with an idea but you allow it to grow until you see it as completed. Nothing is too simple. Nothing is too large. All is possible to create. Allow for these energies to enhance anything that you are manifesting within your life. Feel what it is to manifest from a place of love, completion, balance.

We now call forth the energy of the earth. It may manifest itself in front of us as if a hologram of the earth. I wish for you to see an image of what the earth was like before the Buddha lived that life. See and sense what it was like to be upon the earth; the abundance of the vegetation, clarity of the water, the people as they moved about their daily business. With his sensitivity you are also able to be very aware of the denseness of the earth. Feel what that is like to you. You may have an existence in this time, tap into that existence that you may know it more fully. Here we see, our beloved Buddha as he moves through his life upon the earth. You begin to see the shifting in energy, the shifting in the consciousness that occurred. Observe the way he was so surrounded by the energies of the Ascended Masters and creation. When he fully opened up to his potential in this life, observe the way his light seemed to explode out from him! Become aware of what that did to all of the earth plane. Those individuals who were deeply in touch with him, and even those who were not, became aware that something was different. And we thank you <Buddha> for that existence. We acknowledge and embrace you for all that you brought to the earth!

Allow yourself to separate a bit from this hologram that we may allow the hologram to shift and move into what that energies were like at the time when Christ came to the earth. It was different, then at the time when Buddha walked the earth. There was a denseness to the area. You will see as this hologram rotates the there were pockets of energy and light and pockets of heavy denseness. Open up to see before you our beloved Jesus as he walked upon the earth. Feel his energy as it radiates out from him. Open up to become aware of a lifetime that you may have had at his time upon the earth. Have a sense of Yeshua as he moves through that lifetime; see the light that he radiates! Become aware of the shift that he created. You see a lightening of that denseness in the energy as a result of his existence.

We take a step back again until you see that hologram as it continues to rotate in front of you. Allow yourself to become aware of the earth as it is right now. You can feel how much lighter the energy is. You can sense and see pockets of energy that are waiting to be transformed. You can also see other pockets that emanate a magnificent bright energy!

Become aware of Lady Gaia. You are so familiar with her now. She is a part of you just as you are a part of her. She emerges from this hologram of the earth and welcomes all who walk upon the earth. You realize and accept the perfection of everything as it is in this moment. Allow yourself to again blend with these energies of the earth so that you may feel your connection to the earth, that you may know just how special you are with what you are doing, amplifying, as you bring these energies to the earth.

We now have a sense of we as the earth. <meaning we blend with the energies of the earth> Going out from us, you see the Ascended Masters, the Ray Lords, Jesus, Buddha and the full moon. It is as if there is one long line and all are in balance. You see on the other side of the earth the central spiritual sun as it stands in balance to the full moon with all in alignment between the two. As the time is right, feel yourself open and allow yourself to tap into this immense energy that is being transmitted and infused into the earth at this time. Realize that the veil is so completely thin as to be non-existent. You are receiving the energy. Take a moment and open up to receive what is being transmitted to you. Be aware of Gaia and the earth. Be aware of all the energies of light. You may hear a tone or vibration; you may see a multitude of colors. Open and allow yourself to be in this space.

You are receiving this infusion in turn; you are giving to the earth and to all other aspects of the universe. Observe the way the earth plane is shifting and changing. Observe the way the sun has taken on an added light. Take in all that is here for you.

Ahhhh Beloveds now is the time when you can allow your consciousness to shift back into the space of the All That is. You have a sense of separating from the hologram, separating from that beam of light. Observe the shifts and the changes that have occurred to the earth and Gaia. She sends forth her love and her light, she is so thankful for all that you have done in support of her at this time. We allow that hologram to spin or shift until it is absorbed back within the physical earth plane.

Allow yourself to become aware of the others who are around you in the place of the All That Is. It is as if that light that was created has been toned down for the moment. You see walking among you Jesus, Buddha, the Ascended Masters, and the Ray Lords. You also see the Order of the Arc, the runners, and all the other multitudes of energies of light. And then you see yourself; possibly you see yourself as the Angelic light and being that you are! You have a sense of taking in and observing, you realize that you are so much more than what your physical presence is. Take this time to celebrate all of who you are! Celebrate this time in which the energies are so transparent. Celebrate your existence!

These parties are happening more and more often in this space of the All That Is. It is always appropriate and exciting to celebrate. Allow yourself to become very aware of just who you are celebrating with. Share your thoughts, your dreams; share your excitement of all that is occurring. Simply BE who you are. This celebration will go on for quite a while. You will leave an aspect of yourself here in this space that you may continue to party with everybody. For the majority of your consciousness, I ask that to you have a sense of shifting back into the space of the soul plane.

Shift into that space where you have left your I AM presence, or where it is stored when you are back on the physical plane. You have been fully blended throughout this journey, but this is where it remains as you come back to your earth plane. You know within this space that you are creating within your life just as everybody is who walks the earth. You know that the earth offers a multitude of experiences for people and all is acceptable because it is free will. Each individual has their free will to live the life of their choosing. We accept this all without judgment.

In this space, create a hologram that represents your physical incarnation. This physical hologram of who you are represents the physical individual who is walking the earth. Now is your time to transform if you have a sense of anything that needs to be transformed. Now is also your time to accept that this physical individual is a perfect representation of who you are. You accept that it is a radiant being of light. See your physical attributes through the eyes of the divine, and there is no question <that you are perfection>. Have a sense of reaching out to embrace and take within you the energy of this hologram. In so doing, you are infusing your physical body with all these energies that you worked with this evening. You are also incorporating greater amounts of the crystalline energy or this non-dense energy. This allows for the shifts and changes that are occurring within you as you walk upon the earth.

As you feel ready to do so, call forth the column of light. You may have a sense of descending or moving down through that column until you feel the shift in your consciousness that allows you to become aware of the crystalline grid. Oh to be in this radiance! To know that so much of this energy is here for you!

Have a sense when you are ready of moving through that interlocking gridwork that allows you to move back into the space of the magnetic grid. As you connect with the energy of the magnetic grid, become fully aware of the magnetic pull of the earth, perhaps the denseness of the earth, but you sense the shift that takes place within you. Allow yourself to connect up with and infuse that aspect of who you are that remains in this space in support of you. You infuse it with the energies of this night or this experience, as you do so you also begin to ground yourself more fully back into the present. Feel yourself becoming more aware of your physical body. You can stay in this space and still begin to ground yourself. We feel the shift in energy of everyone within the group that you may begin to come more fully back within this conference.

As you feel ready to do so you may press the four upon your phone that allows you to come back within this conference room. If you wish to ask me any questions I am here and available for you. Welcome! I think everybody has really enjoyed these energies tonight. Also, with the celebration that we have going on you deliberately left a greater portion of your consciousness where you normally bring it back with you. Therefore all of you may have a sense of being a little bit spacey as you come back into the earth plane. You may ground yourself more fully and release that connection if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

: <paraphrased> I visualize for a long time now, seeing my creations as selling. When I’m talking to my customers they appreciate my work but lately I’m having a problem closing the sale. It seems like something is blocking it along the way. Can you tell me what is going on there?

Alright Beloved, allow us to have a sense of connecting to you that we may discern more fully what is happening. All right, what is coming to mind is that we see within you that indeed you have a great deal energy that is manifested within these garments that you are making. We see it is something that is a representation of your light and your energy. It is something that is very attractive to people and so you are definitely doing that aspect of the manifestation and all is a means of bringing people and energies to you. Where there seems to be a bit of a breakdown or a shift is that as it gets into that space of letting go and manifesting the money that you exchange for it, there is an aspect of you that you are not fully conscious of that begins to wonder if you deserve this. By deserving, it is one of those words that brings with it many emotions in the human individual but it's tied up with you in a sense of the “Oh I've made this beautiful creation, I've put myself into it, do I really want to let it go to this individual?” This is one small aspect of this; another aspect is that of "Can I be in the space of abundance and bring in a lot of money as a result of just doing this?" If you will stop and hear and feel the energies that are behind these words, it is always more complicated than what one can go into with a few seconds, but in essence if you will have a sense of looking inside yourself and saying “But where did this come from, why am I feeling that I don't deserve it?”, because this is been an issue in this lifetime and you have moved past it in so very many ways. If you will have a sense of blending with and releasing that so that you can then see the manifestation and the intention of this creation really infusing your life and that you are more fully open to receive it and you do deserve it. Then indeed beloved, you will see a shift in these energies. Does that make sense to you at all? <person was expressing her opinion about all this, confirming issue of deserving> That is exactly it, so you have already somewhat tapped into it. So, as you blend those aspects within yourself you will begin to find; and indeed this is not a large aspect by any means, it is just that little, subtle part of you that does not see it as equal. That allows for you to blend these energies more fully, you will see the shift. You are welcome beloved.

Question: <paraphrased> I am considering taking a job as an editor for a book company. This job though would entail I move halfway across the country and I would not have any family or anyone around me that I know and I'm wondering if this is something that is in my best interest?

Answer: Alright Beloved, if you will allow us to connect with you more fully. As we connect with you and are looking at this, we are actually sensing several potentials within you which one in particular are you talking of? <person explained more> What we see as has been happening within your life is that you have been through such transformation over the past two to three years in particular so that you are transforming almost every aspect of your life and it is as if what you wish to do with your life's purpose is almost a resolution or a reflection of everything else that you have done within your life. Is that correct? So by moving into the space of this job as the editor and working with written material; Oh beloved we see you as filling that with such light! Imagine if you can just to have someone who is in the space of enlightenment, in this space of feeling the energies that are behind the book and the impact that can have upon the people submitting information. So too, what information is important to be released to others who are going to be open then to receive it and grow from it. So indeed, we do see this as a very strong potential for you we do see it as something that you can make a difference in many people's lives and within your own life. It is something that will draw within you a new and different focus that will bring up somewhat the fear of change, or am I worthy, not worthy per se but am I willing to make these changes that will be required; mostly being the shift in your living relocation. This is something that we see as having a high potential. We see that no matter what you may choose to do within your life it is very important for you to have something that is a focus in which you are being of service to others; whether it is a direct service or an indirect service. It is important for you to have a feeling of giving of yourself in a way that others can receive. So, there are many different potentials for how this can manifest. The one that you speak of in particular does indeed have a great deal of potential for you. We suggest that you just take it day-by-day; we don't see a move as something that will occur within the next one to two weeks, but perhaps within the next one to two months. There is the potential for that to grow. <person is speaking> Absolutely beloved this is one thing that I am truly encouraging all humans to realize. There are so many potentials before you and that each potential once you center your energy and light on that potential, it has become your highest. So, what ever it is that comes of interest to you. You know, as we are shifting away from that one we almost have a sense of you touching on perhaps three to four different ideas and you perhaps don't know which one you may want. This is a wonderful experience for you to perhaps try them all! No one says that what ever you choose was to be written in stone for the next 20 years. You may find that to do something for temporary periods of time because you grow and you learn from what ever you focus upon. That is why you do not make any mistakes; that is why everything you do is a means of growing and expanding. You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I’m finding myself very drawn to the Goddess Energies these days. It seems like I’m constantly being pointed in that direction. I don’t know that much about it, is there anything that you can tell me?

Alright, as always I am excited and thrilled to talk to anybody about the Goddess energy! It is an energy of the divine feminine; it is an energy of balance. When you work with my energy in particular, you are working with the balance of the feminine and masculine. There is no separation between one and the other. So, in your case what this is talking about is bringing the balance into your life. There are many attributes within your life that are of what you might consider masculine, the pushing forward, the energy of motion so to speak. Traditionally the divine feminine has been in the place of receiving so to tap into the feminine energies, what you are doing is opening up to receive the energies that are around you that you can make use of within your life so that you can grow and expand. Now, in working with the Goddess or working with feminine energies, what we see also for you is that it's a means of creating a nurturing environment, a means of allowing others to comfort you. You are a healer and through the healing whether it is simply in conversation to people, actually doing hands on healing, what ever form it may take. This is you opening up to receive and in turn teaching others how to receive a healing light. Because, so many people as they walk upon the earth they are in a space where there is almost a sense of a cycle; where they may be saying I want to make changes, I want to make shifts, but they are not actually open to receive these changes and shifts. It may be that it is not right timing for them. It is important for each individual to learn how to open up to receive all that is available to them and this is what you can help them with. Does that make sense to you? <person was speaking more about the changes> We see you…… because as you say you are not a happy with your life's work it's almost as if it is cloaked from us and we don't have a good image of it. So we will tell you as we tap into your energies as what we see as surrounding it. We see you in a space where there is an office and there are other people around you within this office that are doing different things. What one might consider, how to speak, new-age type of medicine or that is the phrase that comes to mind for us, but there are those who are speaking of working with healing through touch, there are others who are working with crystals, those who are working with an herbals and also the sublingual ahhh I'm sorry my energy just got blasted for second. <pause for a deep breath> Alright, so we see within you a setting in which there are multi dimensional and multi use places where people can come and receive various types of healing. Your part of this is that you are a healer to where you spent time talking with people, you may put your hands on them to become more focused to an area, you have very intuitive abilities, and so whether it is through say for instance Reiki or Hands On, something like that or actually getting more a degree in counseling, we see you as shifting into that type of a workplace. Does that resonate with you? You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

<paraphrased> A couple friends and I keep getting information about the 13th Ray and that we will be working with the 13th Ray. Can you tell me any information about this and what this means?

Answer: Alright, a child of the 13th Ray. The Ray Lords: in particular there are five that are spoken of from the earth plane. And if you as if going out from there in the shape like perhaps a funnel, it is as if everything goes out and moves up from those five primary Ray Lords. There are other aspects and sometimes they are simply aspects of those five, sometimes they are completely different energies. So, as we tap into the 13th Ray Lord, this is something that is coming to be as new energy upon the earth. This is something that does not have a lot of information which is probably why you were seeking it. As there have been more and more children that are born to the earth of the indigos, and now those who are of the crystalline energies, so too there needs to be a support system for these energies of light. This 13th Ray Lords as you are calling it, it is actually showing itself to be a sparkling crystalline energy. It actually holds the colors of the rainbow as opposed to one particular color. It is manifesting as a means of support for the new children that are coming in. Now, this may pertain to you in different ways. We sense of you having children that are of this light, but also working with children as a teacher or in communication with them. We see a multitude of connections between you and the children that are coming in, and at this Ray is a means of support for you. Does that make sense to you? All right, we can still sense that question within you. How would you like is to expand? <person was explaining in more detail> As mentioned, it is because this is one of those aspects that is new and it surrounds the new energies of light that are coming in. There is not a lot of information, but you and your friends as you talk about this, will be getting more and more information within yourself. Those of you, when we talk of the crystalline children, it is those who are being born that are quite often the focus. But you who are the adults in this lifetime and are where you are in this existence, also have those crystalline energies so that you can resonate with these children who are coming in. So, it is definitely in conjunction with these newer energies and these newer children. Alright Beloved? You are welcome. Are there more questions?

<paraphrased> I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join Shelly and my group for the Channeling which is scheduled for next Saturday. This is a group for the High Priestess program working with the energies of Isis and Mary Magdalene.

Answer: Alright beloved, you came back to us! <this individual frequently will space out and not come back until the channel is over!> Excuse me, I'm having trouble hearing. Yes beloved, I have definitely been working with the channel already in setting up these energies. There are many different attributes of the divine feminine. The Isis energy that you particularly connect with will be the attribute that comes through and speaks with you. It will definitely be a time of celebration, a time of transference of energy, and a time that will hopefully create the changes that you are seeking within your physical existence; for you and all the others who will be participating. Thank you for this specific invitation. <person was speaking more about the group> yes beloved, we see that everything that you have been doing and manifesting within your life is coming to fruition at this time and in the next several weeks and months. So too, you will continue to work with these lights that you speak of, this is something that is creating the space and holding the energy that will allow for greater ease. Both in your own communication with others and in this setting that will occur next week end. Thank you beloved, is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I have been moving through a huge transformation and feel as if I have released what I needed to release to allow me to move forward in life. In you tell me if there is anything that I am missing it that perhaps I should be looking at?

Answer: Oh beloved! to look at you now and have that sense of the before and after standing side-by-side, you are a glorious light! It was that opening up to receive as was spoken to the other individual working with the Goddess energy, opening to receive the potential for transformation, opening to received all these shifting in energies that have occurred within you. It is indeed working, you are indeed radiating out a much brighter and sparkling light. In fact, if there is more detoxifying to occur it is of a very subtle means, we do not notice or sense anything of a particular denseness within you. <Person stated she was feeling good> most definitely! You are welcome. We thank you for asking up to confirm that for you, we totally understand the ways in which you the humans need to have <the reassurance>. It is that personality or that ego aspect of you that appreciates and sometimes will listen to this aspect of yourself speaking to you or this aspect of the divine speaking to you what you already know within yourself. Yes indeed beloved, you are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased?> I’m wondering if you can give me any information about the multi-state medicine wheel that is moving through some of the Midwestern and Western states around May 8th. My understanding is that this is to create peace in the area and bring more peace to the world.

Answer: Which are you talking about? There are a great many shifts and changes that are occurring within the earth and around the earth. As you all are becoming much more aware, many of these are multi dimensional aspects. What we worked with tonight, and with what you were working with, it was of a dimensional aspect that may or may not be felt by others upon the earth. So, when you speak of this medicine wheel, and the energy that is generated by the Native Americans, it is within a different expansion or expression of energy than what you worked with tonight. So, while they may or may not sense the shifts that are already occurring, to them with the energies that they are working with they are going to provide a space in which they can bring the focus of light to where ever they are with that wheel. Is there an energy that needs to be released? From this perspective, no we do not see an energy that needs to be released. What they are tapping into, is an aspect of themselves that they are ready to and wish to transform that is being manifest it through their connection to the earth and Lady Gaia. Does that make sense to you? Alright, so as this medicine wheel is moving, shifting and changing, it is a means of allowing for greater connection and expansion to the others who are connecting up with it. It will actually radiate out and encompass a large number of people. It is another means of creating a calming, soothing, energy that Lady Gaia is open to receive. We thank you for bringing that to our attention. Is there anybody else?

All right my beloved, as you are very well aware there are many more questions you are welcome to ask in a nonverbal means; as you do, you will receive the answers. Sometimes the answers come immediately; sometimes they come down the road in the next days or weeks to come. Through the experience of this evening there are a great many shifts and changes that you will be noticing within your own life. I thank you for being the humans to focus this energy. I thank you for being open to the potential that you opened up to as a result of this. Everything that is happening upon the earth is so far exceeding the potentials that were put in place thousands of years ago. As all of this was created. Much of that is due to you the light workers, you the human Angels, you who are upon this path of conscious ascension. So with that, I will withdraw I thank you as always for having me with you. ‘

I am with you!

I am within you!

Ansaluia Ishka-eeya



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