Releasing Judgment, Opening to Hope and Compassion

Nama sika; venia benya    I AM the one, I AM the whole

I take this moment to let my energy flow into this individual that I'm speaking through, but also to flow throughout everyone who is here consciously present in this group.  I take a moment and flow my energy into anyone who will listen to this or read this at a later date.

There is such a transformation taking place upon the earth.  This transformation is involving all levels of existence and awareness.  Things that have been hidden are coming to light.  Things that have been in people's awareness seem to be amplified.  It is all a part of the transition. 

I invite everyone to close their eyes, reach out to one another as a group and consciously say again; nama sika, venia benya.  Feel it within you.  You are the one; you are the one that represents your divine essence in this lifetime.  You are the whole; you as an individual are complete and whole in this moment.

You as humanity are made up of millions of individual people, but you are the whole as a collective consciousness.  You can make a difference when you take the moment and breathe in your own divinity and alignment within yourself.  And then as you're consciously here while you're still on the earth plane, consciously reach out and link with everyone else.  Feel the consciousness of unity that moves throughout. 

You have an impact upon your own life; you also have an impact upon the collective consciousness.  I invite you to choose thoughts that support, uplift and express love for yourself and send that out to the rest of the group and the rest of the consciousness worldwide. 

Already you can feel the difference within and around you.  I bring this to your awareness in this way to allow you to be able to perceive for yourself that it does not take much to create a change.  Choosing is the first step.  I choose to come through and express my love and acknowledgement for each one of you. 

I think what is happening upon the earth is phenomenal - the earth consciously shifting into a whole new dimension without the previous catastrophes like an ice age is truly phenomenal.  So I acknowledge each one of you because you are a definite impact in what is occurring.

With that, I invite you to once more breathe deeply within, breathing down, centering within yourself.  As you connect within, allow your consciousness to be released.  Let it go.  Allow it to expand until you link with the energies of the magnetic grid.  You know this place, you recognise it from the many times in which you spend within these energies.  Consciously link with your higher self that is within this space.  Feel the flow of energy and awareness as it moves through you.

So many of you are recognising that this is very much a part of the energy around you in your daily life.  The flow between you the individual and you as your higher self continues to increase.  There is a greater ease in this flow.  Look around and take a moment to become aware of how this magnetic grid is transitioning.  There is a greater expansion; there's a greater amount of light and energy.  The pathways that link all of you together are able to be perceived within multiple dimensions.

Look with your inner eyes and take in all that is here.  From there you may shift until you move your awareness into the space of the crystalline grid.  This has transformed probably more so than any other aspect of these journeys.  The crystalline grid is filled with a vibration or an energy that emanates a balanced energy.  This is a space in which you are able to link within yourself and perceive which aspects of you are also crystalline. 

Everyone who is drawn to these journeys lives a portion of their life within these energy fields.  You have incorporated this vibrational energy through your own ascension process.  Feel what it is, understand, know.  This is an aspect of you, but it's also an aspect in which you align with others.

I invite you to take a moment and shift into the soul plane.  As you arrive within this space, open up to perceive the alignment within to your I AM presence.  In this space you are able to perceive much more of who you are within your divinity.  Allow this to flow within and around you.  Feel this alignment opening up.

I the Goddess move into this space so that I may more fully embrace each one of you.  As I reach out and enfold you in my arms, I blend my energies with yours and in doing so assist with shifting into the space of the All That Is.  As you arrive within the All That Is, you are able to feel your energy field expand in every direction.  If there were any limitations within and around you, they are gone.  This is a space that allows you to expand into infinity if you so choose.  It doesn't matter how many people are within, every person is within their own space.

As I work with you within these journeys, individually, through meditations, through all the various means, there are certain themes or ideas that come back around again and again.  One of those has to do with manifesting.  As each one of you live your lives upon the earth, you are on a mission you could say, you are moving down a path, you are following a trail.  Nobody who is living upon the earth is standing still.  Movement is always within you; it is always around you. 

There are times when you may have a sense that you are standing still, but in truth there is always motion within and around.  As a part of the questions around manifestation, timing is another big one.  When will certain things happen within your lives?  Why hasn't it happened yet?  What am I doing wrong that keeps it from happening?  These are some of the thoughts that I perceive within and around you when it comes to what's happening in your life. 

Let me say first of all, from my perception as the Goddess; as I look at each one of you, you can never, ever do anything wrong.  Everything that happens within your life happens for a reason.  It may have consequences; it may create an impact that reaches beyond you to the people around you.  So I understand completely when you speak to me about things happening or not happening in your life. 

If you can first of all release any judgement that you hold within you, it is the first step to greater acceptance.  So I speak of judgement.  Are there ways in which you are critical of yourself?  Perhaps critical of your body, critical of your living situation, critical of the choices you've made or not made.  Everyone at one time or another is or has been critical of themselves.  So my question to you is how much of your life is filled with criticism? 

There are those of you whom I perceive criticism is a very small portion of your life and I do send out my affirmation or acknowledgement of you and where you are in your life right now.  I do have a sense that there are many more people where criticism can be as much as 90 - 100 percent of their life and then everything in between that and a bare minimum.  So in this space of the All That Is as you look at your life; be open, be aware and again in this form as you ask this question of yourself.  It's not as a means of criticism that you have a certain percentage, it's simply to acknowledge so that you have a greater understanding.

How about releasing criticism and judgement from your life?  Let's try it for this moment.  Everyone take a deep breath in or let your consciousness become filled with the acknowledgement of where or how you criticise or judge, and then as if to breathe out, release judgement, release criticism, release anything that is less than love and acceptance of who you are.   And in that moment as I looked at all of you I could see you opened, you allowed acceptance of this into your life; acceptance and the belief that you are who you are, just because. 

As humans, judgement is important as a means of creating definition of who you are, or shall I say this was the belief system as you were growing up.  This is one of the reasons why so many of you are so very critical of yourselves.  As you take this moment and you recognise why you have been critical of yourself, I invite you to now use that as a means of releasing the criticism.  I invite you to replace it with acceptance.  Accept who you are in this moment.  Accept the choices that you have made in your life. 

This again brings up resistance within people so take a moment and look at some of those choices that you have made.  There is regret, there is pain and there are a multitude of other emotions that I perceive from many of you.  What will it take, what can you do so that you may allow yourself to accept those past experiences?  They are just that - past.  Look at your life in the moment.

I now invite you to look at your life, but also from the potential that there are things outside of you, things perhaps in the community or in the world or in your society, that have an impact upon you.  As you are looking at these aspects there are many who feel as if they are the victim, or as if things are happening beyond their control, as if things keep happening in life and they're just bounced around, pushed against one thing then against another as they continue to move through their life. 

Is this you?  To you I say take this moment, stand within your presence, breathe deeply, breathing more and more of your divinity within your consciousness and into your human self, and choose to be the creator of your life.  Recognise that things are happening in your family, in your community, in your culture, in your country, in your world, and they do have an effect upon you.  But you can choose to be battered about or you can choose a new perception. 

Within this space anything is possible.  Within this space you have already practised just about every potential that's around you.  In your dream state and when you come to the All That Is, you say within your divinity ‘let's try it this way and see what happens', and then you work out another potential to see what happens.  That is how you work through the All That Is. 

So you the human living your life walking upon the earth expressing your divinity in this person, you always have potentials around you.  If they are not evident to you then link within, breathe deeply, have a sense of consciously turning yourself 180 degrees and take another look at your life.  Sometimes it's needed to go out, take a walk, take a drive, go some place different.  Do what you need to do to give yourself a new perspective.

You as your divinity want for this life that you are currently within to be filled with abundance, with joy, with excitement with a multitude of relationships.  Your divinity wants you to be able to experience whatever it is you seek to have.  So if it feels as if the life you are living is not being supported by that, shift your consciousness, shift your awareness.

I want to use the word ‘hope'.  Sometimes in your life it may get so bad or you may struggle in such a way that you become disconnected from even hope.  Hope is an emotion that represents these potentials around you.  Hope is another way of shifting you from where you currently are into where you seek to go.  Hope - it is always there, it is your own.  Another way that you may reach out so as to embrace these potentials or move into a space of hope is through compassion.

I invite you in this moment to allow compassion to flood over, within and around you.  Compassion is pure love; compassion is that love filled with acceptance.  Compassion - let it move within and around you.  And as so many of you are opening up to this compassion it allows you to release at an even deeper level that judgement or criticism that is within you.  I feel so many of you letting go, I feel cleansing tears, I feel a greater light moving into you.  Breathe all of that in, feel it and understand that this compassion - while I may be expressing it for you and of course I feel deep compassion for you - this compassion is for you as your human self to feel for itself.

Let your ego, your personality, that which makes you human, let that part of you become filled with the love and the light of compassion.  Yes, this is you.  You are embracing this within you, and it therefore comes forth as a means of expressing you the human and you as your divinity. 

I invite you to once more look at yourself and I ask how much is judgement a part of you?  Perceive the immense transformation that has taken place within this moment.  I look at you now and so many of you in which criticism was so much a part of you; you are now radiating the light, the love of compassion, of balance, of awareness.

When you are within this space it is balanced, it is balanced between your divinity and your human self.  In this way look around at your life.  See the greater opportunity around you so that you may more fully choose the life you are living. Look around you and understand that you need not be bounced around.  You can choose.  You are able to perceive that there are more choices available to you.  Open, breathe that in, allow, allow for it to manifest in a way that brings you joy, excitement, peace and contentment.

With that I invite all of you to return, coming back together as a group.  As you return to this space, look at the radiance that each one of you emanates.  See how large our group has become.  I invite you to form somewhat of a loose circle, we will just call it a gathering.  But coming up within this gathering you see the hologram of the earth.  As you are looking at this hologram perceive the many dimensions and alignments of the crystalline grid.  Perceive the crystal within the core essence of the earth. 

As this hologram comes up I invite each one of you to transmit into this hologram of the earth the energies of compassion, of acceptance, of potentials and of hope.  I also invite you to consciously transmit how it feels within you to be balanced and accept who you are without criticism and judgement.  That feeling, that awareness within you, let it flow through you and transmit into this hologram of the earth. 

What this is doing is assisting to release judgement at the level of the collective consciousness of the earth.  Judgement that begins within the individual is often times reflected outward towards others.  Therefore as so many within this group transmit into this hologram what it is to be balanced and to let go that criticism, so too it creates that potential to be experienced worldwide. 

I the Goddess choose to express what I would like to see as the end result, therefore a world that is filled with billions of people but yet an acceptance of each individual within themselves reflected out as an acceptance of everyone else around the world; acceptance of your differences as much as your similarities.  Breathe and transmit that into this hologram.  You see how the hologram is expanding, you see how even more defined are those expanded dimensions that represent the crystalline grid.  It can happen just like this - it just did. 

Gaia emerges from this hologram.  As she does so she is even more transparent than usual.  She is transmitting or emanating that greater amount of the crystalline vibration that has been incorporated within the earth.  Crystalline is without the positive and negative, it is therefore without duality.  It is also of the vibration of the heart center, all of which is reflected in all that you have done upon this journey.  So let yourself vibrate in alignment with Gaia, in alignment with these crystals.  Feel it and incorporate it within. 

She returns, moving back into and merging within the hologram.  As she does so this hologram returns, it moves through the magnetic grid, it moves into the crystalline or through the crystalline, it moves down within the core essence of the earth itself.  It links within the center of the earth, within that crystal and it emanates outward from there. 

Your human self is a magnate for those crystals.  Your human self draws to you everything that is in alignment as you consciously link with your human essence, create the alignment of what you seek to manifest within your life.  See it, feel it, sense it, know it and allow all of this to create your reality.

We release those energies, you release that energy of the group and I invite each one of you to return, allowing your energies to move back through the soul plane.  You may find yourself pausing within the crystalline grid but so much of that is already incorporated within you so you move through it with ease.  You feel the essence of the magnetic grid as you pause for a moment.  You return, allowing your consciousness to come back so that it merges fully with you the human, you the person, you this divine balanced expression of your divinity. 

As you are returning fully within your space, as you are grounding, once more affirm that there are a multitude of potentials around you.  Look around, draw them into you, breathe it into you, breathe it into your lungs, breathe it down into your body. 

See yourself as the magnet just as you did within that group.  Be open to accept, be open to allow.  Feel in this moment joy and happiness because you're alive.  Recognise that there is always hope.  Breathe hope into you and let it radiate out around you and into every potential that is around you. 

As you come back within and continue to ground, I invite you to return to this conference room if you so choose.  As you come back within the conference, I am open to receive questions.  You may press *7 upon your phone and it will un-mute you and you may ask me a question if you so choose.

Question: (paraphrased) Hi, I had an amazing thing that happened.  When we first met our higher self it felt so happy.  It felt honoured to see ME. I always felt I was honoured to meet it... my higher self.  It was just incredible!  That the human self was seen with such respect and such love.  I wondered if you could comment on that. 

Answer: That is sooo beautiful!  Shelly is struggling with tears at the moment as we are linking with you in the description of that.  It so perfectly explains everything that I am seeking to explain to each of you as the humans.   As you step more and more fully into your divinity, you the human walking upon the earth needs to have the balance to that divinity.  Therefore you need to allow yourself to open, allow yourself to accept everything that we have done upon this journey and all the others has led up to this; have been about allowing yourself as the human to open, accept, trust and believe who you are.  Therefore when your higher self looked at you with that honor, that love, that respect; your human self was finally able to perceive that YES this is how your divinity views you in this lifetime! How beautiful is that?

That is wonderful!

It is wonderful and we thank you for bringing this up and expressing it.  This is what so many other people are in the process of doing.  It's a big shift to go from that looking at your human self honoring your divinity-to recognizing your divinity is honoring your human.  You have had immense difficulty and transformation in this life that has brought you to this place.  So accept the honor, believe in the honor, believe that this is a much more balanced you as your human and you as your divinity. 

Thank you.

You are welcome and everyone else too!  This is not something isolated to a few; it will become the norm for everybody.  We thank you for bringing that up. 

Question: (paraphrased)  I thank the Goddess and send love and deep healing you for the wonderful work  you are doing.   I ask the Goddess for feedback on the work with God and with the center of the earth and the heartbeat with Gaia.

Answer:  From Shelly, she thanks you very much for the lovely comment and the emotion you sent to her.  I the Goddess thank you for your appreciation of this journey and all the others.  I want to say to you that there are so many aspects of you that have been very earth bound in lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.  You chose to come into this life that you are currently living and in doing so you are linking to all those multitude of other lifetimes in which you were so much a part of the earth.  A part of the earth as a Druid Healer, a part of the earth as a Shaman, a part of the earth as someone who lived off the land and represented the land.  The work you have been doing now is assisting not only the physical earth and the elements of the earth; but in your own alignment with the crystalline grid-out in the universe and the crystal in the center of the earth.  It is taking you on your personal journey and your commitment to the earth itself is assisting in shifting into your next expansion.  This is what you are doing for yourself and for the earth itself and it feels as if you have accomplished everything you have set out to do.  Are you in agreement with this?  (Yes)  Okay, so in looking forward for you, in looking at where things are going I am picking up that you feel there is still unrest and there is stuff you need to do.  What you are picking up on is that indeed the earth itself remains in transition. There is still a great deal of unrest, when it comes to emotions, wars, and the rest that was discussed in this journey tonight.  What I would invite you to do is recognize that you can be of greater service and can more so empower yourself by letting go of those energies that are no longer a part of your journey.  You don't need to do anything for the earth itself, you don't need to do any more cleansing for the earth.  What I see going forward for you is that as you stand in that greater balance you will find greater strength within your life and that things will fall into place with greater ease.  You will continue to work with Gaia and you will continue to work with the crystalline vibration as a means of shifting anything that is troublesome within your life.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes)  So again I remind you, those things that continue to haunt you and cause you problems are not your own.  Let them go and stand in your space of balance.  You will feel better and you will have a greater response in your life.  (Thank you)  You're welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) You gave me some very good advice that is working out well in my work with the crystals and metals.  I'm wondering if you can give me some further advice. 

Answer:  You are continuing to keep things in the 3rd and 4th dimension. You feel stalled out right now because you do not trust yourself when you go into the 5th and 6th dimension to get your knowledge.  When you create that space for yourself you create a space of meditation or channeling and receive the information.  You feel it and realize yes, that's what that is, you trust it.  Then when you become mental or analytical because you are trying to do this blending of the crystal and metal; that is bringing you downward into more of the mental 3rd dimension.  That's when things fall apart and the blending does not occur.  So if you can take your analytical self up into the space of your expanded self, you will find that this will work better for you.  What you will find is that as you go to blend the crystals and the metals, there is a part of you that says ‘It's just not going to work, it's not logical'.  It's a very analytical old belief system that keeps coming in and dogging you down.  So what I would say to you is take some time to release old beliefs about what is reality or what can be reality.  As you release those beliefs also bring your human self, the one walking around living your life, up into the space of the expanded self.  You do this by acknowledging that what you previously believed to be real is no longer limited to that.  You truly can access and allow these new and different potentials around you.  That's what this blending of the metal and crystal is all about, another potential that is going to be a reality.  (Thank you)  You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)  I would like to ask about my job situation.

Answer:  we invite you to take a moment to close your eyes, breathe into your heart, open it up and let us get a better vision into your life.  Okay, as we are looking at this and perceiving your life and looking at various job opportunities; it feels as if you are in a job that is temporary.  It feels as if there is something that is going to be long term or more fulfilling to you right around the corner.  If you are not in a job right now, then it feels as if it will happen   within a very short period of time.  We see you in a job and it feels as if you are taking a job and it's not what you want for the long run, but it's something that will help you pay some bills, bring in some money, make you live more easily. What we see happening in terms of your long term is that you are moving in a different direction that what you have done before.  I would encourage you to take this opportunity to go inside and really figure out what would make you happy.  You have been stuck on what have you done in the past and what can I do that will me make me happy within the limitations of the past.  What I see you doing is something much more creative, something that allows you to work with a number of different people and perhaps something where you go from place to place to place.  I do not see you stuck in one place day after day.  I see in you a great deal of creativity and flexibility as expressed in communications, perhaps in a teaching situation.  There is also the energy of the healer around you.  That's why we see you as being quite diverse.  We actually see a number of different potentials, but that feels the strongest; when you look at job opportunities that stimulate you in a creative manner.  Is there something you are looking at already? 

Well, I'm not working right now and I can't move forward in my life until I become employed and nothing is happening. 

So stand in the flow.  There is a flow around you. There is energy.  There is a vibration.  Let yourself let go of a feeling of being stuck.  As you let go of that feeling of being stuck, I see you walking around, I see you finding something.  It must be that temporary thing, it's like it's a sign in a window; it feels like something that you just come upon, it does not come through a regular job hunting manner.  That is something that will get through this short term period of time and it will allow you to network with other opportunities.  When you feel stuck it's always important to consciously breathe energy and let energy flow through and around you.  This is as if you are taking an opportunity to physically walk, to do something outside your norm or go to a new place and see what might be around you.

Thank you.  You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) I've been struggling with my health again and I'm wondering if you can give me some guidance about it. 

Answer: This part of you that you are speaking of that has to do with your health is coming across to us in layers.  It feels as if it's in layers.  It's like it has been there and has been released, then came back and then released.  It's just got layers to it is our perception.  What I would recommend you do is work within yourself.  I'd recommend you go down within your cellular structure of your body and as if you link with the very basic cellular structure, that core cellular structure that is a part of your physical body, work with it to be in perfect health.  Then let it mutate from cell to cell to cell within your body so that you become the epitome of perfect health.  We see health around you.  When you say you've gotten sick again; this feels to us as if it's only on certain levels within you.  It does not feel as if it goes through you and permeates every aspect of you.  What we mean by that is that it may be in your physical body, but it does not feel like it's a part of your emotional, mental or spiritual bodies.  

Yes, I'm healed at that level.

Exactly!  So you are just now bringing it down into the most physical level.  We see you doing this.  We see you transitioning this.  We see this is something you have worked with for a very long time and you have done a beautiful job!  So now is the opportunity for you work with shifting things on a cellular level.  You can email or speak with Shelly later but I believe she has information about the cellular healing and that might be beneficial to you; this is on her website. 

Great, thank you.

You are welcome.  We affirm for you also your perfect health and wellness. 

Question: (paraphrased) My room mate is having economic problems and is working on some projects.  So of course, I'm having problems relating to that.  Can you tell me about her projects or about what my lesson may be to that?

Answer:  We're linking with her through you but not feeling her very strongly.  Can you invite her to open up her heart more fully and align with us so that we may perceive her?  Okay, with these projects we're picking up that they are things she's worked off and on with for a very long time.  It's as if she's toying with different ideas of what she wants to do with her life and what is fun; we have a sense of writing, artwork and creativity.  We have a sense of 3 or 4 things around her.  The over riding feeling is that she is not giving herself enough credit.  She does not believe in herself to really believe that this can all take place and really happen.  Part of the reason for that is because in the past she has dabbled with this, she's tapped her foot in the water, it's something she's had great interest in, but has not fully committed to.  So if she will take the time to revisit each one of these projects and sit with them one by one by one. Some of them we sense might go by the wayside and other new things will come her way.  Then one or two of what's around her right now will become enhanced.  So if she will take the opportunity and shuffle priorities and make a commitment, really enhance the energy, the vibration and flow around herself and these projects, I have a sense she will have greater information and flow around her and she will have the answers she's been seeking.  Part of the reason nothing has happened so far is because it's been a real mixed message.  She may have in the human sense been very committed to it and tried to do a lot with it; but there was something holding her back.  So when she makes a commitment on all levels of her being our sense is that she will see a shift take place in all of this.

May I make another quick question?  There is someone I've released from my life but I don't think I've fully released them nor have they released me.  Do you have any ideas? 

This individual that you speak of: we see energy cords linking the two of you. If in the space of meditation you will go in-we see it linked in your solar plexus and a little bit in the heart-but consciously release these cords and any other ties that bind you to that other individual; then release her from your heart.  When you release and individual from your heart it's not that you will no longer care for them or have feelings, that ‘yes it was a part of my life and therefore it is that is'  that will still be the case.  But when people have feelings for others that are filled with regret, filled with remorse, filled with any emotion like that it keeps people linked to one another.  So let go any emotions that may be holding you back.  Let go any emotions that are aligned with that individual so that you may move forward in your life.  Then also let go of the cords that we were sensing.

Thank you, thank you so much.  You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)  Dear Goddess thank you for this journey tonight.   I wondered if you could please give me some insight of this debilitating pain I've had across my hips and shoulders for the past month. 

Answer:  You have been creating so many changes within you and you have worked a great deal with your divinity, with your higher self and with your expanded self.  So what I would recommend is just as with the other people who spoke earlier, this issue is about your human self finding the balance and alignment with your divinity.  When you are working and trying to integrate those higher aspects of who you are when you see yourself and see your higher self and work with your divinity there is a part of you that feels imbalanced or not worthy.  It's a if you are saying ‘I'm human, that is divine and they are totally separate from one another'.  Indeed they are separate from one another, but there needs to be a balance, a flow, an alignment so that you can manifest more of your divinity.  That's what I'm picking up is this pain you are feeling in your joints, especially across your shoulders and in your hips.  These are major joints in your body and we are also picking some up in your lower back.  These are parts of the body that tend to hold onto things within your physical body for not only you but the majority of people.  Your shoulders are about having to shoulder things sometimes that are not necessarily in your best interest.  The hips represent walking or moving forward, but also they are large joints.  What I would recommend you work with is about ...... how do I say this?  It is about more fully believing in you the human, trusting in yourself as a human and really letting your human expression feel equal to and balanced with your divinity.  You've worked so hard not to be ‘egotistical' is the word coming to us, that it's as if you have shut down a good bit of that which is your human.  We're not talking about you becoming egotistical in an imbalanced way towards your divinity but as a balance with your divinity.  As you do that you will find your physical body is much more so be able to feel vitality, strength and you can let go these things that are being maintained as a physical imbalance because of a shifting of your physical self.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does and I appreciate that perspective.  I've thought so much about it, but didn't realize that.

Exactly!  And it's stuff that you have done on so many different levels.  Just as with another individual we spoke with tonight, this is about bringing it into a physical level and releasing things through a physical level.  So that from a physical level through all else that makes you a human, you will be in balance and you will be in an expanded state that allows for that alignment with your divinity.

Okay, well that's great news.  Thank you!  You're welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess?  I'd like to ask about my living situation.

Answer: Okay, it feels like you are in a place that is very temporary.  It feels like you have been there for awhile, is there a relationship that is coming to an end and transitioning?  Or is this just a temporary place you have been and you are looking for something permanent?  It just feels very temporary.

It's a temporary place before I find I find something permanent. 

Okay, okay, very good.  We have a sense there is a transition coming about because of your work.  We sense there is something different you will be doing in your current job or a new job.  As a result of that, you are going to e moving to a new location.  It doesn't feel like a new location cross country or anything like that. It feels as if there is a job that will transition and then your housing will manifest once you get that job.  It just feels as if it's a distance away from where you are right now.  It feels in part like it might be around family members or someone else involved.  It feels like you are seeking to be closer to them physically.  Does that make sense to you? Is that what you are working on? 

Um, not immediate family, but  a group of spiritual people who feel like family. 

Feel like family, to us that is family.  It feels to us like this is what's coming up and it has not happened as yet because the timing isn't right about the work.  It feels as if something is opening up.  It also feels like it's before the end of the year.  We would recommend, just as with everyone who's come up tonight and during this journey take an opportunity to breathe through potentials, breathe through hope, breathe through compassion and then look at the internet, look at papers, whatever comes to mind as if you are looking with new eyes.  Be open and aware to what those potentials are around you.  We have a sense of seeing you look around with new eyes or a new perception and it feels like things will fall into place.

Thank you Goddess.  You are welcome. 

With that we will take an opportunity and I invite each one of you to once more breathe in, breathing within yourself, centering within yourself. And as you do this allow yourself to once more be in a space of hope, be in a space that is filled with acceptance and allowing for who you are, for what's happening within and around you, and let that create how you perceive your life and all that is going on.

I am ever with you and within.




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