Manifest Balance with the Equinox

This channel took place on the Spring/ Fall Equinox, March 20, 2022. There were several aspects of the channel that were very impactful. First of all, the Goddess of Creation is the source energy. She is God/ Goddess. She is part of the Central Sun. She is part of us. Usually, we align with her at the level of our divinity on the Soul Plane. This time, she came in while we were in the space of our Higher Selves. This is unique because it is a lower frequency than the Soul Plane or All That Is. She lowering her frequency so that we could experience her energy proves that the energies have risen and she can now move easily through this alignment.

The next interesting aspect of this was that when we moved into the All That Is, the Earth was right there in front of us!  usually, we need to send the energies in and it takes time. However, this time we had an opportunity to be in the expanded energy. I can see such a difference in the Earth!! When we started looking years ago, the energy in and around the earth was heavy and dense. Since that is time, we now have ascended and included people that do not open at this time. There are many, many people who are not yet awake, As a result of this, energy skyrocketed and it is now available to more people. 

Come and enjoy this meditation and allow it to expand how about them.


Nama Sika, Venia Benya   I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out during this time of alignment with one another so as to strengthen that bond that I represent as the Goddess of Creation.

You create within your life and on a continuous basis as you move through your days. You are creating when you sleep at night. You are creating with your conscious awareness and your unconscious thoughts and beliefs. I amplify those energies for you so as to assist you with understanding or recognizing what is real for you, what strengthens your everyday life, and all that is happening.

I am a part of the universal light which is where so many align with God and Goddess. However, the universal light is also flowing within you, moving through your divinity, down through your higher self, and into your everyday reality. Experience what this is for you.

Allow your focus to move within your heart. As you take a deep breath in, feel as if your energy is connecting within your heart center. You have the energy bodies that are all throughout your physical reality. And the one that is within your heart is a blending of the higher and the lower frequencies.

Breathe into your heart and then breathe out.

There is a ball of energy that is created. You take a part of that and you send it down to your energy bodies. It goes down into the earth. As it does so, allow your focus to expand so that you are anchoring yourself within Gaia. As you anchor with Gaia, ask if there may be a message for you on this day of the Equinox. Even if you are listening or reading this at a later date, you can still tap into this now moment.

You gather the energy from Gaia, letting that come back up within you. It circles through your heart center once more, and it goes through your upper energy bodies and out through the top of your head. You immediately connect with your higher self. This is the place that is the blending of your divinity and your human experience.

Within your higher self. There may be times in which you shift into something that is more your soul essence. And there may be other times in which it is more of your human experience. At this moment, ask to open so that you may receive a perception of that which is within this space. Whew~~ If you need to, you can clear out those things that no longer serve you. As you clear out the energies that maybe have to do with past intentions or things that you have completed, it allows you to open up and receive even more information, vibration or energies from your divinity.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. This is so interesting. I don’t believe this has happened before. Usually, I will blend with you at the level of your divinity once you have shifted from your higher self all the way up into your soul. However, as I’m speaking of this I am coming forth while you are here in the space of your higher self. So perhaps I am here at this time of the Equinox so as to amplify what you see from the space of your higher self.

As our energies merge, I illuminate all that is within and around you. Open up to feel what that may be for you. My perception as I look at you is that through our merging there is a greater light that illuminates this space. Therefore, you may have an opportunity to perceive things differently. Whether you are conscious or unconscious about it, it all flows within you.

We then shift moving even further up. As we move into the space of the Soul Plane, here is where you open to and align with your divinity. This is your soul. This is your I AM presence showing up and giving you the opportunity that you may understand or receive even more information. Since we have already merged, perhaps the alignment with the divine is shifting also. There we go.

Open up your consciousness and I will send a little bolus of light or a little bolus of energy that we may all move into the All That Is. As we arrive within this space, I immediately notice that in front of all of us is your planet Earth. Look at it. Open, to receive any messages or information that may be moving through you, as you look at your planet.

As I receive information from various people; some it’s as if you are looking at it and your planet is filling up the space in front of you. For others, it is as if you see your planet in the distance. Howsoever you are receiving the information, understand that right now there is a massive transformation taking place.

Ever since. December 2020 there have been segments of impulses of light and energy that are creating the expanded consciousness but also rebalancing all that live upon the planet. Here today on the Equinox, open all of your senses and take in any information that you may have about the balancing of the planet. Okay, okay, I could see how for many of you it wasn’t about the balancing of the planet by itself, it was recognizing the relationship of Earth with the rest of the galaxy and the universe.

So, we will begin there. As you breathe in and out gently and easily, allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you take in the balance between the Earth and the rest of the universe.

There are many changes taking place as we speak. There is more communication available from those planets and the ships that support the Earth plane. On the one hand, it’s as if you can see them as many of them are in prayer and meditation such as this, sending that impulse into the earth.

There are others that are upon the earth. That continues to awaken. It is literally a wave that is rolling through the entire consciousness of the planet. As we look from this perspective, we can see that the light frequency is the most noticeable energy as we look at the Earth. Some people have as yet fully opened to this consciousness. However, from their unconscious state, they are fully in aligned balance.  Very good.

The Equinox is about the balance. The balance of the quarter part of the year, the balance between spring and fall, the balance within Gaia as Gaia continuously moves through whatever is going on. The solstice tends to be the beginning and the end, the renewal. So, therefore, the equinox and the balance of which I speak is the integration that is taking place.

Shift your focus now within your own life. Are you balanced within your life? The balance may be in your energy. It may be time spent with work or family or community. It may also be giving yourself the nurturing and support that is needed.

Look at your life. Is there a flow of balance that moves through you and into your environment? Okay. For those that feel as if they are out of balance, they are too much in a direction that keeps them tired or disconnected; let whatever that may be, come up in this moment. Just bring it up. Bring it up. Bring it up. ~whew~ Clear it out. Let go of whatever that may be.

As you are in the flow of energy and light, and as it is illuminating your life, are there things that are either on your mind or on your heart that keep you shut down or perhaps keep you from being able to see the beauty of the higher frequencies? Whatever that may be, you bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ And you clear that out.

And then as if you stand here in the All That Is, you can put your hands out as if up or down; but feel as if you stand directly in the flow and the movement of energy that comes from the universe and into the earth plane. I always love the many different perceptions. Some are facing sideways. Some are facing directly into the earth or the universe. Whatever resonates with you, understand that you are receiving. And you are the conductor of energy from the universe to the planet, the planet to the universe. That movement continues to go through.

As you are here on the equinox, do you have an intention specifically for yourself or your family or loved ones that you would like to put out into that flow and movement?  Allow whatever that may be to come up within you, allowing your focus to be very clear that this is what you seek to be in the flow. ~whew~

As I observed people sending that energy through, I could see how some had instant clarification. How others that were standing stubborn were being pushed back and forth. And then others I could see them just gently growing bigger and bigger and bigger as they were in that flow of universal light coming from the. Universe into the planet. There is no right or wrong. There are multiple ways in which to be in this flow and this movement.

I would say to you, if you are one of those that is stuck and being pushed around, then ask to have illuminated; what is holding you back? Why are you stuck in this now moment? Even if the answer is not there for you, it will come in a very short time or over the next days and weeks. And then. Let it go. Let it go.

Humanity has a tendency to be stubborn. They don’t want to try new things or go in a new direction or even be open. When a new truth or reality comes their way, instead, they try to force what they already know to fit into the new space. Quite often, all it does is create turmoil. So, one more time, let us clear it out. ~whew~ And then take your intention and either place it in the flow of energy or stand once more in the flow of energy allowing it to move through every one of your energy bodies.

Take another step back, and this time let us look. What is happening upon the Earth with the Ascension process? Just as some of you had stuck energy, so too the earth plane has stuck energy. As you observe that flow and movement of energy and light going into the earth, if you can see that there is something where it is not working, it is held back, it is staying in the space of what it knows. There ~whew~ send a ball of light or send a clear intention that it will break up. The old energy instead, allow that flow and movement from the Equinox.

As you look around, consider the universe and the relationship that we have with the universe. There are energies and frequencies from the Earth plane that are also transmitting and assisting the transformation of the universe primarily within this galaxy. But those energies flow wherever it is that they are needed.

For many, there is a greater clarity as you look at the universe, certain planets are becoming more prominent.  There are certain ships and Beings of Light that are making themselves known to you. As you are in the flow of the equinox, allow your relationship with them to expand.

Many of you are already working with angels or light beings that you have met in the past. Allow this energy of the Equinox to amplify that relationship, so that you may ascend into the greater awareness.

Excellent. I can see that movement and your ascension. What is the ascension? It is the rising of the vibration. It is the rising of the frequency. It is each person recognizing that they are responsible for their life, for their well-being. And everything that they manifest. It is about them reaching out. To understand. And as this takes place, they have the energy and frequency of the earth, as well as the universe, as well as their soul.

That moves through so as to assist. You can feel it, can you not? Bask in your own divinity. Express who you are as the conscious being that is living their life as you. Let go what no longer serves you so that you may manifest more and more of this higher frequency. I can literally feel each one of you taking on a greater amount. Of the light frequency. It is yours if you so choose.

I invite you to come together as a group. Once more step into that intense flow of the energy that is coming from the universe into the earth and then the earth out into the universe. I actually see what looks like an infinity sign. There is the flow from the universe that dips down, moving through the earth plane and then from the Earth plane, it goes and flows out to the universe. So, there is this movement that is not simply back and forth, but the movement of the infinity sign because that amplifies and exaggerates all that is here.

As you see  your group coming together. That hologram of the earth comes up within. Observe how on this particular day. it is the hologram, however, it seems to be even more. Real and less of a hologram. It’s more the authentic planet. And as each one of you send your own balanced energies into the hologram it moves, it expands, and it takes on all of the balanced energies of the equinox. That aspect moves out through the universe and the remainder goes down into the Earth plane. You can feel as your consciousness goes with it, the way in which it expands, circling the planet, clearing out.  That part, be it the matrix, be it the level of consciousness.

It gets cleared out and the balanced energy of the Equinox pulsates even more deeply into the earth. It anchors within the center of the earth. As it does so it then reverses coming back up through the many, many layers of the earth. Notice how from the inner earth that has frequently been the sixth and seventh dimension, how you are able to have a greater discernment of what it is to live here, and how it relates to your life upon the surface.

It then comes all the way back up. It comes up within you from where you anchored at the very beginning. You bring down the remainder of your consciousness. It comes from the All That Is. It swirls through your divinity as you allow for that to come down and anchor within you. You are anchoring your own experience, within your physicality and within Gaia. As each one of you is doing so, send that wave of energy and light throughout all of humanity upon the earth, it is theirs to receive or not.

However, you make it available so that every single person has an opportunity to awaken and expand with love and support. You can feel the waves of love and compassion moving out from you and connecting with the earth.

Breathe in and breathe out.

The more that the Earth plane is ascending, shifting, moving into the higher realm; the faster the movement of your life. When the energy around you is less dense, meaning more transparent, then you move through it with greater and greater ease. When the energy around you is more transparent, you have the ability to try options and make a decision much more easily.

So, stand in the flow of this equinox knowing that everything is becoming more and more accelerated because there is so much less resistance.  Allow for your own life to be filled with light and let go of any resistance. Be it conscious or unconscious.

Beloved family, know that I am ever with you!




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