Integrating Your Crystalline Potentials

Throughout the past several months, we’ve been hearing about and experiencing the many changes taking place with the influx of the crystalline energies. This creates a further integration of the lighter vibrations that will anchor within the 5th dimension and higher within the earth.

The Goddess speaks at the beginning about the importance of aligning with your divinity and from there expanding and strengthening your everyday reality. It’s essential to have as your foundation the alignment with your source energy. When this is your foundation you are less impacted by the things that may seem to slow you down in life.  You have the opportunity to work with this both in the All That Is and while your consciousness was earth bound.

Once in the All That Is, you have the potential to look at your life from the perspective of your divinity. Once everyone was very clear on who they were and that essence; she brought up what’s happening in our everyday lives. How often do you have something you’re seeking to manifest that just hasn’t happened as yet? When there’s something in your life that doesn’t work out the way you anticipate, it creates an energy of disappointment. If you then continue to think about it, what you want, while still aligning with what hasn’t happened, it creates resistance.

The Goddess had everyone get rid of all that hasn’t worked for them and all the stuck energy and instead start over. This time, as people were setting up what they seek to have, it was from a fresh start. She also spoke of creating an alignment with the crystalline energies. This in turn is integrated within each person through their Lightbody energy. 

This channel is filled with light and has a very powerful energy of integration.


Nama Sika Venya Benia    I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I welcome you to our time together. I welcome you to this time that you have taken for yourself.

This is a time for you to become empowered by connecting with your own divinity and by connecting within yourself. This is the time for you to open to the Angels, the light, to all of the energy that is becoming more and more prevalent within and around you in your everyday reality.

You are here upon the earth. You are living this life and having these experiences. You have chosen to connect not only with your own self through your divinity through your I AM presence but also to create a strengthening and an expanding experience for you, the human, that is living this life, right now.

There is indeed a great deal of transformation taking place upon the earth. Some of this has to do with the influx of energies. Some of this has to do with the shift in the collective consciousness as it continues to rise with the levels of dimensions or the levels of vibration.

This is also affected by the number of people that are beginning to have that little light switch be turned on within them, where they begin to ask those questions that many of you may have already been asking. Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose in life and how can I live my life to the fullest extent?

I am here in support of you, I am here to facilitate this energy and I invite you to open up allowing yourself to be as completely blended with this energy as feels good to you. This is the time to let go pain. This is your time to let go, sorrow. This is your time to invite in limitless love, joy, abundance and acceptance.

I can feel the wave that moves through each one of you as I speak of this. Indeed, last year, 2012 was about creating that last phase as the earth ascended into the fourth dimension, which took place the end of your calendar year last year. This year of 2013 has been about now integrating that higher level of vibration or that higher level of consciousness as it continues to flow into and around your earth.

There have been a number of different ways in which this takes place. The vortices that are opening up, the increased flow of energy through each individual person, the sacred spaces, as you call them, that are located throughout the world have all had an increase in the flow of energy and this is what has a direct relation with the collective consciousness.

No one person needs to save the world. No one group of people needs to save the world. The world itself is evolving in a perfect natural and beautiful way and all any individual needs to do, is to seek to have that which is in balance within themselves knowing that is going to create a ripple effect and have that same balance manifest around them.

Indeed, I’m speaking a little more than usual at the very beginning here, but I think it’s important for each one of you to take a moment and consider that in your life. Look around, so to speak; take into account what may be happening within you. Are there certain things that are resistant?

Does it feel as if you are bumping up against the wall? Does it feel as if it’s an easy gentle flow and you continuously move through that finding whatever that energy may be for you? For most people it’s a blend. Certain things open with ease and certain things have a sense of frustration or a need to effort.

Alright beloved, let us move upon our journey that you may create that deeper link within yourself. Take another deep breath in, as you did at the very beginning, allowing that breath to move all the way through you, send it down into the earth so that you may feel the earth, the more that you anchor your physical reality, the greater your ability to let go your consciousness so that more of you may move into those higher vibrations.

As you align with the earth just feel that energy of Gaia. Feel the energy perhaps of the fairies, or the gnomes or the elementals. They are all around you and becoming more and more prevalent as this integration continues.

I invite you to then let that all anchor within you and then allow your consciousness to stream up as if you let it move up through your energy bodies. You send it out with the intention of linking with your higher self.

As you align with your higher self, allow yourself to look around. This is your space, your sanctuary. This is where you come on the many, many, times that you either seek to have more information that you may seek to work with your Angels, or perhaps sometimes even when you seek to connect or communicate with other people.

Because it can sometimes get cluttered, I invite you to clean it out. Clean out everything that is here so that for this experience tonight, you may have as much of a clean slate as possible.

From here, have a sense of shifting your consciousness one more time. As you do so, you find yourself aligning with your divinity, you find yourself within the soul plane. Your higher self, the soul plane, the All That Is, are all various dimensions or places of consciousness that allow you to be able to link with these various energies.

Here within the soul plane you may link with your own divine essence. Some of you may have a sense of it as the individual walking towards you. Some have a sense of just white light or color infused light. Whatsoever it is, I invite you to reach out to your divinity, so that you may embrace all that is here.

As you feel yourself merging, be open to see, sense, acknowledge, the immensity of your I AM Presence. You may have a sense of actual other lifetimes, you may have a sense of just one infused light. I invite you to open to the concept that all that you are able to take in, is but a fraction of who you truly are in your entirety. You are immense.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I open up my arms and I embrace you. I merge with you as your divinity. I embrace you as the individual person that you are in this lifetime. And as our energies blend with one another, you may have a sense of shifting into the space of the All That Is.

As you arrive within the All That Is, take a moment and look around. There is so much that is here right now. There is so much that’s been taking place since these last several times that we have worked together.

I invite you to become aware that this is a place of creation. This is a place where you can have that trial and error practicing the various things you would like to manifest within your life. Some things have gotten stuck here, if it no longer works for you,  ~whew~ let it go.

Other things are potentials or ideas that as yet have not been developed. Some of them, you’ve moved beyond it and no longer work for you, ~whew~ let them go.

As you allow yourself to be here within this space, this is an opportunity that I invite you as your conscious awareness to ask yourself; what is my truth? When you ask yourself that question, I can hear many of you saying, “In what regard?”

You as humans will many times diminish your own value or self-worth. You do this, perhaps because as a human, you don’t know anything more. You may do this, because you are seeking to be a part of another group. You may do this for a multitude of different reasons but right here, right now, within this space; open to see the truth of who you are.

As humans you may sometimes get diverted or distracted by saying: I’m the mother/ father, sister/brother, I am the manager/ employee; the various tasks that you have within your life can define who you are as the person. It is essential, especially as the continued crystalline energy is moving through and integrating within your Earth that you have an undeniable knowledge of who you are and that’s what I would like you to look around and see.

You are this brilliant white light that is filled with countless experiences creating the essence of you as this human in this lifetime. You are living a life upon the earth that is filled with various experiences, all of which are there for just that, to be an experience. You are choosing to be upon the Earth at this time with everything that’s taking place to have those experiences for yourself.

Here within the All That Is you are not limited by lack of funding, lack of education, lack of people around you. You are not limited by a belief that you are not good enough. You are not limited in any way, shape or form.

Here in the All That Is you are completely able to be, do, experience yourself as your divinity how so ever you choose to do it. You can, and you are. So if you were to take off those blinders and look at yourself just without any object, objections, objectivity--what’s the word I’m seeking to find-- look at yourself as the limitless energy that you are. So many of you, I can, I can hear your thoughts and your saying; “Oh, but that’s God”; “Oh, but that’s Goddess”; “Oh, but that’s a magnificent angel”. No, that is you.

When you allow yourself to be in this experience, taking in the immensity of who you are, you know in your heart of hearts and that foundation of understanding can fill you up with a belief in you.

You are looking for someone or something that supports you, here it is. You are looking for the knowledge or the awareness that will help you to go that next step in your life upon the earth, here it is. You are seeking to have experiences that allow you to be fully your divinity, here you are.

Allow this to flow through your consciousness in wave upon wave upon wave. All of the angels that work with you in support of you are doing so from the perspective of saying, “I know who you are, this is you and if you have forgotten in your daily life, I will remind you, this is you”.

Consider now what’s going on in your everyday life. Are there certain things that you’ve been seeking to change, that you’ve been seeking to manifest and feel as if they’re still at a distance? Bring up everything as it may be at this time.

As you bring it up, have a sense of looking at your life from the perspective of where you are right now. Look at who you are as your divinity, and then look at life upon the earth. And the sense I get from this perception is of immense energy right here and a little energy over here.

This is not the case for everybody, but it is the case for many people. So as if you’re reaching out towards you, yourself in your everyday life, I invite you to look at yourself with compassion.

Feel the compassion for you as the human; perhaps the struggles that you’ve had in life, perhaps the frustrations that you’ve had, the disappointments, whatever it may be, have a sense of looking at you the human from the perspective of your divinity and feeling the compassion.

As this compassion begins to move through you as a human, you may find things relaxing inside of you, you may find that sense of where you’ve been so tense, letting your shoulders relax back. When you’ve been hard on yourself and judgmental, look at that from your divinity with unconditional love.

Your divinity will never judge you. Your divinity takes every single experience and allows it to be embraced within the whole. So, look at the ways in which you’ve been harsh with yourself and allow unconditional love to flow into those experiences.

There has been so much anger and fear released over the last several weeks. Part of this has to do with the influx of energy. It’s as if that which was beneath the surface is rising up to the surface. We flow love, compassion, awareness into any place at all where there may be fear, pain, sorrow and we let that flow within this moment and it’s as if it moves through, feeling it up with a warm loving light and helping to let go of any emotion at all that is no longer working for you.

As I speak of this I am looking at everybody, not only the people that are here within this room, but to many millions and billions of people in various parts of the world. And there are those that are releasing, letting go, cleansing and shifting without that focused intention of ascending or moving up in their vibration. They are simply feeling angry and frustrated and then they clear out and it’s gone.

It always makes me laugh because I can hear so often the people that are very conscious of these things saying, “Why can’t I just do it without getting caught up in all of this?”  You can. Here is your opportunity to just throw everything that’s going on into that wave of energy that’s moving throughout the world, cleansing and clearing everything that was covered over.

Some people describe this as a scab that’s been taken off and everything underneath it has now boiled up and we clear out the wound, we clear out the energy and we infuse it automatically with the light and the love.

I’m opening up my senses to read everyone who’s here to see what direction I would like to go to next. I have an intention that I will continue with, but I’m still feeling that there’s one other thing I would like to address before we go there.

Let us speak for a moment about your personality or maybe you call it your ego or maybe you call it your human experience, but I’m speaking of you the human that we saw standing beside you as the divinity.

I hear from people time and again about how they want particular things within their life, “I just want it”, this is fantastic, it’s a desire to have something that continues to push and nudge you along in your life. Say, you need a still mate, it doesn’t go anywhere, then you as the person say, “But I just want it” and you reaffirm again, “this is what I want”, and you’ve made something that you just got done acknowledging has not manifested and you’re taking that same thing and emphasizing again, “I just want it, I want what I want and I just want it!”

Again, we as God/Goddess, the Angels, the light, we all want you to have everything also. A life filled with ease, with abundance with the flow is a life that is filled with joy and this is what I would like for every single one of you.

But then here you are again, that person pushing again and again and again saying, “This is what I want, this is what I want”, “Why can’t I have what I want?”, “Why does everyone else get what they want, but I don’t get what I want?” and you are pushing again and again and again against the exact same thing. This is what I would like you to get rid of.

What happens is that you the human decide what it is that you want, and it’s almost as if by having the intention of what you want or creating it, it takes on say an image perhaps a symbol, perhaps an energy, and then that energy especially if it doesn’t come immediately can become more and more and more solid. It can become resistance. It can be felt in your lifetime in many ways.

Physical pain within your body is a resistance to something going on in your environment. Disease in your body can be a response to continuously pushing against that which is not giving away. It creates back flow, it creates resistance not only in your thoughts and your mental body but your emotions, your physical in every aspect of who you are.

And where does it get you? More frustrated, even more into that energy of, “they got what they want, but I don’t get what I want”, which starts that whole cycle again. Get rid of it. I am laughing because I saw someone just take that essence or that image and do a dropkick and it goes sailing off into the universe.

If you have anything at all that’s taken on a sense of heaviness, of physical discomfort or disease in the body whatever it may be, have a sense of aligning with whatever that is, just pull it up, pull it up, pull it out; go within you about whatever it is you were seeking to manifest ~whew~ and let it go ~whew~ and let it go.

What you release at this moment is the old stuck energy. You’re releasing the frustration, the disappointment, the judgment. So breathe down inside of yourself again and then just let it all come up from wherever it may be, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up  ~whew~ and send it out again. Let it go.

Now, at this moment once more bring your physical reality, bring your human experience into your divinity and let it flow all the way up and down within you.  Let it move into every cell within you. Allow yourself to expand until you are completely immersed within this energy.

As you do so, consider what you would like to have in your life. Maybe it’s the same thing that you wanted before, but make the conscious intention to bring it in differently this time. Instead of getting exactly back into that pattern, say, “I am going to shake it up. I still want whatever I want, but I am going to invite it to come in, in a different form. I am going to invite it to fill me up so that I may experience the manifestation of it a new way.”

And if you find yourself sliding right back into that route put forth the intention that you stop it and you move into a new place of manifesting. Whatever it is that you want in your life you want it because you want it.

That’s excellent, but as you are shifting, as you are bringing in a new perspective I also invite you to open up, and from here in the All That Is, look around at what else is aligned with that. Perhaps new relationships, perhaps a different type of work, perhaps it’s limitless, allow and allow and allow.

We have spoken during our gatherings this past month or two about the deeper integration with the crystalline energies. We have spoken of how within your own DNA you have that automatic alignment to the crystalline light and vibration and these are those higher aspects of your DNA.

Each one of you has already been open to and received a connection or an alignment with your light body energies. For most as far as your physical person, that comes in at the back of your head and it moves through all of your energy bodies, creating a balance and an alignment with these vibrations.

If one were to ask of dimensions, they are more predominantly 6th, 7th,8th.  For many of you, those are just numbers, it doesn’t really matter, but the way that this integration is taking place as we are gently bringing it down and down and down so that at the level of your fifth dimension, which is where the majority of you are spending more and more of your time, you can begin to feel that crystalline energy around you.

When you have your own light body energy activated, clear, in balanced alignment within you, it creates the framework that allows it to link into the crystalline grid that is moving throughout the earth and around the earth.

Consider everything that you were just working upon. Consider all that you seek to have within your life from the new perspective. From that perspective of being clean, fresh, in the flow, open, in alignment and let all of that energy flow through your consciousness right now and as you do so, expand out until you feel your lightbody energy and then consciously allow that to flow through, it is as if it moves through.

There are different ways and you may perceive it. It may be that the light body energy moves through your consciousness from one side to the other. It may be that it surrounds it and comes into the center or even begins at the center and like concentric circles going out. You may have a sense of it working one way one time and a different way the next time.

Allow your light body or your crystalline energies of your divinity to move through creating an alignment with all that you seek to have. As this alignment is complete, then have a sense of sending it down. It’s as if it goes down, down from here where we are in the All That Is, down into, and it circles around you in your everyday reality.

Have a sense of being open to receive and you feel that energy as it moves down around you. It goes through every cell within your physical body. It goes through your emotional, mental, spiritual and light body energies of your physical reality.

You feel that flow as it gently moves through you creating an alignment. It’s almost like you hear a click, click, click, as it aligns everything within and around you and it moves through all the way down within your cellular structure; again, activating that expanded DNA but also a anchoring within your emotions and your thoughts.

You send it through you all the way down into the earth ~whew~ As it moves through you, it aligns with the earth. As it moves through the earth, it goes all the way down anchoring within those immense crystals that are in the center of the earth and in this regard, you have created a pathway that allows for greater ease with which you may connect to your divinity and your everyday life.

All of that that has anchored comes back up through the earth and I will just say that it’s not only the individuals that are upon this call that have had this experience. Many, many, many, others have also had this experience in an unconscious way and for those that need a space just filled in, in between the universe itself sends that flow of light so that it fills up everything within and around your earth.

Take a minute and just feel what that is for you. You may feel as if everything is adjusting within your body like a ripple effect. Allow your consciousness to once more return to that space of the All That Is and from this perception have a sense of looking out. Look out at the universe, at these waves of energy that just keeps flowing through.

Look down at the earth, and it is as if you can see the transformation that is taking place. It’s as if light bulbs are going on all over the world as each person becomes connected to their divinity and within their divinity that crystalline alignment, that connection takes place, and there is an unlimited flow of love and the essence of their divinity.

You can see the difference or perhaps you sense it or feel it. The work has been done, the foundation has been set up and now is the time to take it to the next level. Where ever that level may be for you. As you look around, open to your perception; the vast majority of you remember only that which is your new perspective of manifesting. Allow that flow to move through. Allow that energy to be. Allow that essence to flow and flow and flow.

This is a place of love. This is a place of limitless potential. Enjoy practicing, enjoy opening up to whatever it may be that you want to have for yourself. As you become more and more acclimated with these crystalline energies, you will find that it will just automatically raise the vibration of your physical body and as it’s raising the vibration be aware that you may feel different.

As the body begins to vibrate at say sixth and seventh dimensions you are becoming much more transparent. So in support of that, be aware of what you’re doing in your daily life that supports that lightness and supports that flow in everything that you are doing. Listen to your inner speak, listen to that guidance from your divinity that is always there with you and open for whatever that flow may be for you.

We’ve already infused the energy. We’ve already had that sense of how that flow moves through all that is upon the earth. As we or shall I say, as we as a group come together and you look at the earth, you look at the many dimensions of the earth, become aware of how the many changes taking place can impact you on an individual level, a cultural level, a level of humanity. It is creating change for the animals, for humanity, for the trees, the grass, the physical earth itself. Allow that knowledge or information to be present within and around you.

I invite you to shift your focus once more. Allow yourself to move back within the space of the soul plane. As you feel yourself kind of separating from everything else that was in the All That Is, take advantage of this increased alignment that you have with your divinity and allow for more of your divinity to come with you as you begin to shift your focus and your consciousness to come back within your physical body.

As you are here in the space of your higher self, you begin to feel more of that gravitational pull of the earth. But yet, you can also have that feel of the expansion that is taking place and that light vibrational energy of the crystalline. It is here, it is integrating, it is available right now. You have the support of the many, many, beings that are out in the universe. You have the support of your own divinity. You have the support that comes from many different places. Be open and see or accept what that is for you.

As you flow your energy back from the space of your higher self, begin to once more anchor within your physical reality. You’ve already sent that direct link with the intention of creating the alignment from the All That Is, but now as if your consciousness is fully present be open and receive it on this end. Time is nonlinear, so as you send up there you are receiving down here as you receive down here you have the perception of sending up there.

You are here. Let all of it flow through you, let it anchor within the earth and allow your energies to once more come back within this space. As you do so, you may find yourself once more anchoring within this room. Allow yourself to look around as if with new eyes, as if you have a greater perception of how you have transitioned what you seek to have in your life into this lighter finer vibration.

Breathe it in, breathing it all the way down within you moving into every cell within your body.

As I come back in and bring everything to a close, I thank everyone for choosing to be here with me as a part of this experience. I invite each one of you to really consider what is happening within your life; not only the specific experiences of your life but also the emotions, the thoughts, the energy that is supporting you in your life.

There are a great deal more of the crystalline energies that are flowing within and around you. You have just expanded your alignment with the crystalline energies, so let that be there to work with you. Let that be a part of the flow that is within and around you and let all of this just move through in a gentle wave as it allows you to have these experiences that you seek to have.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.



blj 29th August 2013 10:11 pm

what a feeling to connect to the vastness of my soul! It does give life a new perspective Thank you

Shelly Dressel 30th August 2013 5:44 am

You're welcome! Plus I love the so much greater ease in manifesting this feeling. :)


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