Patterns of Life

Some of the Goddess channels are just so darn practical!! This was truly on of them. Each of us emanates a certain vibration. This vibration consists of our Verbal/ Non-Verbal, conscious/ unconscious, mental, emotional and physical energies. During this channel the Goddess had us come into alignment with our core self. She spoke of finding that quiet place where we are at peace, relaxed and in perfect balance. When we are in this place, the energy we send out is also balanced and relaxed.

Once we were able to become aware of our inner place of balance, she had us consider the energy we emanate when we are in relationship with others. Through these patterns, we could see how certain things were bouncing off each other and yet others merged and created even more patterns. You can make a change in your relationships through the change in the pattern of energy you emit.    

Once we became aware of and practiced our patterns of energy in the All That Is, St. Germain came in to speak of the physical. He spoke of the magic we have available. He spoke of how he and the angels are walking the earth with us more than ever. He once more spoke of our DNA and it’s affect not only on us, but on each other.

The expanded strands of DNA are our alignment with the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid is the ultimate pattern of energy as we move into the higher dimensions. He took what the Goddess did in the higher dimensions and brought it down into our every day lives, through the patterns we create.  He spoke of working with it, or just moving in our own directions. Become aware of your energy and the patterns it sends out. Become aware of a new way to create changes in your life through the changes in patterns of light.


Nama sika, Venia Benya   I AM the one, I AM the whole

I great you beloved family! I reach out to each one of you, inviting you to come together as a group, inviting you to share this time of communication; not only with me, but with each other.

Upon the earth, immense transformation has been taking place and will continue to take place. This transformation is about each one of you stepping up into your potential; stepping up into a lighter, finer, easier vibration. Stepping up into a time/ space reality that allows you to not only feel good in your own self and your own life; but to see that reflected to you from everybody who is around you.

When you are living your life, you may find that every day is exactly the same as what the previous day was; exactly the same in whatever process you may be going through. You may feel as if nothing is changing and you are still in that same space of either lack, loneliness, frustration that you may have been within for quite some time. Indeed these are the patterns that are created when you live your life. 

When you think about it, you have patterns that flow out from you in every different direction. Think about a loved one and the energy that moves from you to that individual. Think about your job and the energy that moves from you into whatever your work is. You can take this and consider any different aspect of your life and there is a pattern of energy that you have created by the repetition of living your life day by day by day. 

Therefore, when you seek to create changes within your life, that change includes letting go of that old pattern, letting go of that old process; whatever that may be and instead stepping into that which is the higher, lighter, vibration. You will still have the relationships. You will still have the work. You will still have those daily activities; but it will all be from that higher space or that different perspective or that vibration that is more fully supportive of you. 

I wished to speak of that at the very beginning while everybody was still here in the earth plane reality. But what’s interesting for me to see is by speaking of these things, immediately I saw many of you already shifting out into the All That Is. It is that easy to be able to move from one place to another through your intention, through your alignment of speaking about certain things; it takes you into that space.

So for all the rest of us, let’s take a moment and breathe down deeply within as if you breathe in, allowing that breath of light and energy to move all the way through you, let it go down and into the earth, so that it may anchor you to the earth’s energy. From there it flows back up through you and you allow your consciousness to shift, you let go of your physical body and you have a sense of your consciousness or your awareness moving into the space of your higher self

As you arrive within this space, you look around at all that is here. This is created by you; your blend of you as the human, your blend of you as your divine essence. Sometimes as we’ve spoken of in other times, in other channels, this space can become cluttered. So we’ll breathe it through ~whew~ clear it out. Release anything that you may have been working on or anything that you decided is no longer what you seek to have. Just let it go so that make you may clear out the space.

From there, allow your consciousness to stream even higher as it moves into the space of the soul plane. And as you arrive within the soul plane, let yourself feel the way that your consciousness expands out even further. Here within this space, feel the energies as they are. Feel the energies as there is that flow not only of you and your divinity, but the consciousness that this is where there are many, many soul essence who choose to come and communicate with their earthbound energies.

As you look around this space, reach out towards your divinity. This is your God self, this is your I AM presence; this is you in your entirety. As you reach out within that space, have a sense of either walking towards or merging with that energy. Allow yourself to become the light that is you.

As you allow your consciousness as you allow your essence to merge fully within this space, you may have that sense of seeing other lifetimes, of seeing other aspects of yourself that have created who you are in this lifetime. Be aware that you are more than you think you are. Be aware that the energies of this space represent you as the complex, intricate, amazing person that you are. This is you as your God source energy.  Allow it to flow through your consciousness, back down within you in your physical reality.

I the goddess, walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out my energy and I embrace all of who you are. As my energies merge with you, allow yourself to feel how you can expand even further. I as the Goddess, I as the God creation or essence, reflect back to you; not only who you are in this current lifetime, but all that is here as a part of you.

As our energies merge, you may find yourself shifting into the All That Is. As we arrive within the All That Is, look around to recognize that this too is a space where you come to create within your life. Right now, within this space, you may see some of the things that you tried to do and then decided you didn’t want. You may see some of those experiences that you wanted to create, that you wanted to see if it’s what you truly wanted and it’s still here waiting for you.

As if you are looking through a gallery, look at what’s here and get rid of what you no longer wish to have. It makes me smile because so many of you think ‘oh, but I might want that in the future. So I don’t want to get rid of it.’ The wonderful thing about creating within this space is that you can create it again with simply the thought or the intention.

So as you look through your space.  If it’s not something you’re working with, right now, get rid of it. This perhaps represents your own life. How much clutter do you have within your life that keeps you from seeing clearly what you would like to do?

Every time we come together for these journeys I so appreciate being able to have the human experience for that time in which I am linked to you in this place of creation. More and more you may feel me as I come down into and around you in your everyday life. Some of you call me by name, others of you feel simply a presence, I am manifesting upon the earth more than I ever have before. In part this is because I am able to anchor through my alignment with all of you who choose to either listen or participate in these journeys.

Tonight I wish to go a little deeper into the patterns that I spoke of at the very beginning. When I speak of patterns traditionally people think of lines, plaids, perhaps a paisley; they think of an image that goes over and over and over and over. Just as there is immeasurable, creativity within each one of you, so too, a pattern can be equally diverse. So as I speak of a pattern and you have a sense of something completely different, go with what comes up for you.

Consider your life as if you are sitting here in a space and as if a flow that moves out from you like concentric circles. Become aware that here within the All That Is, I amplify it so as to make it easier for you to have a perception, but also so that you will perhaps become aware of the very subtle things that are happening around you that you may not notice on a daily basis.

Here you are within the space. As you are at rest or at a still point, there is a vibration that emanates from you. This vibration is what it is. It may be in alignment with a particular dimension, there will be subtle nuances that move between dimensions. I ask you at the beginning of this to be aware, perhaps closing your eyes, letting yourself think, feel, experience something that just feels comfortable to you.  It gives you that sense of being at home, or at peace.

You breathe gently and easily, and that energy flows from you. It is essential that each of you find that place that represents YOU. Whether you call it your still point, your comfort zone; whatever it may be, find that place where you know you are comfortable, relaxed and it is you at ease. Sometimes people don’t really know what that feels like.

Consider your relationships. You may find that you look at one individual, you may find a group, you may find whatever it is that you are with or around on a consistent basis. Go back within to that place where you are still and relaxed and at peace. As you consider these relationships, or perhaps it’s just one, what is the vibration at this point? In most cases it is different than you at that still point at that point of being.

Next if you want you can let that go from your consciousness, go back into that place of stillness. Take a breath in consider your work. Consider what you are doing with your life. Are you looking for work? Are you in a job that you absolutely love and will be there indefinitely? Are you in a job that you don’t particularly like but you are not going to leave because it’s a job?

As you consider the work that you go to, or perhaps you work from home, or perhaps your work is your home and your home life. But you consider that which takes up the majority of your time; allow yourself to be in that space. Even more so than the relationships, here I’m noticing people’s vibrations varying quite a bit. 

As you consider what it felt like to be in your still point and then when you consider your work, how can you shift the vibration so that you are more in alignment with your still point and yet you still accomplished what you want to do?  Indeed we heard “I don’t know”. Intention can be very important at this point. So you are here in the place of stillness, your work as if it’s out from you to a degree. 

Have the intention that as you breathe in, perhaps deeply, perhaps gently and as you send out your consciousness, as you send out your awareness that it goes through your work place and comes back to you as if it’s wave upon wave with the intention that it is in a balanced alignment with whom you are.

You changed your perspective of your work. You find that even if you are going to the same place you always went that would aggravate you on a daily basis, as you begin to breathe from that place within you that place of stillness and balance, sending that wave out through a particular experience, it changes the vibration. Not only of your perception but of the way you actually are interacting while you are there. 

Perhaps you would like a new job. Perhaps you are seeking a job. You are here in this place of stillness, you send that wave out from you with the intention that all that is gathered in however far your search may be or how ever close your search; that it all goes out aligns with whatever it needs to align with and then comes back to you. Open to perceive whatever that may be. Feel the alignment as it moves through you.

Perhaps you wish to manifest a partner, someone into your life. Perhaps you wish to manifest children. Whatever it is that you seek to manifest, start from that place that is within your core essence, as if you go to that place of stillness, you find that place where you breathe gently and easily and the vibration that emanates out from you from that place of still point as you in your consciousness.

From within that space consider whatever it is that you seek to manifest. Whether it’s something completely different than what I’m saying or some of these things I have mentioned. Bring it from within your heart center, from within that space. First of all feel, perhaps see in your mind’s eye, perhaps know what it is that you are seeking to manifest and right now here within this space, you find a way to create the vibrational alignment with whatever that may be.

Then you breathe deeply, and you send it out ~whew~ You send out that pattern, you send out that rhythm of what you seek to manifest. In many, many cases, I can see that as it goes out from you it pops up “here I am, here I am, you’ve already made me, I’m already here”. So in many, many cases you already have around you what you are seeking to manifest within your life. Be in that pattern of vibration to recognize that you send out that which is in alignment with you and then you invited to come back towards you in the same pattern with which you vibrate.

What I find interesting as I’m looking at each one of you doing this, is that there are many of you that go into a natural flow; it’s like a rhythm almost like them waves of the ocean. A rhythm is being created from your intention of what you seek to have. 

But others of you are reaching out towards something that that you wanted to have and it’s actually discordant to you. So as you try to bring it back within your vibration or in that rhythm or in that pattern what happens is that it misses you. Or it’s like you move up against the wall, or it’s as if it just comes in and around you but you don’t feel good any longer. That is your indicator to let it go. ~~WHEW, let it go….. WHEW~~

If it doesn’t feel good to you, let it go EVERY SINGLE TIME! I heard some of you. When I said that just now, I heard you acknowledging that if that was the case then you would have to let go of your entire life! Let that be an indicator that it’s time for you to realign with everything within your life. It can be step-by-step; it can be your entire life.

You are by no means limited. You create a pattern with every thought, with every experience; with every action that you take you are creating one pattern after another. The majority of them work with each other so as to create a life that is filled with whatever it is you seek to have. The majority of people may have 50%, 80%, 90%; there is always something more that they wish to have that is not there.  This is in part actually the human experience. 

As you begin to recognize that life is always about transition, change, new things, manifesting; you can begin to be much more to the patterns of energy not only that you emanate but the patterns of energy that are around you; perhaps from other people, perhaps from your work, perhaps from things you’ve tried to manifest and are no longer in alignment with you.

Come back once more breathing down within yourself to that place of stillness, that place that you recognize is you in your intrinsic self.  As you breathe within that space, again let that vibration emanate from you and this time pay attention to all of those various things that you’ve just been considering. You may see patterns they may be geometry, they may be colors, they may be a fabric such as perhaps a tweed with different textures. It’s limitless again.

What’s important for each of you to consider is you as that place of stillness and the immense diversity that comes into the rhythm in the pattern of your life as you bring in everything that surrounds you. As that is emanating from a balance within you, you begin to take notice of how that interacts with everybody else around you.

Some people you may bump up against, others you may find them infusing or coming into your space and disrupting your pattern. Again, you go back to that place within you, you send out a wave of energy that is your pattern that is comfortable for you. But then also have the intention that it interacts with everyone, with everything, with your work, no matter what it may be that it interacts with everybody from a place of balance a place of ease, a place of acknowledgment. Take in a deep breath and breathe out.

I have spoken with you about the patterns in the rhythms that affect you from your consciousness perspective. Your emotions have an impact upon that, your thoughts, your beliefs, your mental body, have an impact upon that. The integral vibration that you emanate has an impact upon that. 

And it now St. Germain would like to come in and speak of this from yet another perspective.

St. Germaine speaks:

Greetings beloved family! I am that I am St. Germain. Thank you for having me join with you at this time.

I have spoken with you about your DNA because it is very important that people begin to understand how much of an influence conscious and unconscious can have upon their lives.

You may think your DNA is just a part of the biological structure that makes up who you are, indeed, indeed that is true. So too your DNA is that which creates the alignment first and foremost to your family, because you as a family share a common DNA. So too, there is an alignment from your DNA to say your sex, your race, you can go on and on and on looking at the ways your blood is made up of characteristics that keep you as a part of a group.

This was done at the very beginning as a means of assisting people in creating alignments that would support them during times upon the earth. When humanity first came into the earth the veil was quite thick, quite dense, the earth’s energies were quite dense. Therefore, the alignment to DNA created an instinctual reaction and an instinctual experience between them and other people.

All these millions of years later that is still a part of your DNA. You now happen to be living in a time where the higher, lighter forms of DNA are becoming activated. There is still that which is the commonality; that’s not changing, that’s not going anywhere, that’s always going to be there. You can consider that part of the initial strands or cordons of your DNA. 

But, as the earth continues to move into the lighter finer dimensions or levels of consciousness there is a part of that structure that links down within every cell within you as if it moves out from you in those nonphysical energies around you that creates alignments with not only the consciousness of you the person but your Lightbody consciousness which is your alignment to the crystalline energies, which is your alignment to the universe. 

And through that you have an alignment to the crystalline vibration that is coming into the earth becoming embedded into your earth, so to speak. And then through that, it creates an even greater open alignment into first and foremost your divinity, but from there the consciousness of the universe.

Your stair steps come through your DNA. Your consciousness and your unconsciousness is associated completely with your DNA. You need not be worried about considering ‘I have to do this I have to do that I have to set it up, I have to worry about this, I have to worry about that’. It’s all taken care of and you need not let it bother you. 

At this time where we speak of patterns and where we speak of weaving together the vibration, the intention, the manifestation in your life; you can move within this energy. It’s as if going out from you in different directions up, down, in between; it’s a part of the energy that you emanate so that it may create that which supports you in your everyday life.

I like to tell you about this because sometimes if you have that in the back of your mind you can go down within yourself as if you go to the smallest particle that is you and begin to send out a wave of energy moving out from you, sometimes it’s that spiral, sometimes it’s as if it’s a ladder; it may be many, many different forms. But you send out those particles of light, those particles of intention and all of that creates a supporting pattern that you are seeking to have within your life.

I have walked upon the earth. I know what it is to be in physical reality. I have had lifetimes in which what you would call magic was very much a part of my reality. A lot of that magic came from just a knowing inside of me that I could just do it. So I did it. Manifesting something in my hand, creating a change in the weather patterns, manifesting animals to come and spend time with me. I could do this because I created inside of myself what it felt like to have what I wanted. And then when I opened up my eyes, it was there. And that was back when the energies were even denser!

Many of you have already done this time and time again; in fact, when the energy was denser. Those memories are here within your DNA.  Those memories are within your divinity, they are available to you. 

When you are seeking something within your life abundance, a partner, a job, a house, a family, whatsoever it may be; go within, working from within yourself and then be conscious of the waves of energy you send out from you. Knowing that from a cellular level outward is the physical foundation that creates what you want to manifest.

You can become quite analytical about it or you may simply accept it is that it is. I am returning to earth more often than I used to. I walked beside many of you as you practice this in your daily life. Most of you don’t realize I’m there, but I and many of the other Angels are walking side-by-side with you during this time of transition. 

Life is always in transition, so perhaps it would be better to call this a time of integration and re-calibration of humanity. I like that.

Humans like to make it very hard. Humans think that if it’s hard and a challenge and you really work, work, work, work, work at it then you’ve really accomplished something in the end. For some people that works; but for others, perhaps not.

When you are in the vibration that is a crystalline foundation work, work, work, push, push, push, struggle, struggle, struggle is just going to make things heavier, denser and more of a challenge for you.

Reach towards that place inside of you where you begin with your intrinsic breath and vibration and then allow your breath out and everything that you send out from you comes from that foundation.

I thank you for this opportunity. I love to come and share situations like this with people. I love that there is so much taking place on earth at this time. And I like to be right there in the midst of it!

People still talk about the problems in government, the problems in the world, the problem with wars, the problems that are immense and they are there and they are exactly as you describe them. There is also great unrest that is coming because the scales have not been balance for a very long time and those things that are based on a foundation of imbalance can no longer...  they have been on that teeter totter for a very long time, it doesn’t work in the crystalline vibration.

So when you hear about things that are taking place if it brings up a fear inside of you “what’s going to happen, what are we going do?“  Again go back to that place where you feel good within yourself, where you can breathe into that vibration, or breathe into that place of stillness and send that out from you.  You will be completely amazed at what a difference that creates. That is what will bring the greater stability back into your world. That stability is there way more than what you realize.

I walk with you. I am here with you. And I thank you for this opportunity to speak with you.


The goddess speaks:

I so love when my friend, brother, energy essence known as St. Germain comes and spends this time not only with me and what I’m doing but with all of you.

The veil is gone I know I’ve said that before. The veil being gone doesn’t mean that automatically everybody is completely inundated with every lifetime they’ve ever had. But the veil is gone means that you can reach out and find that place within you that has the answer you are seeking.  That you can reach out and tap into that lifetime that was of great abundance, where you were doing the work that you love to do, where you had that family, where you had that home: whatever it may be. So that you may tap into the vibration of what it was to accomplish what you seek to have and let that flow through you. 

Again, coming back into the patterns, knowing that you can tap into a pattern from within your divinity, through your consciousness and then allow that pattern to move through you.

Create a woven tapestry filled with patterns up bring you joy, abundance, whatever it is that you may seek to have. Be creative, be limitless, let go whatever is a struggle or a challenge and embrace that which feels good.

Come back together as a group. As you do so you may be aware of how all the subtle patterns and nuances of each of you creates its own tapestry. This is what you do all day long, as you look at what is created in the center of you (as a group) you may see that which is you, that which is them, that which is them and it all comes together.

From within this you see the hologram of the earth. It comes up with its own pattern, sometimes that sparkling light. And this hologram as it comes up within here you begin to infuse it with the energy of who you are and with the energy that you wish to infuse into your everyday reality. 

You send it down, that hologram descends down. As it aligns with the crystalline grid, with that pattern of energy; it moves outwards, some going to the new earth and some going down within your physical earth upon which you reside. As it goes into the center, it links with the crystals; it links with the energies of the center of your earth infusing it and then it moving out from there.

It comes up within you as your physical being and it emanates in and around you. It comes up through the grass, the trees, the waters, the flowers; it comes up through everything within the earth. Creating a shift, creating a pattern, creating a rhythm that is based in that intrinsic space that feels good.

When everyone, the billions of people upon the earth are aligned with that space that feels good within them; all is at peace and all just naturally works well together. You let go that space of consciousness, you allow yourself to return once more, here within the All That Is. At this point I always love to see how each one of you are so excited to get back down into your human reality. 

So you let go of the space of the All That Is. You allow your energies to flow through stopping first within the soul plane. Here within your I AM presence, look at the patterns, become aware of the greater perception that you now have within your divinity. 

As you do so then allow that to flow back down, it comes down through your higher self, it comes down into the vibration of where you are right now. You may need to expand out, pushing out the energy around you expanding your aura so that you may integrate all of that within you.

Then take a moment as you come back within, to find that space of balance, to find that space of acknowledgment. That this is your intrinsic rhythm and let it flow from you without any particular intention, without anything but you and the rhythm and the balance of who you are; and it flows from you.

Allow yourself to come back within the room. As you do so, allow yourself to feel these energies of who you are. As you each move through the next days or weeks upon your life or within your life; be very aware of finding that place which is your true balance or finding that place which is you in the center of your essence.

Send out the waves of energy, the waves of light, the waves of conscious awareness that you may create patterns of vibration that not only create an alignment with the crystalline energies around you in support of you, but that your relationships, your work, your life; every part of your world is that which is in balance within and around you.

Beloved family know that I am with you and within you,




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